General Hospital: Night Shift Update "About a Dad" Tuesday 9/16/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 9/16/08


"About a Dad"

Written By Laurie

Claire seems to be taking Ryan’s death in stride.  Robert settles in at Robin’s apartment.  Stone falls over and hits his head.  Jagger takes Stone to GH – Robin arrives shortly after.  Patrick says Stone had a seizure and it sometimes happens with autistic kids.  Little is known about what triggered the seizure or if it will happen again.  Jagger tells Robin his insurance won’t cover Stone’s treatments.   Patrick puts Stone through a battery of tests.  Claire tells Leo that “last night was a huge mistake,” and the two agree to move on.  Later, Claire seems upset to see Leo kissing Saira.  Claire gets mad at Leo for cheating on Saira, claiming she didn’t know they were still a couple.  Kyle agrees to help Saira with a new project before he learns it involves breast milk.  Despite his initial reservations, Kyle enjoys working on Saira’s project.   Epiphany tells Kyle and Claire that she’s “dating” Toussaint.  Robert gives his nurse the slip and she alerts Robin.  Robert says he’d rather stay in a hotel but Robin won’t hear of it.  Robin tells Saira she’s nervous about the possibility of her child being born HIV positive.  Patrick deals with his own nervousness about fatherhood and he confides in Jagger.  Robin tells Patrick she’s lending Jagger money to cover Stone’s medical costs.  Patrick thinks it’s irresponsible of Robin to loan Jagger money.  Robin says Jagger and Stone are her family and Patrick seems jealous.  Robin has a get together for Robert’s birthday where Robert bonds with Stone.  Epiphany and Saira share boyfriend stories.  Claire overhears the conversation and feels guilty.  Leo tells Saira he’s ready to commit to their relationship.  Jagger is hesitant to take money from Robin.  Robin is overwhelmed with everything she’s dealing with so she turns to Jagger for support.

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