General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Pay It Forward" Tuesday 9/9/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 9/9/08


"Pay It Forward"

Written By Laurie

Robert receives his first treatment of "rigorous chemotherapy." Claire's high school friend, Ryan, auctions off his extra kidney. Leo's personal relationship with Saira makes him nervous. Leo confides his reservations in Jagger. Jagger comes to the hospital "on behalf of the FBI" to look into General Hospital's "involvement in human organ trafficking." Ryan's auction is "shut down," and Leo, Claire, and Epiphany are reprimanded. Because of the auction, the hospital may be forbidden to do organ transplants. Patrick begs Jagger to drop the case. Jagger says he'll do his best but he must "monitor" Patrick to ensure he's doing his job. Patrick isn't happy with Jagger's news. Jagger's monitoring annoys Patrick. Jagger gives Patrick a passing grade on the evaluation. Ryan suggests to Claire and Kyle that they donate his kidneys in return for a "good deed." Ryan announces a "pay it forward kidney competition" in the middle of the hospital. Patrick and Jagger agree to Ryan's plan. Robin buries herself in research instead of visiting Robert. Patrick tells Robin that Robert fell while trying to be independent. Patrick wonders why Robin won't go see her father. Claire admits to Kyle that she has feelings for Ryan. Shortly after, Claire tells Ryan she has reservations about her chosen career. Ryan heads for surgery after asking Claire on a date. Epiphany and Toussaint discuss their "romance drama." Saira and Jagger discuss the "bad timing" of their kiss. Jagger agrees to keep Saira on as Stone's doctor. Robert has a meltdown when Kyle comes in to take blood. Robin comes into the room when she hears her father yelling. Claire is crushed when she learns Ryan died in surgery. Toussaint tells Robin that Robert needs "a daughter" and his "dignity." Ryan's death causes Epiphany to seek forgiveness from Toussaint. Robert awakens to find Robin at his bedside. Robert agrees to stay at Robin's while he's recuperating. Claire says goodbye to Ryan. Kyle does his best to help Claire. Claire heads to a bar where she runs into Leo. Leo offers Claire some advice, which leads to a kiss.

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