General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Listen to My Heart" Tuesday 9/2/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 9/2/08


"Listen to My Heart"

Written By Laurie

Listen To My Heart:  Mac comes to visit Robert at the hospital and uses humor and sarcasm to show his concern and support for his brother.  Mac and Robert bicker about who was the bigger hero in their past.  Robin worries about her dad.  She explains the upcoming surgery to him.  Patrick agrees to “observe” Robert’s surgery.  Robert insists on discussing his will with Robin and informs her that she and the baby will inherit “everything” he has if things go badly.  Robin says she wants her baby to have a relationship with Robert.  Robert tells Robin he doesn’t want a colostomy, if worse comes to worse.  The two share a close moment before Robert heads to the operating room.  Jagger brings Robin a good luck trinket for Robert.  Leo tends to a soon-to-be groom (Larry) who has fainting spells.  The bride arrives and accuses the groom of trying to ditch her.  Leo learns “stress or high levels of excitement” cause the fainting spells.  Larry wants to go through with the wedding, but the bride says they should wait.  Larry collapses and Leo performs emergency cardiac surgery.  After the surgery, Larry develops an infection. Since Larry is allergic to penicillin, Leo seeks Saira’s help with an alternative.  Saira’s holistic method works.  Leo asks Larry about love.  Claire runs into an old classmate at the hospital.  Jagger attends a support group for parents of autistic children who share personal stories about their kids.  The meeting makes Jagger uncomfortable.  When he learns that Saira has a brother with autism, Jagger commends her for her “courage” in sharing her story.  After Saira gets emotional thinking about her brother’s illness, she and Jagger share a kiss.  Mac stays with Robin during Robert’s surgery.  Patrick says the cancer is worse than they thought, and Robert will need a colostomy, but Robin has the final say.  Robert awakens to find Robin, Patrick, and Mac waiting in his room.  Patrick explains the surgery.  Robin explains that the colostomy was done to save Robert’s life.  Claire’s childhood friend gets on her nerves.  She learns he has four kidneys.  The two share an organic dinner in the hospital.  Jagger helps Robin come to terms with her decision about Robert.  Saira tells Robin about kissing Jagger.  Robin thinks Saira is already interested in Leo.   Saira and Leo express a verbal interest in each other.  Patrick offers his hand while Epiphany changes Robert's bag.  When the procedure causes Robert great pain, Robin can’t stand to see her father like that, so she leaves the room, crying.

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