General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Playing With Fire" Tuesday 8/26/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 8/26/08


"Playing With Fire"

Written By Laurie

Jagger, Patrick, and Leo come to GH after playing basketball.  Jagger hurt his ankle.  Jagger and Leo start to form a friendship.  Patrick and Robin steal a moment together in the elevator.  Claire shows Kyle some of her potential online dates.  Robert asks Toussaint to shave his hair short.  Two contagious Cystic Fibrosis patients come into the hospital.  Robin learns the two are a couple.  Robin doesn’t want the two patients near each other.  The young man, Cyrus, plans to propose to the woman, Moira.  Leo is jealous of Jagger and Saira's friendship.  Claire signs Kyle up for Internet dating.  Leo tries to persuade Jagger to take Stone to a specialist, instead of Dr. Batra. When Saira finds out, she hits the roof. Robin is surprised to find Robert and Patrick bonding over a game of poker.  Robin learns her female patient, Moira, doesn’t have long to live.  Jagger reminds Robin that it’s Stone’s (Jagger’s brother) birthday.  Patrick overhears Robin tell Jagger that she still has a “connection” to Stone through her HIV-positive status.  Toussaint asks a nurse out for coffee in front of Epiphany.  Patrick worries that the baby may be born HIV positive.  Patrick watches as Cyrus proposes and is turned down.  Patrick is jealous of Robin’s past with Stone and sometimes wishes he could understand what she is going through.  Robin needs him to be healthy, because if anything happens to her, Patrick must be there to take care of their child. He insists nothing is going to happen to her.

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