General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Family Values" Tuesday 8/19/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 8/19/08


"Family Values"

Written By Laurie

Robert packs his bags and tries to leave the hospital.  Robin says Robert needs surgery and chemotherapy.  Robert balks at the idea.  He wants to return to work and get his treatment someplace other than GH.  Robin threatens to have Robert committed by declaring him “incompetent. 

Claire and Toussaint discover a live patient in the morgue. 

Jagger brings Stone to see Dr. Batra.  Jagger is frustrated but Dr. Batra has high hopes for Stone. 

Leo has bad news for the family of a critically injured gay burn victim.  Kyle confides in Claire about “coming out” to Leo. 

Kyle sympathizes with the burn victim’s partner.  The woman asks if Kyle can get her partner’s eggs so she can follow their plan to have a baby. 


Kyle goes to Patrick but gets no place at first.  Eventually Patrick sees things Kyle’s way. 


Leo stands up for Kyle against the patient’s homophobic father.

Robin confides in Patrick about Robert.  Epiphany and Robert talk.  Jagger tells Robin the truth about Stone. 

Toussaint is offended when he overhears Epiphany telling Claire about a disastrous date.  Epiphany doesn’t tell Claire her date was with Toussaint. 

Kyle and Leo have a minute of closeness. 

Robert agrees to stick around for his treatment.

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