General Hospital: Night Shift Update "We'll Always Have Paris" Tuesday 8/12/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 8/12/08


"We'll Always Have Paris"

Written By Laurie

Leo and Saira try to stay professional after spending the previous night together. 

Patrick tells Robert about the tumor.  Robin explains the seriousness of the situation to her father. 

A French woman comes into the ER and claims Patrick is her “lover.”   She then slaps him. 

Patrick denies the accusation and asks Leo to take over.  Suddenly the woman speaks English to Leo and Claire. 


The woman thinks she’s in Paris.  The woman’s sister comes to pick her up. 

Suddenly the “French” woman loses her hearing. 

Epiphany and Toussaint go on a date and have dinner at a nice restaurant where they make pleasant conversation.

Jagger brings Stone to GH to see Dr. Batra. 

Robin has reservations about Patrick because of the French woman.  Robert has a “talk” with Patrick about Robin and the baby.  Robert and Robin have a disagreement over Patrick.  Robin tells Claire Robert’s return makes her feel like a little girl again. 

Kyle interacts with some interesting elderly patients from a nearby senior center.  Kyle gives the seniors a lesson on “safe sex.” 

Dr. Batra tells Jagger that Stone is autistic and tries to reassure him.  Jagger keeps the truth about Stone from Robin. 


Patrick learns the “French” woman has “a rare brain disorder.” 

The woman still thinks Patrick is her ex so he goes along with her and apologizes.  He tells the patient he’s found the woman he’s always been looking for, which Robin overhears. 

Robin “sets some boundaries” with Robert.  She says “comments” about her “personal life” being off limits.  Robin is devastated when Patrick says Robert has colon cancer.

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