General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Fallen from the Sky" Tuesday 8/5/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 8/5/08


Written By and Pictures From Suzanne

"Fallen from the Sky"

Robin and Patrick argue while looking at X-rays. However, it's not a medical opinion they are arguing about, it is the name of their baby. Patrick wants to name their daughter "Dale", after Dale Earnhart, Jr., his favorite race car driver. Robin wants a more feminine name. Patrick points out that Dale is a unisex name, much like Robin, but when pressed, he can't remember any men named "Robin". Later, he remembers "Robin Williams", but she has already left the room. Patrick doesn't want to pick a name out of the baby book. He wants something that comes from the heart. Robin likes "Matilda" because her old dorm mother in Paris. Patrick thinks that their daughter will get beat up with that name. Robin leaves the room after declaring that sleeping with Patrick to get pregnant was a momentary lapse of judgment on her part.

At the nurse's station, Toussaint tells Epiphany that he is there any time she wants him. Epiphany looks embarrassed. She thinks he is talking about sex, so she takes him aside and says politely that even though they kissed the other night, this is their place of business. He assures her that he is talking about work. He is there to fill in whenever needed as an orderly. She gets even more embarrassed then, by her mistake, and tells him to help out wherever he can. She walks away, looking pained.

Leo and Saira are having an argument while they are both changing in the locker rooms. She is still mad at him for "betraying her trust" in the last episode. He tells her that he doesn't blame her for being angry, so she says that's big of him. She doesn't need his permission to think he's an ass. He admits that he could have done things differently, but she still doesn't accept his apology. She accuses him of acting like a complete jerk and then trying to play her by acting sensitive. He starts teasing her when she mentions his hair, flirting with her again. She suggests they just keep their relationship as professional colleagues. He agrees, a little too easily. She walks away, still looking annoyed.

In the ER, the orderlies and Jagger bring in a man on a stretcher. They tell Patrick that the man walked away from a plane crash right outside the city. The man, who is covered in blood and bruises, is fighting with them as they try to tend to his injuries. Patrick tells him to calm down, but he keeps fighting. Epiphany and Robin are there, too.

The man sits up, calling them "filthy bastards". Robin is shocked to discover that the man is her father, Robert Scorpio. He keeps yelling and fighting as they try to get him to calm down. They inject him with morphine to get him to relax. Robert yells that he needed to make the rendezvous point. Robin covers her mouth in horror as Robert gags.

Kyle and Claire argue at the nurse's station about how to decorate their new apartment. Kyle wants it to be "minimalist". Kyle wants her to choose colors. She wonders why he is getting a new coffee table when they already have one. He reminds her that it is a trunk that the previous tenants left behind. She thinks they should keep it for storage, but he doesn't want it because it's so ugly. She tells him that she asked the tenants if they can have it. Kyle insults her, insinuating that she has bad taste.

Toussaint wheels a pregnant woman in. She tells him that she's not due for two weeks and that her husband Roger is at a conference. They are excited because they've been trying for years to have a baby. Leo comes over and introduces himself. She introduces herself as Lia Walker and tells him that the contractions are coming every two minutes. Leo stands her up to get her ready to go to another room, and it seems that her water breaks. He asks Toussaint to get a mop, but he reminds Leo that he doesn't do floors any more.

A young couple checks in with Epiphany. The woman, Elisa, tells her that she has been crampy and tired for a few weeks. The man says that she's been very bitchy, too. They argue, so Epiphany tells them to keep it to themselves. Elisa tells Epiphany that they are not a couple, just roommates. Epiphany gives them some forms to fill out.

Saira chats with Robin to see if she's okay. Robin is watching Robert in his room through a window. Robin is upset about how her father arrived, screaming at everyone. Saira is amazed that he even survived the crash. Robin is not really surprised but shares that she didn't even know that he was in the country. Saira wonders when Robin last heard from Robert. Robin recalls that he got an email a few months ago. He doesn't yet know that Robin is pregnant and unwed. Saira jokes that he survived a plane crash but may have a heart attack from shock. Robin didn't want to tell him something this big by email or phone. Patrick comes out and tells them that Robert just has a bruised liver and a broken arm - he's lucky to be alive. Robin is glad to hear it but makes a sarcastic remark about how Robert can now rush off and save someone. Patrick tries to be sympathetic. Robin is clearly upset that Robert wants to leave and hasn't seen her much.

Leo chats with Lia while a technician runs an ultrasound on her baby. She tells him about the names they picked out and the preparations they made. The technician asks her how far along she is, so she tells him that she's 38 weeks along. She asks if everything is okay, so he just tells her that he's trying to get a better angle. Lia asks Leo if he has kids. He laughs, saying no, and adds that he's not the parental type. The technician asks Leo to step aside, so they do. He tells Leo that Lia is not really pregnant. Either she's faking it, or she's crazy. Leo is shocked.

Kyle and Claire speak with the crampy woman, Elisa, and her roommate. The couple bicker constantly, but Kyle and Claire also start bickering about being roommates, eventually ignoring the patients altogether until the man asks if they want to be left alone. Embarrassed, they go back to being doctors. Elisa tells them that she's had her period for two straight months but hasn't gone to a gynecologist because she can't afford to take off work.

Leo is angry about Lia's fake pregnancy. He rants and raves loudly to Epiphany at the nurse's station about the woman, calling her a "whack job" and other names. Epiphany is surprised to hear that the woman is not really pregnant. Saira, who has been listening nearby, offers to take the woman off his hands. Leo gets annoyed when she suggests that he can't handle the case. He jokes that she must have missed him already. Saira tells him that the woman deserves to be treated with respect. Leo says the woman is pretending to be pregnant. Saira corrects him that she's not pretending. She has what's called "false pregnancy" and honestly believes that she's about to give birth (I guess this is what they used to call "hysterical pregnancy"). He makes a snide comment about the woman. She tells him that it's a legitimate psychological disorder and says he should read a medical journal once in a while. In a huff, he tells her that she can take the woman. She makes a snide comment back to him.

Robin finds Jagger sitting in a waiting room. He asks about her dad, so she tells him that he is sleeping. She thanks him for saving him. He thinks that Robert would have been fine, from all the stories he's heard about him. She apologizes for overstepping the other night about his son, Stone. He tells her that it's fine and that he'd had a long day and took it out on her. She tells Jagger that she loves him. She thinks he's wonderful and only wants the best for him. He says not to worry because he's taken care of him for all this time and just doesn't know her very well yet. He feels awkward around her. She thinks it was a little more than that. She notes that his behavior was unusual and that he should look into it. She hopes it does not hurt him to hear it but she feels that being a good friend, she should tell him. He appreciates her friendship and is glad that Stone had the chance to meet her and see Port Charles. She is alarmed when he says that they are leaving in the morning. She asks him not to be stubborn. He says he has to get back to San Francisco and that it's been too hard on Stone to be away from him. Robin says, sadly, "I thought this was your home?" He replies, "Yeah, I thought so, too". Robin watches him walk away, perplexed.

Kyle is walking down a hallway when he hears a bird-like whistle. He starts to leave, but he hears it again. Robert Scorpio pokes his head out of the door of a storage room, looks both ways and then tells him to get in there. Kyle goes in and sees Robert touching some bottles. One arm is in a sling. Kyle asks if he can help him with something. Robert tells him that Sean Donnelly has kidnapped his daughter, who's old 8. As he babbles about his plan, he calls Kyle "Spencer", so he obviously thinks he's Luke. He tells him to go back to the plane and burn the wreckage. He hands him some bottles of chemicals and tells him to go start the fire. Kyle, trying to play along, asks why he needs to burn the plane. Robert sighs and tells him that he needs to do this so Faison will think he's dead. Robert wants them to make a run for a ventilation shaft down the hall. Kyle stops him and tells him that the guards will be changing shift in ten minutes, so they should wait until then to make their move. Robert agrees when Kyle tells him to go back to his room and wait there while he gathers more supplies. Robert tells him to also get him some rope or cable to make a harness. Kyle tells him that it will be no problem as he watches Robert leave. Robert comes back and says, "Spencer, try not to botch it", just as he might to Luke.

Saira visits Lia and asks her how she's feeling. Lia tells her that contractions are not as strong as they were before. Saira tells Lia that she was never pregnant. She tells her that her mind has created a trick on her body to make her think that she's pregnant. Lia doesn't want to believe it and thinks it is ridiculous. Saira tells her that the bump in her stomach is excess fat, water weight, and hormones. She points out that her water broke and that she's in labor. Saira says that wasn't her water and that she has to understand this. When Lia continues to insist that she's pregnant, Saira tries a different tack. She asks Lia why she never went to go see a doctor. Lia sputters that she was meaning to, and she did see one, but they were just rude. Saira says sympathetically that she knows the doctor told her the truth. Lia tries to get out of bed and go to another hospital. Saira stops her, looks her in the eyes, and tells her that she knows she's not pregnant because she knows she can't have children. The woman breaks down crying.

Robert keeps skulking around the hospital in his hospital gown and arm sling. He sees the name "Scorpio" on a white board and erases it quickly. He is about to climb into a ventilation shaft when Jagger stops him. He asks Robert if he can help him with something as he grabs his arm. Robert chides him for screwing up his cover and tells him that he's going to find his daughter. Jagger grabs him, so he falls off the shelf he was trying to climb, and it falls over on him. Robin and Jagger help Robert up. She yells, "Dad, what is going on?" but he asks who the hell she is.

Later, Robin whines to Patrick in the break room that her own father doesn't recognize her. Patrick is surprised that with all the morphine they gave him, he can even get out of bed. Robin is worried, even though Patrick just thinks it's the crash or the drugs that have him all screwed up. Patrick gives her a hug and assures her that she is not easily forgotten. She wonders if she's over-reacting. He knows that she just loves her father and is upset about how she almost lost him tonight. He tells her that he will take another look at him and figure it out. They hug.

Toussaint and Jagger help Robert back into bed. He still wants to leave, frantic to rescue Robin. They try to reassure him that she will be ok. Robert asks them to find Spencer and tell him to get her. Toussaint helps him into bed and then leaves. Jagger points out that Robert must love his little girl. He agrees that he does. He talks about her and Anna a bit. Jagger knows how he feels because of his little boy. Robert worries about her and says he would lay down his life for her. He ends with, "That's what we do. We're the dads. If we don't do it, nobody else will". Jagger looks thoughtful.

Kyle and Claire keep arguing until Epiphany yells at them.

Saira asks Lia how many miscarriages she has had, and she replies that they have had none. This is their first pregnancy. Saira guesses that this is not Lia's first pregnancy; she can tell that there is scarring in her uterus that may have come from "an invasive procedure". Lia cries that she wanted to keep it. She was only 14 and begged her parents to keep it. They were worried what people might think, since they lived in a small town. Saira guesses that they made Lia have an abortion. Lia confides that her dad took her for the operation. She cried the whole time, and when it was over, they never talked about it again. She wails, "It was like the baby never even existed". Lia's husband, Roger, arrives just then, explaining that there was traffic that kept him from coming sooner. He introduces himself to Saira. Lia and Roger kiss. He is glad to see that he didn't miss anything yet. Lia smiles at him and says that he got there just in time. Saira watches them, concerned.

Patrick tests Robert, who is lying in bed. He moves his finger around to test his vision. Robert sees Robin, pacing nearby, and says that she is awfully pretty and that she reminds him of someone. She thanks him, clearly uncomfortable, and asks if he remembers whom. He tells her that she reminds him of his ex. She wonders if there were any kids involved. He thinks that she is trying to get information out of him. Patrick explains that they are trying to see if he has head trauma, signs of memory loss. Robert doubts Patrick's abilities and boasts that he once performed an appendectomy on himself with a rusty steak knife and a bottle of good single malt scotch. As he says this, he pulls out the tubes in his arm and tries to get up. Patrick and Robin try to get him to get back in bed, but he falls on the floor before he can finish arguing with them. Robin tends to him, calling, "Daddy!" as Patrick goes to get more help.

Robert convulses as they tend to him on a gurney. Patrick and Robin disagree on his treatment, so Patrick has Toussaint drag her out (presumably since she can't be objective about her father). Robin yells back at Patrick to do something.

Roger wants to know when they can meet their son. Saira asks Roger to leave them alone so she can check on her progress. Roger kisses his wife and goes outside. Saira smiles at Lia, who looks upset.

Patrick and Robin look at X-rays from Robert. He tells her that he has fluid on his brain, which would explain his erratic behavior. She sighs and asks if he can drain it. He says that he will have to do a craniotomy and put in a shunt. Robin asks what his chances are, so he explains that he should make a full recovery. He gives him a 90% rate of success and lists the risks. If he doesn't have the surgery, there is no chance and things will get much worse. He assures her that he's not taking this lightly. He knows that Robert is the most important man in her life, and that means a lot to him. She smiles and says that they are tied for first. He won't let her down, he tells her while gazing into her eyes. She hugs him and knows that he won't. He kisses her on the cheek.

Robin checks on Robert, who is lying in bed. She asks how he's feeling. He is himself now and tells her that he feels stupid for acting like a "major jackass". She replies, "No more than usual", so he lets out a big laugh. Then he notices that she's pregnant. He looks very happy as he smiles at her. She tells him that she's been meaning to tell him. He tells her that she looks absolutely beautiful and notes, "My little baby's having a baby". He then worries about her HIV, but she assures him that she's fine. She's worried about him now. She fills him in on his condition and how he has to get an operation right away. She assures him that he will be fine. He agrees, although maybe he realizes that she's just being optimistic. He jokes that it's got to be better than a rusty steak knife. She laughs and tells him that it's good to have him back.

Kyle and Claire confer about Elisa's condition. Her elevated TSH level in her blood would explain her bitchiness, Kyle notes. Claire replies, "What's your excuse?" In response, Kyle grabs Elisa's chart and runs into the exam room, with Claire running close behind. They tell Elisa and her friend that she has an underactive thyroid. She will be fine as long as she takes her medication and gets her blood checked regularly. Elisa is worried about how she will pay for the medicine and hospital visits, since she doesn't have insurance. Her friend suggests they get married so that she can get covered under his plan. Elisa is surprised, but he assures her that he'd do anything for her. Claire and Kyle watch the two of them, touched.

Lia tells Saira that she can't tell him about the abortion and the fake baby because he will be heart broken. He has always wanted a family and can't be punished by her mistakes. Saira tells her that what happened was not her fault. Her parents forced her to have the abortion. Lia, still upset, says that she doesn't want to lose another baby. Saira tells her that what happened to her has left emotional scars on her as well as physical ones, which is why her body is playing this trick on her. Until she's fully accepted what's happened to her, she won't be able to get through this. Lia says she does accept it, but wonders what other choice she has. Saira tells her that she can't keep lying to her husband, or to herself. Lia nods and they hug.

Patrick operates on Robert's brain. Robin is watching but turns away once the drill starts. Jagger comes in to see her. She is surprised to see him because she thought he was leaving. He tells her that he promised Robert that he would take him back to his plane. They chuckle at that idea. He figures she could use a friend. They hug. He tells her that he's sorry. He reassures her by telling her that her father is a tough guy and will pull through this. She agrees. He tells her that Robert loves her very much. Robin knows it but says that nothing has ever been simple with him. She remembers waiting for him to come home on the steps of their penthouse. She would run and jump into his arms the second he got home. Jagger smiles, saying that Stone does the same thing. Robin was so happy to see him and know that he was safe. She was always afraid of losing him. Jagger confides that when Karen died, he was devastated. Ever since, he's been afraid of losing Stone, too. It's Robin's turn to reassure him that he won't lose Stone. Jagger admits that he's noticed Stone's behavior. She is right, but he was just too scared to admit it. She tells him confidently that they will get through this. He hopes so. They hug.

Toussaint offers Epiphany some coffee in the break room. She tells him that she gave it up. She explains about her heart attack and her son dying. He is shocked to hear what she went through while he was gone. They sit down, and she asks him what's going on with them. She confides that every time he walks into a room, she gets all silly and feels like she's having another heart attack. He makes a joke about that. She is not used to not being in charge. He says that he's done a lot of running around in his life and the only thing he's gotten out of it is running in circles. He tells her that he's looking for something different now. He adds that he's looking for something deeper. She says that sounds nice. He doesn't know what where he's going. He takes her hand and tells her that he cares about their friendship. He thanks her as he looks into her eyes.

Kyle tells Claire that they can keep the trunk; he will just stain it so it fits in with their new decor. She smirks that he couldn't find anyone to haul it away for free. He admits that is true and says they are keeping it for life, since he is going to all the trouble to sand it. She says that if they both are single at 40, they should get married. He keeps interrupting her to ask why she thinks he won't be married by then. He agrees to marry her, and she accepts. He says to her, "You realize, I'm not going to have sex with you", so she pushes him roughly in joking exasperation.

Saira is sitting in the locker room, head down on her hands, feeling sad. Leo comes in and asks if she found a straight jacket for that patient of hers. She accuses him of being a control freak, and he accuses her of pretending to think she knows it all. They get into a big argument that gets worse and worse, until they start kissing passionately.

Robert is wheeled out of the OR. Robin asks Patrick how it went. Patrick says it was fairly straight-forward. They drained the fluid and relieved the pressure on the brain. Jagger stands nearby, listening. Robin tells Patrick what a great doctor he is and kisses him to thank him. He tells her that the fluid was not Robert's problem. They found a tumor while they were in there. Robin looks stunned.

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