General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Other People's Children" Tuesday 7/29/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 7/29/08


Written By Suzanne

"Other People's Children"

Epiphany tries to give Patrick a list of problems that he needs to handle. Since he's interim Chief of Staff, he is already weight down with paperwork and problems. He tells Epiphany that he never gets to have lunch any more. She doesn't really care and tells him about the list she's given him. She wishes him luck and jokes that, "Bein' a chief is fun, isn't it?"

Kyle tells Claire about his gross drunk roommate, who peed in his room last night. They joke around. She is looking for a place to live, so she suggests that they look for a place together. He happily agrees.

Leo tries to hit on Saira as she looks over some files. She flirts back in a disdainful way. She tells him that she doesn't do this (flirting), but he points out that she is doing it. She walks away, still joking with him. Epiphany tells Leo that he doesn't have a prayer.

Jagger and his son Stone chat with Robin over breakfast. Stone talks about a friend of his as the adults laugh at his jokes and then reminisce about the past. Robin mentions Stone, so they have to explain that she was talking about his uncle with the same name. Stone asks about him, so Robin says that he was very brave. Jagger says that he was a trouble maker, too. Jagger says they should leave, since Robin has to go to work. She invites them to stay for cupcakes. Stone begs to stay. Jagger tells him to go clean up his toys and maybe Aunt Robin will make him a cupcake to go. Stone rushes to pick up his toys. Robin tells Jagger how amazing Stone is and that she's in love. She asks Jagger to stay so they can do some fun stuff together. Jagger tells her that there's no rush. She wonders how long he is staying, so he admits that he has decided to move back to Port Charles. He smiles while Robin looks shocked.

Leo and Kyle run into each other in the stairwell and start arguing. Kyle suggests that they just stay out of each other's way, so Leo agrees. They do rock/paper/scissors to decide who will go up the stairs. Kyle wins. He thanks Leo and walks up the stairs, then adds, "ass-face".

Robin and Jagger are sitting on her couch. Stone is asleep on Jagger's lap. Robin asks Jagger where Stone's mom is. He just replies sadly that she's not in the picture any more. He is amazed that Robin is starting a family. She agrees that it would be great for them to have their kids growing up together, almost like cousins. Jagger says he has to get back to the babysitter at the hotel. Robin suggests that he have her come there, so she can have Stone around all week. Jagger thanks her, and she welcomes him home.

A woman, Mrs. Hopkins, sits in a hospital bed, working on her crossword puzzle in her paper. Leo is there, asking her questions. He asks her to put aside the crossword puzzle, so he can take a look at her problem. She stops him and asks him if he prays. He isn't sure what she's asking, at first. He says that he doesn't, and he seems a bit offended by the question. She tells him politely that he won't be touching her and that she would like another doctor.

Robin tells Patrick that she's in love with another man, shorter, and she's asked him to move in with her. He is confused until she mentions that the man in question is Stone. She says that her maternal instincts are sure kicking in now.

A couple brings in a little girl, Kayla, saying that they need help for their daughter. They are Caucasian, but the little girl is Asian, and she's not breathing. Patrick, Robin, and Epiphany work on her.

Kyle presents a case to Saira - a little boy who was badly burned. She asks him how he plans to treat the boy. He says that he was going to use morphine but remembered that acupuncture works well with burn pain. She admires that he learned to use that method. They overhear Leo yelling and go in to the room with Leo and Mrs. Hopkins. He explains to them that Mrs. Hopkins only wants a doctor who shares her belief in a higher power. The woman has had experience with doctors and only believes they can heal her if they pray. Saira offers to pray with her. Leo is shocked. Saira sits down next to her and holds her hands. Leo can't believe it.

Robin visits Kayla, the little girl who was brought in earlier. Her parents are there and tell Robin that the rash is gone. They hope that's a good sign. She tells them that she has aplastic anemia and will need a bone marrow transplant. Ideally, she will need a genetic match. They tell her that they brought her back from China, she has no siblings that they know of, and that it was a closed adoption. Robin asks them for the name of the adoption agency so she can try to find something out. She will also put her on a donor list. Both parents insist on being tested. Robin says they can, but her best chance is from a genetic match. The couple cry and hug each other. Robin tells them that she will do everything she can to save their daughter.

Claire goes into a exam room to find a man sitting there, naked, smiling, with a head wound. Patrick comes in and tells them to get a gown for the man. He is clearly drunk and introduces himself as Bobby Duncan. Another man there, Trent, is his sobriety coach. Trent tells Patrick that he tried to dive into an empty swimming pool. Bobby tells them that his father hired Trent to keep him from drinking. Claire examines Bobby and tells Patrick what she sees. Patrick asks Trent to leave the room, but he can't because he was hired to go everywhere with him. Bobby says that he's a major buzz-kill. He also flirts with Claire a lot. Claire realizes that she has read about sobriety coaches, especially for celebrities. She stops gossiping with Trent after getting a glare from Patrick. Patrick orders a bunch of tests for Bobby. Bobby wants to leave and get a drink, but Patrick pushes him back down and tells him that he has to wait. He says that if he's still conscious when Claire is off her shift, she can leave with him for drinks. Bobby tells Claire that she's worth staying conscious for.

Patrick comes up behind Robin to invite her to lunch in his office. He notices that she's looking at adoption agencies on the computer. She explains why and says that she can't get in touch with the agency they used. The number's no good. Jagger walks in, causing Epiphany to exclaim, "Oh my Lord!" Robin explains that's her friend. She goes to get Jagger a key. Epiphany hovers around Jagger, acting flirty. Patrick and Jagger chat about how he will be staying with them. Epiphany comes up and looks over Jagger's body in a lusty way. She invites him to come stay with her if things get too crowded. He smiles and thanks her. Robin thanks her, too. Epiphany puts her arm around Robin and hugs her like they are old friends, saying, "Any friend of Robin's..." and chuckles, making eyes at Jagger. Patrick suggests that she has work to do. Epiphany flirts some more, chuckles and then walks away. Patrick walks off to do some work. Robin gives Jagger the key. He thanks her again and says he would like to pay her back somehow. She says that he can help her after all.

Robin plays with Stone. He has a bunch of rocks all laid out on her rug. They chat about the rocks. He is very knowledgeable about them. When she asks how he got into it, he explains that since his name is Stone, he felt he should know about stones. She chuckles but says that even though her name is Robin, she knows very little about robins. She picks up one of his rocks, admiring it, and he freaks out. He yells that they're messed up and then he runs into the other room, even though she puts it back and tells him it's okay.

Kyle and Claire argue about some apartments they saw as they walks back into GH. The drunk guy, Bobby comes up with flowers for Claire. Kyle can't believe Claire likes him. She is only into his buff body, which disgusts Kyle.

In the locker room, Leo gives Saira a hard time about her praying with Mrs. Hopkins. She tells him that she was just trying to help the situation. They argue about using faith and prayer in medicine. Mrs. Hopkins has irritable bowel syndrome, so Leo wants to use traditional treatments. They agree to present both methods of treatment to Mrs. Hopkins and let her choose. It's clear they view it as a competition.

At the hospital, Robin asks Jagger if Stone is okay. He says that he is and asks why. She says "never mind" with a nervous chuckle. He tells Robin that he had a friend in China check out that adoption agency. He tells Robin that it is not in business any more. It was shut down two years ago for human trafficking - illegal smuggling. Robin is shocked. She wonders why people would adopt children from a place like that, but he tells her that most people have no idea that they are not reputable. They are trying to locate the families, but the records of phony adoptions are not really accurate. He says that the child would have to stay in foster care. Robin asks him not to tell anyone about the child, Kayla, since she is so sick. They discuss it for a moment. Robin promises that she will tell Kayla's parents the truth, but she needs some time.

Kyle helps Mrs. Hopkins with her crossword puzzle. She mentions her husband, Gerald, who likes to do his puzzles in ink. Saira and Leo come in to talk to Mrs. Hopkins. Kyle tells them about the tests they did to rule out a bunch of bowel diseases. She asks what she does have, so they tell her that they think that she has irritable bowel syndrome. Leo says there is a drug that will help her, while Saira suggests she go holistic and try peppermint oil. The two doctors argue until Mrs. Hopkins yells at them to stop and get out. They are both surprised to be ordered out.

Robin and Patrick kiss as they go into Patrick's office, but she tells him that she wants to talk. He is disappointed that they have to stop kissing. She tells him about Kayla's situation. Patrick is annoyed that Jagger knows about this but he didn't. He worries about the hospital's liability. He insists they go to the authorities. Patrick thinks their first responsibility is to treat Kayla. She stops him and says that she was coming to him as her boyfriend, not her boss. He tells her that's not fair. She can't tell him something this big and expect him not to act on it.

Later, Saira is giving a massage to Robin's head as she tries to relax on some pillows. Robin is very upset about the situation with Kayla and the way Patrick acted. When Robin mentions how frustrating it is to have your boyfriend as your boss, Saira retorts, "At least you have a boyfriend". Robin remembers that she had one, a computer geek, but she tells Robin that he went back to India for an arranged marriage and then invited her along for the honeymoon. She asks Robin about Leo. Robin tells her that Leo is a dog with a big ego. Saira thinks that may just be an act. Robin teases that she has a crush. Saira is massaging her feet at this point, so we hear bones crack and Robin cries out in pain. She yells, "Uncle!" and Saira shushes her, telling her to just breathe.

A man comes into the ER, and he can't breathe. His head is immobilized. Patrick asks for something, and Toussaint gives him the wrong size, so he yells at him for it as he wheels the patient out. Toussaint apologizes to Epiphany, saying he should have listened more. Epiphany really yells at him, telling him not to screw up again or he'll be back to mopping floors. She smacks him on the shoulder with whatever the thing was that was the wrong size (a tube or something) and yells at him to get back to work. He looks at her, shocked, as she stalks off.

Robin talks to Kayla's mom in a waiting area. Kayla is sitting there, looking better. Robin tells them that they are almost ready to do the transfusion. The woman tells Robin that she had a dream that her bone marrow was a match. Robin smiles and tells her that they are doing everything they can to find a donor. She asks Robin about her pregnancy and says they tried for years to get pregnant. Robin says that her was unexpected. The woman thinks that all of their problems were meant to be so that they could find Kayla. She advises Robin that her life is about to change in the best way possible. Robin thanks her quietly. She asks Robin if she found anything out about the adoption agency.

Kyle visits Mrs. Hopkins. He takes her crossword puzzle and does a double take. He asks her where she found it. She says it's her husband Gerald's. She talks about how much he loves the paper and gets up early every morning to read it and then does the crossword on the train on the way to work. He asks why he didn't take this puzzle to work. The woman looks blank.

Saira and Leo meet outside Mrs. Hopkins' room and start arguing again. Kyle comes out and points out that IBS can be linked to depression. He shows them the newspaper, which is two years old. He found out that it was delivered the day after her husband died, and she has been obsessing over the puzzle ever since. Saira suggests he call for a psych consult and tells him that he did good work.

Claire tells Epiphany that her date with the drunk guy, Bobby, did not work out. Epiphany is not surprised. Claire says Bobby was very nice, but Trent, the sober buddy, tried to get her to get him hydrocodone. She tells Epiphany that apparently he is doped up on painkillers to handle his job.

Nearby, Leo runs into Kayla. He picks her up and jokes around with her. Saira watches them nearby and smiles, impressed. Kayla's dad comes over and takes her from him, saying she got away from him. Saira chats with Leo about Kayla. He can tell something weird is going on, so she tells him about Kayla's problems.

Robin goes into Patrick's office and tells him that she can't tell Kayla's parents yet about her illegal adoption. He tells her that she has to. He starts to eat, so she says she can't believe he can eat right now. He tells her that he barely has time for that, or anything else. She apologizes, knowing that he is under a lot of impression. He chides her for getting too involved, reminding her that she does this with other people's children. Leo bursts in just then and yells at them for harboring a smuggled baby. They argue about it. Leo is upset that the baby was stolen from her parents. He says he will call the cops. Patrick assures him that it is being taken care of. Patrick and Robin follow him out. Leo goes over to Kayla's parents and yell at them. They have no idea what he's talking about. They are shocked and upset to learn that Kayla might have been kidnapped and smuggled. Leo yells that they should be ashamed of themselves. Robin yells at him to stop. Saira's face falls in dismay.

Kayla's parents are stunned, hugging each other and looking very sad. Patrick tells Leo to come with him right now, so he does. Leo looks at Saira defiantly. Patrick tears into Leo for his behavior. Leo clearly feels personally for this girl because of his own adoption from another country. Patrick tells him that he'd better not pull any more stunts like this. Robin tells the parents that she is so sorry. The mother tells her that they did not know anything about this. The father asks if they will take Kayla away from them. Robin doesn't know. They cry. The father yells at Robin, "Why did you do this to us?" Robin was just trying to help, but he says that no one asked her to. He keeps yelling at her, clearly just lashing out in pain at the nearest available target.

Epiphany is sitting alone in the stairwell. Toussaint finds her there and says that he's sorry (for disturbing her). She says she just comes down there to catch her breath. Epiphany says tentatively that she hears the witch of a head nurse yelled at some poor orderly. He smiles and says that it's okay because he deserved it. She says that this job is very difficult; she wonders why she still does it. She asks if he's sure that he's up to it. He says that he's been on the sidelines all these years at GH, letting the world go around him. He curses to himself that he's still a headliner and needs to get back on the stage. He sits down next to her. She leans over and says softly that she's sorry she yelled at him. He says that the only way he's going to learn is to make mistakes on his own. She agrees. He's just sorry he makes so many mistakes in front of her. She chuckles and says it's no big deal. As she gets up to leave, he stops her. He says that she doesn't realize how remarkable she is. She gulps, touched, and says, "Thank you". He wants to do good by her, as a friend. He gives her a big kiss, and she laughs.

Saira chews Leo out for acting on the information she shared privately with him. He apologizes but says it was probably a mistake. She figures everyone was right about him, and she should have known better. He agrees and walks out. He stops, looking upset with himself.

Claire asks Kyle that when they are roommates, will he randomly fly off the handle like his psycho brother. Kyle maintains that he is nothing like Leo. She wonders what that was all about. He explains that Leo has some issues about adoption. Saira comes around the corner just as Kyle is explaining about Leo's adoption. His birth parents sent him out of Iran at age 4 or 5 because they feared for his safety. She wonders if he has ever tried to track him down. Kyle says that they are his family and that he hardly even remembers them. He just feels guilty like he left them behind. Claire admits that she feels bad for him.

Kyle goes to Jake's bar and finds Leo sitting there at the bar, drinking. He sits next to him and orders a beer. Leo is surprised to see him. They talk about Kayla. Leo doesn't think that she will like this country because she doesn't fit. Leo doesn't think Kyle would understand because he is the "Golden Boy" with their parents and is not an outsider. Kyle reminds him that he was in the closet for the first 18 years. Leo gripes that their parents treated him different. He thinks their parents thought of him as a disappointment. Kyle points out that if their parents did that, and he doesn't think they did, that it was not because he was adopted. It was because he was a screw-up. Leo laughs.

Patrick and Robin come home to find Jagger just getting up (he has no shirt on). Jagger offers to make breakfast. Stone wants to go to the zoo, but Robin tells him that they're not open yet. Robin asks Stone if he wants some orange juice, but she stops when she sees him sitting in the corner, rocking back and forth. When Patrick tries to talk to him, he runs out of the room. Jagger passes him but just tells him not to forget to brush his teeth. Robin and Patrick are shocked. She asks Jagger if he's noticed anything unusual about Stone. Jagger doesn't know what she means. She says that something just seemed off. She tells him about what happened yesterday and just now. She suggests gently that maybe he should be tested. Jagger gets offended, saying there's nothing wrong with his son. Patrick puts his two cents in, saying that it could just be a symptom of something more serious. Jagger says he didn't come there for their medical expertise. Robin says she's just concerned, so Jagger tells her that there's nothing to be concerned about. He tells Stone that they are leaving as he starts packing up their things. Robin tries to get him to stay. Stone whines, saying they are going to the zoo. Stone argues, but Jagger drags him out. Robin apologizes for offending him. Jagger says that he's perfectly capable of taking care of his son. She asks him not to go, but Jagger and Stone walk out the door. Robin and Patrick look sad.

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