General Hospital: Night Shift Update "Crash" Tuesday 7/22/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Update Tuesday 7/22/08


Written By Suzanne


Robin and Patrick lie on her couch, naked underneath a blanket. They just had sex. They joke around and tease each other. She asks him if he wants to go couch shopping. He says nothing, so she regrets the offer. She thinks that he doesn't want to make that kind of commitment. He says that he can handle getting a new couch, but he doesn't think he can handle their shopping together. They joke around about that, too, and kiss.

At General Hospital, Epiphany is really overworked. She complains to Doctor Ford as they walk into the ER. He is trying to hire more staff to help her out. She jokes that if he wants to help her out, she could use two weeks off and a one-way ticket to the Bahamas. He ignores her joke and hands her a list of candidates for the orderly position. He says that she will interview them tonight. He doesn't want to do interviews, but he expects her to do it, anyway. She is annoyed and gripes to herself after he walks away. She says she should just take off to the Bahamas anyway. Toussaint appears, in a suit, and asks, "Mind if I join you? I haven't been to the Bahamas in years". She is glad to see him. He is there to interview for the orderly job.

Claire, a new intern, rushes into the unisex GH locker rooms. She is wearing a medieval peasant girl outfit. Another new intern, Kyle, sees there and jokingly asks, "Which way to the jousting ring?"

She takes off her outfit and changes into her scrubs (showing lots of cleavage and other skin) as she explains that she was on a bad date to the renaissance faire. Kyle jokes with her as he changes, too. She rants and raves about finding a good man. She declares that she is done with these guys. Kyle agrees, and it looks like he is flirting with her. She asks if he can store the dress in his locker because she has no room. He scoffs as she says that she might have a date with this other fire-eater guy that she met there.

Dr. Leo Julian walks in and introduces himself to the new interns. He is obviously not happy to be there and to be their attending physician. He tells them that and that he plans to spend as little time as possible with them. He spouts off rules that are really insulting and obnoxious, like "Don't be stupid". Then he leads them on rounds. Kyle and Claire make fun of him behind his back and then introduce each other.

Dr. Ford yells at Patrick for being late. Patrick says that Robin needed him for a consult. Robin jokes that it didn't take him that long. They divide up the cases, still joking around. Just then, a car drives into the ER, crashing through the window. Robin is hit, so Patrick tends to her. Leo yells out orders to take the unconscious or not-breathing patients first and not to move anyone. Kyle helps Patrick with Robin. The put her on a thing to lift her onto a gurney as Patrick tells him what tests to order. Epiphany helps the woman who was driving. The woman seems groggy. Epiphany asks her and the man in the passenger's seat how much she had to drink. The man is also out of it and calls the woman Alice, telling her to stay in the car. A new doctor, Saira, comes up to help Leo with a man who's heart is failing. Leo has been trying chest compressions, but it hasn't helped. She orders some drugs and then pounds on the man's chest, once. He revives, much to Leo's surprise. He orders a nurse to take him somewhere and get some tests. He thinks she's an intern, but she says she's Visiting Fellow Saira Batra.

Patrick orders Kyle to get some more tests for Robin and what they are worried about with her pregnancy. Dr. Ford walks in and asks if anyone else needs medical attention. Kyle looks at him and says, "Oh, my God". We see that Dr. Ford has a big piece of glass sticking out of his neck. Patrick sees him from across the room and orders him not to pull out the glass, but he does anyway. Patrick rushes to his side as he falls, with blood spurting out. Claire tries to help as Dr. Ford collapses on her.

The next day, Patrick thanks the doctors for their help during yesterday's emergency. He welcomes back the familiar faces (like Toussaint) and the new people. He gives them a speech about being doctors and nurses and mentions that Dr. Ford has died. He says that he would want them to get on with work. He also tells them that the board chose him as temporary chief of staff. They applaud and congratulate him.

Patrick visits Robin in her hospital room. He looks worried as he sits by her side. She awakens and tells him that this is the tenth time he's checked her vitals today. She asks him how it went. He tells her that it's official - she's sleeping with the chief of staff. She tells him that's amazing, but he's not so sure. She tells him that Kelly tells her that everything looks great, so she is cleared to get back to work. She goes to get dressed. He tells her that she should take some time off until the baby comes. She laughs at the idea. She thinks it's great that he is so concerned, but she'll be fine, and so will the baby. They kiss. He tells her that he's relieving her of her duties. She is outraged.

Leo gathers his interns to present one of the cases. He is still obnoxious, pointing a little flashlight at them and not bothering to learn their names. Claire is chosen to present, so she does. She describes the woman and her treatment. Leo questions her about something medical. Claire is wrong in her answer, so Leo yells at her for it in a really insulting way. Kyle stands up for her and gives the correct answer. Leo questions him quickly, and Kyle answers. They are clearly being very aggressive to each other. Leo tells him that this isn't medical school any more. When you're wrong here, people die. Leo yells the right answer at him. Saira is there tending to the patient, so she tells him that she is treating the patient with acupuncture. He laughs at her, saying it's ridiculous. She dresses him down a bit in front of the students for expecting only one right answer.

Robin and Patrick keep arguing as they walk around the hospital. He tells her that he's just putting her on maternity leave early. She yells at him for handling this without her consent. As she sits down to put on her shoes, she has trouble and asks him for help. Then she goes back to yelling at him without hardly missing a beat. He argues that when she got hit by the car, that was a huge liability to the hospital. She points out that was an accident. He also claims that he is looking out for their family. He reminds her that she is the mother of their child. They keep arguing. She tells him that she is going home because her ankles are swollen and before she murders her child's father. He lets her go, knowing that he has pushed her too far.

Alice, the woman behind the wheel of the car, is upset as Epiphany takes her blood pressure. She has learned about Dr. Ford's death. She and her male friend are worried that they are in trouble, even though they didn't actually hit Dr. Ford. Epiphany tells them that's between them and the police. Patrick comes in and tells Alice that she's lucky for only getting a few broken ribs. He lectures her for being irresponsible last night. The man tells him that it was an accident. Patrick asks, so they explain that he is Jerry and they just got engaged last night. Epiphany congratulates them, reluctantly. They explain that some friends joined them for drinks. Alice felt weird, like dizzy. Patrick interrupts her to ask what drugs she was, or was it drinking that caused her to crash into the ER. She gets upset and cries as Patrick yells at her. The woman, in tears, says she's sorry. Epiphany tells Patrick that there was no alcohol or drugs in the woman's system. They ran it twice and she's clean. They all look surprised.

Patrick comes home to Robin's place and hears the shower running. He lets himself and sets up a meal for them. He talks to her, thinking that she can hear him, about how she won't want to come back to work until after the baby is born. He tells her to get her sexy body out there. Robin's old friend Jagger walks out in a towel. He smiles and asks Patrick if he isn't going to buy him dinner first.

Patrick asks who the hell he is and why he's coming out of Robin's bedroom half-naked. Robin walks in and introduces Jagger, her old friend, Stone's older brother. Patrick is on edge and jealousy until he finds out who Jagger is. He goes over and shakes Jagger's hand after he puts a shirt on. Robin explains that Jagger was waiting for her last night when she came home. Jagger tells us that it's been 13 years since he left Port Charles. Patrick asks what brings him by. Jagger explains that he had a meeting in Albany, so he thought he'd stop by. Robin tells him excitedly that he's an FBI agent. Jagger notes that there's a lot he misses about this place. Robin tells him that she brought breakfast. She sees the food that Patrick laid out. Patrick confesses that he put that together. She smiles and says that he shouldn't think this is going to get him out of the doghouse. Jagger sits down to eat with Robin. Patrick excuses himself, saying he has work to do in the other room. Jagger tells him that it was nice to meet him. Patrick agrees but tells him to put some pants on. Jagger laughs and apologizes.

Claire brings Kyle coffee at the hospital. He notices that she seems perky. She has decided that things can't get worse. He wonders if that's true. She lists all the terrible things that have happened since she started. He agrees that's the bottom of the barrel. Leo walks in while Saira is getting dressed in the locker room. He apologizes. She tells him there's nothing they haven't all seen before. He says that he isn't so sure he's seen this before. She laughs and tells him that they warned her about him. He introduces himself more formally. He asks what brought her there. They joke around, flirting. She is there to start a new program in holistic medicine. He makes fun of her, and they argue about "mind-body medicine". He tells her that he doesn't appreciate the way she spoke to him in front of the interns. She asks him about the way he treated her patient, Mrs. Shelby. He doesn't even recognize the name. She chastises him for barging into the patient's room with a bunch of interns without evening warning her or bothering to talk to her. Saira is more concerned about how she treats the patients, not the doctors.

Jagger and Robin chat about his home in San Francisco, and about Karen's death. Even though they were divorced, he still loved her, he admits. She points out that's what first love is like. It doesn't go away, just like her and Stone. They both share a warm, quiet moment. Patrick comes out and is surprised to see them still talking. Jagger thanks Patrick for loaning him his girlfriend for the day. Patrick is fine with it but warns him jokingly not to make it a habit. He kisses Robin and tells them that he is off to work. He has to run some more tests on the woman that crashed into the ER. Robin is surprised, thinking she was a drunk driver. Patrick says she wasn't drunk, so they have to figure out what caused her crash. Robin tells Patrick that she will hang out with Jagger and then head to bed early. Patrick is obviously pleased but surprised as Robin tells him that he was right. He bids Jagger adieu in case he doesn't see him again. Robin jumps up the moment Patrick leaves, to go get ready for work. Jagger is understandably confused. Robin tells him that telling Patrick that lie was the only way she could get him to leave without handcuffing her to the coffee table. Jagger smiles and admires how amazing Robin is as she tells him that she's not going to roll over that easily. She thanks him and goes to "get ready for battle".

Patrick questions and examines the woman, Alice. She asks what's wrong with her. He is not sure if anything is wrong with her. All of her test results are negative. She tells him firmly that she is not lying. She felt weird, tingly, that night. That's why they came to the hospital in the first place. Patrick assures her that he believes her and plans to order an MRI to see what else they can find.

Robin arrives at the hospital, wearing a trenchcoat. She is locked out of the medical offices and curses. Saira comes up and lets her in. Robin rants and raves about Patrick. Saira figures out that this is about maternity leave. She points out to Robin that acts the same way that she did in medical school when she got all fired up about some cause. Robin gets dressed as they relive some old times. Saira wonders if Robin is just fighting out of principle and asks her if she's ready to take off for maternity leave. Robin is not sure and admits that she hasn't thought about it. Saira suggests that she think about it and that perhaps Patrick is right about this. She says that Robin just likes to fight. Robin is not happy to hear that but knows that she is right. They laugh about it. Apparently Robin invited Saira to come there.

Toussaint holds the elevator for Epiphany. He thanks her for giving her the orderly job. She waves him off, saying that he jumped right in there like he had never left. She says that he saved her from having to do all those interviews. She asks him what happened to his being on the road with his band, The Saints. He confides that it was a blast, but it gave him inspiration to go into a new chapter in his life. He is going to take classes, gets his diploma, and get a new career. She thinks that's wonderful. He hopes to work himself up from orderly to something more. He compliments her, and she smiles at him. She watches him as he walks off the elevator.

Robin is annoyed to find that Patrick has re-assigned all of her patients to other doctors. Patrick comes up as she is looking at the board with the list of patients. They argue as usual. He suddenly realizes where she is headed as she walks into the room with Alice and Jerry. He calls to her to stop, but she doesn't. Alice is reading something to Jerry. When Robin comes in, she stops reading and says that it was just her journal, that it was stupid. Robin tells her not to feel that way, that it is sweet for them to have "young love". Patrick comes in and thanks Robin for checking in on his patients. He tells Alice that nothing seems to be out of the ordinary with her MRI results. Jerry wonders why she lost control of the car. Alice suddenly recognizes Robin as the woman she hit with her car. Robin admits that she is. Alice apologizes profusely, but Robin tells her that it's ok. Alice wishes she knew what was going on. She gets upset and then seems to have some kind of seizure. Patrick rushes over and tells Jerry that Alice is having a stroke.

Later, Robin and Jerry look at Patrick and Alice through the window in Alice's room. Jerry asks if Alice will be ok. Robin tells him that they're not sure. She was lucky to have the stroke while in the hospital. However, it's possible she had some smaller strokes over the past couple of days. He is angry that they didn't catch this. Robin admits that stroke diagnosis is a tricky thing and that they don't usually look for stroke at someone of Alice's age. Robin asks him if Alice smokes, so he tells her that does. She also asks if she's on birth control, so Jerry tells him that she is. Robin tells him that sometimes that can increase the risk. Jerry wonders what this will mean. They were planning to get married and go to Vegas for a honeymoon. She suggests that he put the plans on hold. Alice had bleeding in the brain, so they are going to operate to prevent any brain damage. He asks if she will die. Robin can't give him a definite answer, but she assures him that Patrick is the best. She tells him frankly that they have a long road ahead of them. Jerry nods bleakly.

Leo asks Patrick if he can scrub in with his operation. Patrick tells him some interns already asked to help. Leo finds that Kyle and Claire are there to go in. He blasts them for leaving their rounds. Kyle says that it was slow in the ER. Leo yells at Kyle. Claire steps up and says that it was her idea to scrub in. Leo says sarcastically that Kyle has his little girlfriend there and tells her, "You're wasting your time, sweetie. He's really not into you". Claire looks annoyed and embarrassed, like she doesn't know what to say in reply. Epiphany sticks her head in and tells them to go in. Leo tells Claire go in, but not Kyle. Kyle and Leo argue, and it's clear that the know each other and have a long-standing enmity. They start arguing more and end up fighting physically.

Patrick operates on Alice. He asks Claire questions while they do the operation. He praises her work and says she might be getting the hang of this place after all. Afterwards, Patrick walks into his office, reluctantly. Leo and Kyle are sitting there, looking bruised. The two guys start arguing again when Patrick asks them about their fight. Patrick stops them. He yells at Leo for setting a bad example. He warns Kyle not to act this way, either. He is surprised to learn that Kyle's last name is Julian. Leo tells him that they are brothers. Patrick tells them to leave, saying that they'd better not pull any crap like that again or he'll send them both crying home to mommy.

Claire sees Kyle at the soda machine and asks him what happened, since he is black and blue. He tells her not to ask. She holds a cold soda can against his head. He takes it and sits down on a bench. He wonders why they are there. She says it's not so bad. He is surprised to hear that because he thought she hated it there. She sits down next to him and admits that she is overwhelmed. They joke around. She brings up what Leo said about him not being into her. She guesses that he's gay. He didn't realize that she didn't know and apologizes. She says it's fine. She was starting to like him, so that should have been a dead giveaway. They laugh together.

Robin finds a note from Alice's fiancÚ, Jerry, her room. Outside, Jerry paces and starts to walk away. Robin stops him, asking him where he's going. He says that he can't take this. He's only 25. Robin reminds him that he'd be caring for the person he loves. He knows that Robin thinks he's a horrible person, but he wasn't expecting this. Robin tells him that you can lose your health at any age, any day. She tells him, "Trust me, I know". He confesses that he loves her, but he can't watch her turn into this. She tells him that's not love. When you love someone, you accept everything, even the things you didn't bargain for. He whispers, "Sorry" and walks away.

Robin goes home and makes sure not to wake up Patrick, who is sleeping on her couch. She smiles while looking down at him. Then she gets on the couch, leaning over him. He awakens, so she tells him to go back to sleep. He agrees that he's exhausted. She thanks him for always sticking by her and for never bailing, even when things get rough. He tells her, "You're welcome." They kiss. She adds with a laugh that she's still not quitting. He is not surprised. She admits that he is partly right about what he says, but it has to be her decision. He confesses how horrified he felt when he saw her lying unconscious on the floor (after the car hit her). She tells him that it's okay. He was so worried about what happened to her or to the baby. He says that they are a family now, so they have to start making decisions together. She agrees and kisses him. He says, "Not on this crappy sofa..." and she laughs. They both agree to go shopping for a new sofa.

They are kissing when there is a knock on the door. It's Jagger. Robin gets up, even though Patrick doesn't want her to. She opens the door. Jagger wants her to meet his son. He brings out a little boy and introduces him as Stone. Robin says hi as Jagger tells Stone that she's his Aunt Robin.

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