"Gutter Ball" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Thursday 9/6/07

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Thursday 9/6/07


"Gutter Ball"

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Bad timing. Did you know she ap

P.A.: Paging Dr. Katie Grosbart.

We're all set.

That was fast.

I'm very determined.

You sure about this?

Don't I look sure?

If you're trying to impress me...it's working.


I'll see you soon.

Now, heads up, nurse Johnson. The Medcam people are skulking around again. We can't afford another incident.

Who says we have a choice?

Why are you spying on Jolene?

Uh, um, heh. I'm not spying, pink one. The jackal was merely watching from afar, trying to uncover the cause of, uh, the fair Jolene's mysterious mood swings.

She yelled at you, right?

She called me a stalker.

And your solution is to follow her around some more?

The jackal sees your point. He must seek common ground with the angel of mercy while avoiding her wrath.

Stop following her around and you'll do a lot better. Jolene's really a sweet girl.

Medcam wants another accident before they start the takeover.

I understand.

Don't let the hospital staff cover their butts. It's gotta be negligence, and...the patient needs to die.

I'll take care of it.

Can I ask why you're so interested in this baby?

[Liquid being poured]

Have you always broken the rules?

If the rules don't make sense.

I just want you to know I really appreciate you trusting me like this.

[Door opens]

Hey, how's the patient?

He's resting. He has no idea what's going on.

[Door opens]


Ok. What's going on that no one's telling me? If this is about me and that orderly, it's nobody's business.

We're operating on Lainey's father tonight.

I thought the insurance wouldn't cover it because of his Alzheimer's. And ford said no way would the hospital pick up the costs. How did you change his mind?

Ford doesn't know.

Stall the surgery.

You're my best friend, Kelly. I wouldn't have kept this from you.

Ok, so what's the plan?

O.R. 4.

Everyone hates 4. They'll never find you in there. Anesthesiologist?

Andy archer. He owes me. Cindy's gonna be O.R. Nurse, Regina and Leyla will be--

Regina Thomson?

She's a friend of yours, isn't she?

Classmate. She's worried about her grades. I doubt she'd want to risk disciplinary action.

Well, she agreed, but if you don't think it's a good idea, I can tell her--

Of course not. You need everyone you can get.

I'll be there.

But you're an ob-gyn. You've never done brain surgery.

I can slap forceps into Patrick's hand.

Ok. Everyone knows what happens if we get caught. We get suspended, you guys get kicked out of the nursing program.

So what's the downside?

I'll get robin to assist. I'll see you in O.R. 4.

[Elevator bell dings]

How's your father?

About the same.

You need any help getting him tests or anything? I'd be--

Look, I doubt you're here to check on my father.

I just came from a follow-up exam. You want to know how I got hurt?


I'll be ok. But they want to prescribe pain meds. Seriously. And as my doctor on record, I gotta get you to sign.

I'm not working tonight.

What am I supposed to do?

Call me Monday morning.

I got shot, ok? You should try it sometime. It hurts like hell.

Should I call the police?

I need help.

You get 4 pills to last you till Monday morning.

You don't have to be such a bitch about it.

What part of "I'm not working" doesn't compute for you?

Hey. Sorry to interrupt.

She's, uh, she's fine.

We're not Anna's only visitors. The burn patient stopped by.

Wait, wait a minute. Did you just--did you name the baby Anna?

Well, it's not official. It's just what I call her. What about you? Do you have a name for her?

Little girl. Spinelli calls her "the charmed one." But you know what? I think Anna sounds good.

Yeah. You paid all of her medical expenses. Thank you.

You've done a lot more than me.

Well, I'm a woman. My hormones are screaming for me to bond. Just ask Patrick.

Wait. You know, the baby doesn't know about hormones. She just wants you to hold her.

What about you? Are you afraid that you'll get too attached and lose your freedom?

What does one have to do with the other?

That's what Patrick thinks. Kids tie you down. They strangle your spontaneity, make you boring and responsible.

Well, um... I guess he's right. Obviously you got to put a child first. You know, sometimes you have to give up what you want to keep him safe. But... I don't know, I don't think it's that hard, because when you're holding a baby...in your arms, you know you would die for them without a second thought. So who cares if you're tied down?

You should be a dad. I mean, do you ever think about having kids?

You know my life's not set up for it.

Why not change your life?

It's too late. P.A.: Dr. Grosbart, Dr. Megan Grosbart...

Um, stone cold, I'm in desperate need of your wisdom and advice. Um--

I'm trying to mop right here. Ok?


Ok, good. Thank you.

Perhaps while you toil with your menial but worthwhile task, you could use your stone cold abilities to ascertain whether the angel of mercy is still harboring ill will towards her most humble admirer?


Is Jolene frowning at me?

No, she's, uh, actually smiling.

She is?


Well...ha! Yeah, she is. Perhaps the pink one was right that, you know, that last week's rebuff was temporary. You know, um, just a mistaken belief in--

Can you move over here, please? Ok?

That maybe she thought I was spying on her or something. You know, you--you're taking the cleaning thing awfully seriously. That's... it's--no, it's good. It's great.

Hey, epiphany, I, uh, I need an O.R. Room first thing Monday morning. Oh, and, uh, not 4. Please. Thank you. Thank you. Hey, Andy. So I have to do a bypass. Can I trust you to intubate my patient without suffocating her?

If that was a dig about Maxie Jones, she's fine.

Yeah. I mean, no thanks to you.

Look, you want to bring me up before the review board?

Hey, man, I want to make sure that you're paying attention and you're wide awake next time I'm in the O.R. With you.

Whatever. I mess up. I mean, why's it so personal? This is-- I mean, what's the big deal with Maxie Jones?

All right, she had an abscess in her heart, I opened it up. Her infection is gone, too, and she walked out of this hospital alive. My work is done. Ok?

So, Toussaint, it's a much, much better gig.

No, no, I'm really not interested.

So you're saying you'd rather stay here and work worse hours for half the pay?

I guess I would.

Some people just refuse to be helped.

Hmm. You think so, do you?

Yeah. I don't get it. I can get him a job at metro court with twice the pay, working much better hours, where he won't have to work nights, and he's not interested. Can you believe that?

Well, then you should respect his decision.

Mom, I don't get it, ok? How does a man like that get through life, you know, with no ambition, with no passion? Why would he want to stay here and mop floors--

Stanford Johnson, you need to shut your arrogant mouth. Who are you to judge any man, especially Mr. Touissant Dubois? Look, that man has more passion in his little finger than you'll ever know. He had the smoothest voice to ever come out of alphabet city, the biggest soul in r & B. He was a star. Now, how can you stand here, not knowing what that man's gone through, and criticize his choices? Huh? I want you to turn around and get out of here, and don't you come back until you learn some respect! What are y'all looking at? Get back to work.

[Toussaint sighs]

I'm glad you paged me. I need to talk to you about--

We're operating on Mr. Winters. I want you to scrub in.



I can't. I have a meeting with the social worker. I--

Put her off.

First of all, don't tell me what to do. And second, can you please try and show just a lit--

Keep it down. This is your friend's father. The baby can wait.

Why don't you get one of your student nurses to help you?

Do you not see ford standing right there?

I didn't say anything about the surgery.

Why can't you just say yes?

Because I have a conflict. The social worker is already waiting for me.

It's always about the baby, isn't it? You know what? A year and a half ago, I met a smart, successful woman with a thriving career. A professional. Where did she go?

Well, she isn't willing to settle.

This baby has you totally obsessed.

No, I'm not the only one that can help you operate on roger winters. Why don't you ask Leyla? I'm sure she'd be happy to help you.

Don't use Leyla as an excuse.

You know what? You know what? You're right. You're not sniffing around here because you're a dog. You're using her to punish me because I found something else that's not about you.

And there we go, right back to babies.

No, Patrick. This baby. And if you would just stop being selfish for just one minute, maybe you would fall in love with her, too.

There's wishful thinking.

I don't--this is obviously very important to me. I don't understand why you can't--

Robin, you want to be a mother, that's fine, ok? I don't want to be a father!

[Door slams]

So, uh, you were--you're a musician.

I was.

Did you play the guitar, by any chance?

I was a singer.

That's too bad. I mean-- but still, you got to perform live, in front of people that actually cared about you, wanted to see you. I mean, did-- unless you did studio work. Is that what you--studio work?


What was it like? You know, when you were there, in front of the lights? The crowd, you know, cheering--

Dr. Julian?


You're needed in the E.R.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just one second. I just got a couple of more questions for Mr. Dubois.

Now, Dr. Julian.

The patient is complaining of acute abdominal distress.

Which is why you're sending a cardiologist.

Mr. Dubois...

Nurse Johnson.

I, uh, I wanted to apologize for earlier.

Apology accepted.

The saints were the best group I've ever seen. You were their heart... and you were so fine, in every way. I'll never forget it. And, uh, I just wanted to say that I'm sure you have your reasons for being here like this.

Yes, I do.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Patrick drake asked me.

Probably because the regular O.R. Nurses know better than to get involved. It's an unauthorized procedure. If something goes wrong, you could get kicked out of the nursing program and then--

Nothing will go wrong. Patrick's done this surgery a number of times.

I guess you and Patrick have discussed it?

As a matter of fact, we have. Cindy and Kelly lee will be scrubbing in, so feel free to back out. You're not really needed.

Oh, don't think I'm gonna step aside so you can look good.

It's your choice.

Regina --

You're damn right it's my choice and I choose to be there. And you can keep your eyes on Patrick and stay out of my way.

Ok, let's go. Cindy's prepping O.R. 4. You coming?

Oh, Jolene's all right. She's not gonna tell anyone.

Somebody's gotta keep an eye out for epiphany, so I'M...


Are you in pain?

No more than usual.

Me, too.

Did they operate on me yet?

Were they supposed to?

This is the craziest place. It's like falling down a rabbit hole.

Yeah, if only.

You can't be here.

This man is my visitor. Don't you people have any manners?

Your daughter is just looking out for you, sir. He thinks he's having surgery.

Listen, you have to leave. You have to go.

I was just paying my respects.

I know what you're doing and it's beyond manipulative. You have to go.

Sweetheart, you look so pretty.

Thank you.

Who's staying with the baby while you're here, Rachel? Who's taking care of Lainey?

We're ready.

I can help.

I appreciate that.

We good?

He's under.


Do you want your music, doctor?

No, someone might hear. Kelly?

Good to go.

Regina, Leyla, do as you're told, stay out of the way. Scalpel. Ok, people, let's do this.

Thank you so much for helping to get him to the O.R. It never would have worked if he'd been agitated.

It felt good to be useful, for once.

Yeah, ok. But I need to ask you not to mention this to anyone.

Guerrilla tactics. Need-to-know basis only. Got it. But I don't get why.

Well, insurance won't pay for this procedure. They think it's a waste of money because of his Alzheimer's.

How much would it cost if you paid cash?

Quarter of a million dollars, for the surgery alone.

[Sighs] You know... even if I didn't have friends who were willing to help, I definitely would have found some way to pay for this.

Would your father have wanted you to bankrupt yourself for an operation that wouldn't change the quality of his life?

My father was an attorney. He was absolutely brilliant, an imposing man. He was a J.A.G. Before he left the service and he went into private practice. And when you met him, he couldn't even dress himself. You know, he, uh, he would hate this, and I hate it for him.

Then why not let him go back to where he was?

Well, Roselawn deals with mental conditions, not physical ones. The best I could hope for would have been to stabilize him here and then send him to some nursing home until he died. I mean, have you seen those places?

I've seen the V.A. Hospital. You sent me there, remember? They put me on a wait list, told me they'd get around to seeing me in the fall--of 2010.

I'm--I'm sorry.

Me, too.

Look, I need to be alone.


Oops. I'm so embarrassed. It just slipped right out of my hands.

That's ok.

As if you don't already have enough work to do. I bet you wish you'd gotten some other kind of community service, huh?

No, not really.

Well, it's nice to have you here, though. You do such a good job, and you delivered the baby in the elevator. I've seen you visiting her a couple of times. Not that I'm spying on you or anything, 'cause I would never--

I didn't think you were.

Well, it's just that I, um, I notice you. You seem out of place, in a good way. You're a coffee importer, right?

Yeah, sometimes.

Well, no offense, but that doesn't seem to fit you either. So, what do you do for fun?

I work.

That's it?

Yeah. Um, you know, actually, I have a motorcycle that I like to ride.

What about bowling? The only reason why I ask is because there's this very cool all-night bowling alley on miller. They have a live band and the most awesome burgers. Maybe you'd like to go with me sometime?

I've never bowled.

Oh, I could teach you. It's so much fun. You would love it.

Look, I appreciate the invitation, but I can't.

Oh, I see. You--you have a girlfriend.

It's just...it's complicated, but I'm no one you should be asking out.


Because you seem like a really nice girl.

[Machines beeping]

Suction. I can't see.


Regina, more gauze.


Damn it, Regina, get out of the way!

I've got the backup. Regular or mosquito color?


I could go to the observation room and see how it's going.

No, no, no. I just--I'm gonna just gonna have to wait it out.

This is when I hate being a doctor.

It's really hard to hope when you know too much, you know?

She's not responding to the protocol. I think the symptoms could be psychoso--

Doctor, have all the patients been cured and sent home? Is that why you're standing around in the corridor lounging?

If I need to consult with another doctor, I get to do that, without having to account for my time.

Doctor, you need to adjust your attitude.

What if I just quit instead?

I'm gonna pretend that you are having a tantrum because you're worn out or--

See? That's exactly what I'm talking about. I haven't been grounded since high school, and here I am doing the night shift on Saturdays because you can't run this hospital. Now if you don't mind, I need to finish consulting with Dr. Winters. You'll have my resignation on your desk in the morning.

Well, maybe by that time, you'll have come to your senses.

[Lainey sighs] Thank you.

Well, maybe by that time, you'll have come to your senses.

[Lainey sighs] Thank you.

Stone cold, I--I--sorry-- I couldn't help but notice your interaction with the angel of mercy.

What do you mean, you couldn't help but notice?

Ok, the jackal has recently been accused of stalking, but look, nothing could be further from the truth. See, what he--

I am trying to do is--is learn how to approach the fair Jolene in a way that touches her heart instead of provoking her scorn. And I--you know, just-- it seems like she's confiding in you now, so I--

She dropped a tray. I helped her clean it up. That's it.

But she seemed really engrossed in the conversation, and so did you, so I figured maybe--maybe she dropped a hint of, like, her hobbies, her interests, something that the jackal could scour the internet for and learn about and then impress her with my prowess?

She asked me out.

Fair Jolene wants... she wants to date you?

Yeah, but, I told her that I couldn't go. I told her I couldn't go.

Ohh! This explains so much. Oh, god, in the worst possible way when, oh, my god, when the jackal presented his angel of mercy with flowers and she cruelly spurned me, it was-- ha ha! It was because she wanted to be with you.

Hey. Just hold on here. She doesn't even know me.

She doesn't even know you? She knows that you rescue women from burning ambulances! She knows that you deliver babies in stalled elevators! She knows that you nobly took the blame and accepted community service when the jackal stupidly shot himself in the foot! Of course, it's only natural that she would be drawn to the Zen master stone cold and not the humble grasshopper. Yeah. I mean, it's just a biological imperative designed to perpetuate the species.

What's your point?

She wants to have your babies.

She asked me to go bowling.


Once you've filled out these forms and get them back to me, you can take the baby home.

This is happening so fast.

Keep in mind, this phase is temporary foster care. Your petition for adoption has to go through all the channels, but since you and the baby have already bonded, it makes sense.

What are the chances that I will actually get approved as the adoptive parent?

You're a professional woman with roots in the community. That makes you a desirable candidate.

But I'm HIV-positive.

That may work in your favor. This child was exposed to HIV in utero. Even though she's negative now, in 6 months that could change. You understand the ramifications better than anyone. If there's someone else you need to talk to about this, now is the time.

Your dad did great. He's a very strong man.

Thank you, so much.

We had a good team.

Ok, so, tell me what you found.

I made a clean incision, removed the excess plaque. He didn't need a graft, and I'm confident it'll cut down on the likelihood of a major stroke.

As long as he retains his mobility, Roselawn will take him back. It's so much better because it's familiar. He doesn't get distracted. You just made a major improvement in --


Do you have an update for me?

Roger winters is in ICU. He probably won't make it.

There's a price to pay when doctors go off half cocked. Operating without permission. When Medcam is running this place, there'll be none of that bull.

Well, Lainey winters authorized the surgery, so there won't be a lawsuit.

We can still raise a stink. It's another nail in the coffin.

Are we done, sir?

We are just getting started. Florida just dominated ever

[Baby cooing]

Thank you.

What happened?

Mr. Winters suffered an air embolism while in recovery.

Is he alive?

He's in ICU, hooked up to life support.

How's Lainey?

As you'd expect. She told me you stopped ford from walking in on the surgery.

Mm-hmm. I did it for Lainey. They're gonna let me take the baby home.

It's what you wanted.

Of course.



It wasn't your fault.

I'll be sure to tell Dr. Ford that the student nurses don't blame me for a botched surgery I shouldn't have performed in the first place.

I may only be a student nurse, but I know that surgery was clean. So stop being sorry for yourself and realize that something else went wrong. P.A.: Dr. Grosbart, Dr. Megan Grosbart to pathology.

You're good.

Oh, thank you. My mother was the artistic one. I just started drawing to keep myself out of trouble on the road.

You must have toured a lot. The saints were on top of the world--10 platinum records.

Oh, ho, you do your homework, don't you.

I still have every one. I would stand in line and buy them the day they were released.

[Sighs] I just couldn't believe it when I heard that you'd left the group.

"Creative differences."

I read somewhere that Leland McCoy pulled a gun on you.

Creative differences.

He was your best friend. You two started the saints together. You know, I always thought it had something to do with a woman. That Michelle, she was on the back of your album cover.

Michelle was very special.

I don't mean to pry, but, uh, I always loved hearing you sing. And I don't understand how you wound up working the night shift in a hospital all these years later.

I never could get to sleep before sunrise.


If you want an investigation, Lainey, you have every right to go into--

Maybe this was going to happen regardless. The only difference is now you're on the line with ford for performing an unauthorized procedure.


Of course it was authorized. How do you think he got into that O.R.?

You knew?

Sorry things didn't work out the way you'd hoped.

Wait a second. If you agreed with the procedure, why make such a point of forbidding it?

Because this hospital is under attack, and if we don't start working together, we lose any chance to help patients like roger winters. Medcam is the enemy, not me.

I guess I was wrong about him...among other things.

How did Anna do with her bottle?

All 3 ounces, then right to sleep. I think the new formula really agrees with her. Do you see the gentleman out there?

Yeah, who is he?

I thought maybe you knew him. He said he was a good friend of Stacy Sloan's and that he wanted to see her baby.

[Door opens]

It's ok.

We need to figure this out.

Yeah, I know.

I just want you, for a minute, to not be defensive. Ok? And neither will I. I believe in fate. I believe that something bigger than you and I put this child into my life. She shouldn't even be here right now. She should be going home with her mother, a single woman that's HIV-positive. That's what Stacy wanted. You know what? Maybe I'm second best. But I am the closest thing that little girl has to her mother's dream.

You're nobody's second best.

I'm not ignoring your feelings. I didn't think I was ready either, but I held that little girl in my arms and I knew I couldn't walk away. I don't want to change you. I don't want to force you into something that doesn't make you feel comfortable. But I honestly...I don't think I could live with myself if I let Anna go into foster care when I'm here ready to love her.

Then you know what you have to do?

[Robin laughs]

I'm not choosing her over you. I just know that... you'll get along fine without me. But I'm not sure that Anna should...or can.

Robin. You're going to be a wonderful mother.


For you.

Well, thank you. I can't believe it. You know, I have a special place at my house on the wall for this. Oh, my goodness.

What room do I clean out next?

Oh, uh, 1017.


Mr. Dubois... do you...do you still sing? Because I hear you around the halls, and--and I-- I was wondering if you could sing that song? You know, the last one you recorded with the saints?

Well, I don't sing that song anymore.


Mr. Dubois? Are you ok?

Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine. I guess I better get started on 1017.

What, you already ran through the pills I prescribed?

They said your father was up here.

He has machines breathing for him. Can't expect that to change.

I didn't know. I'm happy to sit with him if you want to take a break.

I know what you're doing.

Are you sure about that?

You're not going to get any more pills because you were nice to my father.

Your father and I have a lot in common. We both know what it feels like to look in a mirror and have someone damaged looking back. Someone who's a lot less than who they were supposed to be. You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? You're always so detached and in control. And if you're lucky, you'll never understand why your father might be grateful not to wake up.

I thought you might want to say goodbye to Anna.

Where's she going?

We're going home. I'm gonna be her foster mother until the adoption goes through.

Wow. I. Uh--I'm surprised. I'm not surprised somebody wanted to adopt her, but...

That would be me, too.

Wow. I think her mom would want this.

I hope so. I'm a little nervous.

It's ok. You're great. Look, she's fine, you're good with babies.

Well, it's a lot to do alone, you know. Patrick and I are... he's not ready to settle down, which is ok. It's ok. Even though it hurts like hell right now, I, uh... this is what I want. Anna and I are gonna be our own family. And after I get over the sheer terror of it, I'm gonna be just fine. I'm gonna be a mommy.

[Crowd cheering]

I want a DNR. For my father.

This is not the time to make decisions like this.

The time was before the surgery. It's what he wanted, not to be kept barely alive by all this.

You don't know that he won't stabilize.

My father said that he wanted to die. I need to honor his wishes.

So, when do you think I'll hear if I got kicked out of the nursing program?

Lainey authorized the surgery. Nothing's going to happen.

I should have just listened to you, instead of risking my whole future.

You wanted to help.

I wanted to stick it to miss ice queen princess Leyla. You know what the worst part about it is? She's just as good as she thinks she is.

It's because Leyla doesn't care. Same with Patrick drake. They're all about being the best. The last thing that they think about is the patient or the patient's family. People like that don't belong in medicine.

That's strange. I always thought you liked Leyla.

I was a little girl alone in my little world, who dreamed of a little home for me, I play the time between the trees and fed my house guests sparkly leaves and laughed in my pretty bed of grapes...

Excuse me. Did I see you outside the nursery earlier?

That's right.

Is there something that I can help you with?

Not unless you know where the social worker is.

Laurie. May I ask why you need to see her?

No offense, but why do you care?

I was a good friend of Stacy Sloan's, the baby girl's mother.

Oh. I'm Curtis. Did Stacy ever mention me?

Uh, no.

I'm the baby's father. I've come for my daughter.

Long walks in the dark, through this grove... in the park, I asked god who I'm supposed to be, the stars smiled down on me...

You're speaking to me?

Why should you care? I'm just a student nurse.

I'm sorry about that. It was a cheap shot.

It was perfectly accurate. You're a brilliant neurosurgeon, and I can't even change bedpans without supervision.

[Sighs] Maybe I should open up a coffee shop.

You'd be horrible at that.

Yeah, you're right, I would.

Besides, you like knowing you're the best.

It wasn't tonight. But you were.

I handed you an instrument, Patrick.

Knowledge, timing, you're cool under pressure. Leyla, you have what it takes.

Are you saying that 'cause you want to kiss me?

I'm saying it 'cause it's the truth... and I want to kiss you.

Well, so long as we're being honest.

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