"Skin Deep" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Thursday 7/19/07

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Thursday 7/19/07


"Skin Deep"

Proofread & Provided By Suzanne

[Horn honks]

[Elevator bell dings]

Jason: Epiphany.

Epiphany: Ah, where's the bullet wound?

Jason: Uh, I wish.

[Epiphany laughing]

Toussaint: Easy does it, son. Approach everything in life the way you do a woman. Treat her right, and she'll do right by you. Ah, let me show you this, ok? Gentle is the key. Glide. Smooth like choreography. Now try again. Obviously, you're not part of the regular nighttime crew.

[Jason sighs]

Toussaint: Some kind of probation?

Jason: Uh, shot--shot a man in the--in the foot.

Toussaint: Can't shoot straight, either, huh? [Chuckles] Ah, ha ha ha...

Regina: You ever wonder what she was like? What her life was like?

Jolene: Well, we know she was flying in from Europe.

Regina: Is that where she's from, or was it some well-deserved, eagerly anticipated vacation, only to come home to--

Jolene: If it was a vacation, I hope she tore it up.

Regina: Food poisoning. She should have been out of here in 2 hours.

Jolene: Could have been worse.

Regina: Not much.

Robin: How can I help you?

Christine: I need to see a doctor.

Robin: What's the problem?

Christine: I'm in pain.

Robin: Ok, well, I'm a doctor. You can tell me. What kind of pain?

Christine: Well, it needs to be a man.

Patrick: The entries you made are accurate, they're just incomplete. When you're dealing with neurological patients--is something wrong?

Leyla: No, why?

Patrick: You keep staring at me.

Leyla: I'm listening.

Patrick: Do that with your ears. Keep your eyes on the chart and you'll learn. This--

Man:  Oh, when the saints...

P.A.: Dr. Frayman, dr. Norman Frayman...

Man:  Go marching in

Patrick: Did you hear that?

Leyla: What?

Patrick: That singing.

Leyla: Oh, when the saints go marching in

Patrick: Guess the hours are getting to me. I'm not used to pulling night shifts. I don't know...

Leyla: Tense?

Patrick: Tight as a drum.

Leyla: Sore muscles?

Patrick: Knots, actually.

Leyla: This doctor needs a wheelchair. You're in luck. I have magic hands. Sit.

Patrick: Oh--why?

Leyla: Don't question. Receive. Learn.

Patrick: Ok.

Leyla: This isn't like me, so don't think I go around indiscriminately giving out shoulder rubs.

Patrick: Ok. Deeper.

Robin: Sorry to interrupt. I can see you're very busy, but I thought you might have time to see an actual patient.

Patrick: How is she presenting?

Robin: I don't know. She'll only speak to a man.

Patrick: Ok, well, let her wait.

Robin: [Sighs] That's not a very professional response to a woman in pain.

Patrick: Well, I'm on break. Take it with me. I happen to know a supply closet waiting to be used.

Robin: I don't think so. It might get a little crowded.

Patrick: There's nobody else who can examine this woman?

Robin: If there were, don't you think I would be asking him? I mean, clearly, you don't need any more attractive women draping themselves all over you.

Patrick: She's attractive. Hi. Dr. Drake. What seems to be the problem?

Christine: These.

Leo: Ok, pay attention, interns. You're about to witness genius. That's odd.

Nurse: Something wrong, doctor?

Leo: Yeah, this patient's heart is as healthy as mine. So somebody please tell me, why the hell are we triple-bypassing it?

Spinelli: Whoo.

[Indistinct P.A.]

[Spinelli groaning]

Spinelli: Hey, uh, just, um, The Jackal reporting for his follow-up.

Regina: I remember you.

Spinelli: Really? Oh, well, The Jackal is most flattered. Thank you.

Regina: Uh, you're not on the books for today.

Spinelli: Uh, yeah, my appointment is on Tuesday.

Regina: Uh, this is Saturday.

Spinelli: Well, I was--I was in--I was in the neighborhood. I--I just wanted to, um, return the heavy pain meds, you know, 'cause they're pretty unnecessary. Just kinda [Grunts] gut it through, you know.


Robin: Ha ha ha ha!

Jason: You think--you think this is funny right here? This whole thing?

Robin: It's just really difficult to imagine you cleaning toilets.

Jason: Oh, thanks. I think it would be a lot easier working at the warehouse.

Robin: You've never been convicted for anything, and here you are scrubbing floors for a crime you didn't commit. In any event, I'm glad you're here. I'll have someone to talk to.

Jason: What about Patrick? You don't talk to Patrick?

Robin: Patrick can be, uh, inaccessible.

Patrick: I think maybe we should call a female nurse.

Christine: Oh, I'm--I'm comfortable. Tell me what you think.

Patrick: Look, uh, breasts aren't my...area of expertise, professionally speaking.

Christine: Well, I'm not asking for your professional opinion.

Patrick: Ok. Um, ok, well, uh, they appear...healthy.

Christine: Then why do they hurt? My--my surgeon told me to expect mild discomfort for a few days, but--

Patrick: Wait a second. Your surgeon?

Christine: You can't tell? I had 'em done.

Patrick: Oh, really? Well, they look great, um, but if you're experiencing pain, you should consult the doctor that originally did the surgery.

Christine: My doctor's a woman. I'm looking for a male perspective. Here. Take a closer look.

Jason: Did you ever find out what caused the ambulance explosion this week?

Robin: It was ruled accidental. I guess a canister got jostled, punctured on the way, releasing the gas.

Jason: Yeah, but that still doesn't explain why there was laughing gas on the ambulance in the first place.

Jolene: You're the talk of the hospital. I mean, not only for surviving the explosion, but you were minutes away from being autopsied. If you hadn't found a way to let the nurse know you were alive... well, all things considered, you're a very lucky woman.

[Woman laughing]


[Woman laughing]

Cody: Remember me?

Lainey: Very well, Mr. Paul.

Cody: Call me Cody. Can we talk in private? I've been having nightmares only a shrink can appreciate. So there I was, grenade in my hand, about to pull the pin, bombs goin' off all around me, and I hear this voice. It was like my father's, only deeper, more profound. It boomed at me. "Who are you to hold the choice between life and death for another?" Then, without me doing anything... the pin lets loose. The grenade goes off in my hand. I could feel my body coming apart. Exploding all over, like in a million bloody pieces all over the desert floor. The voice...it was God.

Lainey: Get the hell out.

Cody: What?

Lainey: Get out! Now.

Cody: I open a vein and bleed for you, and you toss me out on my ass? What kind of a shrink are you?

Lainey: A busy one. And not nearly gullible enough to fall for that crock of rehashed psychobabble you're trying to pass of as a nightmare. Score your painkillers someplace else. I don't want to see your face again unless you're ready to get real.

Mrs. Storch: Stop, stop, please. I'm so glad that I ran into you. I wanted to thank you for your kindness last week.

Jason: I was happy to help.

Mrs. Storch: Well, you know, because of you and the wonderful staff here, I'm almost right as rain.

Jason: Glad to hear that.

Mrs. Storch: Are you married?

Jason: Uh, no.

Mrs. Storch: Really? If I were a few years younger...I wish I had a granddaughter to introduce you to, 'cause you are what we used call a catch.

Jason: I don't really know about that...

Mrs. Storch: Well, I didn't know that you worked here.

Jason: Well, actually, I just, uh, just started.

Mrs. Storch: Ah.

Jason: Do you--do you mind if I ask you how you got stabbed in the ribs?

Mrs. Storch: It was the broccoli.

P.A.: Dr. Nick Brown, please report to admissions.

Iris: I'm in traction, not dead. I am perfectly capable of perusing a few job apps. I'll expect them in my room in 20 minutes. What fresh hell?

Maxie: I, uh, brought you some flowers to apologize for that incident last week, you know, with the handcuffs.

Iris: I remember. I'm trying to forget. Unfortunately, I have a constant reminder.

Maxie: Well, I'm really sorry about that. Looking back on it now, having sex in the supply closet was kind of stupid, but in the moment, I was a little bored and lonely, and, ok, kinda frisky. I don't know if you've seen my boyfriend's face, but he's kinda hot, and he just joined the police force, so--

Iris: What in god's name are you doing?

Maxie: You weren't supposed to notice.

Iris: You're stimulating your butt with flowers and I'm not supposed to notice?

Maxie: Not stimulating, just scratching. Here.

Iris: No, keep 'em. You know, I just need to know one thing. Um, come closer. Is it better, restrained?

Russell: Dr. Julian!


Leo: How did I know you'd be next?

Russell: You want to tell me how you almost performed bypass surgery on a patient with appendicitis?

Leo: Well, I, uh, I thought we were offering a 2-for-1 special.

Russell: I'm glad that you're amused, doctor. I doubt if the poor man who was about to endure life-threatening surgery because some nincompoop made a mistake--

Leo: Whoa. Chill out, Russ. We fixed the mistake. And don't pretend like you give a crap about some anonymous patient. You're worried about liability here.

Russell: This hospital is in danger of being taken over by Medcam.

Leo: Yeah, well, it's always something.

Russell: No, we are in serious danger here. Medcam is snapping up these privately held institutions like there's no tomorrow. So any screw-ups--

Leo: Oh, hold on. I don't screw up, ok? Not in O.R., anyway.

Russell: You want to tell me that on a night when a patient with appendicitis is not sitting on your bypass table?

Leo: Dr. Russ, I was the guy who caught the mistake.

Russell: See? This is what I'm up against. People who deny responsibility. Idiots who believe laughing gas in an ambulance is a good idea. What the Hell is going on around here, anyway? It's almost like this hospital is cursed.

Russell: Oh, I had high hopes for you. Now I find you can't correctly input a 6-digit code into a computer.

Regina: I'm positive I entered--

Russell: Save it, save it, save it. Save it for that patient who could have died because of your incompetence. You know, you were blessed enough to come up in a time where opportunities exist that weren't there 30, even 20 years ago, and what did you do? You reinforced stereotypes.

Regina: What?

Russell: Your work was sloppy, it was even lazy. I want you to do all all a favor. Reconsider nursing as a profession.

P.A.: Code red, pathology. Code red, pathology.

Leyla: I heard that.

Regina: He's wrong.

Leyla: So what's new?

Regina: No, I wouldn't make a mistake like that.

Leyla: Even if you did, no one's perfect.

Regina: No. I worked my ass off to get here. There's no way I'd jeopardize that by transposing a couple of numbers in the computer wrong. But he didn't even listen. He just blamed me and insulted me.

Leyla: Look, everyone knows Dr. Ford's a paper-pushing moron.

Epiphany: Boyfriend not available tonight?

Maxie: I--ohh...Epiphany, I have a rash on my butt.

Epiphany: How long?

Maxie: Like, 8 inches. Oh--no, uh, since last weekend.

Epiphany: Come on. Let's take a look at it. Does it hurt?

Maxie: I'm sure it's no big deal. It's probably just mosquito bites or something. They really like me for some reason.

Epiphany: You can diagnose yourself? Then what am I doin' here?

Maxie: Sorry.

Epiphany: Any other affected areas?

Maxie: A few. Do you think I could get off this table?

Epiphany: You have a staph infection.

Maxie: Is that bad?

Epiphany: Well, we're going to take a culture and see.

Jason: What kind of name is Toussaint, anyway?

Toussaint: You trying to pick a fight with me?

Jason: No. No, I'm--I'm just curious, that's all. You don't have to answer. It's all right.

Toussaint: Oh, still touchy after all these years. Fancy names didn't cut it where I grew up. A question like that usually meant that I had to defend it.   [Laughs] Toussaint L'ouverture was a hero. He freed the slaves in Haiti. Where's the dude when you really need him? We've got to seize the power ourselves, my brother.

Jason: Stan, what--what--why are you dressed--why are you dressed as an orderly?

Stan: Oh, you know, I'm just, you know, doin' my thing, moonlightin'. Actually, I'm organizing the workers into a wildcat strike.

Jason: Does your mother--does your mother know about this?

Stan: What, I check in with my mother? Come on, now.

Jason: You know she's gonna be pissed. You know that.

Stan: Look, when isn't she pissed? Besides, she stands to benefit greatly from this. So let's see how pissed my mother gets when she's walking her way up to the bank, cashin' that bigger paycheck. You understand what I'm sayin'? Look, ever since your dad died, this place has been all about management. Economics rule. And not only will the workers cease to make gains, they're gonna all start goin' backwards if they don't all come together now. You know what I'm sayin'?

Toussaint: You know, there aren't many left like you.

Stan: Yeah, well.

Jason:  Meet Toussaint.

Stan:  Hey, what's goin' on, my smooth brother? How you doin'? Hey, check this out. Stop by the meeting tonight. Be there or be in your box. See you there.

Toussaint: Whoa! Easy, my brother. Come a revolution, the working class will need these elevators to carry their poor, tired asses up to those corner offices.

[Stan laughs]

[Toussaint laughs]

Toussaint: Your friend is what's known as a throwback.

Jason: How so?

Toussaint: Well, back in the day, there were a lot of us who thought the way Stan does. We believed that we could change the world. You know what? For one bright, shiny moment... that's exactly what we did.

Kelly: You and your baby are fine.

Stacey: What about the cramps?

Kelly: Braxton Hicks. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Stacey:  Thank god.

Kelly: I don't expect to see this baby for about another month, but don't hesitate to come back if you feel like you need medical attention. I'll see you soon.

Stacey: Ok.

Kelly: Ok.

Stacey: Whew! Ok.

Robin: Is it--is it ok if I ask you a personal question?

Stacey: Yeah, of course.

Robin: Does your baby's dad figure in at all?

Stacey: I knew you might ask me that. My baby's dad is a test tube.

Robin: Oh.

Stacey: Wasn't very good at navigating the dating waters, you know? Actually made me physically ill. I mean, when do I tell him that I'm HIV-positive? Soon as he asks me out, or should I do it during dinner? Or maybe on our first date. Or just before having sex, because after is definitely out of the question.

Robin: Right, and it doesn't matter when you drop the bomb because ultimately the guy is just out the door.

Stacey: You know the drill. 

Robin: Yeah. It sent me into voluntary seclusion. I made a safe little harbor out of my apartment. No emotional potholes, no risk of rejection, just...

Stacey: Lonely?

Robin: Yeah. Lonely.

P.A.: Dr. Nicholson, Dr. Sam Nicholson, please call emergency.

Jolene: That new janitor?

Epiphany: What about him?

Jolene: He seems...I don't know. Out of place.

Epiphany: Meaning?

Jolene: He just doesn't seem like the type you normally see doing that kind of work.

Epiphany: And what type would be more suited to that kind of work, in your opinion?

Jolene: Oh, I--I didn't mean anything by it. I was just saying that I think he's interesting.

Epiphany: Ok, you know what? Cast your eyes somewhere else, little girl. Like on your work. Because that man right there is way out of your league.

Christine: Firm enough?

Patrick: I guess, yeah. I mean, I really don't have anything to compare them to.

Christine: Professionally speaking, I know. What about the weight?

Patrick: Weight.

Christine: Mm-hmm.

Patrick: Ok. Nice, um, not too heavy, uh, I mean, I could nitpick.

Christine: Feel free.

Patrick: Ok, well, you didn't have to go so symmetrical. With natural breasts, one is usually bigger than the other.

Christine: You're saying they're too perfect?

Patrick: Well, there's no such thing, really.

Kelly: Robin told me you might need A...consult.

Christine: Oh, that won't be necessary. Dr. Drake has the situation well in hand.

Stan: So I can count on you guys, right?

Orderly: Look, Stan, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but, uh, I need my job.

Stan: Look--yeah, but you're not gonna lose your job. Better benefits, wages, everything. You know what I'm saying? I mean, there's strength in numbers. So be there or be in your little box. Ah, sheep.

Epiphany: Stanford.

Jason: Spinelli!

Spinelli: What? Uh, no, no! Oh, god. No just hold on, hold on, hold on. Ok.

Jason: What is--what is wrong with you?

Spinelli: Well, not--nothing, nothing. What? Why would it look like something--nothing.

Jason: Is there something you need to tell me?

Spinelli: Yeah. Yeah, I guess there's something that you need to hear. Yes.

Jason: Ok.

Spinelli: Look...I'm grateful. I am. I'm most, most grateful, ok? But here you are swabbing floors. I mean, I-I-it's not that it's not a noble position, 'cause it is, but it's just not yours, right? I mean, you should be out there making the world safe for Mr. Corinthos sir and his godprinces in training, you know, and instead... instead, you're sentenced to 3 months of hard labor because of taking the blame for something that I did. Something really stupid.

Jason: It's ok. It's fine. Just do me a favor and stay away from guns from now on. You are a disaster waiting to happen, and I don't have another 3 months to spare.

Spinelli: I understand. I understand.

Jason: Ok.

Spinelli: I will take your sage words to heart, but just--I want to say again, I bow before your awesomeness. You know that, right? Ok. No, no, no, no, and I'm in awe of your selfless--

Jason: Do you want me to shoot your other foot?

Spinelli: Oh, come on, I'm--

Jolene: Mr. Jackal, it's nice to see you again.

Spinelli: The feelings are--are, um, mutual, drop-dead gorgeous angel of mercy.

Jolene: So tell me, how's the foot?

Spinelli: Ah, healing nicely. I mean, except for those, um, all-too-common, excruciating moments of pain, but other than that...

Jolene: If you'd like, I can get a doctor to prescribe you something.

Spinelli: No, no. I mean, thank you, but The Jackal scorns artificial crutches. No pun intended. You know, The Jackal laughs--laughs in the face of pain. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha!

Toussaint: What's a pretty young lady like you doing sitting out here crying your eyes out?

Regina: Can't you see the teeth marks on my face? I just got royally chewed out by Dr. Ford.

Toussaint: Dr. Ford's a jackass.

Regina: Yeah, well, that jackass can drop-kick my career before I've even started, over a mistake I didn't even make.

Toussaint: Duck and hold cover. Ford has got a lot on his plate. He'll get on to the next thing pretty soon.

Regina: I can't let anyone or anything screw this up for me. How many people actually get to live their dream?

Toussaint: Not many. It's heady stuff.

Regina: I've wanted to be a nurse since I was 4 years old. Aren't you gonna ask how a person knows what they want to be at 4?

Toussaint: Well, there are a lot of people--ha ha--born knowing.

Regina: Well, I had my grandmother to tell me, to school me in on the struggles of her life. The opportunities she didn't have. Drum it into me that I have a responsibility to my ancestors, to my race.

Toussaint: You have responsibility to a race? That's a heavy burden.

Regina: Well, somebody's gotta carry it or else were just stuck frozen in time.

Toussaint: Well, I guess it depends on where you freeze it.

Regina: To my grandmother, nursing was the most selfless contribution you can make. And most importantly, it was an attainable goal. And God knows, then, women, especially black women, didn't have a chance at becoming doctors.

Toussaint: Mm. So you set yourself on a path and started to achieve that goal.

Regina: And I'll tell you one thing. If the day ever comes where I can't look my granny in the eye because I've disappointed her, it won't be because of some stupid clerical error.

Toussaint: Well, I'm not an oracle, but I'm gonna make a prediction. Not only will you not disappoint your grandmother, you're gonna make her very proud.

Regina: How do you always know exactly what to say to make a girl feel better?

Toussaint: Ha ha ha ha! Not always.

Patrick: You didn't need medical attention, did you?

Christine: Guilty as charged. I lied.

Patrick: You want to tell me why?

Christine: I wanted a man to admire my breasts.

Patrick: I'll take a wild guess. You're not with anyone, are you?

Christine: Mm-mmm. Recently divorced from a man I should have never married. And I can't say the warning signs weren't there. Frank was commitment phobic from day one, and why not? I mean, he had to pry women off with a crowbar.

Patrick: Marriage didn't tame him.

Christine: It did. For a minute. Frank loved me, he just loved freedom more. And our having 2 kids didn't help matters with our marriage or my breasts. So here I am, 15 years later, manufacturing pain to get the attention of a doctor. Pretty pathetic.

Patrick: No. It's not at all. It's completely understandable.

Christine: Tell the truth. Don't you find a woman who's in doubt more attractive than one who's not?

Patrick: I wouldn't say that, but then again, I've been guilty of superficial moments.

Christine: Not anymore?

Patrick: I would like to believe that I've, uh, matured somewhat. Learned to appreciate women for more than their physical attributes. Look, in any event, you're a beautiful woman. You don't need to fake a medical problem to get a man's attention.

Christine: I'll try to remember that.

Patrick: Ok.

Christine: What about you, Dr. Drake? Is there someone at home you practice this devastating bedside manner on?

Robin:  Yeah. Me.

Patrick: You can deny it. I can tell you were already mad.

Robin: I was not checking up on you. Life's way too short.

Patrick: So Kelly said nothing.

Robin: She might have mentioned something vague about your hands all over her...boob job?

Patrick: The patient's name is Christine.

Robin: Whatever.

Patrick: Ok, you know what? You're the one that sent her to me, and to be honest with you, I kind of felt for her.

Robin: So I noticed.

Patrick: She's lonely. She just got out of a 15-year marriage. She wanted to feel attractive again, so she got her boobs done. I mean...

Robin: Don't even think about it.

Regina: How's our star patient?

Mrs. Storch: Oh, I'm having a wonderful time. The staff is lovely, the food is delicious, and, well, I can't tell you how nice it is to have somebody else cut my broccoli.

Regina: You're different. Most patients can't wait to leave.

Mrs. Storch: I've been on this earth a long time, Regina. My mind is sharp, but the body is not always willing, you know. And most of my friends have passed on. And now my kitchen utensils have turned on me. But on the plus side, you have some of the hottest guys around here. Whoo.

Epiphany: Are you deliberately trying to mock me?

Stan: Mom, Mom, come on, stop, please.

Epiphany: You're standing there dressed like this, looking exactly like what I wanted you to be, instead of the mobster lackey that you turned yourself into.

Stan: Why don't you give it a rest, Mom, please. Come on, look. I am who I am. And let's face it. You're not an easy woman to please.

Epiphany: Stanford. All I ever wanted for you was for you to make something out of yourself. To use that brilliant mind of yours for something! Anything that I could hold my head up about.

Stan: You see? No, see, that right there? Mom, that's exactly what I'm talking about. It's not about you and your self-esteem and about you being able to hold your head up high. It's about me being able to hold my head up high. And you know what? I love the person that I am, Mom.

Epiphany: Please tell me that you don't have anything to do with this strike gossip that I'm hearing.

Stan: You know what? It was all my idea. And before you go off and get all excited and go off on one of your tangents, you know, try something else. Try being proud of your son. I know I'm not leading the life that you chose, but you know what? I'm trying my best to make a difference the way that I can, Mom. So can that please just-- please, can that finally be good enough for you?

[Jason sighs]

Leo: Hello.

Maxie: I'm sorry, you must be mistaken. This exam room's mine for the moment.

Leo: Maxie Jones?

Maxie: Who are you?

Leo: The last of the hard-core troubadours. What can I play for you?

Maxie: Oh, I don't know. How about pa-rum-pum-pum-pum.

Leo: Ok. [Strums] You go for the high notes.

[Clears throat]

Leo: Maxie Jones--

Maxie: Ok, not to rain on your parade or anything, but--

Russell: This is a hospital, not some concert arena, and you are a doctor, not some hippie wannabe rocker.

Leo: What do you mean, wannabe?

Maxie: You're a doctor?

Epiphany: Doctor Julian is the newest addition to our cardiology department.

Russell: Now, we got your test results back, and that itchy patch on your posterior is methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus.

Leo: Known as MRSA for obvious reasons.

Epiphany: It's a type of staph infection.

Maxie: Ok, how did I wind up with something with so many syllables?

Russell: It's frequently contracted by exposure to contaminated surfaces in public arenas.

Maxie: But how did it end up on my-- oh.

Epiphany: Contaminated surfaces like shelves filled with cleaning supplies.

Leo: Wait. You're handcuff girl.

Russell: Dr. Julian.

Maxie: Ok, so I have a staph infection with a name I can't pronounce, but why is he here?

Russell: MRSA typically occurs in people with weakened immune systems. Since it's been a week since your exposure to the contaminated surface, the infection could have spread internally.

Epiphany: MRSA is highly aggressive. It attacks your body's weakest areas.

Maxie: Like my borrowed heart.

[Monitor beeping]

[Lainey screaming]

Cody: You said you wanted it real. Move!

Lainey: Son of a bitch!

Cody: Just giving you a dose of what you said you wanted.

Lainey: Don't you ever put your hands on me again!

Cody: You were walkin' to your car on a normal night, thinking about something ordinary, like whether you should get pizza or go straight to sleep, and all of a sudden, your fate's taken out of your hands. Pretty terrifying, right? Now take that, magnify it 100 times, and live with it. Not just for a second. Every minute of every day, day and night. That's war. Are you gonna help me or not?

Leo: So I had the desk leave word for your father and sister. Is there anyone else you'd like us to notify?

Maxie: My boyfriend Coop.

Leo: Handcuff guy.

Maxie: Please stop saying that.

Leo: You're gonna have to get used to it. You and Coop are on your way to legendary status around here.

Maxie: Are you sure you're a doctor?

Leo: By default.

Maxie: What? Cardiology isn't a calling?

Leo: I'm good at it, and as long as I toe my parents' line to some degree, they won't cut me off.

Maxie: Rich?

Leo: Unseemly.

Maxie: Must be nice. So, how good are you?

Leo: The best. At what?

Maxie: Hearts, I hope. I'm really scared.

Spinelli: Stone Cold, Stone Cold. Um, hey, ah, I'm gonna take my leave, but before I do...  A...a gift for my mentor.

Jason: You're giving me your computer. That's--

Spinelli: What? No. I'm--ha ha. Look, I'm sorry. Miscommunication. I trust you, I do, I trust you with my life. It's just that, um. You know, I mean, there's evildoers out there that want to steal The Jackal's very soul, and it's all right here--

Jason: You know what? I gotta get back to work.

Spinelli: No, no, no, it isn't. It's--this is really important to me, ok? Um, come here, come here, come here. Uhh...uh. Ok, look. A gift from Daniel-san to Mr. Miyagi. Yeah, I know. Ok. You are now the star of your very own video game. That's you. That's you. That's your gun. As of today, Jason Morgan rules the cyberworld.


Woman:  Ja...son.

Patrick: Has anybody seen Dr. Scorpio?


Robin: Do you think that she's wrong or, um, you know, selfish?

Jason: I think she, uh, you know, really wants to have a baby.

Robin: Right. But she's single. She's HIV-positive.

Jason: And how dangerous is that, exactly?

Robin: Not really. I mean, you know, of course there's a chance something could go wrong, always, but, um, chances are miniscule.

Jason: You, uh, seem really invested in this woman's pregnancy.

Robin: You know, I admire Stacey, and I guess I identify. There might be a day that I'll want to have a child of my own.

Jason: So...you're thinking about, you know, maybe getting pregnant?

Robin: Well, not tomorrow. Not next week, but, yeah. I think that eventually I want to be a mother.

Jason: How does Patrick feel?

Robin: I haven't discussed it with him.

Jason: Maybe you might want to do that?

Robin: Yeah, but Patrick has, um, commitment issues. If I brought up the subject of kids, he would be out the door so fast, I'd only see vapor.

Jason: Maybe you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Once.

Robin: But Patrick knows how excited I am about Stacey. He knows that she came in tonight, and he hasn't asked me about it. Later on, he'll ask me where I want to go to breakfast, and before I can answer, he'll suggest Kelly's, which is where he wanted to go in the first place. And we'll go.

Singer: I've got you under my skin, I've got you...

Cody: I apologize for scaring you. I was making a point.

Lainey: Don't do it again. I am trusting you to keep your word.

Cody: Scout's honor. I will make our next session. Only 6.

Lainey: My guarantee you'll be here.

Cody: Not very subtle, are you, Dr. Winters? I was wondering... would you like to get a cup of coffee sometime?

Singer: I said to myself this affair never would go so well, so why should I try to resist?

Jason: Hey, Sonny, what's up? What website? Why would I have a website? Since when? Ok, you know what? That's not--don't call me Stone Cold, ok? That's it. Spinelli's a dead man.

Toussaint: Yeah.

Singer: Don't you know, little fool, you never can win, use your mentality, wake up to reality, for each time I do, just the thought of you makes me stop before I begin

Patrick: Do you forgive me?

Robin: For what? Oh, that thing with boob job? Please, I was too busy to give it a second thought.

Patrick: Oh, really?

Robin: Yes, this guy came in, very cute, actually. He went overboard with Viagra and had a problem...relaxing. I did what I could.

Patrick: So where you want to go for breakfast? Kelly's ok?

Robin: Kelly's it is.

Singer: ...Of having you near in spite of a warning voice that comes in the night and repeats in my ear, don't you know, little fool, you never can win, use your mentality, wake up to reality

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