"Frayed Anatomies" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Thursday 7/12/07

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Thursday 7/12/07


"Frayed Anatomies"

Proofread and Provided By Suzanne

[Pagers beeping]

Toussaint:  Oh, hey, easy, easy.

Robin:  Sorry.

Toussaint:  [Laughing]

Maxie:  You are so busted.

Robin:  Whatever. I'm not even on duty yet.

Maxie:  I'm just saying, Epiphany's not happy.

Patrick: What have we got?

Epiphany: Besides 2 doctors assigned to the E.R. and missing in action?

Robin:  What have we got?

Epiphany: I take it I'm not supposed to notice that you are both soaking wet and 5 minutes late answering your page. A little boy fell out of a tree. Possible head trauma. The intern took him up for his C.A.T. scan, but I figure that a real doctor ought to take a look at the results.

P.A.: Dr. Huey, please report to the operating theater...

Epiphany: Do you think that paperwork's gonna get filled out by itself?

Regina: Have you been experiencing any, uh, nausea or dizziness?

Man:  I cut my hand!

Nurse:  I'll take over. Go help the volunteers stock the supply cart.

EMT: Out of the way! Keep it pumping.

Mrs. Storch: E-excuse me. I, uh, I'd--I'd like to see a doctor, please.

Regina: A doctor?

Mrs. Storch: Yes, there was one last week that was so wonderful. She took care of me.

Regina: Uh, why don't you have a seat over there? I'll get your information, and the doctor will be right with you.

Mrs. Storch: Thank you so much.

P.A.: Paging Dr. Henry, Dr. Gary Henry.

Leyla:  Don't bother.

P.A.:What do you mean?

Leyla:  The old woman. Mrs. Stol--Stolch, something like that. She comes in every Saturday. I got her 3 weeks ago. There's nothing wrong with her. She's just lonely.

Epiphany:  I can't hear you clearly.

Regina: So am I supposed to take her information or not?

Leyla:  Of course you're supposed to take it. Technically, she's a patient. I'm just saying there's nothing--

Epiphany:  Dr, Scorpio, Dr. Drake. We have a patient in transit. Possible head trauma. Altered L.L.C.

Patrick: I've got this.

Robin: I'm sorry, what did you just say?

Patrick: Take the little boy with the bump on his head.

Robin: Whoa, whoa.

Patrick: I did a preliminary exam. He's fine.

Robin: No, no, no, no, no. We've been over this. You don't get to tell me what to do.

Patrick:  Nurse Johnson, where's my patient?

Epiphany:  The driver said they're en route, so I guess they're en route. Nurse Crowell, so glad you could join us.

Spinelli: I didn't mean to do this to you. I--I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Look, I thought I--I thought I was doing it like you showed me, you know, when we--when we joined forces to thwart the minions of darkness at the hotel? And I was wearing black--

Jason: Try not to put pressure on your foot, ok?

Spinelli: Ok, ok. But you told me the procedure, so I did that, and they--

Jason: Stop talking. Stop--

[Tires squeal]

Jason:  Watch out!

Spinelli:  What?


[EMT's Laughing]

EMT:  Did you see that? Guy tried to hit me.

Patrick:  What the hell are you guys doing? Where's my patient?

EMT:  She's in the back, where do you think?

Robin:  One of you go help that woman. Those 2 are obviously useless. I'll get some more orderlies.

Epiphany: And then take your sorry butts inside and get yourself put on report. Move!

[Woman laughing]

Patrick:  This is ridiculous.   Everybody get back. We got a gas leak--no!

Robin:  Patrick!

Epiphany:  Someone--get a fire extinguisher.

Robin:  I need a gurney with backboard and spinal equipment stat, and page Dr. Laurence. Patrick's gonna need him.   I need help over here. Where's my help?

Epiphany:  Sir, you need to lay still until we get someone to look at you.

[Machine guns firing]

Cody: Take cover!  Ah.

Epiphany:  We need help out here.

Cody: They're firing rockets! We need to take cover.

Epiphany:  Someone get a fire extinguisher!

Nurse:  Out of the way.

[Sirens approaching]

Robin:  Where's my gurney?

Call the burn unit. Get Dr. Pangborn.

Robin:  All right, let's get him on the backboard. Did you page Laurence? Are you sure? Page him again. I want him waiting when we get Patrick inside.

Nurse:  1, 2, 3, roll. 1, 2, 3, back. 1, 2, 3. Up.

Robin:  I need a trauma room.

Heather: One is open.

Robin:  Page Laurence again. If you don't get him, get Bernstein. Chest sounds are clear. Pupils are equal and reactive. Where's Cindy?.

Epiphany:  She's with a burn patient. You've got me.

Robin:  Patrick needs a full bag of potassium, and he needs a C.T. scan, a c-spine. I want an O.R. standing by. There might be a possible closed-head injury. And since Laurence can't be bothered to answer his page--

Patrick: Laurence is a hack.

Robin: Well, unfortunately, our A-list neurosurgeon is indisposed at the moment.

Patrick: Hmm, that's too bad. I hear he's the best.

Robin: His personality could use some work, but he's really good with his hands.

[Indistinct conversations]

Spinelli:  Oh, ah, oh.

Jason: Hey, Max, go see if you can find a doctor.

Spinelli: Oh, get a doctor for Stone Cold as well, please.

Jason: I'm fine. Just get him one.

Spinelli: Dude, you jumped into a burning ambulance to save that woman. And, um, by the way, if my injury hadn't been hindering me, I would totally have assisted you.

Jason: Don't--don't worry about it, ok?

Spinelli: Um, you know, the pain is pretty intense, but it's somehow, um, purifying, and, uh, I was thinking. Now that I've survived the initiation rite of all men of the sword--uh, well, gun--that, you know, that maybe now I can take my rightful place alongside Stone Cold Ed's--

Jason: You shot yourself in the foot.

Spinelli: Yeah?

Jason: Keep your leg elevated, ok? Fine. Head back. I'm gonna go check on Max.

Spinelli: Ok. I'll be here.

Leyla:  As you can see, we're rather busy tonight.

Stacy: I was supposed to have a checkup with Dr. Lee.

Leyla: Is she your O.B.?

Stacy: Mm-hmm.

Leyla: Well, I'll call her office and let her know you're here. Are you in any discomfort?

Stacy: I'm pretty sure my baby's fine, but my knees are another story.

Leyla: I'll try to get you into a cubicle as soon as possible.

Stacy: Thank you.

P.A.: Paging Dr. Julie Delahugh.

Epiphany:  What the hell are you doing?

Spinelli: What? Oh, uh, um, Stone Cold went to secure me medical attention.

Epiphany:  Nurse Crowell? Please take this patient to cubicle 3 and then page Dr. Julian to, uh, examine him.

Jolene:  Dr. Julian's a cardiologist.

Epiphany:  He has a medical degree and 2 hands. On a night like this, we can't afford to be choosy. Get him a wheelchair.

Jolene:  I'll be right back.

Spinelli: I'll be waiting... angel of mercy.

Robin:  We're admitting you for observation until we get your tests back.

Patrick: I'm fine.

Robin: And I'm just supposed to take your word for that?

Patrick: No, test me. See if I respond to external stimuli.

Robin:  What kind?

Patrick: I'm sure you'll think of something.

P.A.: Dr. Neil brown, please report to--

Jason: Excuse me, please. Miss! Oh, excuse me. My friend needs some help with his foot. He's bleeding.

Iris: We're very busy tonight. Your friend will have to wait his turn. Heather. Dr. Boyd wants you to assist in trauma 2.

Heather:  I'm with the burn victim.

Iris: The intern can handle the burn victim. Dr. Boyd wants you now.  I suggest you take a seat.

P.A.: Nurse Novarado, please report to pediatrics.

Toussaint: If your friend is a boy with a beanie and a towel on his foot, he's in cubicle number one right over there.

Jason: Thank you.

Toussaint: You're welcome.

Mac: Jason. We understand you climbed inside the ambulance and pulled the passenger out? Did you see what caused the fire?

Jason: No, I didn't.

Cruz: Forensics got their first look inside the vehicle. It appears there was a punctured canister of laughing gas.

Mac:  You might be asking yourself what laughing gas was doing on an ambulance. Since you were the last person inside, if you remember anything, you need to let us know.

Jason: No, I--I--Mac, I don't, ok? I gotta check on my friend.

Doctor: Time of death, 10:57 P.M. Notify the morgue. See if you can figure out who she was.

Patrick: Shouldn't you be down in E.R.?

Robin: I'm supervising your case.

Patrick: Which is a total violation of procedure and ethics.

Robin: Ask me if I care.

Patrick: Look. Go back to work. I'm just gonna lie here until the orderlies take me for my tests.

Robin: Right. You'll give me 5 minutes until I get to the elevator, and then you'll get up and you'll try and go back to work.

Patrick: I love you. But I do not need a babysitter.

Leo: Goin' to have to set the bone, so I'll need an x-ray. Also run a full blood panel and give him a tetanus shot.

Spinelli: Uh, wha--did-did--wha--The Jackal protests?

Leo: Huh?

Spinelli: Wel--look, I mean my ar--my foot's already injured, right? And I got this big painful thing in my arm, so I think a shot would just be gratuitous at this point unless it was d-delicious morphine or--

Jason: Let the guy do his job, Spinelli.

Leo:  Who're you?

Spinelli: Who's he? Um, ha, it's, ow ow ow. That's Jason Morgan, um, Stone Cold, enforcer of Mr. Corinthos and rescuer of--

Jason: I'm actually here to pay his bill. Does he need to spend the night in the hospital?

Leo: I'll know as soon as I get the x-rays.

Jason:  All right.

Spinelli: Ok.

Leo: Oh, and, uh, you want to get those hands looked at?

Jolene: If you like, I can bandage your hands.

Jason: Actually, can you just take care of him first?

Jolene: Things are really crazy out there, so if someone tries to move you out of this cubicle, make sure they know that Dr. Julian is treating you and Jolene Crowell is your nurse. Ok?

Spinelli:  Jolene. Wow. It's a pretty unique and melodious name. Jolene. It suits her, don't you think? I mean, she's really pretty and caring and kind. I mean, she was even solicitous about your hands, which... dude, take a look at them. Uh, they look a little barbecued. Which reminds me, I am so starving--

Jason: Please, can you just--can you just try to rest, please?

Spinelli:  No doubt your pain is lessened by the fact that you know you saved the woman from the flaming ambulance, who will no doubtedly in gratitude shower you in favors.

Jason: I didn't save her, Spinelli. She died.

Epiphany: Boyd's coronary is on her way up to the O.R. For the bypass. Julian is in trauma 3 looking at a contusion.

Russell: And where is Dr. Scorpio?

Epiphany: Uh, Dr. Drake has been admitted for tests. Dr. Scorpio is supervising his case.

Russell: And that seems like a good idea to you?

Epiphany: Uh, I'm a nurse. I don't tell doctors what to do. I put up with them. Excuse me. Uh, sir. Can I help you?

Cody: I need a prescription.

Epiphany: Well, have you been a patient at this hospital before?

Cody:  I just saw an ambulance blow up. Do I need to give you my life story to get some damn drugs?

Epiphany: No, sir. Why don't you come with me, and we'll get you into a cubicle and have a doctor take a look at you.

[Telephone rings]

Mrs. Storch: Poor man. He really sounded upset.

Stacy: He sounded crazy.

Mrs. Storch: Is the baby kickin'?

Stacy: No, but my knees are killing me.

Mrs. Storch: Well, I'm sure the doctor will be here soon to help you. They do wonderful work here.

[Elevator chimes]

Toussaint: Easy, easy, there. You have to be gentle, or she'll decide to quit on ya.

Leo: That's what my girlfriend said.

P.A.: Paging Dr. Riley.

Regina: I don't have her room number. You're the ones who called the ambulance. Heard he was probably in it when it blew up. Yes, I'll hold.

Jolene: Cubicle 1 needs a blood panel, x-rays, and a tetanus shot.

Epiphany: Then you better order them. Make sure that Lainey Winters knows that we have a psych patient down here and take these up to Dr. Drake's room.

Leyla:  You got it.

P.A.: Code red, oncology.

Regina: I'm stuck tryin' to I.D. a Jane Doe, and she gets to make a personal delivery to Patrick Drake? Where's the justice?

Jolene:  Well, for all you know, Dr. Brilliant asked Epiphany to send Leyla.

Regina: He's dating Dr. Robin Scorpio.

Jolene:  That doesn't mean she owns him. Half the doctors in this hospital want to "mentor" Leyla. Why should Patrick Drake be any different?

Regina: Yes, I'm here. Uh, dark, petite, maybe 5 feet tall. That's her. Can you spell it, please? 2 R's, 2 T'S.

P.A.: Dr. Nicholas Cameron, please report to obstetrics.

Mac:  I need to speak to Dr. Russell ford. And can you tell me if robin Scorpio is on this floor?

Nurse: I think Dr. Scorpio is in Patrick Drake's room, and I'll page Dr. Ford.

Mac: Thank you.

Coop: Need some help?

Maxie: Ah, yes, please get me out of here.

Coop: I can't, sorry. I'm on duty.

Maxie: Oh, I hate volunteer work. Some people just aren't cut out for public service.

Robin: Excuse me? Dr. Drake is still waiting for his M.R.I. I want him pushed to the head of the line.

Mac: Is Patrick all right?

Robin: I... honestly don't know. I--I'm not gonna know until I get his tests back.

Mac: In the meantime, can you answer some questions about the ambulance explosion?

Robin: Uncle Mac, I was standing right there, and I have no idea what happened.

Maxie: Well, it looks like you're not gonna be needed any time soon. Let's go.

Coop: Go where?

Maxie: I, uh, want to get a closer look at your handcuffs.

Robin: I heard someone yell, I turned around, and the ambulance exploded. I thought I was watching Patrick die.

Leyla: Dr. Drake?

Patrick: Lovely Leyla. Sorry, that's my meds talking.

Leyla: I didn't realize they'd given you anything.

Patrick: [Chuckles]

Leyla: That's ok. At least you didn't do a riff of air guitar. You'd be surprised how many men find that charming and original.

Patrick: Oh, note to self...no air guitar around Leyla.

Leyla: I didn't say I minded, I said I didn't find it charming or original.

Patrick: Hmm. What do you find charming?

Robin: Nurse Leyla. Are you here to take Dr. Drake for his M.R.I.?

Leyla: Actually, his test results got sent back to E.R. by mistake.

Robin: Oh, well, in the future, you give the test results to the attending, not the patient.

Leyla: Yes, Dr. Scorpio.

Patrick: Feel better?

Robin: Your blood panel looks normal, which is what I expected.

Patrick: It's not flattering to either one of us when you become territorial.

Robin: I'm gonna take these to Laurence. He should probably take over your case.

Patrick: Don't walk away mad.

Robin: Well, then stop pissing me off.

Patrick: Robin. C'mere. Please come here for a second. I am with you because I want to be.

Robin: You are convinced that there is no way I can turn you down.

Patrick: You're the one that talked me into doing brain surgery for free.

Robin: And you saved a life.

Patrick: Yeah, and got sentenced to the E.R. for the next 3 months.

Robin: I know. Dr. Ford has no right to punish us for helping people.

Russell: Maybe next time you'll think twice before spending hospital money on unauthorized procedures. Welcome to the night shift.

Robin: I have no integrity.

Kelly: Since when?

Lainey:  You're the one who convinced Patrick to do that free--

Robin: I know, to do the free brain surgery. I just got another lecture from Dr. Ford. That's not the point. I jumped all over the student nurse.

Kelly:  The student nurse.

Lainey: Her name is Leyla.

Kellly:  Yeah, and any man on staff can tell you that.

Robin: Right. And it's not her fault. She does a good job, right? But then I walked in and I saw her and Patrick talking, and--

Kelly: Well, what kinda talking?

Robin: He asked what she finds charming.

Lainey: Mmm.

Kelly: Ouch.

Robin: This is where you tell me I'm being insecure.

Lainey:  Do I think that Patrick loves you? Yes. Do I think he's a chronic flirt? Also yes.

Robin: But that's his fault, right? I mean, it's not hers, but I reprimanded her anyway.

Kelly:  Here's an idea. Next time you catch Patrick flirting, jump on Patrick.

Robin: [Sighs] I tried. He went all puppy dog on me, and I melted. I have no integrity.

Orderly: All righty. That'll do it.

Patrick: Wait. Where are you goin'?

Orderly: The tech'll come get you when it's your turn.

Patrick:  You're just gonna park me here in the hall?

Orderly: Hey, look, Epiphany just told me to, uh, treat you just like everyone else.

Jolene: They're pretty backed up in x-ray, but they'll be ready for you soon.

Spinelli: Ok. Ah, will the fair Jolene be accompanying me?

Jolene: You're my patient until somebody takes you off my hands.

Spinelli: [Gasps] The Jackal is astounded by your, you know, your dedication to your noble craft.

Jolene: And...you're The Jackal?

Spinelli: The assassin of cyberspace, um, trusted right hand of Stone Cold, you may...

Jolene: And Stone Cold is Mr. Morgan. Jason.

Spinelli: Right. We, uh, we are brothers in arms, bonded through many trials. I mean, we have escaped the minions of law enforcement--

Jason: You're supposed to be resting, not talking.

Spinelli: Dude, I was about to tell her about our adventures in the Metro Court rescuing the unfortunate hostages--

Jason: Just be quiet. Be quiet. Is he allowed to have something to drink?

Jolene: It's fine.

Jolene: Well, I'll be back to take you to x-ray when the police are finished.

Spinelli: Whoa.  Uh, police?

Jolene: To question you about the gunshot wound?

Spinelli: Oh, no, fair one, that's unnecessary. See, no one-- I mean, no crimes were committed. All is well. Right, Stone Cold?

Jason: Did you already file the report?

Jolene: I'm sorry, it's procedure. Any time there's a gunshot wound, we have to notify the authorities.

Russell: I hope you're not implying there's negligence on the part of our staff.

Mac; Someone put a canister of laughing gas in an ambulance.

Russell: Excuse me just a moment. Sneed?

Irish: They're backed up in E.R. again.

Russell: Well, we can't afford to call any more staff. You are going to have to pull personnel from other floors to cover.

Iris: That will leave the other floors unattended.

Russell: Just please take care of it, and I will call county to speak to them about handling the overflow.

Cody: You just walk in without a warning?

Lainey: I apologize. I'm Dr. Winters. I'm here to help you. But first I need some information.

Cody: I've already been diagnosed. Post-traumatic stress disorder. All I need from you is a prescription for Percodan.

Lainey: If all I did was pass out drugs to whoever asked, I wouldn't be much of a doctor, now would I?

Cody: You think you can cure me of 2 tours in Iraq? Good luck.

Toussaint: Oh when the saints go marchin' in oh, when the saints go marchin' in

Epiphany: Get your scrawny butt back in this gurney.

Patrick: Did you hear any singing?

Epiphany: The only thing I'm hearing is you askin' pointless questions instead of waiting your turn like everyone else.

Patrick: I could have sworn I just heard a man singing over there.

Epiphany: [Sighs] You know what? You can't have this C.A.T. scan a minute too soon.

Robin: Excuse me...

Regina: Uh, Regina.

Robin: Regina, right. Uh, do you know where Leyla is?

Regina: Oh, she's over there.

Robin: Thanks. Leyla?

Leyla: Dr. Scorpio.

Robin: Uh, yes, I--I just, I wanted to apologize for snapping at you earlier. I was worried about Dr. Drake, and I just overreacted.

Leyla: I understand.

Robin: Uh, Dr. Lee wanted me to check on a patient of hers, Stacey Sloan.

Leyla: Yeah, she's right over there.

Robin: Thanks so much.

Mrs. Storch: So the grandmother thinks the children just adore it. Now, I didn't want to contradict. But I think that--

Robin: Excuse me. Stacey Sloan?

Stacy: Yes.

Robin: Dr. Robin Scorpio. Kelly is in surgery. She asked me to see you. If you'll come with me?

Stacy: Yes.

Mrs. Storch: I'm sorry to bother you, doctor, but when do you think you'll be able to get to me?

Robin: I will get Ms. Sloan settled, and then I'll send a nurse to see you.

Spinelli: I-I-is it illegal to shoot yourself?

Jason: It was an accident.

Spinelli: You know what's so frustrating is that I--I practiced. I was in the arcade for hours, practicing, and my scores were, like, in the tens of thousands. I thought I was--I thought I was ready, but you know, I didn't realize that in actuality the gun would be so... actual, ok? A-a-and now the minions of law enforcement are gonna interrogate me.

Jason: Just--look, tell the truth. That's it.

Spinelli: What if they don't believe me? Look, The Jackal's not... Stone Cold, I don't wanna be arrested. Ok, my granny would kill me, and I don't think I could defend myself if my fellow prisoners--

Jason: Just settle down.  Just settle -- You're not gonna be arrested.

Spinelli: Did--you... wow. You--did you call in a favor? Deepest gratitude.

Cruz: Excuse me. Cruz Rodriguez, P.C.P.D. You must be Damian Spinelli.

Spinelli: Correctomundo, heh.

Cruz: How'd you get shot, Mister Spinelli?

Spinelli: Um, well, I--I uh, see, I borrowed Stone Cold's weapon to improve my prowess.

Cruz: That'd be Mr. Morgan's gun?

Spinelli: Uh, yeah, yeah. No, I was trying to be more proficient.

Cruz: I assume you have a license to carry the gun, Mister Morgan.

Jason: Yeah, I do.

Cruz: Go on.

Spinelli: Dude, um--focus, here. Ok. See, The Jackal is--has the most crucial position as Stone Cold's right-hand...

Cruz: Mr. Spinelli, did you shoot yourself?

Spinelli: It was an accident.

Cruz: I'm gonna have to charge you with illegal possession of a hand gun, firing a weapon without a license, and reckless endangerment.

Spinelli: Dude, I wasn't trying to hurt anyone, I swear. I was just--

Cruz: For a first offense, you'll probably just do 6 months in county lockup.

Jason: Ok, wait, wait, wait. It was an accident, ok? Like Spinelli said. I shot him.

Robin: Are you experiencing any cramping?

Stacy: No, I think I'm fine, but I skinned my knees. Doctor, before you treat me, did, uh, Dr. Lee have a chance to tell you that I'm H.I.V. positive?

Robin: Uh, it never gets any easier telling people, does it?

Stacy: No.

Robin: At least, for me it doesn't. I'm H.I.V. positive as well.

Stacy: Really? Do you think that's why Dr. Lee asked you to, uh, treat me?

Robin: Oh. No, she was running to an emergency C-section. I doubt she had time to think about it.

Stacy: Wow. Well, in any case, it's very nice to have a doctor who truly understands.

Regina:  It's crazy in the E.R. tonight, I know, but that ambulance exploding? That was horrible. That poor woman. How's Dr. Drake?

Leyla: I believe he'll make a full recovery, much to Dr. Scorpio's relief.

Regina:  Why was she looking for you?

Leyla: To apologize for biting my head off.

Jolene:  You got an apology? Wow. That has to be first in the history of student nursing.

Regina: Dr. Scorpio blew up at Leyla for standing too close to her... man.

Leyla: Where'd you get that?

Regina: Deductive reasoning. You had to go up to his room to give his blood panel, and obviously you guys talked, and Doctor didn't like it.

Jolene:  She is a little possessive.

Regina: Yeah, but can you blame her? He's good lookin'. And nice.

Leyla: Sexy.

Regina: She admits it.

Jolene: Plus, he's a gifted surgeon. Or was. He hit the pavement pretty hard after the explosion. I just hope it didn't do any permanent damage.


[Monitors beeping]

[Door opens]

Patrick: Well, you finally came back.

Toussaint: This is the first time I've been here tonight.

Patrick: I was expecting someone else.

Toussaint: Oh, well, me, too. They said to clean out this room because the patient was sent to the morgue.

Patrick: Yeah, I guess I could have been. Let me ask you. What are the odds of me stepping into an exploding ambulance my first day back in E.R.?

Toussaint: Maybe you just got lucky.

Robin: There's no cramping, and the baby is reactive. But if you feel any discomfort, it's safe to take acetaminophen.

Stacy: No, I think I'm gonna be fine. In any case, who wants to take another pill?

Robin: Used to be so much worse. I remember. Over 10 years ago, I started taking the cocktail. I felt like I swallowed 100 pills a day.

Stacy: Mmm. Yeah, I've been H.I.V. positive for 5 years now, and, um, it really took me some time to adjust. Lot of people out there who think I'm crazy to have a baby.

Robin: Well, those people obviously haven't done their research.

Stacy: Well, there's a stigma out there attached to being H.I.V. and choosing to have a baby. Sorry, I don't mean to get on my soap box.

Robin: No, I agree with you. H.I.V. shouldn't keep anyone from having a child.

Epiphany: Cubicle 4, acute gastrointestinal distress.

Leo: Give it to one of the interns.

Epiphany: Look here, Dr. God's gift to medicine, Dr. Drake has been admitted as a patient. That means I am short one warm body. You're the replacement. Cubicle 4.

Cody: Went to light a cigarette, and the next thing I know, World War III.

Lainey: Nurse Johnson said you thought you were in a combat situation?

Cody: When those instincts kick in, your body doesn't care where the adrenaline's coming from, you just do like you've been trained. So I need somethin' to calm me down.

Lainey: I'm sorry. I can't prescribe Percodan or any other medication until we've had a couple sessions.

Cody: What am I supposed to do tonight?

Lainey: Well, I think we should continue with the session. Try to deal with what happened, and--

Cody: If you can't give me the drugs, you're wasting my time.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Hey. You ever had a song stuck in your head?

Robin: Everyone has. Why?

Patrick: I'm sitting in the hall waiting for my M.R.I., and I swore I heard this man singing. Now the song's stuck in my head. No. No, it's not impending brain damage, so quit it.

Robin: I'll believe it when your tests are back.

Patrick: So did you come up here to wait with me?

Robin: I'm just saying hi. They're swamped in E.R. I just had to sub for Kelly lee.

Patrick: Delivering a baby.

Robin: Nothing so heroic. I bandaged a skinned knee for this, uh, this woman. She's pregnant. Happens to be H.I.V. positive, which is really...inspiring, you know? That she could make that choice.

Patrick: Yeah, I'm sure.

Robin: I mean, she's obviously education, she's done the research. She knows the risks, which are miniscule, by the way. I mean, why shouldn't any woman, H.I.V. positive or not, have a baby when she feels like she's ready?

Patrick: No reason.

Robin: What do you mean?

Patrick: Well, there's no reason any woman can't become a mother, or not, depending on how she feels, right?

Robin: Right.

Jason: Ok, I pulled the clip, forgot to check the mag. Gun went off in my hand.

Cruz: And happened to hit Mr. Spinelli's foot?

Jason:  Right there.

Cruz: You carrying the weapon in question?

Jason: Uh, no, it's actually at my apartment.

Cruz: Are you armed?

Jason: Yes, I am, but I have a permit.

Cruz: I'm sure you do. But it's interesting how you were cleaning one gun and carrying another. I need to call this in.

Spinelli: Look, deepest gratitude, Stone Cold, but I--I didn't ask you to take the blame.

Jason: Well, I am to blame.

Spinelli: Dude, how can you say that? I--I--I borrowed the weapon without your permission. You weren't even in the room when I shot myself.

Jason: You said you didn't want to carry a gun, and I pushed you. It's my responsibility.

Orderly #1: Who's this?

Orderly #2: Burn victim.

Orderly #1: The one from the ambulance?

Orderly #2: That's her.

Orderly #1: All you got is her last name?

Orderly #2: They're still tryin' to get a, uh, copy of her I.D. from the hotel where she was stayin'. I hear the ambulance, uh, was bringin' her in for, uh, food poisoning. Can't be too careful about what you eat.

Iris: Has the hotel faxed us a copy of the woman's information?

Regina: So far, all we have right now is her last name.

Iris: Call them again. If no one claims her in the next 2 days, we'll have to turn the body over to County, and deficit the expenses.

P.A.: Dr. Sam Nicolson, please call the pharmacy.


Iris: Oh, my god! Ah. Oh. Oh, god. [Groaning] Help me. Someone, please.  Ah, help! Someone, please.

Coop:  Calm down. We'll get some-- we're not tryin' to hurt you.

Maxie: You have got to unlock me.

Iris: Oh, god!

Coop: I don't have the key.

Maxie: You have to find it.

Iris: [Groaning]

Maxie: Oh, shut up. You have got to find that key.

Coop: I must have kicked it under something.

Iris: Please! Please.

Mac: What the hell is goin' on in here?

Maxie: Hi, Daddy.

Jolene: They're finally ready for you in x-ray.

Spinelli: Um, do you think we could, I don't know, ask them to hurry, 'cause I need to get back in time to call Stone Cold's lawyer.

Jolene: You? But... but I thought...

Spinelli: Yeah, I know, I know. Uh, The Jackal understands your confusion. He was surprised by this turn of events as well.

Robin: Jason?


Robin: This cubicle's on the board as a gunshot wound.

Jason: Yeah, they just took him off to x-ray.

Robin: Oh. Are you waiting for treatment?

Jason: No.

Robin: Well, you should be. Here, let me see your hands.

Patrick: Dr. Scorpio's not an intern. You don't sentence her to E.R. for bad behavior.

Russell: In point of fact, I sentenced both of you. You were in direct violation of hospital policy when you operated on an indigent patient.

Patrick: So you would feel better that we send him off to County to die?

Russell: No one who took care of you tonight worked for free. In order to pay our staff, the patient or their insurance company has to pay us. What-what-what-what are you doing? Stop!

Russell: I'm sure there's somebody else you could be charging for this bed.

Iris: Oh, the pain is terrible.   Let's go.

Maxie: I know this... this looks bad, but there's a simple explanation for all of it. Ok, it's not really that simple, but it's not wrong, either. I mean, it's just sex. Yes, Coop and I shouldn't have been hooking up in a supply closet while we're both on duty, but really, I'm just a volunteer.

Mac: Maxie!

Maxie: I'm just saying, I mean, it was my idea, so if you're gonna punish Coop, you should discipline me, too. How many more?

Jason: So, how'd you get stuck on the night shift?

Robin: Violated Dr. Ford's rules for profit in medicine. So I'm sentenced to the E.R. for the next 13 weeks. Not that I mind, though. I mean, I'm actually excited to be getting back to practicing basic medicine.

Kelly:  Oh, sorry to interrupt. I was just checking. Was everything all right with my patient?

Robin: Fine. I bandaged her skinned knee and sent her home. Everything's in her chart.

Kelly: Thanks!

Robin:  Mm-hmm.  See what I mean? I mean, I would have never met that patient that Kelly was asking about if I hadn't been banished to the E.R.

Jason: Why is she so important?

Robin: She's H.I.V. positive, and she's having a baby.

Jason: That's a big decision, having a child.

Robin: I've considered it, you know, in the abstract. Hypothetically. If I can even be a good mother or how my H.I.V. would affect the life of my child, and then right about then, my brain just freezes up, and I tell myself to forget about the whole thing. But I don't know. Meeting that woman tonight, she's just like any other expectant mother. Happy and proud. And soon, she's going to give birth to a baby. All because she refused to let H.I.V. dictate her life.

Kelly:  Has Robin ever told you anything about Jason Morgan?

Lainey: Just that they dated.

Kelly:  More than dated. He's the reason robin moved to Paris for 6 years. She couldn't handle the breakup.

Lainey: Ancient history.

Kelly:  Maybe not. I just saw her with him in E.R., tenderly taping his hands while they shared a heart to heart.

Lainey: Maybe they had a nostalgic moment. I wouldn't read too much into it.

Kelly:  If I were Robin, I would.

Robin: Sorry I have to throw you out of your cubicle.

Jason: Ah, it's just as easy to wait for the cops out here.

Robin: So what happened?

Jason: Uh, I accidentally shot Spinelli in the foot, and the cops are seeing if they can arrest me for it.

Robin: Shooting someone on accident. That's a first for you, isn't it?

Epiphany: Dr. Scorpio, you have a call.

Robin: Sorry. I gotta...

Jason: No, no, I'm fine.

Mrs. Storch: Excuse me, doctor. I don't want to disturb you, but the nurse--

Robin: I--I'm sorry, yes. I will get a nurse the first chance that I get.

Mrs. Storch: They're busy tonight

Jason: Yeah.

Mrs. Storch: I'm sure it was that ambulance exploding that did it. Can you imagine I--oh, of course you can imagine. You're the one who pulled her out, aren't you? Yes, well, she died, poor thing. They're still trying to figure out who she was. It's so sad. She died alone. No family, no friends. How well do you know that doctor?

Jason: Ah, which doctor?

Mrs. Storch: She's very fond of you. She's a very caring person. I can tell that by looking at her. Well, of course, you'd have to be caring in order to be a doctor, wouldn't you?

Patrick: Who's next?

Robin: What the hell are you doing?

Patrick: My job. Did you get the test results back from the boy with the concussion?

Robin: You almost died tonight. You could have a closed head injury.

Patrick: My M.R.I. came back clean. I don't even have a headache. But if you want to test my sequencing abilities, I'll be happy to undress you.

Robin: You were blown into the air and knocked unconscious. If you can't stay in your hospital room, then maybe you should just go home.

Patrick: Where's Epiphany? I'm sure she'll give me the test results.

Robin: You know you're putting patients at risk to prove that you're some kind of a superhero and I'm a nag.

Patrick: You said it, not me.

Robin: [Sighs]

Mrs. Storch: I don't have any grandchildren, so I make these for the community center, you know. Oh, they have a wonderful preschool there for the underprivileged children, and... do you have any children?

Jason: No, uh, well, not living with me.

Mrs. Storch: Oh, I'm sorry. Well, this is for a newborn, and...

Jason: I need help over here!

Robin:  What happened?

Jason: Oh, no, she's--she's bleeding. She's bleeding. She's bleeding.

Robin:  Here. Keep pressure on the wound, ok?

Jason:  Ok, ok, ok.

Robin:  Just yell if she stops breathing.

Jason:  Right, right, right.

Robin: Hey. I need a--a trauma team, a gurney, and 5 units of O-neg in the waiting room, stat. How's she doing?

Jason:  She's barely breathing.

Robin:  Did you get her name?

Jason: No.

Robin:  Ma'am, listen. We're gonna get you help, ok? We just need you to concentrate on breathing, ok? Can you hear me? Just breathe, all right? I think it's an abdominal bleed. Let's take her straight to O.R., ok? Page Behar and have him waiting up there.

Mrs. Storch: [Groaning]

Robin:  It's ok, ma'am. You're gonna be fine. We're getting you help. Just breathe. Let's go.

Robin:  [Sighs]

Patrick: Turns out concussion boy needed surgery.

Robin: Was it a success?

Patrick: Called in Laurence to do it. If I'm gonna suffer a grand mal seizure, I didn't think it'd be fair to be standing over a 7-year-old's open cranium when it hit.

Robin: When I was fighting with you, this little old lady that was waiting in the E.R. for hours almost bled out. She asked me for help twice, and I was too busy.

Patrick: Well, you had a lot on your mind. I almost died right in front of you, and I made no allowances for how you might feel about it.

Robin: You know, there's a simple solution to all of this. Quit medicine and open a coffee house.

Patrick: [Laughs] And waste all your skill and knowledge?

Robin: Oh, no, no, not me. You. You know, lease one of those storefronts across from the park. Have my latte and my cookie waiting for me when I get out of the hospital. I promise I will never hover, worry, or nag at you ever again.

Patrick: Really? Yeah, I don't think I could risk it. You only love me because I'm the best neurosurgeon in town.

Robin: Sometimes I love you in spite of it.

Regina: I don't understand. You have her credit card information. Then call the travel agency. I don't know the time difference to Rome. Listen, if you don't give me her complete information in the next 10 minutes, I'm gonna have the body delivered to your lobby, and no, I will not hold. You call me back.

Epiphany: Well, what do you want, a medal? Take these to cubicle 3.

Doctor: 2 days' worth of Percodan, and if she's still presenting with symptoms, then she'll need to see her regular doctor.

[Telephone rings]

Epiphany: E.R. desk, this is Nurse Johnson speaking. Oh, you can leave that information with me.

Cruz: Jason Morgan. You're under arrest for reckless endangerment.

Jason: Oh, come on, man, can't I just surrender myself tomorrow?

Cruz: I got orders to take you downtown. You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights that I just read to you?

Epiphany: The hotel called back. This is her complete information. Take this to the morgue.

Spinelli: Unhand that prisoner! He's innocent.

Jason: Ignore him, ok? Let's go.

Spinelli: Dude, no, no, no, no, it's wrongful arrest. You could lose your badge or maybe even be demoted to, like, traffic--

Jason: Shut up!

Cruz: Mr. Morgan already confessed to shooting you in the foot. If he lied and you shot yourself, now's the time to say so.

Spinelli: It was an accident.

Cruz: Someone will be here to take your statement.

Jason: Wait, wait. Excuse me. The old lady who uh, uh, collapsed, and she was bleeding from the--from her side?

Leyla: Yeah, Mrs. Storch. She's in surgery.

Jason: Yeah. That's hers right there. Can you give it to her when she gets out?

Leyla: Yeah.

Regina: Hello? I have the rest of her information. Hello? Is anyone back there?

Singer:  Marvin he was a friend of mine and he could sing a song his heart in every line Marvin sang of the joy and pain he opened up our minds and I still can hear him say oh, talk to me so you can see what's going on say hello, sing your songs forever more gonna be a sweet sound comin' down on the night shift I'll bet you're singin' proud I'll be you pull a crowd gonna be a long night gonna be all right on the night shift you found another home and when you're not alone yeah, yeah... oh, gonna be a sweet sound comin' down on the night shift I bet you're singin' proud I bet you pull a crowd gonna be a long night gonna be all right on the night shift you found another home--

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