"Past and Presence - Part 1" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 10/14/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 10/14/08


"Past and Presence ~ Part 1"
Written by Catharina Ledeboer & Karen Harris

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Gisele

Jagger: There hasn't been any suspicious activity, but I'd like to keep the security in place until everything cools down.

Patrick: The first time a patient dies because an agent is stopping one of my doctors from coming in the door, it's gonna make my lawsuit look like a traffic ticket.

Jagger: I don't blame you for being annoyed.

Patrick: Oh, you don't blame me. Those guys come into my hospital mouthing off a bunch of racist crap and I'm the one getting sued? Yeah, I think I'm a little more than annoyed right now.

Jagger: Just bear with me. I'd like to put a security detail on you. We have reason to believe that they may be after you personally.

Patrick: Jagger, you know what? It's not enough that they're taking my job and my license, I don't want bodyguards.

Jagger: I'll make you a deal. I'll let you do your job if you let me do mine.

Patrick: No. No, you know what? Protect the hospital and the patients. Don't waste man-hours on me.

Jagger: It's not about you. I need to keep you safe for Robin and the baby.

Patrick: Jagger, nobody is more scared for Robin and the baby than I am. But I'm not gonna live in fear. Now, please, I've got a hospital to run into the ground.

Jagger: Ok. Oh. Come in.

Claire: Sorry. Dr. Drake, may I have a minute?

Patrick: Claire, it's not a good time.

Jagger: Yeah, that's kind of the point. I wanted to give you this.

Patrick: What is it?

Jagger: Oh, it's, uh... my resignation.

Anna: He's gonna get through this. Ok?

[Monitor beeping]

Robin: Where do you think he is?

Anna:  don't know.

Robin: It's strange, you know. Patients in a coma... it's like their bodies are here but their minds are someplace else. Like they're in some sort of limbo.

Anna: Yeah.

Robin: Come back to us, Dad. Hi.

Robert: Hi yourself. Who are you?

Robin: My name's Robin.


Robert: This isn't the way it was supposed to be.

Robin: Well, it's the way it was.

Robert: Well, I remember the dress and, uh, how I felt when I laid eyes on you.

Robin: Well, I wish you wouldn't. It's ridiculous. Dad, I think I stopped eating white bread when I was 12.

Anna: [Sighs] Oh! Thank goodness you're home. The guests will be here any minute.

Robert: Where did you come from?

Anna: The kitchen, of course. I've been baking all day. Sweetheart, would you run up to your room and tidy it up before the guests get here? Thanks. And, honey, I've laid you out another jacket and slacks on our bed. Canapé?

Robert: Wh-wh-wh--wait. Now, you're supposed to be on assignment, huh? And you're actually undercover, yeah?

Anna: No. I don't have time for games. Besides, the party's going to start any minute.

Robert: Why are we having a party?

Anna: Oh, you'll see. It's a surprise.

Robin: Mm! I love surprises. What smells so good?

Anna: I have a quiche in the oven, and it's really pissing me off.

Robert: Why is that?

Anna: Because somehow, in your mind, I am Betty freakin' Crocker.

Robert: You think all this is my doing?

Anna: Yes! It's all your doing. Ohh, Robert. We have to take a deep, dark look at your psyche.

Robin: Mm...mwah!

Robert: Robin.

Robin: Hmm?

Robert: Please...don't go.

Robin: You don't allow kids at your parties, so...I'll be back later--when I'm all grown up.

Robert: What are you doing?

Anna: I'm looking at your psyche. Boy, you are trouble.

Kyle: Hello. Inappropriate. Someone could see us.

Eric: What, they'd know that you shamelessly took advantage of a helpless patient?

Kyle: Huh. You know, if anybody was shameless, I'd say that would be you, the way you just threw yourself at me, and I'm actually kind of embarrassed for you.

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Kyle: Yeah. Ok, back--back to work.

Eric: Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. Oh, my God.

Eric: What?

Kyle: You got in.

Eric: Where?

Kyle: To the clinical trials.

Eric: What?

Kyle: You got accepted to the clinical trials I was trying to get you into.

Eric: Let me see.

Kyle: I--I don't understand. The panel was closed. I couldn't get you in.

Eric: Wh-wh-what kind of therapy?

Kyle: Well, it's--it's--it's a bone marrow stem cell, uh, to help regenerate the liver. Eric... this could be it. This--this could save your life.

Eric: Oh, my God. Thank you. [Laughing] All right, now, I am taking you out to celebrate. Where are we going? What?

Kyle: How about Portland?

Eric: What?

Kyle: The, uh, clinical trials are in Portland.

Saira: You know, as crazy as it is to have to go through metal detectors to get to work every day, it's nice to know that you'll be on the other side of it.

Jagger: Thank you. So... what are you doing this weekend?

Saira: I, uh... I'm thinking about going to see my brother. I'm a little nervous about it.

Jagger: Why? When's the last time you saw him?

Saira: Not since I first came to Port Charles. And how embarrassing is that? He's just 15 minutes away, and I haven't had the guts to go back and see him again.

Jagger: Well, is something wrong? Something bad?

Saira: No, it's just--it's hard, you know? Because of his Autism I just--I can't even hug him.

Jagger: I'm sorry about that.

Saira: You know, on some deeper level, I think I'm still trying to make up for it, you know, the fact that I couldn't save him as kids.

Jagger: What time should I pick you up, then?

Saira: From what?

Jagger: I'd like to come along. I think you could use the company.

Saira: That's very sweet, Jagger, but it's --

Jagger: Hey, listen. You're the reason why I can deal with my son's Autism, ok? I'd like to return the favor. Ok?

Saira: Ok.

Robert: Damn, you still look good in that thing.

Anna: Yeah, I do, don't I?

Robert: Do you... do you remember when... we could make the earth move?

Anna: Oh, that was a long time ago.

Robert: Well...what are you trying to say?

Anna: That it was a long time ago.

Robert: We are the sum total of our lives' experiences.

Anna: There isn't a room big enough to contain our lives' experience.

Robert: [Inhales deeply] You know, I--I bet that we can still... shake things up if given the chance.

Robin: Oh, thank God I'm out of that thing. Well, it's good to be pregnant again. So, what'd I miss?

Anna: Oh, nothing. Your daddy was just being all nostalgic, as usual.

Robin: Aww.

[Doorbell rings]

Anna: That's the guests! Ok, everyone, party face. It's showtime. Robert, honey, get the door.

Robert: I hate--I hate surprises. Unless, of course, that happens to be Pam Anderson out there wearing nothing but a pinky ring.

Robin: Dad, please leave me out of those dreams.

Luke: Hello, pal!

Robert: Spencer! Finally someone who makes sense. Tell me, what's going on around here?

Luke: It's a party, you moron. On account of you're dead. Hello, ladies!

Robin: Hi!

Anna: Oh.

Luke: I thought we could do some body shots.

Anna: Oh, for sure. Ha ha!

Robin: Hi.

Robert: Hi yourself. Who are you?

Robin: My name's Robin.

Robert: I'm not feeling lonely. Yeah. Well, I don't know what it's all about. I have the strangest feeling, though, something's about to come down on me.

Robin: Good sandwich.

Robin: There's no change.

Patrick: Yeah, I know.

Robin: My mom hasn't left his side.

Patrick: I'm not surprised.

Robin: [Chuckles] It's just so strange, you know. All those years they fought about everything. It's like... none of that matters anymore.

Patrick: I'm looking forward to that with us. With you, a lifetime of...history.

Robin: It feels like we already have that.

Patrick: Sometimes it does.

Robin: There's just a lot of things that I... haven't had a chance to tell him. [Sighs]

Patrick: Maybe you should.

Robert: Who's dead?

Anna: I have a plan. I need your help.

Luke: I'm off the clock.

Anna: No. You owe me, Spencer. I saved your ass in the Markham Islands.

Robin: I helped.

Anna: Yes, you did, sweetheart. And now we have to save Daddy again.

Robert: Hey. What are you talking about?

Luke: You're worm food, buddy boy. How did you ever let this one get away?

Anna: Oh. Little drinkie-poo.

Robert: Hey. I'm as strong as an ox.

Luke: And deader than a mackerel. Oh, well, better you than me.

Anna: You know what? Not so fast. If we plan this mission out right, then we have time to rescue him.

Luke: Who you working for these days, Irish? Do they pay well?

Anna: This is strictly family. I really do have to get him out of here. The party's just a cover.

Robin: Peanut butter and jelly.

Luke: Well, look at you--about to pop any minute. God, Robert, no wonder you threw in the towel. There's nothing worse than having your own progeny reproduce to let you know your life has passed you by.

Robin: Oh, don't start. Dad is determined to keep me frozen in 1985.

Luke: '85. What a good year.

Anna: Mm.

Luke: That I never want to see again.

Anna: Why?

Luke: You kidding? You remember my hair in '85?

Anna: Oh, God, do you remember mine? You know what? This is perfect. Pretend like you're having fun. I'm going to draw a map of the escape route.

Robert: Hey, hey, wait. I--I'm not going anywhere.

Luke: Oh, you hear that? He's got his feet planted firmly in cement and he isn't moving. To your health, Robert. Oops. Too late. Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Claire: I need you to sign this.

Leo: You're joking, right?

Claire: We're not going to have this conversation. I didn't even want to tell you, but Dr. Drake insisted I have my attending sign off on it.

Leo: What if I don't want to?

Claire: It's not an option.

Leo: Claire--

Claire: Here's a pen.

Leo: I want you to know that I'm sorry.

Claire: Yeah, well... this isn't about you.

Leo: Ok. But if...you want me to do what you want, then you're gonna have to hear me out. Ok? I was wrong. I let something happen that was unprofessional, and I am sorry. It was unkind.

Claire: You know what? It's fine. I'm a big girl. Things happen. And you know what? This--this was the wake-up call I needed. I've been struggling with this whole doctor thing for a long time, and I guess I just needed a kick in the ass.

Leo: Claire, you know, being a doctor, it's not...it's not one size fits all kind of a thing. Ok? You look at my brother, all right? He's got all the answers, he's at the top of his class.

Claire: Yeah, that bar's too high for me.

Leo: But you're just as good a doctor, Claire. Listen, you have compassion. You... connect with people. You have empathy. You know, not only is that important, that's something that can't be taught.

Claire: Please, Dr. Julian, just sign it for me.

Leo: Just promise me you won't lose that... caring for people, because... that would be the biggest loss from our stupid mistake.

Mac: Am I too late?

Luke: Cheese it, the cops!

Robert: I didn't know you'd been invited.

Mac: Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world. Wow, you look great, bro.

Luke: Very lifelike, don't you think? Somebody pour Bubba a drink, loosen the flatfoot up.

Mac: Hey, hey, nice party. Got any Bon Jovi?

Anna: I don't think so, but there's a Men at Work cassette over here.

Mac: Yikes.

Robert: Hey. Hey. I'm not dead yet.

Luke: You might as well be. You started to rot on the inside. They had to gut you like a fish.

Robert: You think this is easy?

Anna: Hey, boys, stop fighting. You're ruining the ambience.

[Doorbell rings]

Robert: [Sighs] What did you do, invite everybody from my sordid past?

Anna: Not everyone. Anyway, I promise, this is it. I saved the best for last.

Luke: What am I, crap on a cracker?

Tiffany: Darling!

Anna: Hi!

Luke: Well, the gang's all here.

Sean: Ohh, wow!

Luke: I got the car out back if you want to make a quick getaway.

Man: Jagger Cates?

Jagger: Yeah.

Man: You've been served.

Robin: What the hell was that about?

Jagger: It's probably about the lawsuit.

Saira: These guys are never gonna quit.

Robin: Jagger, what is it?

Jagger: It's about Stone.

Saira: What about Stone?

Jagger: His mother is filing for custody.

Singer: Carry me home, I've come so far, now turn around, now turn around... carry me home, and....[Indistinct] I don't know if they can take me all the way home

Robin: Wait a minute. I thought Stone's mom wasn't in the picture.

Jagger: She's not. She hasn't been around since he was a baby.

Saira: Then why the sudden change?

Jagger: I don't know. It doesn't make any sense. I mean, I tried to include her in his life. She was never around.

Robin: Jagger...who is she?

Jagger: No one you know. Look, I don't know why she's doing this.

Saira: You're gonna need help with this.

Jagger: I'm the only parent that Stone knows. He can't deal with something like this.

Saira: Then that's what we'll tell the courts. We'll let them know what's best for Stone.

Robin: You're not gonna go through this alone. I promise.

[Sean laughing]

Anna: Come on in.

Sean: Oh, my Lord, there's my favorite godchild!

Robin: Uncle Sean!

Sean: Oh. Oh. Mamma mia.

Robin: Yes, yes.

Tiffany: Oh, look at you, sweetie.

Robin: Oh, Aunt Tiffany! I've missed you guys so much.

Tiffany: I've missed you, too, darling.

Sean: Oh, my gosh.

Tiffany: And look at this one over here. Hello, lover. Mmm. Nope, doesn't seem to be dead to me.

Anna: Cocktail.

Tiffany: Oh.

Sean: Excuse me.

Tiffany: Thank you.

Sean: What are you thinking? What are you thinking? I mean, checking out so soon-- what are you thinking?

Mac: He's sick and tired, and old.

Robert: Hey, I can still kick your butt--

Sean: Whoa, whoa, whoa. That is the Scorpio spunk I like. I've missed you. I've missed you, man. I've missed you.

[Robert whimpers]

Tiffany: Ohh! Darling, it's so unfair. I wasn't done with you yet.

Sean: Husband in the room, Tiff.

Tiffany: Oh, darling, no one could replace you.

Sean: Yeah.

Tiffany: But Robert...Robert is the one who got away. [Giggles]

Luke: Well, now he's the one that passed away.

Robert: All right! Ok! Enough with this, you bunch of bums. I am in great shape, all right? Why would you think I'm dying?

Sean: [Laughs[ Well...[Coughs]

Robert: Well?

Luke: You don't get it, do you, slick?

Robert: Get what?

Luke: The past is killing you.

Toussaint: How are you there, Officer?

Kyle: You ready to go?

Eric: Mm. Other than packing up my life and figuring out what comes next.

Kyle: Well, it's only Portland. It's not like it's on the other side of the country or anything.

Eric: Leaving is a lot harder than I expected.

Kyle: Well, life, death... it's kind of a no-brainer. Um, but I'll take you through the procedure and let you know what to expect.

Eric: I got a better idea. How about you come with me?

Kyle: You'll be fine.

Eric: Yeah. Look, I know this is crazy. We just met and...

Kyle: Hey. Don't get distracted, ok? It is gonna take everything that you have to get better.

Eric: Ok, will you stop being a doctor for one minute, please? I'm trying to have a real conversation here. Ok. Thank you very much for the excellent treatment, Dr. Julian. I will call you upon reaching my destination. May I please have your address for the HMO?

Kyle: Look, I don't know what to say, ok? I've never felt like this before. Like this could actually be... real. I don't know where you came from....but you changed... everything.

Eric: Do you think I'm gonna live?

Kyle: Yeah. You have to.

Eric: All right, then. I'll come back to you.

Robert: What's wrong with my past? I mean, we had some pretty good times.

Tiffany: That we did.

Sean: Luke, uh, did you really kill that guy in, uh, Tres Ojos?

Luke: What do you think?

Sean: Well, I--I--I just thought since we, you know, did a bang-up job getting all those--

Robert: Hey, Donely, you stabbed us in the back.

Sean: I offered my expertise as an archaeologist, and you all took it.

Anna: You robbed them blind.

Sean: Aha.

Anna: I know. I can't talk. Tiffany, canapé?

Tiffany: Where's Holly? I was sure that she'd be here.

Anna: Maybe her invite got lost in the mail.

Luke: [Laughing] You are slick, Devane. You want to hitch a ride with me to Guadalajara?

Robert: You see, this is what it's all about. Here we are backbiting, sniping, insulting one another. This is the way it should be.

Luke: All right, that's it. I've had enough.

Robert: Where you going?

Luke: I didn't come all the way back here just to listen to you wax poetic about the good old days.

Robert: Well, apart from raising the standard on being an idiot, why did you come back?

Luke: I came back to save your life.

Jagger: Oh. Sorry. I'll come back later.

Saira: No, it's ok. Come in.

Jagger: Um... I talked to a lawyer today.

Saira: How did that go?

Jagger: Not so good. He said it's gonna be pretty tough for me. You know, courts are not too sympathetic to single fathers.

Saira: What can I do to help?

Jagger: Well, actually, you can do something. Um, I would need a statement from you, uh, about... stone's treatment and how I've been caring for him.

Saira: Of course. You're wonderful with him. I would testify to that in court in a heartbeat.

Jagger: Thanks.

Saira: So how are you holding up?

Jagger: Not so good.

Saira: Yeah?

Jagger: No. I mean... [Sighs] You know, Stone is my entire life, you know, since... since I've been taking care of him, and he's... he's everything to me.

Saira: Yeah.

Jagger: Oh, you know, if they take him away from me, you know--

Saira: They won't take him away. Look, Stone loves you. And regardless of what happens through all of this, no one, no one can ever break that bond between the two of you.

Jagger: But the lawyer, you know, he said--

Saira: Forget the lawyer, Jagger. Forget the lawyer. Look, I've seen the two of you together, and it is--it is so inspiring. The way you love him, the way you care for him. I mean, he's this--he's this incredibly lucky little boy. If my brother had half of what you give to Stone--someone who protects him... no one will ever be able to take him away from you.

Jagger: You know, I'm--I'm a boxer. I don't mind being knocked around a bit, you know. I don't care about that. But... but this is breaking my heart.

Saira: Oh, Jagger. It's ok. Come here. Come here. It's gonna be ok. You're gonna get through this. I'm here. I'm gonna help you with this.

[Music playing]

Eric: Damn it, I always put the address on the wrong line. Sorry. They don't make it very easy to get out of here.

Claire: I know exactly what you're talking about. I think I just signed over my firstborn.

Eric: You're Claire. I'm Eric. Kyle's Eric.

Claire: Ohh. I didn't know that Kyle had an Eric.

Eric: Yeah. Sorry, that was very junior high of me.

Claire: Ok, I am very junior high. It's nice to meet you.

Eric: What?

Claire: Nothing. I--I just always wondered what kind of guy Kyle would finally end up...

Eric: [Laughs] Well, here I am. The kind of guy.

Claire: So you're being discharged?

Eric: Yeah. My amazing doctor found me a bone marrow program in Portland.

Claire: Sorry to see you go. How is Kyle?

Eric: Wonderful.

Claire: Oh...good.

Eric: You know, he loves you a lot. I know he and I haven't known each other for that long, but I know that much.

Claire: Yeah, well, he's pretty special to me, too.

Eric: Ok, so I don't mean to butt in here, but...

Claire: [Laughs] Please, butt away.

Eric: I think he just needs some space, you know, some time to be his own person.

Claire: Yeah, I hear that.

Eric: I also think he could really use a friend right now, so... I hope you two find a way back to each other.

Claire: Thanks.

Eric: Bye.

Claire: Hey, Eric. You're exactly the kind of guy I hoped for him.

Saira: So...I hope you don't think you're a rebound or something.

Jagger: I don't. You know, it's been a long time for me since I felt this way.

Saira: What way?

Jagger: Connected.

Saira: Mm-hmm.

Jagger: Yeah, it's been--it's been hard, I have to admit. The last 5 years I haven't had any time for anyone else but my son.

Saira: Not a lot of guys would do what you're doing.

Jagger: But it's been a lot easier having you around.

Saira: So, what are we going to do about Stone?

Jagger: I'm not going to give up my son.

Patrick: She's got a 6-centimeter hematoma on the right temporal lobe that needs immediate drainage.

Epiphany: Got it. O.R. 3 is open for the rest of the night.

Patrick: Ok, good. Page Dr. Stewart and have him be here ASAP.

Epiphany: Oh, wait a minute. Why aren't you doing it?

Patrick: Well, in case you haven't noticed, I've got a lot on my plate right now.

Epiphany: Well, sure, but you're only the best neurosurgeon in GH.

Patrick: Am I?

Epiphany: Of course.

Patrick: I don't know anymore.

Epiphany: What are you talking about?

Patrick: Honestly, between... between the board meetings and the lawsuit, I don't trust myself anymore.

Epiphany: Dr. Drake--

Patrick: No, Epiphany. I should not have a man's life in my hands right now. Page Dr. Stewart.

Robin: Dad, there's something that I need to tell you.

Sean: Well, we've had a lot of good times, old buddy. No one has seen you through as many assignments as I have. And the tricky thing about growing old is that sometimes we live in the past. And as much as I would love going back and escape from a...a... firing squad with you, or... or go after Faison and bring him down one more time... I know we can't. That's ok. Because all of those experiences are inside of us... and they make us who we are.

Robin: I just want you to know that...that I'm gonna be ok. I'm gonna be a mom. A good mom, I think. And I have you to thank for that.

Tiffany: My Robert Scorpio... was a guy who would walk into a room and light it up like it was the Fourth of July. And that devilish grin of his... he was a guy that all the ladies wanted...and all of the guys wanted to be. You broke a lot of hearts, darlin'. But I would give anything... to have that guy walk back in this room again today.

Robin: We've certainly had... our ups and downs, but, uh... I wouldn't change any of it. You and mom, you made me the person that I am. Your bravery... and your strength... that's what I'm gonna take with me... in my marriage... with my little girl.

Mac: You've been telling me stories my whole life, bro. When we were kids, lying in bed. Hmm. Yeah, it was your stories that taught me how to dream. But you know what? Here's the deal, mate. Your stories, they aren't over by a long shot. You have a daughter and a granddaughter... and a lot of stories left to spin. I'll tell you what... I'm gonna be listening.

Robin: I said yes to Patrick. We're getting married. [Laughs] I know that you know that that's not easy for me to do. Patrick says that I have... abandonment issues. I don't know. I don't know if I do, I don't know if I don't, but... this time... you showed me that people do come back and that... well, that nothing lasts forever. But that's ok. And, uh, I'm learning to live in the moment and take chances. Because...you taught me that. You and Mom did.

Anna: I suppose if I'm honest, I know I can't rescue you from this one. You gotta do that for yourself. And for me. [Sighs] We made a lot of mistakes. I think now is the time for us to make good on some of our promises.

Robin: As awful as it's been watching you go through... [Sighs]...all this...stuff... I'm just so grateful that... I got to take care of you... in these... it's just like... the cycle of life, you know? [Sighs] I just hope that my daughter will be holding my hand someday. Anyway... I just wanted you to know... in case you don't get to see it... that I'm gonna be fine. Don't worry, it'll be fine.

Luke: I've had enough of this crap. Get up. Get on your feet, damn it! Look at you. You can't die like this. This is so...ordinary. You and me, Robert, we deserve spectacular deaths. Having our throats cut with piano wire. Being bludgeoned to death in a dark back alley. We're owed that. We're supposed to die loud and angry in a blaze of gunfire, not slip away quiet and polite on some hospital bed. This is not the end of the line for you, pal. Not as long as there's some fat cat with a taste for misery, some...nutcase who wants to rule the world, or some gorgeous babe tied to a railroad track somewhere. As long as those people are there, you ain't done. Do you hear me?! I won't let you die like this, you lazy bastard! I'll kill you myself first!

Robert: I dare you!

Luke: That's what I'm lookin' for. That's it... right there.

Robert: Robin... you haven't said much, love. Would you like to say something?

Robin: I just love you, Daddy. I love you, Daddy.

Robert: I... love... you... mo -- more.

Robin: Mom. Mom. Mom.

Anna: Yeah.

[Music playing]

Anna: What... ohh...

[While Adele sings "Make You Feel My Love," Leo sees Saira and Jagger walk out arm in arm. After they hug good-bye, Kyle carries Eric's bags outside. Sitting on the steps, Toussaint gazes at a little boy's picture then gives Epiphany a kiss on the cheek. As they exit the hospital, Jagger and Saira kiss, then she walks toward her car. Kyle watches as Eric enters a taxi and leaves. Carrying her possessions in a box, Claire leaves the hospital and smiles at Kyle. Anna admires Robin's engagement ring then caresses Robert's head. As soon as Patrick walks out of GH and begins walking toward an ambulance, an explosion rocks the parking lot, sending everyone to the ground.]

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
No doubt in my mind where you belong

I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling down the avenue
No, there's nothing that I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on the rolling sea
And on the highway of regret
Though winds of change are throwing wild and free
You ain't seen nothing like me yet

I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn't do
Go to the ends of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love

Next Tuesday, the conclusion of the 2-part season finale of "Night Shift." You don't want to miss the first ten minutes as a doctor's life hangs in the balance.

Leo: She's losing a lot of blood.

Robin: Come on, Saira. Hang in there.

Leo: She's in V-fib.

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