"Truth and Consequences" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 10/7/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 10/7/08


"Truth and Consequences"
Written by Catharina Ledeboer & Michael J. Cinquemani

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Gisele

Previously on "Night Shift" --

Robin: Mom!

Anna: I'm here now, and we are going to get through this, all of us.

Kyle: And I'm just never going to be enough.

Eric: You are enough.

Saira: Did you sleep with Julian?

Claire: Yeah, I did.

[All yelling]

Patrick: Get them back so we can do our job!

Man: I have every right to be treated by a white doctor.

Patrick: No, you don't. You have a right to be treated by anybody on my staff, or you have a right to get the hell out.

Robert: [Moans and sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Robert: [Chuckles] For a moment, I thought it was... 1985, but then you look too old.

Anna: I look better than you.

Robert: How long you been sitting there?

Anna: Long enough. How are you feeling?

Robert: Never better. Are you surfing the porn channels?

Anna: I'm doing research for you. I'm looking for experimental treatments for your condition. There's some really fascinating studies coming out in Indonesia and South Africa and the Netherlands, actually.

Robert: [Chuckles] You're hacking into the World Health Organization.

Anna: No, no hacking. That's for amateurs.

Robert: Anna Devane... stealing government secrets from an I.C.U. room.

Anna: Nothing I haven't done before.

Robert: Doctors here aren't good enough for you?

Anna: No, they're excellent. Our daughter being one of them. You know... everyone can use a little help every now and again.

Robert: [Sighs]

Anna: Besides, I'm really good at getting into places most people don't even bother trying.

Robert: That, you are, my dear.

Anna: We're gonna beat this, Robert. You've tackled a lot worse.

Robert: [Breathing heavily]

Robin: He did what?!

Saira: Robin, the whole point of doing yoga is to manage our stress.

Robin: Fine, Namaste. Now tell me what happened.

Saira: He slept with Claire.

Robin: Are you kidding me?! How do you know this?

Saira: Well, I confronted her, and she very casually told me.

Robin: [Gasps] To your face?

Saira: Yeah, but she didn't know.

Robin: Of course, she didn't know, because he's an ass. Ugh! I mean, I always knew he was a jerk. I always knew that something like this could happen with--I'm gonna kill-- I'm going to kill him. Why are you so calm right now?

Saira: Who says I'm calm? I went home last night and tore up my apartment.

Robin: I'm really sorry.

Saira: Me, too.

Robin: Does, um, Julian know that you know?

Saira: Not yet.

Robin: What are you gonna do?

Saira: I honestly have no idea.

Jagger: Patrick, can I speak to you for a second?

Patrick: Yeah. What can I do for you?

Jagger: I have some bad news. Um, remember that skinhead that you threw out of the hospital last night?

Patrick: Yeah.

Jagger: They found him dead this morning. And they're saying you're responsible.

Toussaint: Did he get into another fight when he left here?

Jagger: No, he went straight home. But something must have been wrong with him, because they found him dead this morning.

Patrick: Internal injuries.

Jagger: And now his friends are claiming that you refused him service.

Toussaint: No, he refused to be help by anybody that wasn't white. Now, you were here, son. You saw that.

Jagger: Yes, I did.

Epiphany: They're right.

Toussaint: What?

Epiphany: His friends. They're right. I left this hospital without making sure that he had a thorough examination.

Patrick: I'm the one that told him to leave, Jagger. This is my responsibility. What do you need from me? You need a statement or what?

Jagger: It's not like that. Can I talk to you in private, please?

Patrick: Of course.

Jagger: Patrick...

Patrick: Yeah?

Jagger: The Bureau is very concerned. This guy was a leader of a militant group.

Patrick: Ok.

Jagger: Very well organized. They could take out his death on you and the rest of the staff here at general hospital.

Patrick: Jagger, are you saying that...FBI thinks they may retaliate?

Jagger: It's a possibility.

Patrick: Gosh...

Jagger: Look, I've talked to the board. I asked for more security, and they agreed.

Patrick: Ok.

Jagger: I'll head up the whole team.

Patrick: Great, yeah. Um, whatever you need. You have our full cooperation.

Jagger: Good. Because for a while, GH might not be safe for anyone.

Eric: Look at that, look at that!

Kyle: Oh-ho-ho! All right there, Evel Knievel. Let's get you back in the bed.

Eric: I cannot wait to hear you say that in a non-medical setting.

Kyle: Let's go.

[Both grunt]

Kyle: Hi.

Barbara: Are we interrupting?

Eric: Yeah, so get out of here.

Kyle: I was just explaining to your very energetic son that he could use some rest.

Barbara: That's probably a good idea, considering the day you've had.

Kyle: Well, he's definitely showing signs of improvement, but I think he knows--

Eric: But I still need a new liver. Yes, we know, Doogie.

Kyle: [Chuckles] Uh, Mrs. Whitlow, thank you so much for lunch earlier.

Barbara: My pleasure. I've always wanted Eric to find a nice doctor to settle down with.

Eric: Wow.

Derry: Barbara!

Barbara: What? It's the truth.

Kyle: Uh, well, actually, you know, I should probably get to rounds.

Eric: Thanks, Mom.

Kyle: But I will see you-- I'll see you all later.

Derry: Um, Dr. Julian...

Kyle: Please, Kyle.

Derry: Uh, yes, Kyle. Um... uh, I know, uh, Eric seems to be improving, but I also know it's only temporary.

Kyle: Yeah.

Derry: So what are our chances?

Kyle: Well, unfortunately without the transplant... he's not likely to recover.

Derry: Can you please find some way to save my son?

Leo: Breathe. Again.

Saira: Oh.

Leo: Dr. Batra.

Saira: I'm sorry, I got a page.

Valerie: Yeah, that was me. Dr. Batra, this Valerie Monroe.

Valerie: Nice to meet you.

Saira: Nice to meet you.

Leo: Valerie presented earlier this evening complaining of an odd sensation in her arm. The coronary ct shows that she's got some blockage in her left circumflex artery. Now, I'm recommending that she admit herself for an angioplasty and a possible stint.

Valerie: I'd really rather not have surgery. I mean, it's just so invasive, and I don't know.

Leo: So I told Valerie that lucky for her, we have a top notch alternative medicine provider here at GH, so I thought maybe you can review some of her options with her.

Saira: You know what, I'd really rather not get involved. This is your case, so good luck.

Valerie: I've heard a lot about mind-body medicine. A lot of the stuff--cholesterol, high blood pressure, can be linked to stress, right?

Saira: Yes.

Valerie: So is there something I can do to reverse it?

Saira: Well, yes. I would recommend that we go with a more holistic treatment program--acupuncture along with guided meditation and biofeedback.

Leo: Absolutely. Coupled with the angioplasty, this can prove highly effective.

Saira: We don't have to resort to an invasive procedure.

Leo: No, but--

Saira: Have you reviewed the risks of surgery with miss Monroe? Infection, cardiac arrhythmias, hemorrhaging.

Valerie: Wow!

Leo: I'm not disagreeing with you. I was just saying that if we could start with something--

Valerie: I'd like to try these other things first.

Saira: I think that's a good idea. It's ok. Sometimes these cardiac surgeons are a little too eager to cut into you. They just love holding your heart in their hands.

[Monitor beeping]

Anna: Hey, honey.

Robin: Hi.

Anna: Hi, sweetie.

Robin: Dad... how are you feeling?

Anna: Oh, he's in fighting shape, I'll tell you that much.

Robin: [Chuckles Oh, that's good.

Anna: Yeah.

Robert: [Exhales]

Robin: [Sighs]

Anna: What?

Robin: Um... the fluid in his lungs hasn't subsided.

Anna: Really?

Robin: Which means we're looking at full onset pneumonia. Plus his body is having trouble fighting off the infection because of the colon tear.

Anna: So what's the treatment?

Robin: Well, the treatment is... we have him on the most rigorous course of antibiotics that we can, but his-- his fever is still dangerously high.

Robert: Can we not talk about me like... I'm a piece of furniture?

Robin: I'm sorry, Dad.

Robert: [Sighs] How much time?

Robin: Dad! Dad, you can't think of it like that.

Robert: No. I gotta know. How much... time do I have to fight this?

Robin: The next 48 hours are going to be critical.

Robert: [Exhales]

Robin: I'm so sorry, Daddy. There's nothing else I can do.

Anna: Shh.

[Monitor beeping]

Toussaint: You know, it pains me to see you beat yourself up over some racist fool.

Epiphany: He was my patient, and he was in my care. That's all that matters.

Toussaint: Epiphany, you're one of the strongest people I know. You realize how horrible this person was?

Epiphany: It's not my place to judge.

Toussaint: One less bastard in the world isn't a reason for you to doubt yourself.

Epiphany: That's a horrible thing to say!

Toussaint: Well, I'm glad he's dead.

Epiphany: Toussaint, the day that we go around wishing people dead is the day that we prove ourselves no better than they are!

Toussaint: Hey, you want to beat yourself up over some fool who was too stupid to live, go right ahead. But don't ask me to watch, and don't ask me to shed a tear.

Leo: Hey. Wanna grab some breakfast?

Saira: I'm not hungry.

Leo: Hey, that's cool. How about we head back to my place and get some rest?

Saira: Leo, is there something you want to say to me?

Leo: What's that?

Saira: I'm giving you one chance.

Leo: [Exhales] What are you talkin' about?

Saira: I'm talkin' about the truth. About us, about you.

Leo: Have you... have you been talking to my brother?

Saira: Leo, look me in the eyes and tell me the truth.

Leo: I don't know what you want me to say.

Saira: "I'm sorry" would have been a good start.

Leo: Saira... I am. I'm sorry.

Saira: For what? For sleeping with Claire, or for getting caught?

Leo: No, no, no, it's not even about that, so--

Saira: You're right, it's not. It's about the fact that I was stupid enough to give you a chance.

Leo: Please. I'm sorry. I was stupid. I wasn't thinking. And I'm really scared.

Saira: Scared? Scared about what? You're a grown man, Leo. Why do you do this? Why do you push away the people that try to love you? I mean, you hurt and reject them until they think of you as nothing more than a selfish ass. And you know what? Maybe that's all you are. Maybe you don't deserve to be loved. Maybe you just deserve to be alone.

Jagger: Put all metal objects, car keys, cell phones, pagers in the tray, thank you.


Jagger: Hold on. Over to the side.

Claire: Hi.

Kyle: Oh, hi.

Claire: How are you?

Kyle: Fine. You?

Claire: Good. Noticed you haven't come home in the last couple of days.

Kyle: I was actually crashing at Maggie's place.

Claire: I was hoping maybe you got lucky.

Officer: Would you mind opening up your purse, please, ma'am?

Kyle: Actually, Maggie offered to let me stay, to move in.

Claire: Oh.

Kyle: Yeah, it's a cute 2-bedroom. You know, down by the docks.

Claire: That's cool.

Kyle: So, uh, I'll just come by as soon as I can to get my stuff.

Claire: Ok. Yeah, whenever. No rush.

Officer: Ok, you two are free to go then, thank you.

Claire: Kyle, I-I told Dr. Batra the truth.

Kyle: Oh.

Claire: Yeah. The interns are eating it up. I think they're fitting me for a scarlet letter as we speak. I just thought it may make you feel better.

Kyle: No, Claire, it doesn't.

Robert: [Sighs] How bad is it?

Robin: Oh... it's ok.

Robert: [Sighs] You shouldn't lie to your father.

Robin: Um, your temperature is not going down.

Robert: Yeah. It's getting harder for me to tell.

Robin: You know, I'll have a nurse come in and change your bag. We should keep you hydrated.

Robert: All right. [Breathing heavily]

Robin: That's so silly. I'll just do it myself.

Robert: Hey, if you're going to cry, do it here. I need the cool down.

Robin: Oh, Dad, I'm not crying.

Robert: Ok.

Robin: It's just, you know, my hormones are all--[Sniffs] Out of whack right now.

Robert: [Chuckles] It's bad for you. It's bad for-- it's bad for the baby. And I'm gonna be... oh, I'm gonna be fine.

Robin: You promise me?

Robert: [Chuckles] No, but... I'm doing my best.

Robin: [Chuckles]

Robert: [Breathing heavily]

Jagger: How's he doin'?

Anna: Oh, not well, I'm afraid.

Jagger: He's a tough guy, he'll make it through.

Anna: It's Jagger, right?

Jagger: Yeah. I've heard a lot about you.

Anna: From Robin?

Jagger: From Robert. Both of them, actually.

Anna: Oh.

Jagger: Not to mention all the stories I've heard from the Bureau.

Anna: Oh, yeah, I'm afraid the FBI hasn't always appreciated my work.

Jagger: Well, you guys had quite a few adventures.

Anna: Yeah, we did.

Jagger: You love him a lot, don't you?

Anna: Mmm. Well, Robert and I live a life that's not really normal to other people. So... not as glamorous as it's made out to be either, is it? You know that?

Jagger: Yes, I do.

Anna: Yeah. But there are days, I gotta say, when...[Exhales] I'm out there in some Godforsaken part of the world, chasing after some maniac with a bomb, whatever. I just can't get out of bed. I mean... what's the point? And then I-I think, I know that... somewhere out there, somewhere in the world... Robert is doing the exact same thing that I'm doing-- you know, he's fighting and surviving. And it's the only thing... that keeps me going. I'm sorry.

Jagger: No, don't be. He gives you strength, doesn't he?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah. [Sighs] He's the only person in the world that understands what it's like to do what I do. And he's the only one that knows what we've both sacrificed to do it. Oh, God.

Jagger: You mean Robin, right?

Anna: Yes, Robin.

Jagger: Yeah.

Anna: And each other.

Patrick: I appreciate you coming down, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Well, actually I don't think I had a choice, really. The board is quite concerned over the situation.

Patrick: I would imagine.

Monica: You know, general hospital is a place where people come to heal. If they don't feel safe, then that can't happen.

Patrick: That's exactly what I was trying to do. If you could have seen the chaos that was happening in the E.R.--

Monica: I know. I heard he said some awful things to your staff.

Patrick: Yes, he did.

Monica: Well, Patrick, the press doesn't care what reasons you gave to have him leave this hospital, and nor do his lawyers. And they could very well shut us down.

Patrick: I'll do everything I can to make sure that does not happen.

Monica: [Exhales] I think you will. Sit down. You are a really great surgeon, but the board took a big risk in appointing you chief, as young a doctor as you are.

Patrick: And I appreciate the confidence.

Monica: Well, unfortunately, not everybody feels the same way. There are a few people that think that they have made a mistake in giving you this responsibility.

Robert: [Sighs] Please. Don't do this for me.

Anna: Robert, come on. You don't have any choice in the matter.

Robert: Anna... please.

Anna: Honey... you've seen the best and the worst of me, and you've never turned away. If there's one person in the world you don't need to hide from, it's me.

Robert: [Breathing heavily] Cards on the table?

Anna: What?

Robert: I can't do this. I... I can't win this one. Every...hero has his moment. And I think my time has run out. [Sobbing]

Anna: Oh, no. Shh. Come on. Robert, shh, shh, shh. Robert, Robert, no, no, no. Come. Come.

Eric: Hey.

Kyle: I'm sorry. Go back to sleep.

Eric: No. Are you heading out of here?

Kyle: Yeah. I just wanted to come and check on you before I left.

Eric: Thanks. Did you move into your new place yet?

Kyle: I'm actually gonna get my stuff today.

Eric: How you feeling?

Kyle: Shouldn't I be asking you that question?

Eric: [Chuckles]

Kyle: You know, I'm just trying to be the star of my own drama.

Eric: Well, that's a show I'd like to watch.

Kyle: Wow. You're the master of inappropriate innuendo.

Eric: A dying man's gotta have some fun, right?

Kyle: Ah, come on. Don't say that.

Eric: Yeah, but I am, right? Dying?

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: How did I get here? [Chuckles] How did I become a guy that kicks a patient out of his hospital?

Robin: We have to make... tough choices as doctors.

Patrick: I don't even feel like a doctor anymore, Robin. I don't--I-- I don't even remember the last patient I treated.

Robin: It was my dad. It was his surgery.

Patrick: [Inhales] [Exhales] How is he? Any changes?

Robin: No.

Patrick: [Scoffs] What's going on?

Robin: I don't know.

Patrick: [Sighs] You know, I thought I was doing the right thing by taking this job.

Robin: You were.

Patrick: Yeah, I thought I wanted to grow up, to become a man, to provide for you and our baby, provide for our family, and--

Robin: Hey, listen, if we have to, I can provide for the three of us just fine.

Patrick: That's...that's not the point. I wanted to be better than my father. And if-- if I can't manage a hospital, how am I supposed to manage a family?

Robin: Look at me. Look at me. You are better. You're better already because you're here. You're here. Just like you will be there for your patients. And I need you. And what if... what if something happens to my dad?

Patrick: [Sniffs] Then I'll be right here.

Robin: I need you.

Patrick: God, Robin, I let a man die.

Robin: It's ok, hey--

Patrick: No, it's not.

Robin: It's ok. It's ok. It's ok.

Robert: I'm sorry for all the time we spent apart.

Anna: Don't go soft on me, Scorpio.

Robert: No, I'm serious.

Anna: Would you have done it any differently, really?

Robert: No.

Anna: Well, then. Dot, dot, dot.

Robert: Your hair...

Anna: What about it? Don't mess it up, ok?

Robert: Reminds me of a--of a-- of a mane.

Anna: What, like a lioness?

Robert: Hmm, more like a horse.

Anna: You know, all I have to do is pull out one of these tubes--

Robert: It's beautiful.

Anna: Thanks.

Robert: I'm...I'm gonna hate myself for this.

Anna: What?

Robert: I always thought... after the final mission, we would have found our way back together again. Some remote place, bucket of Mai Tais. Just... be old and gray together.

Anna: Yeah. I never doubted that for a minute. Not for a minute.

Robert: Who would have thought...

Anna: [Sighs] We'd run out of time? [Sniffs] Ok, so... screw the Mai Tais. We don't have those. But, um, this is our beach chair, ok? And right out there is our ocean. It's so beautiful, huh? And hell, you know, you're already gray, so... we got that part.

Robert: I love you, Anna Devane.

Anna: I love you, Robert Scorpio. I love you so much.

Robert: [Sniffs]

Leo: Robin...Robin, can I just--

Robin: You know what, you're the last person that I want to talk to right now.

Leo: I know, I know.

Robin: And with everything going on, honestly, you are lucky that I am not punching you in the gut!

Leo: I know. I screwed up. I know. I'm sorry.

Robin: I think you're telling the wrong girl.

Leo: I've tried. I've tried. Believe me, I have tried. I've been trying for 2 days. She just won't talk to me.

Robin: What do you want?

Leo: A chance. I want a chance to make it better.

Robin: Why?

Leo: Because... I love her.

Robin: [Scoffs] You know what, I-- I would have never been so stupid as to get mixed up with you. But my friend is different. That's why I love her. She has a huge heart. I mean, she would give her heart to any puppy on the street. But her heart breaks just as easily. So I don't know. I don't think this is something you can fix.

Claire: Hi. I'm Claire Simpson, you requested to see me?

Frank: Frank Deerborn, yes. So--so nice to meet you.

Claire: So what seems to be the problem, Mr. Deerborn?

Frank: Oh, noth--nothing. Well, not anymore, really.

Claire: Excuse me?

Frank: Yeah, I just wanted to meet you. I, uh... a former student of mine entered a contest here a couple of weeks ago to help me.

Claire: Mr. Deerborn...

Frank: Yeah, your patient gave me his kidney.

Claire: Right.

Frank: And I just wanted to... thank you.

Claire: Of course, of course.

Frank: I heard what happened to your patient.

Claire: Ryan, Ryan. His name was Ryan.

Frank: Ryan. My nephew's name is Ryan. I'm sorry.

Claire: Oh, for what?

Frank: Well, if he hadn't donated his kidney to me, he'd... still be alive.

Claire: No, no, Ryan believed in living life to the fullest. So please don't feel that way. He wasn't the kind of guy who had regrets.

Frank: Well, I may not have a lot of years left, and I spent the last couple moping around just because of bein' sick.

Claire: [Chuckles] Heh, well, you've now met the queen of moping...these days.

Frank: Oh, ha ha. I just want you to know that I-I'm not gonna waste the gift your friend gave me.

Claire: Ryan would have appreciated that.

Frank: No more regrets.

Claire: No more regrets.

[Monitor beeping]

Anna: Tell me there's been a change.

Patrick: His temperature's gone up.

Anna: I thought you said you were giving him the strongest antibiotics.

Patrick: Without his spleen, it makes it difficult to fight infection. When was the last time you went home?

Anna: I'm fine.

Patrick: Maybe you should go get--

Anna: Patrick!

Patrick: [Sighs] Robin and I, we'll-- we'll watch him tonight. He's lucky to have you.

Anna: Yeah, well... once you love a Scorpio, right?

Patrick: Ain't that the truth.

Saira: What's going on?

Epiphany: It's your patient.

EMT: She collapsed in a restaurant across town.

Saira: What?!

Mr. Monroe: We were just eating, and then she grabbed her chest.

Leo: What do we got?

EMT: Second degree heart block. Bp's low but stable. I can't feel a femoral pulse.

Leo: Ok, she's not perfusing. Let's move! Get coax and enzymes, and get another two IVs going.

Mr. Monroe: She told me she got checked out the other day!

Leo: Get him out of here!

Mr. Monroe: No, why didn't you people help her?

Epiphany: Get the defibrillator, 200 jewels.

Leo: Clear!

Leo: We almost lost her. She'll pull through.

Saira: I am... so sorry. I shouldn't have steered her away from surgery.

Leo: It's not your fault.

Saira: Yeah, you know what? Actually, it is. Because I was so mad at you, I couldn't let you be right. You know, I had to beat you. And she suffered for it. She suffered for it. I can't believe--

Leo: Hey!

Saira: I can't believe that--

Leo: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I-- I didn't mean to hurt you. Saira, I love you.

Saira: [Sighs] Don't you get it? We can't undo this. We can't undo this damage.

Leo: We can.

Saira: No.

Leo: We can.

Saira: No, Leo, no. This--this--this isn't how it's supposed to be. Since day one, we've been so volatile towards one another. And to be honest with you, that's what attracted me to you, but this isn't love. No. Love doesn't do horrible things like this. It just--it doesn't.

Kyle: So when are your parents coming back?

Eric: Why?

Kyle: I just wanted to talk to them.

Eric: Well, either you're going to ask for my hand in marriage, or it's bad news. I'm thinking door number two.

Kyle: [Sighs] I'm not making any headway in the clinical trials or the donor list.

Eric: Oh.

Kyle: But not to worry. I'm just gonna do everything I can. I'll make all the phone calls I can and keep up your treatments so you're-- you're as comfortable as po... Eric... I'm so sorry.

Eric: I know. Maybe you should have waited to tell my parents. Can I ask you a question?

Kyle: Of course.

Eric: Have you ever had a perfect moment?

Kyle: [Chuckles] I, uh...

Eric: There was this one time... I was in New York a couple years ago. I'd gone down to see a show, you know. And I walked out of my hotel room, and I came around the corner, and... for this one brief second, everything was perfect. The lights were shining down on the street, and this perfect fall weather, you know, and the people were running everywhere, and... I was there in that moment. My life was happening. You ever felt like that?

Kyle: Yeah. Right now.

[Kyle and Eric kiss]

Patrick: Hey. So, any suspicious activity so far?

Jagger: Nothing. But unfortunately, we're not in the clear.

Patrick: All right, well, like I said, you have our full cooperation. Whatever you need.

Jagger: [Sighs]

Patrick: Jagger, what is it?

Jagger: I don't know if I should be saying anything.

Patrick: If it has to do with the safety of the hospital, please.

Jagger: No, it's about you.

Patrick: All right.

Jagger: I got word today there's going to be a civil lawsuit filed, classifying the incident a hate crime.

Patrick: Ok, well, that's great news. With the amount of people that were in the E.R. that night, there will be a line of witnesses testifying to the hate these guys were spewing.

Jagger: No, Patrick. The white supremacists are claiming that this was a hate crime committed by you. That you killed their leader because of his beliefs.

Anna: [Sighs] He's not in any pain, is he?

Robin: No. He shouldn't be.

Anna: Robert? Robert, listen to me. Don't let go. Do you hear me? 'Cause I won't let you go. I won't. I still need you. Robert!

Robin: [Crying] Oh, God.

Anna: What is it? Robin!

Robin: He's fallen into a coma.

Announcer: There's only one way to describe the two-part season finale of "Night Shift": Explosive!

Robin: Are you okay?

Announcer: A relationship intensifies --

Jagger: What are you doing this weekend?

Announcer: A daughter's last good-bye --

Robin: I just wanted you to know in case you don't get to see it, that I'm going to be fine.

Announcer: And a doctor's decision that puts the entire hospital in jeopardy.

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