"Love/Hate" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 9/30/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 9/30/08


Written by Christiana Miller and Catharina Ledeboer

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Gisele

Previously on "Night Shift" --

Kyle: What happened?

Claire: I slept with your brother.

[Kyle punches Leo]

Robin: We're not connecting.

Patrick: We're busy, our jobs, the baby. Everything's moving very, very fast. I can't get into this right now.

Robert: Go. Let your guard down because every life worth living is always gonna be just a little bit dangerous.

Leo: You're running out of time. We can screen for other donors, but your sister could be your best hope.

Kyle: Is it that obvious I'm gay?

Eric: I was hoping.

Robin: I wish Mom was here.

Mac: Robert would never let Anna see him like this. He's too proud.

Robin: Ok, so, Dad, I just put some soup in the microwave for you. It's not gourmet, by any means, but it is organic. And the nurse should be here in an hour or so. Oh, and, Dad, I cannot get anymore complaints about you wanting more and more sponge baths. So, I got a new nurse. I'm sure you'll love Richard. Dad? Hey, did you hear me? Dad? I'm talking to you. Dad? Daddy? Hey. Daddy, wake up. Oh, Daddy, don't do this to me. Please, Dad.

Claire: You know, you can't avoid me forever. We share a refrigerator.

Kyle: Yeah, well, that can be rectified.

Claire: Kyle, please. I made a mistake. A really awful mistake.

Kyle: A mistake? A mistake is when you forget to set the DVR. Something that "I'm sorry" will fix. Sleeping with my brother wasn't a mistake. It was a freaking tragedy.

Claire: I know, I know. I am so sorry. You totally should be mad at me. I--I--give me 5 minutes. I just want to talk about--

Kyle: No. I just-- I just can't.

[All yelling at once in the E.R.]

Jagger: Everybody, quiet. Listen, I don't want to tell you again. And you get there, ok?

[All yelling at once]

Patrick: Jagger, what's going on?

Jagger: We almost had a riot, all right? At the white supremacist rally between these guys, these jerks, over here and these guys.

Will: We're not gonna take their crap--

[All yelling at once]

Man: Hey, this ain't your town, fool!

[All yelling at once]

Patrick: Enough! Take them to jail. I don't want squatters in my hospital. So we can do our jobs.

Jagger: Let's get some names.

Patrick: Epiphany, set up triage. Triage over here.

Epiphany: Triage, people, that means run, not walk.

Leo: Get on that side right now. You guys, stay right here.

Saira: Aren't you going to arrest these racist jerks?

Jagger: I can't do that. I'm sorry. I'm here to protect them. That's what I'm here to do. Excuse me.

Man: Why don't you come over here, baby? Nurse my wounds. Oh, so, it's gonna be like that. Shouldn't you be at home, anyway? Making curry for your husband and ten kids?

Leo: Hey, look. Back off.

Jagger: Hey, hey! Hey, stop. Get ahold of yourself here. Come on.

Man: Oh, like you know how to throw a punch, anyway. I didn't think they taught that at terrorist camp.

Leo: I'm a doctor!

Jagger: Hey, hey. Ignore 'em. Hey, hey, hey. Get ahold of yourself, man. Look, I'm just trying to do my job, all right?

Leo: Look, you know they hate you, too.

Jagger: Look, the Bureau assigned me to cover the rally, and that's what I am doing.

Man: Hey. Peaceful assembly. [Sighs]

Jagger: Look, I have to protect their right to freedom of speech. I don't have to agree with what they say. All right?

Robin: Patrick!

Patrick: Is he conscious?

EMT: No, we found him down. B.P. dropped under 80. Hydrates of 150. High fever.

Patrick: Get him on dopamine, 8 parts per kilo.

Saira: Hey, it's gonna be ok.

Robin: He was fine this morning. I just--I don't know what happened.

Epiphany: Dopamine is going. Dr. Julian started CVP line.

Patrick: I think he's got bacteremia. 2 grams of cefazolin. Page Dr. Geller stat.

Leo: Let's get him on a ventimax.

Patrick: Setup, prepare. We need to start cooling measures.

Leo: Where's that third liter?

Sylvia: [Sighs] I'm sorry I can't. I mean, if anything were to happen to me because of the surgery, who'd take care of my kids?

Eric: I understand.

Kyle: Sylvia. Liver donation is a very safe procedure. We only remove a portion of your liver. It regenerates.

Sylvia: I know. I did the research.

Eric: No, no, no. But there's always a risk. I'm not gonna let you do that.

Sylvia: [Sniffs] I'm sorry.

Eric: Hey, come here.

Sylvia: [Sniffs] Ok. [Cries]

Eric: Look, this was an excuse to get you back in my life, ok?

Sylvia: I love you. I hope you know that, despite everything.

Eric: I do, you know that. And I love you, too. I'm just sorry I never said that before.

Patrick: He's positive for sepsis. C.T. scan showed diverticulitis and a small tear in the spleen. We won't know the damage until we get in.

Epiphany: The surgical team is ready in O.R. 8.

Patrick: Ok, I'll be right there. Make sure he's given his F.F.P.

Robin: What aren't you telling me?

Patrick: There's fluid in his lungs.

Robin: So, he may not even pull through the surgery.

Patrick: We don't have a choice. We have to operate.

Robin: But the anesthesia could kill him.

Patrick: We have the best oncologist in New York State. We're gonna do everything we can.

Toussaint: Yeah, he's Robert Scorpio. There's nothing for you to worry about. And god won't have him. The devil's afraid he's gonna take over the joint. Chief, I'd like to scrub in. Lend a hand in O.R.

Patrick: Toussaint, I appreciate that, but this is a very complicated surgery.

Toussaint: Well, Robert and I are cut from the same cloth. I need to be there for him to get him through this.

Patrick: You sure you're ready for that?

Toussaint: As ready as I can ever be.

Patrick: Ok. Go help Epiphany prep and drape. We're going in 15 minutes.

Toussaint: Ok.

Robin: Patrick.

Patrick: I know.

Robin: He can't go like this. It cannot end like this.

Patrick: He's our baby's grandfather. I'm not going to let him off that easy. I have to go.

Robin: Ok.

Saira: Hey.

Leo: Oh, hi.

Saira: Thanks for that back there.

Leo: For what?

Saira: For sticking up for me in that aggressive, macho way that you do.

Leo: Happy to oblige.


Saira: You know, actually, you've been getting into a lot of fights recently.

Leo: Right.

Saira: Leo, what is going on between you and your brother?

Leo: Nothing.

Saira: He punched you in the middle of a restaurant. Why?

Leo: I don't know.

Saira: I know you guys have always had your differences, but Kyle is not the kind of person that--

Leo: Can we please talk about this later on? I have a page that I need to answer, so...

Saira: Fine. Look, I don't want to meddle. But can-- I know you love your brother.

Leo: Saira.

Saira: No, please. Hear me out. Look, regardless of what it is that you're saying or how it is that you're acting, I know how you feel underneath it all. So, just say it. Tell the truth, Leo. Say how you feel. I mean, that's the only way you guys are gonna be able to work this out.

Will: Hell of a night, huh?

Claire: You don't know the half of it.

Will: I guess, I should apologize for landing this mess on your doorstep.

Claire: What, you started this fight?

Will: Kinda.

Claire [Scoffs] Wow. You don't really seem like the type.

Will: Trust me, I'm not.

Jagger: Uh, excuse me. Can I ask you a couple of questions?

Will: Sure.

Jagger: Thanks.

Will: Don't I know you?

Jagger: No, I don't think so.

Will: Hey, you came to my support group, right? For parents with Autistic kids.

Jagger: Yeah. Right.

Will: You were pretty quiet that night. How's everything going?

Jagger [Sighs] All right. Listen, I hear that some of this commotion was started by you. So, could you tell me about what happened?

Will: Um, I don't know. I was just walking by. Just dropped my son off at the park with his mom. I heard some shouting, and it was an Aryan march.

Claire: Yeah. In Port Charles. I mean, what is going on?

Will: That's what I thought. I was just standing there in the middle of it and these jerks start yelling all kinds of crap at people walking by. You know, there's a couple of black guys and this woman who was, like, Muslim or something and I just kinda lost it.

Jagger: What do you mean?

Will: I don't know. A reflex or something. Before I knew it, I was charging up to one of these guys with my fist in his face.

Jagger: You threw the first punch?

Will: I'm not proud of it. I--normally, I would have just said it's someone else's problem, but, oh! These guys made me feel ashamed of my own race. But that is my problem.

Claire: That was very brave of you.

Will: I guess. [Snorts] Once you've had a kid with Autism, nothing else really seems brave anymore.

Dr. Geller: Oh, here's the source of the infection. It's necrotic. I can't save the spleen. The damage is too extensive.

Epiphany: B.P.'s spiking.

Patrick: Talk to me, Dr. Geller. What's going on?

Dr. Geller: The spleen just disintegrated in my hand.

Patrick: What? We need 10 more units of blood stat and antibiotic solution. Come on, people. We're gonna lose him.

Robin [Sighs and sniffs] Mom?

P.A. Announcer: Mrs. O'Brien, telephone, please.

Claire: Hey. Hey, Kyle. Kyle, come here. Come on. I'm not gonna let you shut me out.

Kyle: What do you want, Claire?

Claire: I didn't mean to hurt you, ok? Kyle, this wasn't about you.

Kyle: You threw yourself at the one person you know I can't stand. How is that not about me?

Claire: I wasn't thinking? I--I was in shock?

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, I remember. I was there for you, remember that?

Claire: Yeah. I didn't need a friend. I needed someone to be lost in. It could have been anyone sitting in that bar, and it just--it was really bad luck that it happened to be your brother.

Kyle: You know, Claire, we joke all the time about guys, about how screwed up we are. How we're always chasing the wrong person. Whatever. I just thought you had more self-respect than that.

Claire: Maybe I don't.

Kyle: Well, I'll pack up my stuff, and I'll be gone by the weekend.

Saira: Hey.

Claire: Hey.

Saira: You ok?

Claire: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Leo: [Sighs]

Kyle: So, did you tell Saira about what happened?

Leo: That's not your business.

Kyle: You know what? It became my business when you screwed my best friend.

Leo: Ok. Listen, I know this is complicated--

Kyle: The truth isn't ever complicated.

Leo: Yeah, well, my life right now is complicated. So, I'd appreciate it if you just back off and you let me figure this out on my own.

Kyle: No, uh, I'm sorry. I can't do that. You know, I've seen you do this your whole life, Leo. With girls, you just--you just reel them in, and you get bored with them.

Leo: I'm not bored with Saira.

Kyle: But I'm not gonna let you do it this time. Not with someone as nice as dr. Batra and not with my best friend.

Leo: Kyle--

Kyle: I just can't believe that you took advantage of Claire like that. She was devastated with Ryan dying--

Leo: She kissed me.

Kyle: [Scoffs] I can't believe you used her like that.

Leo: Do you think I'm proud of this? Don't you think I get it? I have this incredible woman who I'm completely falling in love with, who might be the best thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life. And that might potentially end.

Kyle: Then tell her.

Leo: It's not that simple--

Kyle: Tell Saira the truth about Claire, or I will. I'm giving you this chance. Step up and be a man... for once in your life.

Robin: [Sighs]

Anna: Robin?

Robin: [Cries] Mom.

Anna: Robin. Robin, Robin. Robin, what is it? What is it?

Robin: I'm so glad you're here.

Anna: Shh. It's ok.

Robin: I can't do it anymore.

Anna: What?

Robin: I'm so sorry.

Anna: What is it? What is it? Is it the baby? Is his--

Robin: No, that's fine.

Anna: What is it? What? Talk to me, Robin.

Robin: It's Dad. I'm so sorry. I've wanted to tell you, but he wouldn't let me.

Anna: What happened to Robert? What's happened to Robert? Robin.

Robin: Dad has colon cancer. And he had a complication tonight. He had an infection that spread bacteria into his bloodstream, and he just had emergency surgery. I'm sorry, Mom. How did it go?

Patrick: I wish I could say it went better.

Claire: I don't like the look of these bruises.

Man: Ecch. Careful, I'm a delicate flower.

Claire: Where does it hurt?

Man: A little lower.

Claire: Here?

Man: A couple of inches, and it'll hurt so good.

Claire: Ecch.

Man: [Chuckles] Come on. I'm not so bad.

Claire: Hmm. That's a matter of opinion.

Man: You can make me out to be the bad guy if you want, but I'm not the one you should be worried about.

Claire: I'm not worried about you.

Man: Well, you're trying to tell me you don't see it? You work the graveyard shift. You know what I'm talking about. Who are the ones coming in here every night with gunshot wounds, all messed up on drugs and crap? I bet you 10 bucks they don't have our color skin.

Claire: You know what? You remind me of a lot of guys I grew up with.

Man: Yeah?

Claire: Yeah. And they're still stuck at home in that tiny little town sitting around, complaining about all the world's problems as an excuse for never making anything of their own lives.

Epiphany: Exam room 3 has, uh, glass embedded in his foot and a possible metatarsal break.

Claire: Ok, I'm on it. Give this one a cat scan. He may have abdominal bleeding.

Epiphany: Oh, what a shame.

Man: You better not lay your grubby paws on me, woman.

Epiphany: [Sighs]

Patrick: The cancer caused diverticulitis, which are bulges in the colon that can become infected and rupture. It's a common side effect of colon cancer.

Anna: Were you able to fix it in surgery?

Patrick: We washed his abdominal cavity with antibiotic solution, but the infection had already spread to his spleen, which we had to remove.

Anna: Well, that's ok, isn't it? I mean, you know, people survive without spleens, right?

Patrick: Yeah. It makes it harder to fight infection, which can become critical in his condition.

Anna: I want to see him.

Patrick: Absolutely.

Anna: [Kiss] He's not going to keel over from the shock of seeing me, is he?

Patrick: I can't promise anything. Just don't go in there kickin' him in the chest.

Anna: Ok.

Patrick: We did everything we could. It's up to him now.

[Monitor beeping]

Anna: [Cries]

Robert: [Sighs] Anna. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?

Anna: You look like hell.

Robert: I'm, uh--I'm lulling 'em into a false sense of security, and then I'm--I'm busting out of here.

Anna: Getting a bit old for that, aren't you, Gramps?

Robert: Men don't age. They get character like red wine. Now, women--

Anna: You bite your tongue.

Robert: If you're here to pick over my carcass, you're a little early.

Anna: Robin called me.

Robert: Oh. Aw.

Anna: [Sighs] You know what's so funny? While I've got my dancing shoes all picked out, she's actually worried about you.

Robert: Yeah. She's like that.

Anna: I, however, know better. You have died plenty of times, and we still can't get rid of you.

Robert: That's 'cause I know you would be devastated.

Anna: Clearly.

Robert: Think we ditch this place. Get back to the--back to the islands.

Anna: Well, the last time you were there, you know, I think I knocked you out cold. Uh, you don't look ready for a rematch.

Robert: Ohh. I got some new moves.

Anna: I've seen all your moves.

Robert: And? Dot... dot... dot...

Anna: It's a date.

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: I miss you.

Robin: I'm sorry.

Patrick: No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the distance. I'm sorry for the hurt.

Robin: You know, we can't do that...

Patrick: No.

Robin: Anymore. It just seems like with everything, with my dad and your job and the baby, you know, we just keep getting pulled further and further apart.

Patrick: Yeah. But I'm here. Now.

Robin: I'm here, too.

Patrick: We're gonna get through this.

Robin: I love you.

Patrick: I love you, too.

Robin: [Sniffs]

Kyle: Ok, we're almost done.

Eric: Heh. As many times as you've seen me naked, don't you think you should buy me dinner next time?

Kyle: So, how has the pain been?

Eric: Ok, what's the matter?

Kyle: Uh, nothing, nothing. Your vitals are strong, and--

Eric: Not with me, with you.

Kyle: What?

Eric: Well, you didn't even blink at my inappropriate and blatant flirting.

Kyle: [Laughs] Uh, it's nothing. It's nothing. You have bigger things to worry about.

Eric: Yes, and I'm sick to death of myself. So, come on. What's going on? [Pats bed]

Kyle: Ok, fine. But you asked for it.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: Uh... [Sighs] You remember my brother, right? Well, he's so busy sleeping with the staff, I'm surprised he has any time for his patients.

Eric: [Chuckles] Dr. Dog. I'm following.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. Which is pretty much who he's been his entire life. The wounded bad boy who wears his angst like some sort of bizarre aphrodisiac, which is total crap. I mean, we grew up in the same house with the same parents. Except he turned out to be James Dean, and I'm Richie Cunningham.

Eric: I always thought Ron Howard was cuter.

Kyle: Really?

Eric: No.

Kyle: So, anyway, he--he's dating this doctor here, a woman who I think, personally, is brilliant and way too good for him, and what does he do? He hooks up with my best friend, who, of course, tells me, and now I--I have this secret. Not to mention the fact that she completely betrayed our friendship by sleeping with him. And her life is completely a wreck. And now I can't talk to her, I hate my brother, and avoiding Dr. Batra all at the same time.

Eric: [Sighs]

Kyle: What?

Eric: Nothing.

Kyle: Well, isn't that the most infuriating drama you've ever heard?

Eric: Yeah, but... I can't help but wonder where you are in all this.

Kyle: Well, I'm in the same place I'm always in, picking up the pieces of the girls that my brother humpty dumps.

Eric: No, I mean... you spend all this time going off about your brother and your best friend and everybody else around you, but none of that really has anything to do with you.

Kyle: [Scoffs] Of course it does. Were you not listening?

Eric: Yes, I was listening, and all I heard was a guy who's so busy with everybody else's life, doesn't seem like he has time for one of his own. So, why are you hiding behind all of them? What are you avoiding?

Will: So, am I free to go?

Jagger: Yeah, you are.

Will: Guess I should be calling my lawyer.

Jagger: Yeah, that would be a smart thing to do. I'm sorry.

Will: No, I get it. You're just doing your job.

Jagger: Listen, uh, how's your son doing?

Will: He's great.

Jagger: Yeah?

Will: Yeah. How about your kid?

Jagger: Well, actually, you know, we had something scary happen the other day. Um, he had a seizure.

Will: I'm sorry. We've been living with those for years.

Jagger: Really? How do you deal with it?

Will: Day by day. Don't worry. It gets easier. I mean, it's never easy when you have a kid with Autism, but it's not as scary as it is in the beginning. So, we gonna see you at the next group?

Jagger: You might.

Will: Ok. Thanks.

Man: Hey, can I get a real doctor around here?

Epiphany: You can get a real kick in the butt if you don't get back in there and settle down.

Man: Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Jagger: What--hey, what seems to be the problem?

Man: I would like to see a doctor that didn't get their job through affirmative action.

Epiphany: Hey! I held a man's spleen in my hands tonight. I think I can handle putting a few Band-Aids on your racist ass.

Jagger: All right, I need you to get back into the exam room quietly, ok?

Man: Why? I got a freedom of speech, buddy.

Jagger: Yeah, and I got a badge, and I'm really itching to put someone away today. Really.

Man: Are you threatening me?

Jagger: Yeah.

Man: You hear this, guys? Can I get your name again, Agent? I'm sure your bosses would love to hear about this.

Epiphany: Jagger, don't waste your breath. I've dealt with plenty of bigots like this one in my time. So, you, uh, you got a problem with me, right? You don't like the way I look, the color of my skin? Well, guess what? I don't like the way that you look, either. Out there. But inside these walls, I don't care how you look. I don't care what you say. I don't care who your mama is. Inside these walls, you're my patient. I took this job to help heal people, even ones that I find despicable and repugnant like you. So, you will get back in that room. You will sit down and shut up and let me do what I was trained to do.

Man: Oh, what you were trained to do? Humph! Anyone know where the maids' entrance is?

Jagger: All right, that's enough.

Man: Oh, that's enough?

Jagger: That's enough.

Man: Oh, you're gonna regret this. I didn't do nothing.

Jagger: You did enough.

Man: I didn't do a thing.

Epiphany: Move! Get out of my way.

Anna: So... what's going on with you?

Robert: Oh, thought-- thought I'd, you know, check in, get a little rest.

Anna: [Laughs] Uh-huh.

Robert: [Sighs] I didn't want you to see me. Like this.

Anna: Oh, Rob--well, what were you going to do, not tell me? This is not the time for your ridiculous pride.

Robert: You would have done the same thing.

Anna: They gave me the rundown on your condition.

Robert: Oh, you gotta love doctors. Especially the one our daughter's running with.

Anna: He's a good guy.

Robert: She has horrible taste in men.

Anna: Well, she takes after her mother.

Robert: [Laughs]

Anna: Everybody's really scared for you.

Robert: I'll tell you the truth. I'm scared, too.

Man: I can't believe these guys are still here.

Jagger: I don't want to hear a single thing from you, ok?

Man: I wasn't talking to you.

Jagger: Yeah, but I'm talking to you now. Keep it quiet.

Patrick: Hey, Jagger. What's going on?

Jagger: These guys are harassing the staff.

Man: Yeah, finally, a real doctor. Someone who got here the hard way.

Patrick: First of all, everyone here got here the hard way, because they're good at their job.

Man: Yeah, I'm sure they are. But I have every right to be treated by a white doctor.

Patrick: No, you don't. You have a right to be treated by anybody on my staff, or you have a right to get the hell out.

Man: You can't throw me out. You got an oath.

Patrick: Yeah, well, that oath only applies to humans.

Man: The day we right the wrongs, race traitors like you are gonna be the first ones swinging from trees. Come on, boys. Sir.

Jagger: Escort 'em out. Make sure they're out.

Claire: He may have internal injuries.

Patrick: Oh, he made his choice.

Leo: Hey.

Saira: Hey.

Leo: You mind if I join you?

Saira: Of course not.


Saira: You know, I know I said I wasn't going to meddle, but I'm worried about Kyle.

Leo: Why? What did he say?

Saira: Nothing, but I saw him getting into an argument with Claire, and then with what happened between you guys, I'm just--I wonder if the stress is getting to him.

Leo: Oh.

Saira: You know, I mean, we both know how hard your first year is, and I just--I wonder if he's coming apart? What?

Leo: I love the fact that you care so much about other people.

Saira: Well, I happen to like Kyle, despite his older brother.

Leo: You know, um, I think that he needs space to figure it out, you know? Just to work stuff out.

Saira: No, I think I'm gonna talk to him.

Leo: No!

Saira: What?

Leo: I-I'll talk--I'll talk to him.

Saira: You will?

Leo: Yeah. I think you're totally right. I mean, I think that we both need to bury the hatchet, so...

Saira: I was right? Wow.

Leo: I'll handle it. Don't worry.

Saira: Ok.

Leo: See you later? Breakfast?

Saira: Sure.

Leo: Ok.

Saira: Ok.

Leo: Bye.

Saira: Bye.

Eric: Don't you think you deserve to be the star of your own drama? And maybe if you stopped putting everybody else at the center of everything, you wouldn't feel so betrayed by the little things.

Kyle: [Sighs] Well, size is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Eric: That's what he said.

Kyle: [Chuckles]

Eric: When was the last time you took a risk? Did something just for you?

Kyle: It's on my to-do list, right after sleep, finding a new best friend and finishing my residency.

Eric: You know, you're never going to collect enough trophies.

Kyle: Well, have you seen my parents' basement? You can't step foot down there, it's covered floor to ceiling in trophies.

Eric: Ok, and where did that get you?

Kyle: Look. I know that, in my head, being gay doesn't make me any different... any less worthy of having a life or--or being in love. But my heart keeps saying that, uh... that I'm just never gonna be enough.

Eric: Enough for what?

Kyle: I don't know. Enough for my parents, maybe? So that they'll accept me or--or not be ashamed. Or maybe for the world? So that people will think that I'm ok, that I'm--I'm just as good as everybody else. I don't know. I guess I just never make it about me, because it's just easier to be about everybody else. God! And it's real professional to cry all over a patient.

Kyle: [Sniffs]

Eric: I like it. It's honest.

Kyle: Well, honestly, I'm a mess.

Eric: Everybody is. Kyle... you are enough.

Epiphany: [Sighs]

Toussaint: May I join you, pretty lady?

Epiphany: [Chuckles]

Toussaint: You can't let people like that get to you.

Epiphany: You know, when I looked at that man today, I wanted to kill him. More than wanted to, I knew how, and that was the scary part. [Sighs] I became him.

Toussaint: Well... knowing is not the same as doing. You stared the devil in the face, and you took the high road.

Epiphany: Ha! If you want to call that the high road. Oh! Never in my life did I think I would ever walk out on my shift.

Toussaint: Well, nobody can blame you for that.

Epiphany: I blame myself. I let him get next to me, and I shouldn't have let him get in the way of me doing my duty.

Toussaint: Hey. It's ok.

Epiphany: You know, before you came along, if something like this upset me, I would, uh--I'd go home and have myself a nice little ménage a trois with Ben and Jerry.

[Both laugh]

Toussaint: Those guys get around, don't they?

Epiphany: Oh, honey, there isn't a woman on this planet that doesn't know how to soothe her pain with food. It's in our DNA. Some of us are just better at it than others. I just, uh-- I wanted to say that it's nice not being alone.

Toussaint: I know what you mean. Well, I may not be a Ben or a Jerry, but, uh, I do know my way around the dance floor.

Epiphany: Is that so?

Toussaint: May I have this dance?

Epiphany: Lead on, sir.

Toussaint: All right!

Robin: Hi. So, what did I miss?

Robert: N-nothing, love.

Anna: We were just talking about...

Robert: Baby Roberta.

Anna: No. We're not gonna name the baby after you.

Robert: I was thinking Roberta Anna.

Anna: Oh! Now, that does have a certain ring.

Robin: Well, Patrick is lobbying for Portia at the moment.

Anna: But you can't name a baby after a car.

Robert: And you can't keep it in a closet.

Robin: It isn't a closet.

Anna: No, it's a dressing area.

Robert: Give it a window, would you?

Anna: You know what we could do is expand the dressing area to include your shoe closet. It's not like you're ever going to fit into any of those again.

Robin: What? I'm not going to fit into my shoes after?

Anna: I don't know how it happens, but no, I never fit into any of my shoes again. Or hats, come to think about it.

Robert: Oh, finally. She admits to a big head.

[All laugh]

Robin: So, is this what you guys have been doing the whole time?

Anna: Yeah.

Robert: Well, the important thing. Will it be... Scorpio or a -- or a Drake?

Anna: Or a Devane?

Robert: Why would it be a Devane?

Anna: Because it has class.

Robert: Ahh. It'll be a classy bastard, then.

Robin: Dad!

Anna: No, no. She might get married.

Robert: Pattycake?

Anna: Yeah, you don't know. Some men change after they get married.

Robin: Ahem.

Robert: Didn't happen to me.

Anna: No, no. You were always insufferable. You just got more so. Don't listen to your father, 'cause it just--

Robert: Don't listen to your mother. She's addicted to marriage.

Anna: Well, I was trying to get it right. Actually, I was more addicted to the honeymoons. Remember that villa in Italy?

Robert: Ahh. Yeah, the hot springs. For 3 weeks, I was a--I was a different man.

Robin: Ok, thank you. Burning a hole in the eardrums here. [Sighs] How are you?

Robert: I'm gonna be good.

Robin: So, Dad, the, um-- the infection is still in--in your bloodstream, so, the situation is still critical.

Anna: Hey. You don't have to do this anymore. I'm here now, and we are going to get through this. All of us.

Saira: Did you sleep with Julian?

Claire: Yeah. I did.

Patrick: I took an oath: First do no harm.

Announcer: With only three episodes left, the doctors on the "Night Shift" will be faced with the consequences of their actions. One endangers a patient's life.

What's going on?

She told me she got checked out.

Saira: I shouldn't have steered her away from the surgery.

Leo: That's not your fault.

Saira: Actually it is.

Announcer: The other may have put the entire hospital in jeopardy.

Jagger: The skinhead that you threw out of the hospital? They found him dead, and they're saying you're responsible. The change might not be safe.

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