"Pay It Forward" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 9/9/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 9/9/08


"Pay It Forward"
Written by Emily Branden

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Gisele

Previously on "Night Shift" --

Saira: We kissed. We kissed. It was good, it was weird.

Robin: Aren't you already into somebody else?

Claire: You have 4 kidneys. Congratulations.

Ryan: I'm going to keep 2 and sell the other 2.

Leo: Every time I come to work I can't wait to see you.

Saira: I feel alive and challenged when I'm around you.

Robert: Colostomy. I don't want it. It's the end of it.

Patrick: His cancer is more wide spread than we thought.

Robin: How bad is it?

Patrick: He's going to need a colostomy.

Patrick: I do have some good news though. The biopsy confirmed that the cancer was confined to only one portion of your colon and Doctor Gellar was able to remove it all.

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: It wasn't me. We had a great surgical team and a little bit of luck.

Robert: Yeah, I feel pretty lucky right now.

Patrick: Well, we're not in the clear yet. The next step is rigorous chemo therapy which obviously has some side effects.

Robin: The treatments will help break down the cancerous cells.

Robert: So they pump you full of chemicals that kill all of the healthy ones. I don't know about that.

Robin: Hey, Dad. We're going to fight this. You're going to beat it. You're going to be fine.

Patrick: That is, if you don't pull a Houdini and high-tail it outta here, of course.

Robin: He's not going anywhere. I'm going to handcuff him to the bed if I have to.

Robert: Oh, I can get out of those things.

Robin: Dad.

Patrick: You all right?

Robin: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Claire: Shut up. You've got to be kidding me.

Ryan: I know. It's totally insane. High bid, $50,000.

Claire: You just listed it 3 days ago.

Ryan: What can I say? Kidneys are a hot commodity.

Kyle: You guys are going to get in so much trouble.

Ryan: Come on, Kyle, you know you want in.

Claire: $50,000. Think about how much good we could do with that.

Kyle: Yeah, like pay for your unemployment. Claire, you are totally violating hospital policy.

Ryan: Man, you're bringing me down.

Claire: It's not like we're keeping the money. Ryan is donating it to charity.

Ryan: Yeah, you want to help the whales don't you, Kyle?

Kyle: You are not going to get me with the whales. I am not Claire.

Ryan: Ok then. Pick your cause. We could plant trees in the inner city. Fight for marriage equality. I've got 50,000 bucks burning a hole in my pocket.

Claire: Actually, it's in your back. Your kidneys. In your back.

Ryan: Well, that's just one of them. I could get another 50 grand for the other one.

Kyle: I'm just saying, just because you have 4 kidneys doesn't mean that you have to auction them off to the highest bidder.

Claire: I mean, this is incredible. We've had over a hundred bids. Isn't that beautiful?

Kyle: I'm out.

Claire: Kyle, wait. Kyle, come on! Look, if it makes you feel any better, I'll speak to doctor...

Kyle: Forget that crap. Let's talk about your patient.

Claire: Ryan?

Kyle: He is totally in to you.

Claire: No, he isn't.

Kyle: And I'll bet even his kidneys are hot.

Claire: He's really cute, isn't he?

Saira: Do you realize that it has been 65 hours?

Leo: That's we've been together?

Saira: Yes.

Leo: That's the longest day of my life.

Saira: I'll bet. It gets kinda expensive when you're paying by the hour.

Leo: So, you want to meet me in the supply closet later?

Saira: No. I know. Too predictable.

Leo: How about the MRI machine?

Saira: You know, just because I'm your whatever now, doesn't mean things are going to change around here.

Leo: So you're my whatever?

Saira: Well, I'm certainly not your girlfriend.

Patrick: When is the shift over?

Epiphany: In another 75 hours. But things are suddenly starting to look up. Hello there, Jagger!

Jagger: Hello.

Patrick: Well, look who's here. You dressed up for me.

Jagger: I need to ask you a few questions, on behalf of the FBI.

Patrick: Ok. About what?

Jagger: General Hospital's involvement in human organ trafficking.

Jagger: Human organ trafficking is a major international criminal operation.

Claire: I swear to you, that is not what we were doing.

Patrick: Dr. Simpson, you already jeopardized this hospital enough. I suggest you sit tight and listen.

Jagger: We were able to shut down the auction, but the standards on organ trafficking are very severe.

Leo: Look, I don't know anything about this, so if there's anything specific you need from me, I'm kinda late for this surgery...

Patrick: Julian, sit down. The fact that you didn't know anything about this makes me question your leadership. What kind of residency program are you running when you've got your interns selling organs on the Internet? And Epiphany, you're head nurse. You're supposed to me my eyes and ears in this place. How did you not see this?

Epiphany: I'm sorry.

Patrick: Jagger, what does this mean for the hospital?

Jagger: General Hospital might lose its privilege to perform organ transplants.

Nurse: So, the drugs go through your veins intravenously.

Robert: You mean the poison.

Toussaint: Oh, come on, old man. Give the kid a break.

Nurse: I'll be right back to check on you. You shouldn't feel a thing.

Robert: Liars. Doctors, they lie.

Toussaint: Hold on now. You're talking about my new field.

Robert: You should've stayed a rock star. How ya doing? You teaching them a thing or two around here?

Toussaint: I guess I'm doing all right. I've got a lot on my plate. Too much, maybe. How you doing?

Robert: I've been better.

Toussaint: Chemo's rough. Anything you want to know, just ask.

Robert: Can you cure old? 'Cause I don't like it.

Toussaint: Well, yeah, we're old school, but we're still singing.

Robert: No man should have to go through this. You know I crap in a bag. They push and prod me 24 hours a day. I was cut open and gutted, just like a fish.

Toussaint: Yeah. Well, life deals you changes. You just got to find a way to roll with it.

Robert: It's just so humiliating.

Claire: You have to believe me. Never, ever did I mean for General Hospital to get in any trouble. I really thought this was a good idea. And I would never, ever sell organs to anyone I thought would try and make a profit off them.

Jagger: Excuse me. Hold on. Go ahead.

Ryan: Excuse me. My name is Ryan McCormick. I'm the one you should be talking to, not her.

Patrick: Mr. McCormick...

Ryan: Claire tried to stop me. She really did. And I knew the risks involved. And I did it anyway. So, if there are any repercussions, I should be the one to blame, not her.

Patrick: Ryan, go back to your room. This is official hospital business. Jagger, is there any way you would consider dropping this? I give you my word Dr. Simpson will be appropriately reprimanded. The entire staff will be made aware of the situation. I'll put myself and my reputation on the line. Just please, don't let this affect GH. You're dismissed.

Claire: Yes, sir.

Patrick: Thank you very much.

Jagger: Look, I will try to bury this but organ's watch is not going to let it fly.

Patrick: Ok.

Jagger: They're going to want to know the FBI did their job and you, here at General Hospital, did yours.

Patrick: That's fine. Whatever you need from me.

Jagger: Well, I'm going to have to monitor you for a couple of days.

Patrick: What?

Jagger: I'm going to need to follow you around. Make sure you're doing your job.

Patrick: That's great. That's wonderful.

Jagger: Hey, it won't be so bad. You might enjoy the company.

Ryan: It can't be that bad.

Kyle: Where did you get pie at this hour?

Claire: I have to present to the GH organ's watch meeting.

Ryan: What? When?

Claire: This week. I have to explain the organ donor standard to the entire staff.

Kyle: No, I'm serious. Did you get this from home?

Ryan: That could be fun. Educating your peers.

Claire: No. I hate public speaking. I stole it from the cafeteria.

Kyle: Oh, great. The FBI is still in the building, ya know.

Ryan: Maybe you could do a cheer instead, Simpson, like in high school. Maybe an organ donor pep rally.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah. I have some pom-poms she could borrow.

Claire: All right, you guys. This is serious. This is going on my permanent record. And Julian and Epiphany haven't even gotten their claws into me yet.

Ryan: The establishment is just trying to scare you, man. Dissent is our human right. We'll figure something else out.

Claire: Do you need a psych evaluation?

Ryan: We have to fight for what we believe in.

Kyle: He's so revolutionary.

Claire: I mean, you try to do something for the greater good and, you know, they shoot you down.

Kyle: Well, you tried to sell someone's kidneys. What did you expect?

Ryan: Wait a minute. That was the problem.

Kyle: What?

Ryan: We tried selling the kidneys. The FBI said it was illegal to sell them, right?

Kyle: Yeah.

Ryan: What if we don't sell them? What if we give them away?

Claire: For free?

Ryan: No, for good. Like, I'll give you my kidney. What are you going to do for it? You have to help somebody else or donate money to charity.

Kyle: You mean like pay it forward.

Ryan: Yeah. Exactly. There's no laws against that. So, what do you say? Are we back in business?

Jagger: We'll be back tomorrow so I can start following you around. We need to get a sense of your protocol. Pretty much everything you do here at the hospital.

Patrick: What, so you can tell me what a horrible chief of staff I am?

Jagger: Come on. It won't be so bad. As soon as I get everything I need, I'll be out of your hair.

Robin: Well, if it isn't my two favorite men. What are you doing here all dressed up?

Jagger: I had some business I needed to look into.

Patrick: Yeah, your friend here is going to be monitoring me.

Robin: What?

Patrick: Isn't that fun?

Jagger: The FBI monitors hospitals all over the country to investigate organ trafficking.

Patrick: It's kind of like bring your FBI agent to work today.

Robin: Well, I don't think hanging out with Jagger is necessarily punishment.

Patrick: Really?

Jagger: I got to get going. Would you let me know when it's a good time to visit your father?

Robin: I will.

Jagger: Ok, bye.

Robin: See ya.

Patrick: Can you believe this? The entire staff is involved in criminal activity and now I'm being investigated by Jagger and the FBI.

Robin: Don't worry. I'm sure Jagger will smooth it over.

Patrick: I hope so. How did your dad's chemo session go?

Robin: Good, I think. Actually, will you do me a favor and go check on him for me?

Patrick: You didn't go see him yet?

Robin: No, I've been doing all this research. Did you know that CV1 plays a tumor suppressing role in colon cancer? They've been giving it to mice with hypoactive receptors.

Patrick: I didn't know that.

Robin: Yeah.

Patrick: Come here.

Robin: What?

Patrick: Come here.

Robin: What? What are you doing? Why does everyone keep hugging me?

Patrick: Hey! You getting hugs behind my back? Hmm?

Robin: No.

Patrick: We have an amazing team of oncologists. Your dad is going to be fine. We're going to do everything we can, ok?

Robin: Ok.

Kyle: Organ donors can give to whoever they want as long as there is no money changing hands. And Oprah always says, we should find more ways to give.

Claire: I think you're falling for him, too.

Kyle: You picked a good one this time.

Claire: You think?

Kyle: You gorge yourself on pie in front of him and he didn't run screaming into the night.

Claire: Wow! And you've should've seen the way he defended me in front of the FBI.

Kyle: Oh, my God. You're smiling.

Claire: So? I always smile.

Kyle: No. I mean, like for real smiling. You like him, don't you?

Claire: I think I do.

Patrick: This is a list of all our patients currently in need of a transplant. As you can see, they've been put on the registry. Here is their date of registration with the U-N-O-S in Virginia. If we click here, we can pull up a full report with the physician's signature, cross-checked by the department head and then ultimately approved by me.

Jagger: You smell that?

Patrick: What?

Jagger: It smells like flowers, or something.

Patrick: I don't know. Maybe--probably it's the--

Jagger: I think it's your cologne.

Patrick: Well, I'm not wearing cologne.

Jagger: Yes, you are.

Patrick: Ok, fine. Maybe I'm wearing cologne, but it doesn't smell like flowers.

Jagger: It smells like jasmine or something.

Patrick: Ok. You know what, Jagger? This whole following thing around business here, that doesn't including smelling me.

Jagger: That's fine. I kinda like it. Not bad.

Patrick: Ok. Thanks. I think I put on Robin's. It smells like flowers.

Leo: She wants to visit me now.

Saira: Where does she live?

Leo: Texas!

Robin: I never thought I'd see the day.

Saira: What?

Robin: That Dr. Leo Julian would be in a relationship.

Leo: I don't know what you're talking about. I've never seen this woman before in my life.

Robin: And I never thought I'd see the day that you'd go for a guy like that.

Saira: I know what you mean, Robin. I usually go for guys that are sweet and smart and well-mannered. But you know this time I decided to think outside the box.

Leo: Why do I feel like I'm being outnumbered here?

Robin: Oh, come on. You'll get over it. But you are a lucky guy. My friend is quite the catch. And she doesn't give her heart out that easily. I can tell this is for real for her this time. So don't screw it up.

Saira: Yeah. Come on. Let's go.

Kyle: Ok. Here he comes.

Claire: I don't know if I can do this.

Kyle: Yes, you can. Just think what would Oprah do? Go!

Patrick: You guys don't have enough work to do? I can easily cut back one intern in this program.

Kyle: Yes, sir.

Claire: Kyle! Dr. Drake, may I speak to you about something?

Patrick: Dr. Simpson, thanks to you I've got a lot of work to catch up on.

Claire: I know. I know. I know how busy you are and I know what lengths you go to to run this hospital in the fine way that you do. But I think I may have a way to rectify the situation from the other day.

Patrick: You know, I've had enough of you and your patients schemes. Obviously, you've caused me enough problems. I don't want to hear another word about you and these kidneys.

Claire: But, Dr. Drake, I don't think you understand how this could benefit the hospital.

Ryan: Thank you all for coming to the pay it forward kidney competition. Whoo!


Epiphany: [Sighs] I'll take my break later.

Toussaint: Epiphany, wait. You know, this hospital is too small for us to avoid each other. Besides, there's no one else here. So you don't have to worry about who is going to see us together.

Epiphany: Please, don't start that again.

Toussaint: You know what gets me? All this time I thought you'd be jumping out of your skin to go out with me.

Epiphany: Let's get one thing straight here, slick. You are not doing me any favors by asking me out. I was doing just fine on my own. Thank you very much.

Toussaint: Sorry I asked.

Epiphany: And you know what? I'm starting to be, too. This is exactly the reason why I didn't want to tell anybody about my personal business. This is my career. I've worked too long and too hard to risk it all on some silly romance drama.

Toussaint: And I'm too old to waste my time on someone who is going to lie about me, or call me silly.

Claire: If you think about this, this could be really great publicity for the hospital. I mean we're bringing together the community. We're doing good.

Patrick: We're doing something potentially illegal is what we're doing.

Jagger: Not necessarily. It's unorthodox, sure, but I don't see anything necessarily illegal about it.

Claire: See?

Jagger: Actually, we could get organ's watch involved. It might help them ease up on GH a bit.

Patrick: Ok. Does that mean you're going to stop smelling me sooner?

Jagger: Probably.

Robert: [Groans, coughs, then falls to the floor as he's walking out of his bathroom]

Brett: It's not for me. It's for a friend of mine.

Claire: Ok. What's your friend's name?

Brett: Mr. Dearborn.

Claire: First name?

Brett: I don't know actually. He's my old music teacher in high school. I haven't seen him in, God, I don't know, 18-20 years.

Ryan: So, why do you think he deserves my kidney?

Brett: Because he's the only reason I'm here. I didn't graduate or anything. I was too busy partying, trying to stay out of my old man's house. Mr. Dearborn, he taught me how to play guitar, every Saturday for like a year. When I got clean a couple of years ago, music was all that I had. Without that, I'd be dead. Anyway, when I heard Mr. Dearborn had been waiting for a kidney for months because he's got diabetes and he was going to die, I had to do something.

Ryan: So, if my kidney is a match, and I give it to him, what are you going to do to pay it forward?

Brett: They cut the music program back at my old school. And I figured there must be other kids like me there where that's their only chance, so, I'm gonna start a program, give free lessons at the "Y." I don't know, maybe I can keep some kid from making the same mistake I did.

Ryan: It's a lot to do for a guy you haven't seen in 2 decades.

Brett: Mr. Dearborn is the only guy that ever gave me something worth anything. It's the least I can do to give back to him.

Patrick: Mr. Scorpio. Hey, hey, hey. What happened? Come on.

Robert: Just, uh, help me.

Patrick: Do you hurt anywhere?

Robert: No. Just get me to the bed. [Grunting]

Patrick: Let me check your blood pressure.

Robert: No. Please. No fussing. No fussing. I'm ok.

Patrick: Do you mind me asking what you were trying to do?

Robert: Brush my teeth.

Patrick: You know, we have people that can help you with this kind of thing.

Robert: Come on. You think a man wants to come in and have someone brush his teeth for him? I'm ok. Thank you. I'm ok.

Saira: Hi.

Jagger: Hi. How are you?

Saira: I'm good. How are you?

Jagger: Uh, busy, yeah.

Saira: Yeah, me, too.

Jagger: Uh, can I talk to you about what happened the other night?

Saira: No. Jagger, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have crossed the line like that. It was totally unprofessional--

Jagger: No, please. Don't apologize. I mean, look, I just feel bad that it turned out to be awkward. Because I value having you in my life, in my son's life.

Saira: Me, too. Honestly. And well, there's kind of this other thing I'm in right now. It's like a relationship, sort of.

Jagger: Yeah.

Saira: It's just...I think it's bad timing. You know, um, the other thing it's just kind of been going on for a while. And I kind of feel like I need to see it through, you know?

Jagger: Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, look, the most important thing is that, uh, Stone keeps seeing you. And I don't want to mess that up, you know?

Saira: So, we're good?

Jagger: Yeah, we're good.

Claire: How are we going to choose?

Ryan: I guess we'll just know.

Claire: Let's make the calls in the morning.

Ryan: You have cute feet.

Claire: You have cute everything.

Ryan: Ha ha ha. So, uh, what's it like being a doctor?

Claire: Hard. I don't know. I don't even really consider myself a doctor yet.

Ryan: Why?

Claire: It's just, ugh, I don't even know if I belong here. I don't even know if I want to be a doctor. Not like Kyle, who's known since forever. I don't know. I don't know what I want really. I don't know what I want in my career, in my life. I'm just really trying to hold it together.

Ryan: My favorite memory of you...

Claire: Uh-oh.

Ryan: 10th grade. I had a hall pass. Walking back from Algebra. And I see you across the hall coming toward me. And you were wearing a pink mock turtleneck.

Claire: Oh, dear Lord. Ha ha.

Ryan: So, of course, I totally look down. I could not make eye contact with Claire Simpson. We're about to pass each other. And then you're like, hey, and I look up and you look me straight in the eyes. And you smile. Ha. You had no idea who I was. I mean, but that didn't matter to you. You were warm and open. And you saw me.

Patrick: Hey, Robin.

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Your dad fell.

Robin: What? Is he ok?

Patrick: There's no broken bones, if that's what you're asking. He's resting now.

Robin: Ok. Well, that's...that's good.

Patrick: When was the last time you were in there?

Robin: In where?

Patrick: In your dad's room to see him.

Robin: I don't know.

Patrick: It just seems that you're running everywhere around this hospital but in there.

Robin: Well, I'm working around the clock trying to help him. I'm doing all this research. I'm calling a lot of specialists.

Patrick: I understand. I just think there's a better way you could be spending your time right now.

Robin: Better than trying to save his life? I'm trying to be a doctor. Something that you used to be before you became a bureaucrat.

Patrick: Ok. Well, as a doctor, your dad's not doing very well, and I think you should go see him. He could die.

Robin: I can't believe you just said that.

Patrick: I didn't mean it. Listen, I'm sorry.

Robin: You know what? Don't. Don't worry about how I'm wasting my time, chief. I won't bill you for the overtime.

Leo: Hey, man.

Jagger: Hey.

Leo: Thanks for not throwing me in the slammer the other night.

Jagger: You won't be so lucky next time.

Leo: Ha ha.

Jagger: Oh, look, I found a soccer league that plays every Saturday. Are you interested?

Leo: I'd love to. Wait. This is every Saturday?

Jagger: Yeah.

Leo: You know what? I should check with Sarah.

Jagger: You guys are getting pretty serous, huh?

Leo: Ahh. I don't know, man.

Jagger: What's going on?

Leo: This whole relationship thing, you know.

Jagger: Yeah, but I thought you were into her.

Leo: Yeah. I totally am but it's-- you know, the pressure is just like too much. You know? I mean, she's totally serious about it. Even if she pretends like she's not.

Jagger: You want to be more casual about it now?

Leo: Yeah. No. I don't know.

Jagger: Ha ha.

Leo: I feel like it's going way too fast. You know? I mean, I'm not sure I'm that guy.

Jagger: Hey, none of us is that guy. So, figure it out. She's a hell of a kisser. Patrick, hold the elevator.

Patrick: I can't find the button. Jeez, get--

Jagger: [Sighs] Look, I just finished my evaluation. I got to tell you, pal--

Patrick: Look, Jagger, you know what? You got to cut me some slack here. All right? I'm running around this place like crazy. I'm taking care of so much stuff. And you know what? Maybe I'm not doing the best job. And maybe, just maybe I'm in over my head. But I didn't ask for this gig, all right? I'm a doctor. I'm not a bureaucrat. I'm not a person of authority. So, just do me a favor and don't take it out on the hospital. Because I may not be the best--

Jagger: Wait, wait, wait a second, Patrick. I was going to tell you that I just finished the evaluation and everything is fine.

Patrick: Really?

Jagger: Yeah. I got to hand it to you, man. You're juggling a lot of responsibilities here. And you're doing a hell of a job.

Patrick: Thank you.

Jagger: And that button gag?

Patrick: Yeah.

Jagger: That's the oldest trick in the book.

Ryan: Pretty hot, right?

Claire: I have to say it is pretty hot.

Ryan: I think we made the right choices.

Claire: Me, too. Maybe that guy will name the music program after you.

Ryan: Yeah. It would be better if the couple name their housing project after me. I'd like my name on a building.

Claire: To match the size of your ego?

Ryan: To match the size of my something.

Claire: Ugh.

Epiphany: All righty. They're ready for you in the O.R.

Ryan: Nurse Johnson?

Epiphany: Hmm?

Ryan: What do you think it would take for me to get a date with Claire Simpson?

Epiphany: Have you tried asking?

Ryan: I can't. She's too cool for me.

Claire: Ha ha.

Ryan: Will you tell her that I like her?

Epiphany: I don't play these games.

Ryan: Oh, come on. Just see if she likes me back.

Epiphany: Ahh. Claire?

Claire: Tell him I'll leave him a note in his locker.

Ryan: Thanks...doctor.

Saira: So, we'll increase the dosage with each infusion.

Robert: Of orange juice?

Saira: Of vitamin C. Yes.

Robert: My daughter put you up to this. It's such a load of crap.

Saira: Well, let's just think of it as an experiment. Hmm? We'll just give it a try, ok?

Robert: I'm done with the trying.

Kyle: Good evening. Agent Scorpio?

Robert: Ugh. Anyone but him. Every time this guy is here it's to prod and poke me. Not tonight. No.

Kyle: I'm afraid Dr. Scorpio's requested some blood samples for testing.

Robert: Doctor Scorpio's not here.

Kyle: I know. I know. But this will just take one minute.

Robert: Not tonight.

Kyle: Well, it will just take one minute.

Robert: No! Aah!

Saira: Settle down.

Robert: I said I've had enough!

Saira: We need some help! We need some help!

Robert: No more!

Saira: We need some help in here!

Robert: I've had enough of this! I've had enough!

Toussaint: What's going on?

Robert: Hey, settle down, rock star. You want to fight? Hit me. Come on.

Robin: What's going on?

Epiphany: Claire, um...

Patrick: Claire, there was, uh, there was some complications with Ryan's surgery. After they removed the extra kidneys, his heart went into ventricular arrhythmia.

Claire: Is he ok?

Patrick: I'm sorry. They did everything they could. He didn't make it.

Robin: I can't even help him. I just...I freeze up. Like, I can't believe it's happening. I mean, he's my dad. And I have no idea how to help him.

Toussaint: Listen, don't think an orderly is trying to give you medical advice but take this from a guy that has at least one or 2 things in common with your old man. He needs his dignity now. We're pretty good at fixing people up. But sometimes a man needs more than just fancy drugs or crazy treatments. He doesn't need a doctor right now. He needs a daughter.

Epiphany: Do you want me to get you some water or something, hon?

Kyle: Oh, sweetie.

Claire: [Crying] I don't know what happened. He was right here.

Kyle: Now, shh, shh.

Claire: [Crying]

Epiphany: I'm, uh, I'm sorry... for lying, for hiding, I never meant for it--

Toussaint: I'm sorry, too.

Epiphany: You would think that I would know what's important in life by now. But... Claire's lost a patient and all I can think about is Stan.

Toussaint: Life is too precious. Robert is in there holding on by a thread. And we're out here bickering like 2 teenagers.

Epiphany: I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

Toussaint: You know... we don't have any business not living. We've got to hold on tight.


Robert: What are you doing?

Robin: Just thinking... about all the times that you rescued me from every bad guy to ever come to Port Charles.

Robert: You're my little girl. I had to.

Robin: I've been thinking that...well, I was thinking you should come live with me.

Robert: Ha ha.

Robin: Ha.

Robert: Ha ha ha.

Robin: I'm serious.

Robert: Oh.

Robin: Really. I think you need to get out of here. I think you need to get away from these machines. You need a home. And you've rescued me plenty of times. And here I am...all grown up. A doctor even. But even with...even with all the research in the world I'm just...I might not be able to cure you, you know. But I can love you.

Robert: Sweetheart, I really appreciate...

Robin: Dad. I need you.

Robert: All right.

Robin: Really?

Robert: It might kill me before the cancer does but I...

Robin: Ha ha.

Robert: Thank you.

Kyle: Are you going to be ok?

Claire: Yeah.

Singer: Such an ordinary day, but something's different in the way, my stomach's feeling, I pick up the phone, you know I'd never be the same, you're gone, I still can't believe you're gone, I'm still holding on to memories, the times we spent...

Claire: Please make sure that all of his organs are donated.

Singer: Now meeting with, tell me where to go, you know I'd follow you down

Kyle: Can I get you anything?

Claire: No.

Kyle: Are you sure there's nothing I can do? I could get you some--

Claire: Call his parents. I can't do it.

Kyle: Yeah. I can do that. Should we go?

Claire: You go. I want to stay here.

Kyle: Are you sure?

Claire: Yeah. I want to be alone.

Kyle: I'll call them.

Singer: I'm still holding on, I'm still holding on, a simple life, why must it be that everything we see, we're surely gonna leave, and if there's a song to sing, please sing it now and carry us, oh, please carry us, I can't believe you're gone, well, I'm still holding on

Claire: Can I have a shot of vodka please? Line them up.

Leo: Wow. That's a strong drink, Blondie. I mean, without your gay husband here to drive you home.

Claire: You know if there were ever a time I can't deal with your crap, it's right now.

Leo: Wow. Easy. What's got you pounding back the hard stuff?

Claire: I lost a patient today.

Leo: I'm sorry. You know that's the toughest thing about this job. I wish I can tell you it gets better. But it doesn't. You know?

Claire: Well, you know what? Why don't we toast to the fact that you're right? I suck at this job. I have no right being here.

Leo: You really need to slow down. You're being like really hard on yourself.

Claire: [Coughs]

Leo: You know, uh, you can't save everybody's life. Right? It stings. It doesn't feel good. I understand that. I still remember losing my first patient.

Claire: He wasn't just a patient.

Leo: You know, for all the crap I dish out, you are not a bad doctor, Claire.

Claire: You really think so?

Leo: Oh, yeah... except don't tell anyone I said so. Hey. Hey. It's ok. You're going to be fine.

On the next "Night Shift" --

Two fathers must deal with changes that are beyond their control. Robert moves in with his daughter ...

Robin: You can be wrong.

And for Jagger, a turning point that will change his life.

Jagger: Why my son?

Saira: He is an exceptional father.

Jagger: Stone, what happened? Wake up, buddy.

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