"Playing With Fire" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 8/26/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 8/26/08


"Playing With Fire"
Written by Sri Rao & Tamar Laddy

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Gisele

Previously on Night Shift...

Robin: That's what first love is like. It doesn't really go away. Like me and Stone.

Toussaint: This is a thank-you for a lovely evening.

Claire: Epiphany has a boyfriend.

Epiphany: They're from a patient.

Toussaint: You know, I believe when you lie, you're ashamed of the truth.

Saira: We're at work, so can you please behave professionally?

Leo: What, like you did when you jumped me in the locker room?

Patrick: I found the person that I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with. I love you.

Leo: That lay-up would have gone in if you hadn't fouled him.

Patrick: It was a clean block.

Leo: Who taught you to play, Mike Tyson?

Patrick: Point is, my team won, didn't it?

Jagger: Guys, guys, it's not a big deal.

Leo: Losers buy drinks at Jake's for a week.

Jagger: Oh, in that case, you fouled me.

Robin: Hey. What's going on?

Leo: Your boyfriend body-checked the new guy.

Patrick: The guy works for the FBI. He can't take on a neurosurgeon?

Robin: Yeah, I should have warned you. Patrick doesn't play well with others. Are you ok?

Jagger: It's just a sprain. It's ok.

Patrick: He's fine.

Leo: I'll get him checked out. Hook you up with a hot nurse. Maybe you can get a sponge bath if you play your cards right.

Robin: What are you trying to do, kill my friend?

Patrick: Hey, you're the one that told me to invite him. I can't help it if he sucks.

Robin: Uh, right. You know he's a prizefighter, don't you? You better be careful who you foul next time.

Patrick: Well, we bonded. It's a guy thing.

Robin: Really? Apparently a very sweaty guy thing.

Patrick: You like sweaty, don't you? So what are you gonna do about it?

Robin: Why don't you come and see?

Patrick: I have the ball.

Robin: Leave that to me.

[Elevator stops]

Patrick: I thought you were mad at me.

Robin: Very mad.

Patrick: I love pregnancy hormones. This is the fourth time this week.

[Robert removes the bandage on his head and looks at the scar]

Kyle: It looks like he got whacked in the face with a baseball bat.

Claire: Hey, that could be my future husband you're talking about.

Kyle: Your future husband is not named Rico Suave 412.

Claire: Claire Suave. No?

Kyle: I can't believe you've succumbed to online dating.

Claire: Don't judge. How about this one? He's cute.

Kyle: You mean the one with the 3 little girls?

Claire: Mm-hmm. Those are his nieces. It's online code for "I'm good with children."

Kyle: Huh. That's funny. In the real world that's code for "I'm a pedophile."

Claire: Just because you've taken a vow of celibacy doesn't mean the rest of us can't date.

Kyle: I date.

Claire: Ok, Kyle, you're gonna be old and alone and living with 17 cats.

Kyle: I am not gonna go online to find love.

Claire: If you sign up, I'll even write your profile for you.

Kyle: [Laughs] Not a chance.

Claire: "Hot intern seeks bad boy to play doctor."

Kyle: Leaving now.

Claire: Fine.

Toussaint: [Chuckles] You know, you've got to have a level 3 security clearance to get in here.

Robert: It's a good thing I can crack the code.

Toussaint: [Chuckles] Can I help you?

Robert: I'm looking for something sharp, mate.

Toussaint: Well, that doesn't sound good. I hear you're going under the knife again.

Robert: Colon cancer.

Toussaint: Hmm. I'm sorry.

Robert: You want to pity something? Pity this. I figure if I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go all the way. No use putting off the inevitable, hmm?

Toussaint: Oh, wait. You know, I had an uncle who had a barbershop when I was a kid. I used to work there on weekends.

Robert: How long ago was that?

Toussaint: Cutting hair is like riding a bike. Trust me. You're in good hands.

Robin: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm Dr. Scorpio. What seems to be the problem?

Claire: This is Moira Anderson. She's a 23-year-old female with cystic fibrosis. She's complaining of increased cough and sputum production and new onset shortness of breath.

Robin: Dr. Simpson, you want to give me the rundown on cystic fibrosis?

Claire: It's a disease that causes mucus to build up in the lungs, making it more difficult to breathe. The mucus traps bacteria in the airways and results in respiratory infections.

Robin: And severe lung damage. And how is CF contracted?

Claire: It's hereditary. Most people are diagnosed as infants, and most people won't live to --

Moira: Won't live to see their 30th birthday. It's ok. I've been counting down the years. I've gotten used to living with a disease with no cure.

Epiphany: Dr. Scorpio, there's another patient in the waiting area with cystic fibrosis.

Robin: Uh--get a mask. We--can you get in the wheelchair? We have to get her to ICU now.

Patrick: What's going on?

Epiphany: These are 2 contagious CF patients exposed to each other.

Robin: I'm taking her to ICU.

Patrick: Where's the other patient?

Epiphany: Follow me.

Robin: You two so much as breathe the same air, the bacteria in your lungs could spread like wildfire.

Cyrus: Where are they taking her?

Epiphany: Sir, I need you to come with me.

Patrick: Sir, we need to get you out of the area immediately.

Kyle: There's a single room down the hall.

Patrick: Ok, come on, this way.

Cyrus: I'm not going anywhere.

Epiphany: Look, if you want to live, you will do exactly what we tell you to.

Robin: I want an AVG and make sure the ICU puts her on--

Moira: Stop, please! I said stop, please!

Robin: Hold up. What is it?

Moira: You don't have to be so careful about keeping us apart.

Robin: I don't think you understand. If you two are in the same room you could both die.

Moira: Yeah, I think that's a chance I'm willing to take. He's my boyfriend.

Robin: Order a chest X-ray, sputum culture, and a pulmonary function test.

Moira: I had an FEV-1 two weeks ago. It was 50%. If you give me some oral antibiotics, I'll be fine.

Robin: Well, it's important that we take every measure to ensure your well-being.

Moira: You're a virgin, aren't you?

Robin: [Laughs] Not the last time I checked.

Moira: A CF virgin.

Saira: Dr. Scorpio's one of the best physicians in the hospital.

Moira: Sorry. It's just... we're supposed to be at Niagara Falls right now. Cyrus has been planning this road trip for months. [Coughs]

Saira: It's so romantic.

Moira: I know, right? So we left Atlanta on Friday, which is where we're from, and we stopped at Colonial Williamsburg and Gettysburg 'cause we're total history geeks.

Robin: You've spent the last 3 days together in a car?

Moira: We kept the windows down.

Robin: I don't think you understand the severity of the situation. The bacteria in your lungs is always present, even if you're feeling fine. And if you continue to live recklessly, the bacteria will take over, causing a huge lung infection, possibly leading to respiratory failure.

Moira: I've been living with CF every day since I was 2 years old. I think I have a handle on the basics of contagion. So if you don't mind, maybe we could skip the lecture and just go straight to the antibiotics? I've got a waterfall to see.

Toussaint: Ahh! Ha ha ha! I've still got it. Ha ha ha ha!

Epiphany: What's going on in here?

Robert: Uh...I was just getting a makeover. What you think?

Epiphany: We could have gotten you an appointment with the hospital's barber.

Robert: GH has a barber?

Toussaint: Nurse Johnson's full of secrets.

Epiphany: There are some things in this hospital that are on a need to know basis, and then there are some things that are common knowledge. Like the barber.

Toussaint: Whatever you say.

Epiphany: Just clean up this mess, please, and get back to work.

Robert: Well...what was that all about?

Toussaint: Nurse Ratched is a stickler for the rules.

Robert: That had nothing to do with hospital policy, my friend. Someone's stuck in the middle of a lovers' spat.

Toussaint: Do you want to walk out of here with a lopsided head of hair?


Robert: [Sighs]

Cheryl: If there's anything you need... just press this button... and ask for Cheryl. That's me.

Jagger: Thank you. You got a friendly staff.

Leo: You know, I can, uh... put you in for observation for the night. Nurse Cheryl is pretty attentive. If you know what I mean.

Jagger: Well, that's very tempting, but, uh, I have a very expensive baby-sitter.

Leo: You have a kid?

Jagger: Yeah. I got a 5-year-old boy.

Leo: I envy you, man. Chicks love single dads. It makes you seem more vulnerable.

Jagger: You're kidding, right?

Leo: No. No, I'm not. I was out with a buddy of mine a couple of weeks ago, and, um, he brought his kid along with him. He went to go park the car for just a few minutes, left me with the kid. I swear, I scored more digits in 5 minutes than I did the entire month. Worked so much better than a puppy.

Jagger: That is so wrong. [Laughs]

P.A.: Mrs. O'Brien, telephone, please. Mrs. O'Brien.

Saira: Hey, lady.

Robin: Hey.

Saira: You know, sometimes I forget that you're HIV-positive.

Robin: I wish I was so lucky.

Saira: How are you doing, you know, with the pregnancy and... all the meds?

Robin: Oh...fine. You know, it's just kind of a lot.

Saira: Yeah.

Robin: I take zidovudine 3 times a day and nevirapine twice a day. It's supposed to decrease the chances of the baby contracting HIV. And then on top of that, you know, prenatal vitamins, iron...all that stuff.

Saira: Good God. That sounds overwhelming.

Robin: Yeah. I mean, I'm kind of used to it by now, but it's exhausting sometimes.

Saira: I don't know how you do it. I mean, I couldn't do it-- hold it together the way you always do.

Robin: Yes, you could. Because you'd have no choice. Like me. I mean, really, it's something that you can't understand until... you have to deal with it. It's weird. We're doctors, you know? We understand a lot about disease, but you don't really know until... you're the one living with it.

Leo: So, what, you're not seeing anyone?

Jagger: Who's got the time?

Leo: Come on, man, what's the point of being a superspy if you can't use it as an excuse to pick up women?

Jagger: To tell you the truth, I haven't really dated that much since my son was born.

Leo: Well, you should get out there more. Hey. Maybe I'll baby-sit for you.

Saira: Hey.

Jagger: Hi.

Saira: I heard you took a fall. Are you ok?

Jagger: Yeah.

Leo: You guys know each other?

Jagger: Yeah, she's been treating my son's autism. She's a miracle worker.

Saira: [Laughs] I'm just doing my job.

Leo: I'm sure.

Saira: Oh, I came across some new research on acupuncture treatments for children. I was gonna save it for Stone's next visit, but since you're here, I could go get it.

Jagger: That'd be great. Thank you.

Saira: Ok. I'll be right back.

Jagger: Ok.

Saira: Ok.

Leo: You know, um, you don't have to stick around. I'm sure she can fax you the files.

Jagger: You know what? Speaking of dating and going out, maybe you can hook me up with Saira.

P.A.: Mrs. Keyes, telephone, please. Mrs. Keyes.

Cyrus: [Coughs]

Patrick: Again.

Cyrus: [Coughs] I'm telling you, I'm not the one who's sick.

Patrick: Yeah, I don't hear any crackles in your lungs, but I'd like to run some more tests to be sure. Order a chest x-ray and CBC with differential.

Cyrus: When can I see Moira?

Patrick: We'll talk when we get your labs back.

Cyrus: I'm going out of my mind here, guys.

Kyle: If you don't mind, how did you and Moira meet?

Cyrus: In an online support group. Turns out we live 5 miles from each other. We've been seeing the same specialist since we were kids. Crazy, right?

Patrick: What does your doctor say about your relationship?

Cyrus: The same thing you do-- that we're playing Russian roulette.

Patrick: You know, there's plenty of women without CF.

Cyrus: Yeah, I've tried to date normal girls, but they always treat me like I'm some kind of charity case. Moira's different. She doesn't care I've got a disease.

Patrick: Yeah, I can imagine that would be tough to give up.

Cyrus: Who said anything about giving up? I don't care if it's 2 years or 20. I'm spending the rest of my life with her. Starting tonight.

Jagger: You work with Saira every day. Give me some pointers.

Leo: You're asking the wrong guy.

Jagger: Wait. Are you two going out together?

Leo: No! God, no. Um, let's just say that...Dr. Batra and I don't see eye to eye when it comes to medicine.

Jagger: She seems like a great girl, and my son Stone, he's crazy about her.

Leo: Yeah. She's fine. I guess. But...she's no Nurse Cheryl.

[Cell phone rings]

Jagger: Excuse me. Oh, that's my sitter. I gotta go. Would you do me a favor and let her know that I'll be back tomorrow and pick up the stuff. And maybe you can use the opportunity to...

Leo: Yeah. Sure. I'll let her know.

Jagger: Thanks.

Leo: Yeah.

Saira: Where's Jagger going?

Leo: You just missed him. He told me to tell you... he had to see someone.

Saira: Ok.

Leo: Disappointed?

Saira: His son is a patient of mine.

Leo: Do you do the 100-yard dash for all of your patients, or just the ones with washboard abs?

Saira: Very mature.

Moira: Cyrus put a deposit down on a B&B near the falls. But, uh, I don't think we're gonna make it there now.

Robin: Unfortunately, I can't discharge you. Your white count was elevated, and I'm still waiting on your sputum culture. Do you know what you've grown before?

Moira: Pseudomonas.

Robin: Ok. We'll start you on antibiotics to treat that until we get the final results. Let's order acephepine, 2 grams every 6 hours and tobi, half a gram daily.

Moira: This is...perfect. I finally get t go away on a romantic vacation with a boy and now I need a tune-up. Story of my life.

Claire: I'll find Cyrus and let him know what's going on.

Moira: Wait. Uh... I want to be the one to tell him.

Robin: Moira, you know I can't let him in here.

Moira: You can't, or you won't?

Robin: Listen, you and Cyrus can do whatever you want outside of this hospital, but as long as you're under this roof--

Moira: You're starting to sound like my mom.

Robin: As your doctor, I'm having a hard time comprehending how you can be so cavalier about your health.

Moira: For 21 years I've been living by the rules like a good little girl. I'm so tired of being careful. Sometimes it's just liberating to let go.

Robin: Even if it means putting your own life in danger and your boyfriend's life?

Moira: He understands the risks. We both do. The thing is, neither one of us was ever supposed to live this long in the first place. So don't we deserve to be happy with the time that we have left? I don't expect you to understand.

Robert: So, it turns out that she's a double agent and has been lying to me all along.

Toussaint: You're kidding.

Robert: I fell in love with that woman. I didn't even know who she was.

Toussaint: At least you got a beautiful daughter out of it.

Robert: Point is, my friend, you should never fool around with the people you work with. I mean, I found that out the hard way.

Toussaint: Epiphany and I are not fooling around.

Robert: Then what are you doing?

Toussaint: Nothin'. I gave her some flowers, and she lied about it.

Robert: Look, mate. Women... women kind of, uh... need to be tamed. You gotta demonstrate that you've got the power, but you've also got to demonstrate you're not scared to use it.

Toussaint: Did that work for you?

Robert: [Laughs] Damn right. It's what got Robert Scorpio to where he is in life. Well, this doesn't count.

Toussaint: [Laughing]

Robin: Hey.

Patrick: Hey.

Robin: Hey, I need you.

Patrick: Ah, I love pregnancy hormones.

Robin: No, it's not--it's about your CF patient. What's his name?

Patrick: Cyrus.

Robin: Yeah. I need you to keep him out of the ICU.

Patrick: I already told him he can't see her until his labs come back clean.

Robin: It doesn't matter if he's asymptomatic. I don't want them anywhere near each other.

Patrick: Robin, they can wave at each from outside the room.

Robin: Yeah, well, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Patrick: They're young and in love. I think we should cut them a little slack.

Robin: They both have a chronic illness. They're being irresponsible.

Patrick: Ok, well, what does that say about us? You're HIV-positive, we're together, we're having a baby.

Robin: That is completely different. With Moira, the shape that she's in, they could infect each other just by being in the same room.

Patrick: Well, if anything happens to you, I'm not leaving your side. Robin, they're gonna be separated by a glass window.

Robin: All right.

Patrick: Ok. I'll see you later.

[Door opens]

Cyrus: Too dorky?

Patrick: Nah. Chicks love dorky. Got some good news. Your labs came back clean. We can discharge you immediately.

Cyrus: [Sighs] Great. Which way is Moira's room?

Patrick: She's still in ICU and we have to wait until her antibiotics kick in.

Cyrus: That could take days. I gotta strike while the iron's hot.

Patrick: Cyrus, have you thought this through? You know what you're doing here?

Cyrus: Positive. We're made for each other, man.

Patrick: You've only known each other for 8 months.

Cyrus: That's practically a lifetime in CF years. Because I get her, you know?

Patrick: Yeah, I know.

Cyrus: No, I don't think you do. 'Cause you're healthy. You're like all the other guys she dated before me. Yes, you're sympathetic and you care a lot. But you don't get her like I do. And the sex, man, we're right there. This disease, the CF, it's like it connects us. There is no space between us, you know?

Claire: Can you imagine? I mean, you finally meet the love of your life and you can't be together when it matters most.

Epiphany: Doesn't seem right.

Kyle: The knew what they were getting into when they got involved.

Epiphany: Relationships are hard. You don't always make the right decision.

Kyle: I'm sorry, but you gotta be a bit more mature than that. Your actions have consequences.

Epiphany: True. But before you know it, you find yourself in the position of losing one of the best things that ever happened to you.

Robin: Get the condom. Please tell me you have one.

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: Get it. Hey.

Patrick: What?

Robin: Get the condom. Come on. What?

Patrick: I'm trying to find the stupid condom.

Robin: Why are you acting like it's my fault?

Patrick: I'm not acting like it's your fault, Robin, I'm trying to find the condom.

Robin: You know what? Don't bother.

Patrick: Robin. Hey -- Robin.

Kyle: So that's your third latte in like 2 hours?

Claire: I spent the entire day I.M.ing with this guy I met online.

Kyle: So much for your pre-shift nap.

Claire: I like to chat a bit before going on actual dates. It helps me weed out the losers.

Kyle: And how is that working out for you?

Claire: Well, so this guy, finderskeepers74, we were totally hitting it off and out of nowhere...excuse me. Important story being told.

Kyle: Sorry. I just keep getting spammed like you would not believe, and it's all from the same sender. Male at brotherly love. What?

Claire: You're gonna think this is really funny.

Kyle: Claire?

Claire: I may have gone online and created a profile for you.

Kyle: You what?

Claire: This'll be great. We'll go on a double date together.

Kyle: What I don't need is you playing cyber Cyrano.

Claire: I just thought that --

Kyle: Just take the profile down.

Leo: The swelling's gone down a bit.

Jagger: That's good, right?

Leo: Yeah, but you're not gonna be playing ball for a while. Damn shame, too. You made one hell of a point guard.

Jagger: Well, you know, I--I got a lot of practice, you know, chasing after my little boy.

Leo: How's he doing?

Jagger: Ah, you know. I mean, we have good days and bad days, but overall, thanks to dr. Batra, doing pretty good.

Leo: Good. You know, um, I got a buddy of mine over at County. He's one of the top Autism researchers in the state. He doesn't take on new patients, but I can put in a call, get you in the door.

Jagger: Saira's been doing a pretty good job. She knows what she's doing.

Leo: I'm sure she does. But she's not really a specialist, you know? I mean, it couldn't hurt to start seeing somebody that's just a little bit more experienced in the field. This is your kid that we're talking about.

Jagger: Right, right. Yeah, um... I guess it couldn't hurt, you know, get a second opinion.

Leo: Good. Good. I'll set it up for you. I'll call him first thing tomorrow morning.

Patrick: What are you playing?

Robert: Five card stud. $10 bets. You in?

Patrick: No, I'm here to talk about your upcoming colon surgery.

Robert: Ah, come on. Just -- just one quick hand.

Patrick: Maybe another time.

Robert: You should be finding ways to...take my mind off this, get away from the stress of things.

Patrick: All right. Deal me in.

Robert: That's the spirit. All right.

Robin: Hello. Whoa, what happened to your hair?

Robert: It's my summer cut. You like?

Robin: I...sure. What are you two doing?

Robert: I'm about to take your boyfriend for every dime he's worth.

Robin: Is the acting chief of staff allowed to gamble on hospital time?

Patrick: I'm on break. And will raise you 10.

Robert: Ooh. You're a real risk-taker, you.

Robin: Hmm. So I'm discovering.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I go with my gut.

Robin: It's certainly not your head that's calling the shots.

Robert: Uh...ahem. Aces and 9s.

Robin: Ooh.

Patrick: Wow. It looks like I'm getting shut out a lot today.

Robert: Wait. Don't go away. W we're just getting started.

Patrick: Yeah, well, I'll come back when it's not quite as crowded.

Robin: So... I'm here to talk to you about your surgery.

Robert: Mm.

Robin: What?

Robert: Come on. Can't we--can't we talk about something interesting?

Robin: Interesting? Ok, um... Mom's in town.

Robert: What?

Robin: I've been meaning to tell you.

Robert: You picked a hell of a time.

Robin: I know. Sorry.

Robert: You haven't told her about--

Robin: No, no. I wanted to talk to you first.

Robert: You can't tell her.

Robin: Dad --

Robert: No, no.

Robert: Come on. What--

Robert: No, absolutely not.

Robin: But she would want to know. And, really, she has the right to know.

Robert: My decision, Robin. I don't want her seeing me like this.

Robin: Ok.

Robert: So...can we move on to other things, like, you know... you and the boyfriend, huh?

Robin: Ha ha.

Robert: Come on, look, I heard the jibes. My advice has been pretty good in the past. Huh?

Robin: It has? Ok.

Robert: Yeah. Come on. Just...spill it.

Robin: Ok, fine. We had a fight last night.

Robert: Mm-hmm.

Robin: It was about sex.

Robert: You try calling your mother?

Moira: Uh, television show. Television. It's 2 words.

Saira: 2 words.

Moira: Second word. Uh, third syllable. Letter "C."

Saira: Uh...

Moira: Uh, quotation marks. Uh... what? Oh! Ha ha ha ha! Oh, moon, moon! Honeymoon!

Saira: Honeymooners! Nice.

Moira: [Coughing]

Robin: Sorry to break this up, but...I gotta get in there.

Cyrus: Uh, ok. If she needs anything, I'll be right down the hall, ok?

Robin: That looked fun.

Moira: [Coughing]

Robin: You two are very cute together.

Moira: You don't have to say that.

Robin: Well, he makes you smile. That's the most important thing.

Moira: Well, life's too short to not smile. At least it is when you have CF. [Coughing]

Robin: Your cultures finally came back. You have, uh... B. Cenocepacia.

Moira: There must be a mistake. Run the tests again.

Robin: I ran them 3 times. I'm so sorry.

Moira: How much time to I have?

Jagger: Hey.

Robin: Hey. How'd your follow-up go?

Jagger: Uh, fine. I think you guys are trying to get another copay out of me.

Robin: [Laughs]

Jagger: Hey, what's going on?

Robin: I just had to give a death sentence to a 23-year-old girl.

Jagger: Oh, Robin.

Robin: And the worst part is, if she sees her boyfriend at this point he could die, too.

Jagger: That's horrible. I'm sorry.

Robin: They're too young to die.

Jagger: Hey. You know what today is?

Robin: What?

Jagger: Stone's birthday. Our Stone.

Robin: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I forgot. I...

Jagger: Hey.

Robin: You know, every year I go to the cemetery and I bring him flowers. I've just been so... caught up with work and my dad and Patrick.

Jagger: That's ok. It's all right.

Robin: You know, even though he's gone, it's like... we still have something in common. You know, with the HIV. As horrible as that sounds... we still have that connection and that bond. I know that probably sounds really awful.

Jagger: No, it doesn't. You're being honest. And I miss him.

Robin: Me, too.

Robin: We'll continue the antibiotics with you, along with aggressive respiratory treatment and airway clearance.

Moira: I thought you said that the antibiotics weren't working.

Robin: There's a chance that they could prolong the time you have left.

Patrick: Patients with B. Cenocepacia often experience a rapid decline. Once the bacteria infects the lungs, it starts to erode the tissue...causes irreversible damage.

Cyrus: How rapid is rapid?

Patrick: It could be weeks. At most a month.

Cyrus: What about a lung donor?

Patrick: We put Moira on the pulmonary transplant list.

Robin: But the likelihood of a successful transplant is severely compromised.

Moira: So it's just a matter of time, then.

Cyrus: If I hadn't dragged her on this stupid road trip, she'd be fine.

Patrick: She was probably infected before you left home.

Cyrus: 8 months. That's all we've had together.

Moira: When can I see him?

Robin: Given your prognosis... even the slightest exposure could put his life at risk.

Cyrus: I want to see her.

Patrick: Cyrus. You know I can't let you do that.

Cyrus: I'm not letting her die alone. Whatever time we have left...we're gonna spend it together.

Epiphany: Toussaint, uh... I'd like to take a moment to talk about us.

[Elevator dings, door opens]

Epiphany: I, uh...I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me--

Nurse Anderson: Hold the elevator!

Toussaint: Go.

[Elevator door closes]

Toussaint: Now, you were saying?

Epiphany: Um... I--I think that, um... I think that the situation could have been handled differently.

Toussaint: And what situation is that?

Epiphany: The situation from the other night.

Toussaint: You mean the patient that lied about her medical records?

Epiphany: I wouldn't say that she lied, necessarily. I--I think--I think that she was just a little...uncomfortable, maybe.

Toussaint: Hmm.

Epiphany: You know, with the... [Takes deep breath] revealing details of her personal life?

Toussaint: Hmm. I see. Excuse me, uh, Nurse Anderson, would you be interested in having coffee with me in the break room later this evening?

Nurse Anderson: Me?

Toussaint: Yes. That is, if you don't mind being seen with me socially.

Nurse Anderson: Of course not. Ok.

Toussaint: Ok.

Nurse Anderson: Thanks. [Giggles]

Toussaint: Thank you. Well, I guess I've been barking up the wrong tree.

Saira: Hey.

Jagger: Oh, hi.

Saira: How's the ankle holding up?

Jagger: Oh, you should see me on the dance floor. I'm a regular Fred Astaire.

Saira: Now, that's something I'd like to see.

Jagger: Allow me.

Saira: [Laughs] [Laughs]

Jagger: What?

Saira: I take it the rehab's going well.

Jagger: Mm-hmm.

Saira: I'm really looking forward to working with Stone again on Thursday.

Jagger: Oh, yeah, um... about that...

Saira: What?

Jagger: [Sighs] Julian just gave me a number of another doctor he recommended that we see.

Saira: Oh.

Jagger: But, look, I think the therapy you've been giving Stone is amazing. He just thought that--

Saira: No, you're--you know, you're absolutely right. You're entitled to a second opinion. It's...

Jagger: I think you're wonderful, and I want to thank you for everything you've done for us.

Saira: Jagger, please, it's been my pleasure.

Jagger: Look, if there's something going on with you and Julian--

Saira: There's nothing going on between me and Dr. Julian.

Jagger: Well, he doesn't seem to see it that way. Look, I just don't want to get in the middle of anything, you know?

Saira: Right. Of course not. I'm so sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.

Jagger: No. No worries. Well...bye, I guess.

Saira: Ok. Um...bye.

P.A.: Dr. Hensel to surgery, please. Dr. Hensel.

Robin: Please don't tell me that's the last piece of chocolate left in this hospital.

Patrick: I think it is.

Robin: As if this night could get any worse.

Patrick: Here.

Robin: No, I'm good.

Patrick: No, take the chocolate, please.

Robin: Thank you.

Patrick: You know, uh, Cyrus is gonna ask Moira to marry him.

Robin: Wow.

Patrick: What do you think she'll say?

Robin: Yes. Because she's young and naive.

Patrick: And in love.

Robin: Then why does she want to kill him?

Patrick: Cyrus can be responsible for his own life. I mean, you can't blame the guy for wanting to be closer to her?

Robin: Even if it puts his own life in jeopardy?

Patrick: Isn't that what you do when you're in love, you put your life on the line?

Robin: Why are you making me out to be the bad guy? This is a very complicated situation.

Patrick: Yeah, and I can't possibly understand, because I don't have a life-threatening disease, right?

Robin: No. Actually, you can't. You have no idea what it's like to wake up in the morning and to line up your pills or... have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the day or just not know how much time you have left. A few months, a few days-- you just don't know.

Patrick: You know, Robin, I'm always gonna be on the outside, aren't I? I mean, God forbid if our daughter is born HIV-positive--

Robin: She's not gonna be positive.

Patrick: Right. You know, sometimes I just think it would be easier if I was positive myself.

Saira: Do you mind telling me why you're meddling with my patients? Jagger told me that you referred him to another doctor.

Leo: I thought he might want a second opinion.

Saira: And why is that? Are you questioning my professional abilities?

Leo: Not at all. But the kid deserves the best treatment he can get.

Saira: Admit it. This is about me spending time with another man. Julian, I'm warning you-- don't mess with me professionally. Don't you dare.

Robin: Is there anything that we can do to make you more comfortable?

Moira: No.

[Knock on door]

Moira: Hey, stranger. I love you, too. Charades. Right. All right.

Robin: I can leave for a moment.

Moira: No. Stay. I'm so not above cheating at this point. Common phrases. 4 words. Third word. You're a judge. Oh! Uh, it's a bride and groom. They're getting married. Cyrus...

[Cyrus gets down on bended knee and mouths, "I want you to marry me."]

Cyrus: Let me in!

[Door rattling]

Moira: I can't.

Cyrus: Yes, Moira, you can.

Singer: I need you to know...

Moira: I love you. I love you too much to let you do this.

Cyrus: Don't shut me out. Not now.

Moira: Hey...I'm right here.

Cyrus: This is not enough. [Hits door] This isn't enough!

Moira: I know, but it has to be.

Cyrus: Please don't do this.

Moira: I'm sorry.

Singer: For the rest of my life

Moira: I'm sorry.

Claire: Well, if it isn't hot doc 583. Ready for your big date tomorrow?

Kyle: How did you know?

Claire: You left your laptop open in the lounge. And, FYI, you don't have to respond to every guy that winks at you.

Kyle: Thanks for the tip, Nancy Drew. Now can we please just leave it?

Claire: Sure. Welcome to the world of online dating.

Kyle: Thanks. For pushing me out there.

Claire: You're welcome. What made you change your mind?

Kyle: I don't know. I guess all this talk of love just kind of got to me.

Claire: Well, I'm proud of you.

Kyle: Me? You're more out there than anybody I know. It's actually pretty inspiring, in kind of a cautionary tale sort of way.

Claire: That could be the nicest thing you have ever said to me.

Kyle: Well, don't let it get to your head. Oh, and, um, the guys on my site, by the way, way cuter than yours.

Patrick: You know, that could be us someday. Moira and Cyrus.

Robin: Yeah, I know.

Patrick: [Sighs]

Robin: You -- you don't want this. Trust me. I was with Stone the day he died, and, uh... I don't think I can go through that again.

Patrick: I'm never gonna have what Stone had, am I? I'm never gonna... I'm never gonna have you the way he did.

Robin: That doesn't matter. You're the one that's here with me. You. And I wouldn't trade that for anything. Listen, I need you to be healthy. If anything were to happen to me, you have to take care of our daughter.

Patrick: Nothing's gonna happen to you. Our lovely little girl is gonna have two healthy parents. Because our love is strong enough to make that happen. I promise you.

Robin: I love you.

Patrick: I love you, too.

Announcer: Choices about life and love ...

Robin: How bad is it?

Announcer: On the next "Night Shift," will Robin go against her father's wishes to save his life?

Robin: If I say do it, he might never forgive me.

Announcer: Will Claire help an old friend with a rare gift?

Claire's friend: Are you in or are you out?

Announcer: And who will Saira choose, Leo or Jagger?

Saira: Come in.

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