"Family Values" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 8/19/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 8/19/08


"Family Values"
Written by Alex Hinton & Andy Wombwell

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Gisele

Previously on Night Shift...

Patrick: I have the results of your bone scan, your head scan, and your tumor markers. I'm sorry to say you have colon cancer.

Patrick: Do you guys know each other?

Kyle: Barely.

Leo: We're brothers.

Kyle: I'll stay out of your way if you stay out of mine.

Epiphany: The woman that is sitting here with you today, she just wants the man sitting across from her right now.

Saira: Stone has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Jagger: So my son is Autistic?

[Siren blaring]

[Indistinct chattering]

Patrick: Hey.

Jagger: Hey.

Stone: Hey.

Patrick: Hey, buddy. How are you?

Stone: My name is Stone.

Patrick: Yeah, I know. I met you at, uh... anyways, you here to see Robin?

Jagger: Um...no. Actually, we have an appointment with Dr. Batra.

Patrick: Oh. That's good. All right. All right.

Jagger: How is Robin?

Patrick: She's good. She's good. Yeah, she's, you know, she's still pregnant. You know that. So...

Jagger: I do know that. I just saw her yesterday.

Patrick: Good. Good. Um, how's... the FBI?

Jagger: Well, good--pretty much the same, last I checked.

Patrick: That's good. That's good. Ok, then. Yeah, like I said, she's...just right around the corner.

Stone: I hate doctors.

Patrick: That's so...very cute. He's adorable.

Jagger: All right. See you later.

Patrick: See you.

Jagger: Bye.

Patrick: Whew.

Robin: Dad, I just got your lab-- what are you doing?

Robert: I'm looking for my antivenom kit. You don't suppose someone swiped it, do you?

Robin: Um, no.

Robert: If I get bitten by a snake while walking through that lobby out there, there's gonna be hell to pay. I promise you.

Robin: Where are you going?

Robert: I've got to get out of here, love. Could you give me a lift back to my plane? Well... what's left of it, anyway. You're right. I probably should find another way to get out of there. Come on. You can walk me out.

Robin: No, Dad. You're not going anywhere.

Toussaint: Ho ho ho. You're a sight for sore eyes.

Epiphany: Oh, hush. It's good to see you, too.

Toussaint: Mwah.

Epiphany: Mwah. Um, you better hurry up and get out there. I can't be seen giving you special treatment, or people will start to talk.

Toussaint: Then I believe I have a minute before my shift to give you these.

Epiphany: Oh. They're beautiful.

Toussaint: This is a thank-you for a lovely evening.

Epiphany: Thank you, Toussaint.

Toussaint: Well, you'll have to excuse me. I can't be late for work. Boss is a stickler.

Epiphany: Heh heh heh!

Kyle: Bay Station didn't radio ahead about any burn victims.

EMT: There was no time. Firemen pulled these two ladies out of a burning house.

Allison: Cynthia--how is she?

Kyle: We're doing everything we can, ma'am.

Allison: Is she ok?

Kyle: What do we got?

EMT: She's not responding. There was a fire in their house.

Allison: I got home, and everything was in flames. I found her passed out. [Coughing]

EMT: She jumped from a second-story balcony just before it collapsed.

Leo: She's got third-degree burns to over 70% of her body.

EMT: I couldn't get her intubated, and I could barely get a B.P.

Patrick: She's in post-burn shock. Start on crystalloids, 800 cc, and get set up for a vent.

Allison: Is she going to be ok?

Leo: Let's get her intubated. Give me a 7.0 et2.

Patrick: I'm gonna start a CVP line.


Claire: She's flatlining.

Leo: Get me an [Indistinct]! I'll bag her.

[Defibrillator whirring]

Patrick: Clear!

Claire: Still flat.

Patrick: 300. Clear!

Claire: We got rhythm.


Patrick: 360. Clear!

[Machines beeping]

Leo: Her heart is barely pumping. Ejection fraction is only 15%.

Patrick: There's no brain activity. She must have been deprived of oxygen during the fire.

Kyle: Is there any chance for improvement?

Patrick: There's an absence of brainstem function.

Leo: And a heart that's not keeping up with the body's demand can't maintain for very long.

Kyle: So, she's brain-dead.

Allison: Cyn?

Epiphany: She asked to see her.

Allison: Ohh...

Epiphany: Allison's her partner. They've been together for 9 years.

Allison: Oh, baby.

Patrick: Allison, you can take as much time as you want. Cynthia's in great hands with Dr. Julian here, and he'll keep you up to speed on her condition. All right?

Allison: Is she in any pain?

Leo: Dr. Julian, chief said you could handle any questions.

Kyle: What? No. Uh, no, she's not feeling any pain.

Allison: [Sniffling]

Kyle: Excuse me. Hey, wait. Wait! I'm pretty sure Dr. Drake meant that you should handle this.

Leo: Possibly. But as the attending, I'm delegating the case to you. Is that a problem, Doctor?

Kyle: I don't have any experience in breaking news like this.

Leo: Then you're gonna have to learn. I've got more pressing matters to see to.

Kyle: What could possibly be more pressing than telling a poor woman that her partner isn't gonna survive the night?

Leo: Patients who will survive the night.

Robert: Ok. You... have the floor, my dear.

Robin: [Sighs] You have stage 4 colon cancer.

Robert: 4 out of...

Robin: 4.

Robert: Oh. Well... at least I get an A-plus. Survival rate?

Robin: 10%.

Robert: Well, I've had...worse odds in my life. Darling, life has always been a game to me -- a dangerous one, but a game. And lady luck has always been on my side.

Robin: We have to perform surgery to remove part of your colon. And then we're going to have to follow up with a rigorous course of chemotherapy.

Robert: [Sighs] Ok.

Robin: All in all, we're looking at...several months before we know if you're in the clear.

Robert: That's unacceptable.

Robin: What do you mean?

Robert: Look, I...got this rebel dude in the Congo I got to put out of business. A couple of months? He could have diplomatic immunity and be sitting poolside in Dubai sucking on a mojito.

Robin: Well, yeah, I don't care about the dude in the Congo.

Robert: Look, I promise...I'll send you a postcard. I'll text you. I'll leave something on your--

Robin: Dad? Dad!

Claire: Hello? We've got a drop-off.

Toussaint: Well, I guess they're on a break. Should we come back?

Claire: Hell no. You can come back if you want, but I am not coming back. Let's just push him to the side and leave.

Toussaint: That's cold.

Claire: What? He's not going anywhere.

Alan: [Coughing]

Claire: Oh, my God. I--I didn't hear anything...'cause if I don't believe it, it doesn't exist, right?

Toussaint: I think that's a good policy.

Alan: [Coughing]

Claire: Still nothing.

Toussaint: Hold on. Let me just go take a look.

Claire: Oh, my God! If you open that drawer and something pops out, I am totally gonna crap my pants, like, everywhere.

Toussaint: Claire, you're a doctor! There's no such things as ghosts.

Claire: Ok, seriously...oh, no.

Toussaint: You see? Nothing. It was just probably some gas. I heard that dead bodies do that, you know, when they've been sitting for a while. Looks like a nice guy...peaceful.

Claire: Yeah. Heh. You know, he kind of looks like my cousin Bucky. Sometimes, he'd come over, and we'd make grilled cheese sandwiches with my mom's hot plate. Heh heh! We'd make all these crazy choices like, I put bananas in it--

Alan: I'd kill for a grilled cheese sandwich, man.

Claire: Aah!

Saira: Stone, do this. Good job. [Crinkling] Do you like that train, Stone? Stone, do this. Choo-choo! Stone, do this. Choo-choo!

Jagger: Stone...the doctor is talking to you.

Saira: It's ok. Stone, come back to the table.

Jagger: Stone, enough with the train. Come on. Go sit down.

Stone: [Whimpers]

Jagger: Listen to your doctor, ok?

Stone: Unh!

Jagger: Stone...

Stone: Unh!

Jagger: Stone.

Saira: It's ok. It's ok. Stone, why don't you pick up the blocks while your dad and I go outside to talk? Ok? I really need you to just observe for now.

Jagger: That's what I was doing.

Saira: You were interacting. Look, I know it's difficult. But it's ok, I promise. This is the process.

Jagger: He was playing with blocks.

Saira: It may seem silly, but ABA therapy has proven to be really effective for many children on the spectrum.

Jagger: Ok. What are you gonna be doing next?

Saira: Well, I'll be leading him through a series of exercises. It's all about repetition and positive reinforcement. So, I might ask him to identify a particular color from a set of choices or to rebuild structure from those blocks. And when he does well, then I reward him.

Jagger: And if he doesn't do so well, then what?

Saira: Then we try again.

Jagger: Until when?

Saira: Until we move on to more complicated behavior. I mean, we can continue with ABA therapy to help him learn communication skills, social interaction.

Jagger: Look, he's not slow. Have you heard him talk about rocks? He's just shy around you. That's all.

Saira: Stone's Autism isn't a reflection of his IQ. I mean, he could be a genius. And this therapy could unlock that for the whole world to see. [Sighs] I need you to give this a chance. Please let me try.

Patrick: Whoa. Hey, wrong direction. This belongs in the morgue.

Alan: Told you so.

Patrick: Who said that?

Claire: You know, when it first happened, I freaked out. But now it's just plain annoying!

Patrick: Ok, you guys playing a joke on me? Is this--

Toussaint: No, not at all. He's quite adamant about being dead.

Patrick: Is there a problem?

Alan: [Sighs] Not anymore.

Patrick: What's your name?

Alan: Skinner, Alan. That was my government name, while I preferred to go by skin, alien. Heh.

Claire: Alien skin--sexy.

Alan: Ever heard of me?

Claire: No.

Alan: No. Story of my life...my short--tragically short--life.

Patrick: Well, guess what? You're not dead.

Alan: How do you know?

Patrick: Because I'm talking to you.

Alan: Yeah, well, you might be dead too, buddy.

Patrick: Who brought him in? What is his name? Please do not tell me that somebody actually pronounced him dead.

Claire: I'll check the intake records.

Patrick: Take him up to Psych, get a drug panel, make sure he's not on anything. And just get him off the gurney so he doesn't scare the other patients.

Toussaint: Ok. Ok. Come along with me, Alan.

Alan: It's alien, man--alien.

Toussaint: Why don't I just call you Al?

[Machines beeping]

[Door opens]

Mrs. Byron: Dean...

Dean: It's ok.

Mrs. Byron: [Sobs] She looks like she's sleeping.

Leo: Mr. and Mrs. Byron?

Dean: Yes.

[Door closes]

Leo: I'm Dr. Julian. I've been tending to your daughter since she was admitted.

Mrs. Byron: Please tell us you can save her.

Leo: I'm sorry. We've done everything we can.

Mrs. Byron: [Sobbing]

Dean: What's next?

Leo: Um, does your daughter have a living will, or did she ever express her wishes should something like this happen? If she'd want to be kept alive on life support, or--

Dean: Well, we actually... we haven't spoken to our daughter in many years.

Allison: If I may... I know what Cynthia would want.

Dean: Excuse me. I don't mean to be rude, but we really don't... I don't know you.

Allison: I'm Allison.

Dean: Doctor, this is a family matter. We'd prefer it be kept private.

Allison: I am her family. And are you really trying to tell me that you have no interest in knowing what Cynthia would want us to do?

Dean: Doctor, I believe we have a right to ask that anybody not a family member be barred from our daughter's room.

Allison: What?

Leo: Sir, I...don't think that's necessary. If we could just--

Dean: No, I insist. This has been very hard on my wife and me. Please don't make it any harder.

Leo: I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Robert: I know you're my doctor--and a very good one, I understand.

Robin: I am.

Robert: I know my chances here. And I promise I'll get this dealt with. I did say I was gonna come back. I mean, why can't I be treated somewhere else? This isn't the only hospital in the world, right?

Robin: Uh, yeah, sure, 'cause the Congo is known for good quality chemo.

Robert: I know the risk. I know what's going on here. But I just can't have this ruling my life.

Robin: You're scared.

Robert: Heh.

Robin: You are. Just admit it. I mean, you're not running off to the Congo to get some rebel leader. You're too scared to stick around and face this.

Robert: I really don't want to listen to this. Am I free to go?

Epiphany: You're an adult. I can't stop you.

Robin: Fine. So you know what? I can stop you. I'll have you committed. That's right. I'll have you declared incompetent.

Robert: You wouldn't dare.

Robin: Go ahead and try me.

Robert: Don't you threaten me, young lady. You'll be in way over your head.

Robin: Really? I hate to break it to you. Both of my parents are superspies. I got some pretty tough genes.

Robert: My record stands for itself. My competence has never been up for debate.

Robin: Maybe. But that was before you, I don't know, crashed your plane into the middle of Main Street, thought you were on a secret mission from the 80's, and tried to break out of the hospital a week after brain surgery. Sounds like a pretty good case for incompetence to me.

Robert: What do you know? My little girl has got some spunk. Well...it's been fun.

Robin: What?

Robert: Look, you can get your court order. But we both know by the time you wade through the red tape, I'll be a speck in the distance.

Robin: Fine. You know what? Go. Go to the Congo, go to Bosnia. You can go to hell for all I care. And if you don't get the treatment that you need, then that's your problem. Can I just have a telegram to know where to go for your funeral?

Epiphany: Dr. Scorpio... she didn't mean it.

Robert: No. No, I... ohh!

Epiphany: Are you ok?

Robert: Yeah.

Epiphany: Come on. Just...

Robert: Ohh.

Epiphany: Have a seat. Just rest.

Robert: Yeah. [Sighs] Well...I don't know what came over me there.

Epiphany: Perhaps a little colon cancer?

Robert: Touché.

Kyle: How could you do that?

Leo: Do what?

Kyle: Allison -- I heard how you kicked her out of Cynthia's room.

Leo: Don't be such a drama queen. I didn't kick her out.

Kyle: You know, I always knew that you were an ass --

Leo: Excuse me. I am your attending.

Kyle: I had no idea that you could show such disrespect for people's feelings.

Leo: I respected the wishes of her family. I was following protocol.

Kyle: Since when does Leo Julian, cocky surgeon, ever bow to protocol?

Leo: Since I've been on thin ice with Patrick. And I don't want to be put on probation. Look... my heart goes out to that woman. It does. But as doctors, we cannot let our emotions influence our actions. Listen to me. It's about knowing how to choose your battles.

Kyle: I thought this was my battle. Remember? You gave it to me when you thought this case was too boring to be bothered with.

Leo: I'm taking you off the case, because your judgment is clearly clouded.

Toussaint: Are you a musician?

Alan: Was, yeah. Band was called The Castrati.

Toussaint: Oh. It sounds painful. You guys any good?

Alan: I like to think we were, yeah.

Patrick: All right, what did you find?

Claire: Well, he hasn't suffered any head injuries, and his blood work is clean.

Patrick: Clean...

Toussaint: What kind of music did you play?

Alan: Rock--old school like all the greats. Not that anybody notices--we got, like, 40 fans, I think, if you count my AA group.

Patrick: Look, Alan. I don't know if this is some kind of stunt you're pulling, but sneaking into the hospital and breaking into the morgue is a criminal act.

Alan: Wow. You are such a downer, dude. I'm not trying to get in your hair, bro. I'm just trying to check out, you know? I'm ready to move on to that killer jam session they got going on on the other side, right? Jimi and Janis, Morrison, Cobain, right?

Toussaint: Amen to that. I bet that's one hell of a party.

Patrick: Mm-hmm. Well, unfortunately, you're not invited, Mr. Skinner. You're not dead yet.

Claire: So, how is Leo with you being gay?

Kyle: Leo wasn't exactly the easiest guy to have for an older brother. He was always the most popular at school. He always got all the girls-- you know, not exactly the kind of guy you can live up to when you're A... petrified 12-year-old just trying to explain why you're more interested in tap dancing than scoring with some chick under the bleachers.

Claire: You know how to tap dance? No wonder you wanted hardwood floors.

Kyle: You know, when I came out to Leo, he just got this look, this smirk like, "Now I know why my little brother has always been so lame." And that was it. He never asked me about it again, about how I'm doing, about guys, about life. Being gay has just made me feel... I don't know--invisible to him.

Saira: Stone, look at me. Stone, look at me. Yes! Good looking at me. Stone, look at me. Stone, look at me.

Stone: No! No!

Jagger: Stone. Stone!

Stone: I don't want to!

Jagger: You better stop right now, ok?

Stone: I don't want to!

Saira: Come here.

Stone: I'm Stone -- [Indistinct]

Saira: Stone, it's ok.

Stone: Stop, stop!

[Indistinct chatter]

Singer: Stop banging on the walls, now, baby, can't be --

Kyle: How you holding up?

Allison: Numb.

Kyle: Cynthia's parents have requested that she be taken off life support. I'm sorry you're hearing this from me.

Allison: It's ok. I'm not family, remember?

Kyle: I have always been a bit confused by that word.

Singer: Dark corner of the world, now, safely--

Kyle: You know, we don't have to take this. I can go in there with you, and we can fight this.

Allison: No, actually, we can't. Same-sex partners don't really have much ground to stand on because I don't have a piece of paper that proves how much I love her. It's ok. Cynthia... didn't want to be kept alive by machines.

Allison: The walls are coming down --

Kyle: Is there anything I can do for you?

Allison: Yeah, actually.

Kyle: What?

Allison: We were trying to have a baby. Cyn was going to carry it. Is there any way you can get me her eggs?

Kyle: Oh--

Allison: It's just, if I could have a piece of her, something to hold onto, I could keep our love alive. We could have the family we always planned to.

Robin: I'm such a bitch.

Patrick: Hey, be nice. That's my baby's mother you're talking about.

Robin: [Sighs] I just told my father to go to hell.

Patrick: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've said worse to my dad.

Robin: Your dad doesn't have cancer.

Patrick: Don't worry about it. I'm sure our daughter will say the same thing to us.

Robin: Well, that's sweet.

Patrick: Robin, cut yourself some slack. Your dad's not exactly the most accommodating guy to deal with.

Robin: It's like banging your head against the wall. He's so stubborn!

Patrick: Hmm. What? Ok. Come here. Come here. What do you want me to say?

Robin: I want you to say -- I don't know, that he could just be a normal dad for once. And he could get old and sick and let his kid take care of him.

Patrick: Robin, he's a Scorpio, and if there's one thing I've learned in these last couple of years is that they do not let you take care of them, not very easily, regardless of how much you love them.

Robin: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Patrick: Oh, no, really? Ok. Well, take it from somebody that has a little experience. Your dad's going to do this in his own way, in his own time. You have to give him the space to let him figure it out for himself.

Robin: What if it's too late?

Patrick: Well... it's the price you pay for loving a Scorpio.

Saira: It's not supposed to be easy.

Jagger: Yeah, but it is. It's just playing with blocks. How difficult can it be?

Saira: I mean, it's not supposed to be easy for you, not at first. It's a shock. When your child has ASD, it's a much harder adjustment for the parent than it is for the kid. Nothing's really changed for Stone.

Jagger: It feels like it has.

Saira: But it hasn't, really. It's just that you're seeing things differently now, and you're seeing things for what they really are.

Jagger: How can I have not known?

Saira: Signs aren't always dramatic, and, well, you saw what you wanted to see.

Jagger: I just want my little boy to be normal.

Saira: He is normal. He's just on a different path than you thought, and so are you. You have to let go of any expectations you had for your son. It's not about that anymore. And guess what? You're going to experience fear and anger and denial and loss... and acceptance, eventually.

Jagger: He's all I have.

[Monitor beeping]


Kyle: I'm sorry to disturb you.

Dean: Oh, please, doctor. Come in.

Mrs. Byron: Just trying to find some way to say good-bye.

Kyle: Mr. and Mrs. Byron, there's something I wanted to ask you. Your daughter... she was in the process of trying to have a child.

Mrs. Byron: What?

Dean: How do you know that?

Kyle: From her partner Allison. I'd like to know if we could extract some of Cynthia's eggs so she and Allison can have the baby they were planning to.

Dean: Doctor, I don't know what you're trying to do, but we'd appreciate it if you'd just leave us alone--

Kyle: I don't mean any disrespect.

Dean: Then how could you even suggest such a reprehensible thing?

Kyle: Well, I didn't think it was reprehensible to suggest that you could actually have a grandchild.

Dean: Heh. Don't you think we wanted grandchildren? Don't you think it broke our heart 9 years ago when our daughter deprived us of that?

Mrs. Byron: Honey...

Kyle: I know this is very difficult, but this is what Cynthia wanted.

Dean: No, no, no. This is what that woman wants. And that woman was responsible for ripping our family apart. Now, I pray for my daughter's soul. I really do. But I'll be damned if I'll have that woman steal any part of Cynthia.

Kyle: Mr. Byron--

Leo: Everything ok here?

Dean: No, not really.

Leo: What seems to be the problem?

Dean: I'll tell you what the problem is. This doctor here is trying to push his immoral agenda onto our family.

Kyle: My immoral agenda is honoring who Cynthia was. And if you have such great family values, then why haven't you spoken to your daughter in 9 years?

Dean: G.H. used to be a respectable hospital. I didn't know you had a bunch of homos running around in here.

Leo: Hey, what did you just call him?

Dean: Get out of my face.

Leo: Let's get something straight. I've been tolerating your narrow-minded, bigoted crap out of respect for the difficult situation your family is in. But under no circumstance will you disrespect my doctors on this staff in that manner again, or I will personally throw you out on your ass.

[Door shuts]

[Monitor beeps]

Robert: Since when do kids speak to their parents like that?

Epiphany: I'm guessing since the beginning of time?

Robert: She gets that from her mother.

Epiphany: [Chuckles] Well, from where I'm standing, she has a little bit of her father wrapped up in there, too.

Robert: Hmm. You think I'm a jerk, don't you?

Epiphany: I don't make it a habit of sticking my nose into other people's business, but...

Robert: Yeah, right.

[Both laughing]

Epiphany: Oh!

Robert: Oh, that's good.

Epiphany: [Laughs] Listen. Kids say things. But the fact of the matter is, that girl, she loves you.

Robert: Yeah. I know.

Epiphany: And let me tell you something else. I would give anything-- I'd give the world-- to have the opportunity to be cussed out by my son Stan again, even though I would have to thwack him on the head again.

Robert: How's that?

Epiphany: My son, he, uh... passed away a year ago.

Robert: Ohh. Ohh. I'm sorry.

Epiphany: You're a lucky man, Mr. Scorpio.

Robert: Lucky enough to get cancer.

Epiphany: Lucky enough to have this opportunity to spend time with your daughter. That's not something that God has given me. And so, I look at you, and I wonder, why are you running away from it?

Toussaint: So, you're 27 years old.

Alan: Yep.

Toussaint: Like Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Jim Morrison. They were all 27 when they died.

Alan: [Snorts] Yeah.

Toussaint: Do you think if you die young, everyone will suddenly realize how brilliant you are, after you're gone?

Alan: [Snorts]

Toussaint: Son... dying young isn't why those guys are legends. They're legends because they lived.

Alan: What do you mean?

Toussaint: They wrote songs about life. They were passionate because they lived life. You're a songwriter, right?

Alan: Yeah.

Toussaint: You have to live and experience things in order to have something worth writing about. You can't check out of this game this early.

Robin: So, how's my favorite little 5-year-old doing?

Jagger: Exhausted.

Robin: [Chuckles] He should be. It's past his bedtime.

Jagger: We actually came in to see Dr. Batra.

Robin: Really?

Jagger: Mm-hmm.

Robin: So she'd come-- I'm sorry. I shouldn't pry.

Jagger: That's ok. I should have told you sooner. It's been difficult.

Robin: Told me what?

Jagger: Stone has Autism, or some form of it.

Robin: [Sighs] Jagger.

Jagger: You were right. That's weird. It's the first time I've said it out loud. "My son is Autistic."

Robin: You know what? He's still an amazing little guy.

Jagger: Yeah. I owe you an apology.

Robin: For what?

Jagger: For lashing out at you the other day. I mean, you were just trying to help me.

Robin: You know what? We're family, and sometimes, families say things that they don't mean.

Jagger: [Chuckles] And... then they get over it. Thank you.

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Jagger: See you later.

Robin: Ok.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. McCullough, surgery, please. Dr. McCullough.

Epiphany: [Chuckles]

Claire: Are those yours?

Epiphany: Don't you have work to do?

Claire: [Gasps] They are! Epiphany has a boyfriend

Epiphany: They're from a patient.

Claire: Red roses? The only patient that's going to give you red roses is a patient that wants to be down your pants.

Epiphany: Dr. Simpson... they're from Mrs. Duchovny, the gallbladder surgery last week. She gave them to me before she left.

Claire: Last week? Huh! I used to work in a florist's, and if I remember correctly, those roses are only a day old, tops.

Epiphany: Well, excuse me, Miss CSI: Flower Unit.

Claire: So, who sent them? Come on. Who's the guy? Is it someone we know?

Epiphany: It's no one--it's no one special.

Claire: Yeah? Are you guys dating? Is it serious?

Epiphany: He's just a guy.

Claire: Really?

Epiphany: Yeah. We went out on one date. It was a total disaster. I don't think I'm going to see him again.

Claire: Mmm. Sorry. Hey, at least you got roses out of it. All I usually get is a hangover.

Epiphany: [Sighs]

Kyle: She clearly gave consent.

Patrick: She gave consent to donate organs. Eggs aren't organs.

Kyle: But they contain organelles. One could construe the two to be the same--

Patrick: How do we know that her partner's telling the truth? How do we know that she wanted to have a baby?

Kyle: Because I looked into her medical history, and she's been coming here for the last 6 months for fertility treatments.

Patrick: I don't know. I don't know. There's no precedent for this.

Kyle: There's been no precedent against it, either.

Patrick: I can't see it, Dr. Julian. I can't. I appreciate where your heart is coming from, but legally, this is a gray area, at best, and this hospital cannot afford a lawsuit. I'm sorry. As doctors, we have to separate our personal feelings from the job.

Kyle: You know, everybody keeps saying that. But do we? I mean, isn't that exactly why I'm trying to be a doctor? With all due respect, Dr. Drake, it's easy for you. You're having a baby without even really trying that hard. Me, I want to have a family someday, too. I want to get married. I want to have kids. But it's just not so simple because there are so many people standing in the way. I look at Cynthia and Allison, and I think, "that could be me someday." And my family may not look the same as yours, but can't I have one, too?

[Indistinct chatter]

Dean: I need to speak to your supervisor.

Patrick: Well, at the moment, I'm all you got.

Dean: You can't do this against our will. I'll take you to court for this.

Patrick: We're going to take our chances. Hopefully, by the time the court sees this case, you'll be playing with a grandchild, and you'll feel differently about the situation. In the meantime, have a seat in the waiting room. The procedure's going to take a few hours.

Saira: I heard what you did today.

Leo: What?

Saira: Standing up to that man.

Leo: No big deal.

Saira: I thought it was. I thought it showed a lot of strength, a lot of compassion.

Leo: You know me -- compassion's my middle name.

Saira: You know, I think I know you, so you don't always have to keep up this tough guy facade like nothing gets to you. Come on. Everything gets to you, Dr. Julian.

Leo: Whatever.

Saira: It's not a bad thing. I actually find it rather attractive.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Kauffman, telephone, please. Dr. Kauffman.

Kyle: Meet me outside the O.R. in a few minutes. I arranged for you to have a few moments alone with Cynthia to say good-bye.

Allison: Thank you so much. I'll never forget what you did for us.

Kyle: It's not a problem. I'm just doing my job.

Epiphany: Toussaint. Toussaint! Hey, hey! [Exhales]

Toussaint: Ohh. [Chuckles] I'm sorry. I didn't hear you.

Epiphany: Well, maybe you ought to get your ears examined. Look, I was thinking that we could go to breakfast. Over at Kelly's, they have this wonderful little deal that they do.

Toussaint: No, thanks, but I'm tired.

Epiphany: What's wrong?

Toussaint: Nothing. I just, uh... put in a long shift.

Epiphany: Um--um... am I missing something? Are you upset?

Toussaint: I'm too old to play games, Epiphany.

Epiphany: Well, who's playing games?

Toussaint: Well, I heard your conversation with Claire about the flowers.

Epiphany: Ohh. Well... I--I was just--

Toussaint: High?

Epiphany: No. I just don't like it when people are all up in my business, especially at work.

Toussaint: I believe when a person lies, they're ashamed of the truth. I spent my entire life holding my head high. When I was famous, I held myself high. When I was sweeping the floor, I held myself high. And I'm not about to change.

Epiphany: Toussaint.

[Locker opens]

Leo: Dr. Julian. Somebody's creating quite the buzz around here lately. Pretty soon, they're going to be calling me the other Dr. Julian.

Kyle: Yeah. You should be so lucky.

Leo: You learn a thing or two?

Kyle: Yeah.

Leo: What?

Kyle: You did this on purpose, didn't you?

Leo: What did I do on purpose?

Kyle: You gave me this case.

Leo: Because it was just way too boring for me.

Kyle: Or because you wanted me to have this experience?

Leo: You know, it is kind of my responsibility to make sure that my interns turn out to be the best doctors they can be.

Kyle: Thank you. For everything.

Leo: It's just an assignment.

Kyle: No. No. I mean, for sticking up for me with Cynthia's father. That meant a lot.

Leo: You're my little brother. I'm not going to stand around and watch some guy beat up on you. It's my job.

Kyle: [Chuckles] Hey, hey. Just for the record, I will always be the other Dr. Julian. I haven't been very good at living up to the original.

Robert: So. If I'm going to stay in this flop house, I think we can raise the level of service.

Robin: Ok. What do you have in mind?

Robert: For starters, let's have a bar.

Robin: [Laughs] Ok. I'll see what I can do about having one installed.

Robert: And what about some entertainment? I mean, come on. I've stayed in Bombay slums that had a better nightly line-up than this place.

Patrick: Hey, I can play my guitar. That dead alien guy gave me some lessons.

Robin: That's ok.

Robert: No, thank you. Maybe later.

Robin: [Chuckles] So, does this mean you're going to be staying for a while?

Robert: Well, I got a call from my friends in the Congo, and things are doing quite well there. They don't need me just yet.

Robin: Well, that's good.

Robert: Yeah.

Robin: That's good. Why don't I show you to your room, sir?

Robert: Hmm.

Robin: We have many amenities which, I'm sure, will be to your liking.

Robert: Oh, good. Let's not forget the adult channel.

Robin: Oh, don't push your luck, buddy.

Robert: Ok. It's a thought.

Next week on "Night Shift" --

Announcer: Doctors treat two patients in love.

Robin: If you two are in the same room, you could both die.

Woman: That's a chance I'm willing to take.

Announcer: Brings up questions in Robin and Patrick's own relationship.

Robin: They both have a chronic illness. They're being irresponsible.

Patrick: Ok, well, what does that say about us? You're HIV-positive. We're together. We're having a baby.

Announcer: Would you risk everything for love?

Patrick: Isn't that what you do when you're in love? You put your life on the line.

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