"We'll Always Have Paris" General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 8/12/08

General Hospital: Night Shift Transcript Tuesday 8/12/08


"We'll Always Have Paris"
Written by Michele Val Jean

Provided By Suzanne
Proofread By Gisele

Previously on Night Shift...

EMT: Need help!

Robin: Sir, you have to lie still so we can help you.

Robert: Get your hands off me, you filthy bastards!

Robin: Dad?

Toussaint: I'm looking for something different now, something deeper.

Robin: I love Stone. I think that he's wonderful. His behavior was unusual. It's worth looking into.

Leo: For someone who's so in touch with her emotions, you really know how to shut down.

Saira: Who's shut down?

Leo: You are.

Patrick: Get her out of here, please.

Robin: Let go of me! Do something!

Patrick: When we were in there, we found a tumor.


Leo: Who says there's no such things as fate?

Saira: I'll bite...who?

Leo: You ran out of there pretty quickly this morning.

Saira: I wasn't running. I had to get home and get changed.

Leo: Well, you forgot something.

Saira: Give me those.

Leo: What? I thought you left them for a party favor.

Saira: I'm not the type to give out souvenirs.

Leo: Oh, I get it. We're gonna play coy.

Saira: We're not going to play anything, Dr. Julian. We're at work. So can you please behave professionally?

Leo: What, like you did when you jumped me in the locker room?

Saira: I didn't jump you.

Leo: No, no, I'm not complaining. It's fine. It's just, it's gonna be hard for you, that's all, trying to get last night out of your mind. And I understand, it's going to be difficult.

Saira: If that's your best game, do yourself a favor-- don't spread it around.

Robert: Let's cut to the chase. Was the surgery a success or not?

Patrick: There was a small tumor and, yes, we were able to remove it.

Robert: Good, you've earned your--

Patrick: Mr. Scorpio, listen to me. We have to run more tests.

Robert: Look, I appreciate the need to keep the meter running, you know, bodies in beds. It looks good for the hospital piggy bank. But I'm not the golden goose.

Robin: Dad, you're not listening.

Robert: He's not saying anything.

Robin: No, you're not listening, because you're stubborn and bull-headed, and you don't like the sound of anyone's voice but your own.

Robert: Well, I like the sound of yours.

Robin: Well, that's good. Then you'll listen to me. Removing the tumor was only the beginning. Now we have to find out if A, Patrick got all if it, and B, are we talking malignant. Has it spread, and if so, where.

Robert: [Sighs] Suddenly I'm not liking the sound of your voice quite so much.

Robin: I'm sorry, Dad. This is serious. I'm scheduling an MRI.

[Monitor beeping]

Claire: Who knew being an intern was so much work?

Kyle: You didn't?

Claire: Well, yeah. Hypothetically.

Kyle: It's kind of great, isn't it? The rush? I don't know, it's like sex or something.

Claire: Ok, someone needs a refresher on what sex is like, 'cause it doesn't look like this.

Kyle: Tell me about it. It is kind of like a high, you know? I mean, we're actually doing it, saving lives. I've been waiting to do this ever since I was like, I don't know, 6.

Claire: Really?

Kyle: Yeah. You haven't?

Claire: I may have been playing doctor when I was 6, but it had nothing to do with saving lives.

Kyle: Then when did you realize that you wanted to go into medicine?

Claire: [Tapping pencil] Well...

Kyle: Claire, how did you get here?

Claire: Adam.

Kyle: Of course. A boy.

Claire: Not just a boy. He was my college boyfriend. We broke up my junior year, and I didn't want to see him, and we were both Art majors, and we were taking all the same classes. So I dropped my major, and...well, then the only classes available were like Biology and Organic Chemistry, all the boring pre-med stuff, so.

Kyle: Wait, you defaulted into pre-med because you were running away from some guy?

Claire: He was really cute.

Danielle: Excusez moi. [Speaking French]

Leo: I'm sorry, I don't speak... French?

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Leo: Look...

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Leo: Are you injured, is something hurt?

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Leo: Ok, ok, ok. Let me see if I can get someone to help you.

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Patrick: Everything all right over there?

Leo: I don't know, man. This woman, she's going off in French.

Danielle: [Slaps Patrick]

Leo: Hey, hey, hey! Easy, easy!

Robin: Hold on a second, what's going on here?

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Robin: Ok...

Patrick: She just slapped me.

Robin: Yeah, yeah, I just saw that. Je m'appelle Dr. Scorpio. [Speaking French: Is there a problem?]

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Patrick: What is she saying?

Robin: Well, for one thing, she says that you're her lover.

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Patrick: I've never seen her before in my life.

Danielle: [Scoffs]

Leo: I say we call Psych.

Robin: [Speaking French] This is a hospital. There are actual sick people here, including my father. So if you can take your little girlfriend outside--

Patrick: Oh, my God, Robin, you've got to be kidding me. I've never seen her before!

Robin: This is your mess. Clean it up.

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Patrick: Oh, no, Julian, keep her away from me, please.

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Leo: Hey, Blondie, speak any French?

Claire: I took 2 years in high school.

Leo: That'll do. Come on, let's go. Vamanos. Let's just--

Danielle: [Speaking French]

Toussaint: Well, it ain't Nobu's, but it's the closest thing Port Charles has to Gladys' in Chicago. You remember Gladys'?

Epiphany: Oh, how could I forget?

Toussaint: You can say that was our first official date.

Epiphany: That doesn't count. I was a starstruck 14-year-old girl who didn't know her own mind.

Toussaint: Oh, I guess then we'll have to start from here.

Epiphany: [Sighs] I hope the nurses don't forget to plug in the defibrillator. Those batteries don't last forever, you know?

Toussaint: I'm sure they'll be fine.

Epiphany: Hmm, still.

Toussaint: Epiphany, when was the last time you took a day off?

Epiphany: [Chuckles] That would probably be around the last time I had a date. So in the 1900s.

Toussaint: Well, then relax! You deserve this.

Epiphany: [Exhales]

Toussaint: Did I happen to tell you how lovely you look tonight? That color... brings out the best tones in your skin.

Epiphany: I saw it, too.

Toussaint: You saw what?

Epiphany: "Lady Sings The Blues."

Toussaint: Oh-ho.

[Both laugh]

Epiphany: Now just because it's been a while that I've been out on a date, doesn't mean that I sure as hell don't recognize a line when I hear one.

Toussaint: [Laughs]

Robin: Do you think it's true, that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Saira: It depends on the dog you're talking about.

Robin: Oh, take a wild guess.

Saira: Patrick.

Robin: Every time I think we're in a good place, something else comes up; some skeleton in his closet. Usually a tall, blonde skeleton with big boobs. Excuse me.

Saira: They're the worst kind.

Robin: Yeah.

Saira: I think... guys can come around, sometimes.

Robin: Oh, really? Since when?

Saira: I don't know. Recently I've been...pleasantly surprised by certain guys.

Robin: [Gasps] Oh, my God, you had sex with him!

Saira: What?!

Robin: You had sex with Leo Julian!

Saira: Shh! Keep it down!

Jagger: Hi there.

Robin: Hi!

Jagger: Are we interrupting?

Saira: No, not at all. Hey, little buddy.

Stone: Hi, Aunt Robin.

Saira: Oh, that ice cream looks really yummy.

Stone: It's chocolate.

Robin: I love chocolate.

Stone: It's chocolate.

Saira: That sounds like an excellent choice.

Jagger: Hey...

Robin: Oh, it's ok, Stone. This is, um, my friend Dr. Saira. She's really nice.

Saira: Hi, Stone. It's so nice to meet you. I've heard so much about you.

Stone: [Whimpers]

Robin: Oh, honey...

Jagger: That's all right, buddy. It's ok. Listen, he's just a little shy, that's all.

Saira: It's ok, I understand.

Robin: Um...

Saira: Aww...

Robin: Remember the thing that we spoke about? Saira has a lot of experience in that area. She wants to do an initial evaluation.

Jagger: Well, thanks for seeing us after hours. I was actually in Albany all day talking to my regional director about sticking around for a bit.

Robin: That's great.

Jagger: Yeah.

Saira: Hey, Stone, I'm so sorry about your ice cream. But I've got some candy in my office if you want to come back with your dad.

Jagger: What do you think? It's going to be ok.

Saira: Don't worry, I'll take good care of him.

Jagger: Thank you. Be right there, ok?

Saira: So what's your favorite kind of candy?

Robin: [Exhales] You're doing the right thing.

Leo: Find out if she's symptomatic of anything--headache, unusual pains.

Claire: Ok, um... [Speaking French]

Danielle: God, your French is bad.

Leo: Wait a second, you speak English?

Danielle: Of course, I do, I'm from Maryland.

Leo: Dr. Leo Julian.

Danielle: Danielle, Danielle Forester.

Claire: Claire.

Danielle: So what happened to the bank that used to be here?

Leo: What are you talkin' about?

Danielle: I could have sworn there was a bank on this corner.

Leo: No, GH has been here for like 50 years.

Danielle: That's weird. I was just in here the other day. And I have to get some money converted. Do you know where I can do that?

Claire: Converted?

Danielle: To euros. Not that my dollar is worth much these days.

Leo: Wait... where do you think you are?

Danielle: In Paris, of course.

Robin: Hi, I'm Dr. Scorpio, this is Dr. Julian. How can we help you tonight?

Mr. Davis: I'm sure it's nothing.

Robin: I hope so. What seems to be the problem?

Mr. Davis: I thought I should have it looked at.

Kyle: "It"?

Mr. Davis: It...doesn't usually give me any problem. Hell, I forgot it was even there for a while. But lately, it's, uh, well, been angry.

Robin: I'm not following.

Mr. Davis: Well, I'm sorry. It's just-- it's personal.

Robin: Oh, no need to be shy, Mr. Davis. We've seen it all here.

Mr. Davis: I'm having a problem... down there.

Robin: It's all yours.

Kyle: Mine?

Robin: Remember, tunnel vision. Thank you, Mr. Davis. You're in good hands with Dr. Julian here.

Kyle: So... guess it's just you and me. Would you mind... pulling your pants down? Please?

Patrick: Ok, so this machine is going to have to take a scan of your body. It's going to take about 35-45 minutes. Just remember, you have to remain--

Robert: So you're the guy that's knocked up my daughter, huh?

Patrick: I assure you, sir, I didn't do it on purpose.

Robert: You don't want the kid?

Patrick: No, no, no, that's not what I meant.

Robert: You do want the kid?

Patrick: Yeah, now that it's coming.

Robert: Oh, that's nice. Your first?

Patrick: Yeah.

Robert: Oh. That you know of, anyway. So, rumor has it you're the hospital heartbreaker.

Patrick: I wouldn't say that so much.

Robert: You know I'm a foreign WSB agent. I mean, we can do this the easy way, or we can do it my way.

Patrick: Ok, so just lie back on the table, I'm going to get this positioned on your head correctly.

Robert: Ah, ok. So you don't want to talk, then I will.

Patrick: How about we talk after your MRI?

Robert: I think I've got your number, Doc. Let me see, let me go through the list. Now, you find a woman who offers up your physical requirements, and you apply the right degree of intensity and charm. You've got all the weapons; you know just how to deploy them. And you can generally figure out within the first, oh, 30 minutes or so whether you're going to have to pop for dinner or not. But even if you do, I mean, you know you're going to seal the deal. And one more thing -- you never come back for a repeat performance. How'd I do?

Patrick: So, your MRI. Now... this machine is going to take a scan of your body, create a series of pictures. It's not painful, it might be a little claustrophobic. Any other questions?

Robert: Do I get a lollipop after?

Patrick: I'll be on the other side of the glass.

Robert: Wait. This business with my head... serious?

Patrick: Yeah. It's serious.

[Machine beeping]

Saira: Do you see what Stone's doing right now? Does he do that a lot?

Jagger: Yeah, I guess. You know, I never really thought about it. He likes to arrange things.

Saira: Toys or other things?

Jagger: Other things. You know, like stuff on the dinner table.

Saira: When you talk to him, does he make much eye contact?

Jagger: I guess. I mean, not always. I mean... what is wrong with my son?

Saira: There's nothing wrong with Stone. I just--I need to gather up a little bit of information so we can figure out the best way to help him. Let's keep at it, ok?

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Karo to Obstetrics, please. Dr. Karo.

Patrick: Why won't you believe me?

Robin: Because you lie.

Patrick: I haven't told a lie in ages. I certainly wouldn't waste it on some woman I've never met.

Robin: Well, she sure as hell knows you. What did you do to her, anyway?

Patrick: No idea.

Robin: You're slipping.

Patrick: Which should prove that I'm telling the truth. No ready answer, no Patrick excuse, just me perplexed.

Robin: You know, I have to say, I'm impressed. I didn't know that your affairs span international boundaries. All this time I thought you were strictly a domestic man whore.

Kyle: He's got syphilis.

Patrick: I do not have syphilis.

Kyle: Uh, Mr. Davis, my patient.

Patrick: Oh.

Robin: Oh!

Kyle: Can you believe it? He's still going at it, even at his age.

Robin: Yeah, well, some men never stop.

Toussaint: You know, I thought about you when I was on the road.

Epiphany: Is that so?

Toussaint: As soon as I hit Chicago.

Epiphany: You know they bulldozed the Rigo in '68? Turned it into a parking lot. So why did I pop into your head when you were in Chicago?

Toussaint: Well, I don't need a building to remind me of you.

Epiphany: [Chuckles] Uh, so where'd you play?

Toussaint: We played the, um, Auditorium Theater.

Epiphany: Are you serious?

Toussaint: Yep, sold it out, too.

Epiphany: Oh! I wish I could have seen that. [Laughs]

Toussaint: Next time.

Epiphany: I was, uh, probably busy working that weekend, anyway.

Toussaint: So, have you decided what you'd like to order?

Epiphany: Yes, I think that I would--

Toussaint: Yeah, I think we'll both have the same, the steak. Medium rare. Caesar salad to start.

Epiphany: You know, I'm more than capable of ordering my own meal. I stopped eating red meat a while back, so that means that I'm going to be pretty hungry.

Toussaint: I apologize.

Robin: How are you feeling?

Robert: Oh... it's like being in a metal pipe as someone pounded on it with a hammer.

Robin: That's about right.

Robert: I had a talk to patty cake. [Scoffs] I think the guy's a flake.

Robin: You know what, don't start, ok? You don't even know him--

Robert: I know him better than you think. I mean, endless supply of comely, wanton women, inability to commit to anything beyond a one night stand. Does this sound familiar?

Robin: You know what, don't project your own life's failures onto my boyfriend.

Robert: Oh. Sadly, it takes one to know one.

Robin: I don't understand where this is coming from. You liked him just fine the first time you met him.

Robert: Yeah. Well, that was when I thought he was just one of your boyfriends. Not the father of my grandchild.

Robin: If you're trying to step on the father train, I believe it left the station a long time ago.

Robert: Well, like it or not, I'm always going to be your father.

Robin: True. But I haven't consulted you on any decision that I've made in what, the last 15 years?

Robert: And look where it's got you. Let me ask you this--how does a career feminist like yourself... wind up with a lounge lizard like him?

Robin: I don't know, you know what they say -- girls fall in love with men exactly like their father.

Claire: So what's the deal with you and Dr. Drake?

Danielle: Dr. Drake? Is that what he's going by now? He must have bloodhounds on his trail. Jilted lovers, jealous husbands.

Claire: Well, I don't know him that well, but he seems to be in love with Dr. Scorpio.

Danielle: Yeah, well, he seemed to be in love with me, too. [Scoffs] You know, I moved out here to Paris right after college. I just wanted to have fun, you know, see some art and travel. And then Jean hit me like a hurricane. He sent me love letters, flowers. He even wrote me a song on his guitar.

Claire: Men can be so cruel.

Danielle: Yeah, which I quickly realized when I came out of my room in my hostel one morning, and he was coming out of some Algerian girl's room.

Claire: There's always an Algerian girl. Always. I mean, or in my case, a Poughkeepsie girl.

Danielle: It may sound cheesy, but I--I really loved him. You know, he was the first guy I ever... he just broke my heart. And that really hurts, you know?

Jagger: Say thanks to Dr. Saira.

Stone: Thank you.

Saira: You're welcome. I'm going to see you soon, ok?

Stone: Ok.

Jagger: Listen, after I drop him off at the sitter, is it ok I come back and talk to you?

Saira: Sure, but we can also talk in the morning.

Jagger: I know, but I'd rather take care of it sooner than later, you know?

Saira: Ok.

Jagger: Thank you. All right, let's go.

Saira: Bye.

Robin: Bye.

Saira: See you guys soon.

Jagger: Thanks.

Saira: He's a great dad.

Robin: I know.

Saira: And not too bad on the eyes, either.

Robin: Watch it.

[Both laugh]

Estelle: Are you a doctor?

Kyle: Well, I'm trying to be. How can I help you?

Estelle: I'm Estelle Lambert. I live in Pine Meadows, the senior citizen's home.

Kyle: You must be looking for your friend who came in earlier, Mr. Davis?

Estelle: Um, yes. That must be it.

Kyle: So tell me, are there any openings over there at Pine Meadows?

Estelle: I beg your pardon?

Kyle: Well, it just sounds like things are popping. I mean, just judging from you and Mr. Davis, you both seem so...sprightly.

Estelle: You know what they say -- 70 is the new 50.

Kyle: [Laughs] Well, if you want to come with me, I can take you to see your friend.

Estelle: Oh, actually, I've changed my mind. No need to tell anyone I was here.

Kyle: Well, wait, wait. I thought you were here to pick him up.

Estelle: No.

Kyle: I am so sorry. Here I am chatting you up when I should be asking what seems to be the problem.

Estelle: It's my kitty.

Kyle: Is it sick?

Estelle: I'm afraid so.

Kyle: Well, we don't treat animals here, but I can refer you to a wonderful veterinarian.

Estelle: No. My kitty, you know. Down there.

Kyle: Oh.

Saira: Please, have a seat.

Jagger: Ok. Ahem.

Saira: I want to start off by saying you have a beautiful little boy.

Jagger: Thank you. So... did he score pretty high on the test?

Saira: It's not that kind of a test.

Jagger: Oh. Sorry.

Saira: Jagger, we'll need to do some follow-up evaluation for sure, but from my initial observation, I'm fairly confident of the diagnosis.

Jagger: What diagnosis?

Saira: Stone has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Leo: You look a little green.

Kyle: No man should ever have to see what I have seen.

[Indistinct chatter]

Leo: Oh, I'm surely going to enjoy this.

Kyle: What?

Leo: The night is young, my friend.

Kyle: Aah!

Leo: The night is young.


Kyle: Uh, excuse me, Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis: Say, can you put those lovely ladies in the front of the line? I told them I have some pull around here.

Kyle: You know, I'm just trying to connect the dots. See, first you came in and there was one, and then there were two, and now the waiting room looks like Sunday bingo. Mr. Davis, what is going on over there at the senior center?

Mr. Davis: I'm not sure I know what you mean.

Kyle: With all due respect, sir, I think you do.

Mr. Davis: Well, things have gotten a bit frisky there, with the new drugs and all.

Kyle: Well, let me ask you, are you being safe?

Mr. Davis: Safe how?

Kyle: Condoms.

Mr. Davis: Kid, these broads are not gonna get pregnant! [Laughs] What are they teaching you in medical school?

Kyle: They're teaching us about STDs.

Mr. Davis: What do you mean?

Kyle: I mean... we've got a syphilis outbreak on our hands.

Jagger: So my son is Autistic?

Saira: Autism is just one of the disorders on the spectrum. There's also Asperger's Syndrome, which is a sort of milder form of Autism that affects social interaction. But children with Asperger's generally have a normal if not higher I.Q. than other children their age. There's also PDDNOS, which is Pervasive Development Disorder not otherwise specified.

Jagger: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you talking about here?

Saira: Look, I know that this is a lot to take in. But for now, all you need to know is that I'd like to spend some more time with Stone to get a better picture of where he falls on the spectrum.

Jagger: What do you mean?

Saira: Every child with Autism Spectrum Disorder is totally unique. I mean, some kids rarely speak and have trouble learning how to read and write while others are so sensitive to touch that even the tags on their clothes need to be removed before they can wear them.

Jagger: My God.

Saira: It's ok. Stone seems high functioning. We'll just spend some time determining what kind of therapy will best be suited for his needs.

Patrick: Is there any reason why your sister would think that... I was her boyfriend?

Yvette: Oh, well, actually you kind of look like this French guy she fell in love with a few years ago, except not as hot. No offense.

Danielle: What are you doing here?

Yvette: Danielle, I have been looking all for you. What are you doing here?

Danielle: I was just looking for the bank. Why is everyone on my case?

Yvette: Because I'm worried. I'm sorry. Let's go. We'll talk about this in the car.

[No audio]

Danielle: What's happening?

[No audio]

Danielle: I can't hear anything. I can't hear you, I can't hear you! I can't hear anything!

Yvette: What's wrong, honey?!

Danielle: Would you please help me, I can't hear anything!

[All talking at once]

Danielle: I can't hear you! You're talking to me, I can't hear anything!

Patrick: Yvette, has Danielle ever complained of migraines, headaches?

Yvette: No. Never.

Leo: So I imagine she's never had an episode like this before?

Yvette: No. Look, you guys, what is it? What's going on with my sister?

Leo: I'm not sure, but I'd like to run some more tests.

Yvette: [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Kyle: All right, folks. Now, as we all know, sex can be a beautiful thing.

Mr. Burnell: Depends on who you're having it with.


Kyle: That's right, Mr. Burnell, and you've been having a lot of it lately, haven't you?

Mr. Burnell: [Laughs] Well, I don't want to brag...


Kyle: Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure you've all been keeping a list of your sexual partners, because it's going to be very awkward when they start knocking at your door complaining about sores on their genitals.

Mr. Burnell: Huh?

Kyle: That's right, people. The world has changed a lot since the last time you were out there...doing the Lindy, or whatever.

Estelle: Some things never change.

Mr. Davis: It's like riding a bike.

Kyle: Problem is, you're riding it bareback. Can't do it. One person contracts an STD, the next you know, you're passing it around like Thanksgiving dinner. Being sexually active means taking responsibility.

Mr. Davis: Oh, you're taking all the fun out of it, son!

Kyle: Oh, yeah? Huh. Well, maybe I can put some of that fun right back in. Lesson number one, condoms. Who wants to be the first volunteer?

Mr. Davis: Estelle!

Saira: You did the right thing by bringing him in. The sooner A.S.D. is diagnosed, the better the success of the treatment.

Jagger: Is there a cure?

Saira: I'm sorry, no. But it is treatable. Look, many kids with A.S.D. grow up to have healthy, productive lives. But it's going to be a long journey, and that's something you need to be prepared for.

Jagger: [Sighs]

Singer: How to return when the arrows are broken but stuck in the womb, how many years has it been?

Robin: [Sighs]

Toussaint: What's going on?

Epiphany: I don't know, I guess it's just not working.

Toussaint: Why is that?

Epiphany: I'm--I'm nervous. I just don't get it. I mean, you're still the same man I remember. Too fly Toussaint, slick as ice, smooth as silk. And I just cannot for the life of me understand what a man like that wants with a woman like me.

Toussaint: Epiphany... I've spent my life hangin' around silly, narcissistic women who only care about themselves. But you're different. You spend your life caring about other people, helping other people. That's nice. That's special to me.

Epiphany: Well, thank you.

Toussaint: You know, all that slick, suave stuff that you were talking about... I haven't been that in decades. That's why I was just trying to pile it on.

Epiphany: [Chuckles] I don't need you to be anyone that you're not.

Toussaint: I'm not the man that stopped your heart back in those days years ago. I'm just plain old Toussaint. Creaking by.

Epiphany: Ha! You know that little 14-year-old girl... she didn't know any better, she was just...dazzled by all the flash. But the woman that is sitting here with you today... she just wants the man. The real man that's sitting across from her right now, creaking by.

Robin: [Crying]

Claire: Oh, sorry.

Robin: Oh, no, no. Ugh, it's ok. I was just, um... well, I was just losing it, basically. [Sighs]

Claire: Well, you're stealing my spot.

Robin: [Laughs]

Claire: Probably a little damp from all the times I've bawled my eyes out in here.

Robin: Really?

Claire: No, I'm exaggerating. I only cry like 4 or 5 times a night.

Robin: [Laughs] My first year of interning was pretty tough, too.

Claire: But I'm guessing that's not what you're crying about.

Robin: No, no, no. That's...no, that's not it. I can't do it anymore. You know, just when I start to feel like the grown-up and like I've moved on with my life, my dad blows back into my life, and I feel like a whining 12-year-old all over again. I mean, I'm having a child, right? I'm going to be a mother, and all of a sudden I feel like his little girl that just can't get it together.

Claire: Isn't that what we are?

Robin: Hmm?

Claire: I don't know, maybe-- maybe someday I'll feel like a grown-up, but all I know is whenever my parents get around me, it's like my voice instinctually goes up 3 octaves. And they proceed to point out everything that's going wrong with my life, which I already knew, thank you very much.

Robin: Yeah, of course.

Claire: But when they say it, it's like they drive a dagger into your gut.

Robin: That's it. That is totally it. So what do we do?

Claire: Yeah, I have no clue. Maybe we start by... accepting that we're part of the problem, too.

Kyle: There you go, Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis: Can I have some more, please? A few more. It's going to be a long weekend.

Estelle: If you don't have any plans, stop by Pine Meadows on Saturday. I have a lovely granddaughter I'd like you to meet.

Senior Citizen: Oh, your granddaughter can fend for herself!

Senior Citizen: Ah, don't listen those 2 old bitties. All talk, no action.

Kyle: I don't know, I'd say action is exactly what got them here in the first place.

Senior Citizen: Oh, not with a young buck like you. They couldn't handle it. Now me, on the other hand. Room 204, up the stairs, second door to the left. No appointment necessary. Rawr!

Robin: Jagger, hey.

Jagger: Oh, hi. Hey.

Robin: So how did it go with Saira?

Jagger: Fine, yeah. Good.

Robin: Good. What did she say about Stone?

Jagger: Um, yeah, she just needs to see him just a couple more times. It's just hard to tell right now.

Robin: Oh, ok.

Jagger: Um, she said that everything is fine, that there's nothing to worry about, and he's perfectly normal.

Robin: Oh.

Jagger: Yeah.

[Elevator dings]

Jagger: Um... and, uh, thanks for, uh, introducing us. Uh, yeah, thank you.

Robin: Sure, and if you need to talk about anything, I'm here.

Jagger: Ok. Thanks. Talk to you soon.

Robin: Yeah, talk to you soon.

Jagger: [Sighs]

Patrick: Your sister has Sussex Syndrome.

Yvette: And what is that?

Patrick: It's a rare brain disorder. Occurs mostly in young women. Hallucinations, confusion, are some of the symptoms.

Yvette: [Sighs] And that's why she thought she was in Paris?

Patrick: Yeah, the disease can do that. It can make you feel like you're living in the past.

Yvette: [Sighs] Will she get her hearing back?

Patrick: She should. We're going to start her on an I.V. of prednisone and she'll continue her treatment at home with steroid pills.

Yvette: Ok.

Patrick: You should go home. It's late. Get some rest. She's going to need your support in the morning.

Yvette: Ok. [Sniffs] Thank you.

Patrick: Yeah. Danielle... hey, can you hear me?

Danielle: Jean...

Patrick: If you can hear me.

Danielle: What happened?

Patrick: Well, you gave us a pretty big scare. But you're going to be all right. Just get some rest for now, all right?

Danielle: Jean... what happened? To us?

Patrick: Danielle...

Danielle: Why'd you do it? Why do men always have to break your heart?

Patrick: Stupidity. I'm sorry... about what happened to you. Sometimes men... like me, we make stupid choices. Without thinking of the consequences or who it's going to hurt. And I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry for all the women like you that I hurt.

Danielle: I loved you.

Patrick: I know. I love someone else now. She means the world to me. I found the person that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

Danielle: You're very lucky. [Exhales]

Patrick: Hey.

[Robin kisses Patrick]

Kyle: Oh, this machine hates me! I swear it's homophobic. So how did things go with the crazy chick?

Claire: She's not crazy. She's just...in love.

Kyle: Same difference.

Claire: I know she's delusional, but, I mean, does it matter?

Kyle: What do you mean?

Claire: I mean, even if she's imagining her boyfriend, at least she has one. God, I sound pathetic.

Kyle: Hey, cut yourself some slack. I spent the entire night with a bunch of geriatrics who are getting laid way more than I am.

[Both laugh]

Kyle: You know, I guess it doesn't really matter how old you are or even if it's really real, I guess. You just gotta take love wherever you can find it, huh?

Claire: I wish I was in love.

Kyle: Yeah. Me, too.

[Monitor beeping]

[Door opens]

Robert: Look, take your best shot. I don't have the energy to fight back.

Robin: I'm not here to fight. I just... [Exhales] I'm here to set some ground rules.

Robert: For what?

Robin: You don't get to do this. You don't get to jump in and out of my life and then act like everything is the same. So I'm setting some boundaries. You are here as my patient, and I am your doctor. That's all. Comments about my personal life are not welcome and certainly not appreciated.

Robert: All right.

Patrick: Am I interrupting?

Robin: Uh, no. I think we just came to an understanding... for once.

Patrick: Can I see you in the hall for a second?

Robin: Sure.

Robert: Hey. Whatever you want to talk about, you can... say it in front of me. Oh. Sorry. Um, with your permission of course, Doctor.

Robin: Go ahead.

Patrick: I have the results of your bone scan, your PET scan, and your tumor markers.

Robin: Was the tumor malignant?

Patrick: No, it wasn't. And the good news is, we were able to remove all of it.

Robin: That's great.

Robert: Well, hold on a minute. What else?

Patrick: The tumor was a secondary tumor, meaning it was the result of a cancer that exists elsewhere in your body. I'm sorry to say, you have colon cancer.

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Leo: I'm taking you off the case, because your judgment is clearly clouded.

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