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By Suzanne 7/12/07

The pilot episode of General Hospital: Night Shift left no cliche undone. The writers just tried so hard to be exciting and ER-like, that every character and every situation was one we'd seen before. For those who watch General Hospital already, most of the characters will be very familiar. However, if you didn't read first about the show, you would be confused about why characters like Jason and Robin are not in the same situation on the daytime's GH as they are on the nighttime's Night Shift. While Night Shift is a spin-off of GH and has some of the same characters, it is a separate show and they do not try to keep the characters in the same stories at the same time. Some may find this confusing.

I'm months behind on watching GH, so that did not bother me. What did bother me is how they are forcing the characters to act differently than on GH. A daily soap is more laid-back and talky. Night Shift is trying to be more like ER or a primetime soap, so there is lots of action and sex. The characters have to act in a sort of hyper way and everything is sped up. It will take some getting used to.

I love Billy Dee Williams. I hope he is given more to do than just be the stereotype wise old black man. The most interesting thing about the show is that a woman was brought in on an ambulance, and the ambulance exploded, so she died. They kept saying her last name was Barrett and that they didn't know who she was. They finally got her information at the end of the show but didn't tell us who she was, and in fact, a nurse discovered that she was actually alive. The tease, of course, was that this is Brenda Barrett, a long-time fan fave of General Hospital.

They had an old lady in the episode, too, who was a stereotype kooky old lady. The episodes are supposed to be more self-contained than a soap, so I don't know if we will find out what happened to the old lady or if that other woman was indeed Brenda or not.

The acting is fine and the plot moved along. I just don't know why they bothered. They should have just brought back some of the same people from "Port Charles" and made all of us PC fans happy. They didn't need to bring in all of these new people when we would have rather seen Alison, Jack, Lucy, Kevin, et al. Fans realize they couldn't have gotten Livvie, Caleb, and Ian back, but otherwise it would have worked fine. And guess what, Port Charles was way better than GH: Night Shift. At least based on this first episode.

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