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By Laurie  10/9/07

     The final episode of General Hospital: Night Shift left me needing a follow-up exam.  Unfortunately, it failed to answer some burning questions.  For example, we still don’t know who that Barrett woman was.  Was she Brenda Barrett?  Wouldn’t Brenda’s best friend, Robin, know if she was a patient at General Hospital?  All we ever saw was the back of the woman’s head.  A doctor told her how beautiful she was.  We all remember that Brenda Barrett was stunning.  Then we saw her walk away from the back.  Granted, her body looked a lot like Brenda, at least from the back.   Even Jason watched her walk away and seemed to recognize her.  But he lost interest really quickly.  Miss Barrett told Spinelli that she was “waiting for someone,” then Sonny pulled up in his car.  Was he there to pick up Brenda, as well as Jason?  None of those things even begin to prove that the woman was, in fact, Brenda Barrett.  I’m really disappointed because Head Writer Bob Guza, promised we would have our answer by the end of the first season.

      It was also disappointing that Night Shift was used as a canvas to break up Patrick and Robin.   The whole story of the HIV-positive Stacey and her baby was a bit farfetched.  It was unrealistic that an intelligent, stable person like Robin Scorpio would give up so much for a stranger and her baby.  The story also reverted Patrick back to his old “playboy” self by pairing him with the first attractive nurse who paid attention to him.  And to make matters worse, they’ve brought the character of Leyla to General Hospital.  Why they would do that is anyone’s guess.  It’s not very likely that General Hospital viewers will embrace the woman who helped break up Patrick and Robin.  It would have been nice if Patrick and Robin could have resolved their problems in the final episode.  

     The thing I found most confusing about the final episode was the end.  I’m sorry, but I just didn’t get it.  Who was the accident victim that looked like Robin?  What did it even mean?  The following day, Robin was on General Hospital, so her character is obviously still alive.  And speaking of the following day, the last episode of Night Shift made for a confusing General Hospital episode last Friday.  They brought on so many Night Shift characters (Leo, Andy, Leyla) and new information (Kelly’s sex addiction for one) that it may have been confusing for people who never watched Night Shift.  They even mentioned Jolene, which could have further confused people. 

     I’ll admit the final episode of Night Shift did have some high points.  The shootout in the emergency room was really emotional.  Especially when Spinelli cradled Jolene in his arms after she got shot protecting him.  The shooting also showed us the human side of Jason.  He literally saved Robin’s life when he shot the man who was holding her at gunpoint.  Let it never be said that Jason Morgan doesn’t make a good hero.  It was nice to see Jason connect with the older and wiser Toussaint.  Steve Burton and Billy Dee Williams seemed to have great chemistry and respect for each other.   When Jason told Toussaint, “it was an honor to work with you,” it was obvious the compliment was meant for the actor as well as the character.

     For the most part, I think Night Shift was a decent nighttime spin off.  It introduced us to some interesting and handsome characters like Dr. Leo Julian and Dr. Andy Archer.  It also gave us Toussaint Dubois, the mysterious and wise janitor/singer.  Even the dark and sometimes creepy Cody Paul was oddly appealing.  Night Shift also made great use of General Hospital characters like Epiphany, Kelly, and Lainey.   The show gave us more (but not enough of) old favorite, Mac Scorpio.  And seeing Jason in a different role made him seem much more human.  It was nice to see Jason and Robin interact and show us that there’s still a spark between them.  As usual, Spinelli’s quirks and issues made him as funny as ever. Most of the episodes did a good job of combining drama, humor, and humanity.   However, it was disappointing when they tried so hard to tie up some loose ends in the final episode and left us guessing about others.

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