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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Carly/Lorenzo Reunion
Chapter 9
by Mary

Mac, Lorenzo, and Carly exchange looks as the officer left the office.

Mac warns Lorenzo that he will do all he can do to protect him and Carly, including putting a guard on them around the clock.

Lorenzo thanks him for his help, and placing his hand on Carly’s arm, they leave the office. Before they leave the office, Mac reminds them to let him know if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Walking out to the car, both Carly and Lorenzo has their doubts about the police’s help. They both know that the police doesn’t really care for him because of his past business dealings, but they would have to protect them.

Opening the door for Carly, she gets in. As Lorenzo goes around to the other side of the car, an officer walks up to him, and informs him that he will follow closely behind him.

With Lorenzo thanking him for his help, Lorenzo gets in, and slowly maneuvers the car into the line of traffic. Carefully glancing behind him, Lorenzo notices that the police car is trailing them closely.

Arriving at their apartment building, the police hurriedly gets out of the car, and instructs Carly and Lorenzo to let him check out the perimeter before they leave their car. Just as the officer nears the building, shots rang out from atop one of the buildings, and the officer falls to the ground in front of the building doors.

Noticing what is going on, Lorenzo quickly phones the police, and informs them that there is an officer down in front of his building. Lorenzo quickly instructs Carly to stay down in the floor board until the police arrive.

Within minutes, the building is surrounded by police cars. Mac jumps out of the car along with another officer, and heads up to Lorenzo’s car. Mac questions Lorenzo and Carly if they are alright. Lorenzo confirms that they are. Mac tells the officer to take Carly to their squad car while he has a word with Lorenzo, privately.  

Pulling Lorenzo aside, Mac asks him does he have any idea who could be doing this to him. Lorenzo, pushing his hair back out of his face, confides everything to Mac. Mac just listens, soberly. After Lorenzo finishes, Mac summons for an officer to join them. Mac instructs the officer to take Lorenzo and Carly to a safe house until this killer can be put behind bars.

The officer proceeded to take Carly and Lorenzo to the squad car. Before they can reach the squad car, shots rang out again. Lorenzo, grabbing Carly’s arm, pushes her to the ground as he lies on top of her to protect her from the gunfire.

Once the gunfire had ceased, Lorenzo looked around, and he saw the officer lying on the ground a few feet away from them.

Crawling on his hands and knees, Lorenzo goes over to the officer, and checking for a pulse, he finds that the officer, too, was dead.  Lorenzo, looked at Carly, who had tears in her eyes.  Lorenzo let her know by nodding  his head that the officer was dead.

Lorenzo rubbed his eyes, and looked around, and he wondered to himself as to how this would all end.

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Page updated 6/5/12

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