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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Carly/Lorenzo Reunion
Chapter 8
by Mary

Carly and Lorenzo walk arm in arm into the police station. They are met with sarcastic stares from everyone. Not a person stopped long enough to even ask them if they could be of service.

When Carly and Lorenzo walk into the squad room, they are once again met with stares, and with whispers amongst themselves.

Lorenzo walked up to the desk that was just outside Mac’s office. “Excuse me,” Lorenzo asks in a kind voice. The officer looks up at him, and in a sarcastic voice, asks him, “what do you want.?

Ignoring the officer’s sarcastic remark, Lorenzo asks him, kindly, if he could see Mac. The officer mumbles that Mac is busy, and not taking any calls or visitors.

Lorenzo looks through the window, and sees that Mac is just sitting at his desk. “He doesn’t look busy.” Lorenzo remarks. The officer jumps up from his chair, and grabs Lorenzo by the shirt collar. “Are you telling me I’m lying?”

“No, of course not.” came Lorenzo’s reply. I just meant….. Lorenzo’s words trail off in mid sentence, as Mac comes out of his office .”What is going on out here.? Mac asks.

No one speaks a word. “Well, is anyone going to tell me what is going on here?” Mac asks again.

Everyone looks at each other. Lorenzo finds his voice, and lets Mac know that he needs to see him. Mac gives him a questioning look, but then ushers them into his office.

Once inside his office, Mac questions Lorenzo as to what he can do for him.

Lorenzo, reluctantly, hands him the note that he had just taken out of his pocket. After reading the note, Mac asks Lorenzo when had he received this .Lorenzo explains everything carefully to him.

Mac listens very carefully as Lorenzo recounts the day’s happenings to him. When Lorenzo had finished his story, Mac pushed the intercom button, and asked for one of his officers to come in.

The door opens, and Parkinson came into the office. Mac hands him the note, and gives him explicit instructions to take it to the lab to analyze for fingerprints. Reluctantly, Parkinson takes the note, and leaves the office.

Mac assures Lorenzo and Carly that they will have around the clock protection until this person is found.

Thanking Mac, Lorenzo and Carly leave the office.

Walking down to the car, Lorenzo tries his best to re-assure Carly that everything will be just fine . He pulls her close to him, and they kiss underneath the street light outside the station.

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Page updated 6/5/12

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