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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Carly/Lorenzo Reunion
Chapter 6
by Mary

Sun was beaming through the hospital window when a nurse came in to awaken Carly to check her temperature, and to take her blood pressure. When the nurse had gone, Carly laid her hand on Lorenzo’s cheek, and gave him a tender good-morning kiss. She let him know how much she loved him. He returned the sentiment.

He was holding her hand in his when they brought in Carly’s breakfast. Noticing that the time was eight o’clock, Lorenzo remarked that he had something to do, but he would be back as soon as possible. With a kiss good-bye, Lorenzo left.

Once in his car, Lorenzo called a well-known jewelers in New York City, and promised that he would be there as soon as he could.

The traffic was too heavy for this time of morning, but he wanted to make it to New York City as soon as he could get there. His thoughts went back to Carly, and how much he loved her, and what a surprise that this engagement ring would be to her. He didn’t have any idea what kind of ring to get her, but he did know that her favorite gemstone was a sapphire so that gave him something to work with.

Arriving in New York City, he glanced at his watch, and noticed that it was 11:00 a.m. It had taken him exactly three hours which wasn’t bad for this time of day.

Maneuvering his Mercedes in a parking space in front of the jewelers, he hurriedly got out, and went into the jewelers. Looking around, he didn’t see Mr. Rodriguez right off, but only a few cashiers. One of the cashiers had approached him to ask if she could help him when Mr. Rodriguez came out of the back, and when he spotted Lorenzo, he hurried up to him.

“I will take care of this gentleman.” Mr. Rodriguez told Rita, the cashier. Rita mumbled, “very well.’ as she walked away, reluctantly.

Mr. Rodriguez motioned for Lorenzo to follow him into the back of the store.

Sitting down at the desk, Mr. Rodriguez opened the desk drawer, and took out a large black velvet box.

Motioning toward the chair beside the desk, Lorenzo sat down. Turning to face Lorenzo, Mr. Rodriguez opened the box. Inside were some of the most exquisite gemstones that Lorenzo had ever seen in one place.

“What exactly are you looking for?” Mr. Rodriguez asked Lorenzo. “We have diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts.”

“Well, Carly is partial to pink sapphires with little diamonds.” Lorenzo informed Mr. Rodriguez.

Mr. Rodriguez smiled a broad smile, and remarked that he thinks he has just what Carly would like. Pulling another drawer open in the desk, he takes out a smaller blue velvet box. Handing the box to Lorenzo, he asks if Carly would like this. Taking the box from Mr. Rodriguez, Lorenzo opens it very carefully.

Inside the box was the most exquisite pink sapphire and diamond ring that Lorenzo had ever laid his eyes on. “How much is this?” Lorenzo asks when he is finally able to speak.

“It is valued at twenty thousand dollars.” Mr. Rodriguez informs Lorenzo. “Will you take a check?” Lorenzo asks as he pulls out his checkbook. Mr. Rodriguez nods his head, as Lorenzo makes out the check for twenty thousand dollars. Handing the check to Rodriguez, Lorenzo picks up the ring. “Would you like that gift wrapped?” Rodriguez asks. Lorenzo replies that he will just take it as is.

Putting the ring box securely in his pocket, Lorenzo thanks Rodriguez, and leaves.

Hurriedly getting into his car, Lorenzo fastens his seatbelt, and is soon on his way back to Port Charles, and Carly.

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Page updated 6/5/12

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