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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Carly/Lorenzo Reunion
Chapter 4
by Mary

Lorenzo, hurriedly, unfastens Carly’s seatbelt, and picking her up, carries her into the General Hospital emergency room.

As he goes through the swinging doors, he yells for a nurse to help them. A nurse hurries to his side. Lorenzo explains the situation to her, and she immediately calls for an orderly. The orderly arrives within minutes with a gurney. With the help of all three of them, they lift Carly onto the gurney.

The nurse instructs the orderly to put Carly into Room 2, while she tells Lorenzo that she has some papers for him to fill out . Lorenzo follows her to the nurse’s station to fill out the necessary papers.  Lorenzo, frantic with worry, questions the nurse if Carly is going to be alright. The nurse tries to put his mind to ease as best as she can.

After he signs the necessary papers, Lorenzo paces the floor back and forth in eager anticipation as to what is happening. Not only is he worried about Carly, but he wonders where Michael and Morgan are. Suddenly, he hears a scream coming from inside the emergency room. He finds Carly, lying unconscious on one of the beds. The doctors and nurses work frantically, to save her life. “What’s happening?” Lorenzo asks as he hurries past the nurses. “Get him out of here!” the doctor orders the nurse. The nurse comes to Lorenzo’s side, and persuades him that he is going to have to wait outside. She promises that she will let him know the minute that they have any news.

Sitting down in one of the chairs, he places his hands over his face, and he says a silent prayer for Carly, and her sons. “Where are her sons?” he asks himself. He hadn’t heard them anywhere when he had found Carly in the rubble. Taking the cell phone out of his pocket, he quickly dials Sonny’s number. The phone hadn’t rung over a couple of times when Sonny answers it. “Hello.” Sonny replies.

Lorenzo quickly identifies himself, and explains the situation to Sonny as to what had happened to Carly. Sonny immediately wants to know about Carly’s well being. Lorenzo fills him in as best as he can that she is in the emergency room, and they are working on her. Sonny is relieved about Carly. Lorenzo tells him that the reason that he had called was to check on Michael and Morgan because he knows Carly will want to know about them when she gains consciousness. Sonny informs him that they are fine. He explains to Lorenzo that he had picked them up earlier in the day, and they were with him, safe and sound. This relieves Lorenzo’s mind. Lorenzo thanks Sonny for the info, and hangs up.

A nurse comes out of the E.R., and tells Lorenzo that it was touch and go for a few minutes, but they have gotten Carly stabilized, she is conscious, and is asking for him. Lorenzo thanks her, and hurriedly rushes to Carly’s side.

He finds her, with a large bandage on her head, and I.V.’s hooked up to her. She manages a smile when he enters the room. She holds out her hand to him. He slowly takes her hand, as he kisses her on the cheek. He sits down beside her. “How are you?” he asks. She manages to tell him, “so, so.” She looks at him, and mumbles the words, “boys.” He smiles at her, and lets her know that her boys are fine. She smiles a relieved smile. She drifts off to sleep with Lorenzo holding her hand.

Slowly placing her hand on the bed, he gets up, and walks out of the room. He meets up with Dr. Stone in the hall. Lorenzo approaches him, and introduces himself as Carly’s husband. Dr. Stone assures Lorenzo that Carly has a few cuts and abrasions, and maybe a possible concussion, and they want to keep her overnight for observation. Lorenzo thanks him for his help. After talking to the doctor, Lorenzo decides to go home for a quick shower, and then he would come back to spend the night with Carly.

On the drive back to his condo, Lorenzo notices  that all the street lights in the city are out because of the storm, and the city is plunged into total darkness. The only lights that you can see is from the headlights from the passing cars. 

To his surprise, when he pulls onto his street, he finds that the lights are on, and nothing has been bothered.

Pulling into his parking place, he gets out of his car, and hurries into the building.

Pressing the button for the elevator, he is surprised that it also works.

Riding up on the elevator, he begins to plan his strategy on what to do now that he has Carly back in his life, and to hold onto her. He promised himself that he will not make the same mistakes again that he had before. The one thing that he didn’t have to worry about this time was that Carly was over Sonny for good.

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Page updated 6/5/12

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