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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Carly/Lorenzo Reunion
Chapter 3
by Mary

Lorenzo is very happy for a change as he drives home from the Quartermaines. The meeting with Skye had gone better than he had expected . Looking up at the stars, he had never seen them shining so brightly, and they all seemed to be shining on him and Carly. The moon was also shining brightly, and was lighting up everything so clearly that you could almost see to drive without the headlights.

Reaching over, he turned on the radio. A song that was playing was entitled, “Embraceable You.” The song reminded Lorenzo of Carly, and his love for her. Suddenly, the song was interrupted by a man’s voice. The man, who was an announcer for the local radio station, was advising everyone that Port Charles was under a severe thunderstorm watch and also a tornado watch.

Lorenzo couldn’t believe what he was hearing since the sky was so clear, and the moon was shining so brightly. Looking up in to the night sky, he was amazed that the stars that he had once seen was now covered with black, ominous looking clouds. In the distance, he could now see streaks of lightning in the direction of Carly’s house.  A crack of thunder seemed to rock the car as he sped along.

Stepping on the accelerator, he hurried toward Carly’s house. A streak of lightning struck a large oak tree in the distance, and it came crashing to the ground just in front of Lorenzo’s car. The rain had began falling in sheets, and it made it very difficult to see where he was going .

Turning the knob on the radio to adjust the sound, he soon found out that the lightning must have hit the radio station’s tower because there was just static.

Becoming even more frantic for Carly’s and the boys safety, he sped even faster toward their cottage. Everywhere he looked, there were trees down, and wire lines over the road. The wind was beating hard against the sides of the car, and it seemed as though the car had a mind of its own.

Finally, he reached the street on which Carly lived. He stopped the car, and got out. He couldn’t believe his eyes. What was once a row of beautiful homes were now just a pile of rubble. Panicking, he began to run down the street in search of Carly and her boys. The wind was blowing hard against him, and he had to fight hard against the wind just to stay on his feet.

When he reached what he thought was Carly’s house, it was nothing but a pile of rubble. “Oh, my God,” he exclaimed as he began to search, frantically, for Carly and the boys. Carly can’t be dead, he thought to himself as he began to search through the rubble. “Carly.” he yelled. But there was no answer except for the howl of the wind, and the constant roar of thunder. He was getting soaked from the rain, but he didn’t care about himself, all he wanted was to find Carly.

“Carly.” he yells again. To his relief, he hears a faint whimper which sounded like, “help us.” Through tears in his eyes, he begins again to remove the rubble off her. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he sees Carly. 

Gently pushing away some of the debris, he takes hold of Carly’s arms, and pulls her out from under the debris.

Pulling off his coat, he places it around Carly’s shoulders. Carefully, he picks her up, and carries her out of the debris. The thunder rolls, and the lightning flashes as he dredges his way back to his car which sits at the end of the street. The rain is still coming in waves so he carefully covers Carly’s face with his coat sleeve. She nuzzles up close to him to feel his warmth.

Finally, after what had seemed an eternity, he reaches his car, and places her in the front seat. Grabbing his cell phone, he manages to get through to the hospital, and lets them know that he is bringing Carly Alcazar in with cuts and abrasions.

The ride to the hospital was very hazardous. Along with the thunder, lightning, and heavy rain, there were power lines down, as well as, trees across the road.

Within minutes, he had managed to reach GH, and maneuvered his Lincoln into one of the parking places nearest the emergency room door.

Jumping out of the car, he quickly scoops Carly up into his arms, and carries her into the emergency room.

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Page updated 6/5/12

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