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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Carly/Lorenzo Reunion
Chapter 1
by Mary

Carly, sits on a park bench. She looks up at the stars with tears in her eyes. She can’t understand why Jax would agree with Robin, and let Nikolas know that Little John was his son. Wiping away her tears, she feels a hand on her shoulder. Looking up, she sees Lorenzo standing there. He whisks his handkerchief out of his pocket, and hands it to her. She thanks him as she takes it from him.

Carly wonders what he is doing out on a night like this, and more so why he isn’t with Skye. After all, she is pregnant with his child. “What are you doing here.” she asks as he sits down beside her. Lorenzo lets her know that he and Skye had had an argument, and they had broken up. Carly feels sympathy for him. Lorenzo suggests that they go have a drink, and just talk. Carly agrees. They walk off arm in arm.

Upon entering the La Masa Hotel, a waitress shows them to a table in a far corner where they will not be disturbed, Lorenzo does the ordering for them, two pink lemonade cocktails. The waitress takes their order, and soon leaves. Lorenzo smiles, as he looks across the table at Carly. Her face is smudged with tears, but she still looks as beautiful as the first time that he had ever seen her. He goes back in time, and remembers the first time that he had ever laid eyes on her. He also remembers how hard he had fought to win her over, but in the end had failed miserably. He also remembers the bitter argument that they had had when he had thrown Carly out of their home. Upon looking at her now, he regrets not having given her another chance.

Lorenzo is brought back to reality when the waitress brings the drinks, and sets them down in front of them. She hands them both a menu, and tells them that she will be back when they have decided what they want to order. Lorenzo manages a half hearted smile. Carly notices how blue his eyes are, and she begins to remember the first time that Lorenzo had brought her here. Looking at him, she realizes how lucky she was to have been married to him, but she had let that love slip through her fingers. She regrets all the times that she had gone running  back to Sonny ever time that he had had a problem. She wonders why she hadn’t toughed it out, and made her marriage to Lorenzo work. She is brought back to reality by Lorenzo banging softly on the table. “What were you thinking.” he asks as he picks up his drink. She just smiles as she picks up her drink.

Lorenzo questions her again as to what she was just thinking. Carly begins to open up to him, and tells him all about what had happened with Nikolas, Jax and Little John. Lorenzo reaches across the table, takes her hand, and squeezes her hand. She manages a half hearted smile. She realizes how good it feels to have his hand in hers. Looking into his clear blue eyes, she realizes for the first time that she loves him.

Holding her hand, he realizes that his love for her has never died that it is just as strong now as it was the first time he ever laid eyes on her.

They enjoy a quiet dinner together, and the ice is broken of the past months.

Driving home, she sits closer to him than she had before. When they arrive home, she thanks him for a wonderful evening, and for having someone to talk to. He gets out, and walks her to the door. She again thanks him for a wonderful evening. He steps closer to her, and gives her a light kiss on the lips.

Before he leaves, he asks if he can call her. She readily agrees. She realizes that she may have another chance with him, and she doesn’t want to blow it. 

Going into the house, she wonders what will happen between him and Skye. But she realizes that she doesn’t want to worry about that now, that she was going to leave that up to him and Skye.

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Page updated 6/5/12

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