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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Carly/Lorenzo Reunion
The Prequel
by Mary

Carly stood, looking at the rain that was softly falling against the window sill. A noise startled her, and as she looked around, she saw Lorenzo come into the room with his newspaper in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other.

Slowly setting the coffee cup down on the coffee table, he sits himself into his favorite chair. Looking at him, Carly realizes just how much she loved this man, and how thankful she was to have him in her life.

Walking over, she sits down on the arm of the chair, and places her arm around his shoulders. He looks up with a smile, and gives her a soft kiss on the lips.  His mind and attention goes back to his newspaper, and what the Cincinnati Reds had been doing in the World Series.

Sitting on the arm of the sofa, Carly’s mind goes back to another time and place when they weren’t this happy. She remembered the scene in Port Charles when their lives were in danger.

Five Years Earlier

Lorenzo looks around at Carly, who was just sitting up. He noticed that she had tears in her eyes.  He looks around at everyone huddled close together to keep from being killed.  He wonders where this will all would end, but most of all he wonders, who could be doing this.

Mac, slowly crawled his way, and as he approached Lorenzo, he motioned for Lorenzo to stay down as best as he could.

Mac whispers to Lorenzo if he had any idea who could be doing this. Lorenzo first shakes his head no but then he suddenly remembers something. He whispers to Mac for them to somehow get Carly inside, and he will tell him everything that he knows about who could be trying to kill him and Carly.

Motioning for a police officer to join them, Mac tells the officer to help him get Lorenzo and Carly inside.

Moving very slowly toward Carly, Lorenzo takes her arm, and they move toward the apartment entrance.

Once inside, they are all ushered up a flight of stairs, till they reach the top floor. They are immediately shown into a condominium.  

Mac very carefully and cautiously goes over to the window. Looking out, he sees if he can see anyone watching the building.  Once, he sees that no one is there, he pulls the drapes together.

Walking back over to where Carly and Lorenzo are seated on the old worn out sofa, he begins to question Lorenzo once again as to who could be doing this.

Lorenzo begins to explain that while he and Carly had been separated that he had gotten involved once again with a syndicate in East Berlin. He goes on to explain that the family’s last name is DuPont.  He explains that he had blackmailed the family into helping to find out about his real parents, and where he could find them, in exchange for his helping to smuggle a large shipment into the country. Once he had found out who his birth parents were, he had refused to smuggle the drugs into the country. The oldest son, Rodriguez, had vowed revenge on Lorenzo for his actions.

Mac rubbed his chin as if in deep thought, and he looked first at Lorenzo and then at Carly. Getting up from the chair, he goes over to the officer, and has a quiet word with him. After the conversation is over, Mac tells Lorenzo to take Carly and follow the officer. Carly hugs Mac as a sign of thanking him for his help.

The officer, Lorenzo, and Carly left the apartment.

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Page updated 6/5/12

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