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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Spring Flowers"
Part 5 ~ English Prenup
by Kimberly

Jason closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. He had interviewed 15 potential bodyguards for Elizabeth and the boys. Unfortunately, they were either too inexperienced or so intimidating that they would scare the boys.

"Spinelli, how many interviews do we have left?"

"Uhhh, we have one more. An armament named English.  Strange. Just one name."

Jason shrugged. "What can you tell me about him?"

"Well, it seems that English has impressive martial arts credentials, is a licensed bodyguard, speaks several languages fluently, and has 10 years of experience. There is one thing..."

Jason raised his eyebrow in question.

Spinelli continued, "I can't find any personal history before 1998."

Jason thought about his own history, knowing what it is like to disassociate yourself from your past. "Show him in."

Spinelli opened the office door "English?! Is there an English here?"

Jason watched Spinelli's mouth drop open, and he slowly backed into the office. Great, Jason thought, another enormous muscled man. Spinelli continued to back into the room, bumping into the chair and stumbled onto Jason's desk. As Jason helped Spinelli regain his balance, he watched English enter the office.

Her skin was the color of honey, and her thick wavy hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail. Although she didn't quite reach five feet five inches, Jason would not categorize her as petite, and skinny was not even close. The jeans and matching jacket could not hide her athletic frame. She glanced at Spinelli and then turned her attention to Jason. Her eyes, the color of caramel, were indifferent and hollow. Her facial features remained fixed and unemotional. 

"Please have a seat."

She sat without saying a word.

"You'll have to excuse Spinelli. We were not expecting a woman."

"And such a beautiful woman at that." Spinelli chimed in. She raised her eyebrows slightly as Spinelli started to blush.

"Thank you. I think...." She said softly. If she had an accent, Jason couldn't place it. Without a regional dialect and a past history, it would be hard for the police to find her.

"It seems that you have an impressive resume. Can you tell me what you did before 1998?" Jason asked.

English remained silent. Jason nodded to himself. "Can you at least tell me who you were working for from 1998 until now?"

"I was working for Julian Cruz since 1998."

Jason knew the name. If she could survive 10 years working for Cruz, Jason knew she was good.

"Tell me why you left."

"Julian retired and I was not fond of his replacement."

Jordan Cruz had replaced his father and the rumors stated that Jordan was more concerned with his girlfriends than his business.

Just to be sure, Jason asked "Do you have any references?"

English reached into her pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. She handed it to Jason. When he opened it, he noticed Julian Cruz's signature along with a phone number. Jason folded the letter and placed it next to the phone.  "Why should I hire a woman to watch over my fiancée and small children?" he continued.

"As a woman, I can go everywhere your fiancée goes. As a woman, the children will just see me as their babysitter."

Jason could see the logic. "I'd like you to meet them. Could you come back on Friday?"

English nodded and handed Jason a blank card with her phone number. "You can reach me at this number."

As English walked out of the office, Tracy marched in.

"We need to talk." She announced.

"You shouldn't be here." Jason stated.

"We need to talk." She repeated "alone."

It was clear that Tracy was not going to leave, so Jason asked Spinelli to run over to Kelly's to pick up food. When Spinelli closed the door, Tracy threw her handbag into the empty chair.

"Just what do you think you're doing?"

Jason looked at her in bewilderment.

"If you think you are going to get married without a prenuptial agreement. You can think again."

Jason rolled his eyes in frustration. "Why would I need a prenup?"

"My God, Jason. Can't you see what she is up to? As soon as you get married, she's going to try to tap into the Quartermaine trust fund."

"I don't need the Quartermaine money." Jason stated easily.

"Maybe you don't, but a girl that comes from nothing would sure find that money enticing."

"I'm not asking her to sign a prenup."

"Oh yes, you will."

"Or what?"

Tracy walked closer to Jason. "Do you actually think you get your ruthlessness from working in this business? Don't fool yourself. We share the same genes, Jason. Maybe it's about time you realized it." She picked up her bag and turned toward the door. "Get her to sign that prenup or you're going to find out that ruthlessness runs in the family."

Tracy didn't stay to hear Jason's response. As he heard her stomp out of the coffee shop, Jason let out a sigh. He knew how to handle his enemies, but he had no clue how to handle his family.


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