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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Warm Spring Nights"
Part 2 ~ Stars
by Kimberly

Jason could feel Liz's body press against his back as he rode out of the Port Charles' town limits. The warm night air caressed his face. He knew he should wear his motorcycle helmet, but the warm air whipping through his hair gave him the immediate sense of freedom. Maybe he should let his hair grow again. He loved how Liz would tug on his locks when they made love. He had to stop thinking like that or they would find themselves in the nearest ditch. Instead, he thought of his future with Liz and the boys. It seemed as if English made a great impression on Cam and Jake. At his first look at English, it seemed as if Cam had become smitten. At the park, Cam begged English to push him on the swing and at dinner, he insisted that he side next to her. Although Cam only allowed Liz to give him a bath, he was eager for English to read him a story. Although he was not as infatuated, Jake also seemed to warm up to English. Liz claimed that it was a miracle that Jake didn't cry when they were leaving. Good thing, too, Jason thought. He had plans for Liz tonight, and it wouldn't work if she was worried about the boys. Jason rode uphill into the countryside mountains. Before he could take the road to the highest peak on the mountain, he veered left and after a bumpy start, he entered a dirt road. After another ten minutes, he came upon a small field that was naturally hidden by the hillside. As he brought the bike to a halt, he noticed a car parked at the peak of the mountain. It was too far away to be a threat, but he wouldn't take any chances. Once Liz placed her helmet on the back of the bike, Jason took her hand and led her to a small alcove.

Liz held on to Jason's hand as he led her into the alcove. Trying to avoid rocks and pebbles, Liz wished she had worn more sensible shoes. But when he led her around the bend, she noticed the makeshift sitting areas and the bottle of wine. As Jason started the fire, Liz sat down on the pallet of blankets. Looking up, she noticed the clear night sky and the sparkling stars.

"It's beautiful here," she stated.

"I'm glad you like it."

"I guess I never noticed how clear the sky is at night. It seems as if all the stars are magnified."

As the flames started to flicker around the wood, Jason opened the bottle of wine and poured Liz a glass. He held her in his arms as he told her about his visit from his Aunt Tracy. Hearing about Tracy's plans to have her sign a prenup, Liz turned her body to face Jason.

"A prenup?" She shook her head gently. "I'll sign whatever Tracy wants."

"No, I don't need you to sign a prenup."

"Maybe you don't, but it is obvious that the Quartermaines do."

"I don't care..."

"But I do," Liz interrupted. "If this is what it takes for them to believe that I love you, then so be it. "

"Signing a prenup will make it seem as if I doubt your love for me?"

"Do you?"

"No. Never."

"Then that's all that matters." Placing her empty glass on the side of the blankets, she gave him a gentle kiss. Her kiss had the buttery taste of a fine Chardonnay and Jason was becoming drunk with passion. He leaned back slowly to give her more access to his body. Wrong move. She pressed her body to his and gently rocked her hips in an upward motion. Any other night, Jason would have made love to her right there, but he had other plans and the car at the top of the hill gave him caution. As she attempted to undo his pants, Jason silently wished that he had brought his truck instead of his bike. The truck would have at least provided a shield in front of the alcove while he made love to her.

"Come," he said softly. "I have somewhere I want to take you."

"It better be good," Liz teased as she eased herself off his ridged frame. Oh, it will be, he thought as he put out the fire.

The warm night air played with the ends of Maxie's blond hair. Lifting her hair so that Johnny could get a peek of her sleeping face and in the next minute, the wind would lift her hair to cover her parted lips. A year ago, Johnny would have taken Maxie to the nearest hotel, but the little he knew about Maxie told him that she was not impressed by his name or his bad boy persona. After all, whoever heard of a bad boy and a bad girl becoming a couple? It was opposites that should attract, Johnny thought. Isn't that what made him so attracted to Lulu? She was the exact opposite of everything he had ever known. So if opposites attract, why couldn't he make it work with Lulu? No matter how much he tried, he always had the feeling that it was never enough. He couldn't be like Logan: a son of the DA and a war veteran. He only knew one life and none of it was nice.

"Johnny?" Maxie whispered as she struggled to open her eyes. "How long have I been asleep?"

"I think you fell asleep before we hit the first stoplight," he answered with a smile. "The crying might have worn you out."

"About that," she said sheepishly. "Could we keep that to ourselves?"

He nodded in answer as he watched her adjust to the darkness. Looking up, she let out a small gasp. "This is so beautiful. I've never seen the stars shine so brightly. Where are we?"

"I found this place a few months ago. I come here when I want to feel closer to my mother." He looked up at the sparkling stars. "It seems like an arm length away from heaven. I thought maybe if I brought you here, you would feel closer to Georgie."

She bit her lip but didn't reply. Instead, she reclined her seat as far as it would go and stared at the sky. Johnny repeated her actions, and they remained silent for the next few minutes.

"Thank you, John," she said softly as she turned her face to look at his profile. She watched him frown quickly, but when he turned to her, he smiled and said, "Could we keep this place to ourselves?"

She giggled in response and for the remainder of the night they talked about their childhood and their parents. It was the first time that they could share their stories, honestly and without fear of judgment. As dawn threatened to emerge, Johnny started the car. With the top back on the convertible, Johnny steered the car down the mountainside slowly. Speed was his normal pace, but for some reason he was regretting the sighting of the sun.


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Page updated 8/27/12

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