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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Winter of Resentment
Part 8 ~ Boss
by Kimberly

The car ride to the hospital was quiet. Max glanced cautiously at Jason, who sat silently in the passenger seat gazing mindlessly out the window. He didn't expect to see Max when he exited the airport, but after hearing all of the events that transpired during his absence, Jason could understand Max's concern. Kate's murder, Sam's kidnapping, Diego's death, and Sonny's injuries had the other mob families questioning the control of the Port Charles piers. Jason arrived home just in time. The local competition was beginning to notice his absence.  

"Boss, I..." 

"I'm not your boss," Jason corrected.

"I forgot to tell you that the security system arrived," Max continued. "Do you want me to ask Ms. Weber when I can send the guys over to install it?" 

"I'll ask her." A perfect excuse to see her, Jason thought. "Stop by her house before we go to the hospital." 

"She's not home." 

Jason finally turned to look at him.  

"With all that was going on, I thought it would be best if I had Milo watch over Ms. Weber and her boys." Max watched Jason's facial features relax. "I hope you don't mind." 

Jason gave a crooked smile. "Thanks." 

"She's working at the hospital today. The boys are at her grandmother's house. Maybe we can stop by the nurse's station on our way to visit Sonny." 

Jason nodded in agreement. 


At the sound of Max's voice, Sonny maneuvered the wheelchair away from the window. If he was glad to see Jason, he didn't show it. 

"Max, I need you to get everyone in here. Milo, Spinelli, Diane and anyone who isn't guarding the warehouse." 

It wasn't until Max left the room that Sonny gave Jason a lop-sided grin. "See what happens when I take matters into my own hands?" 

"What.." Jason felt a lump of emotion growing in his throat. He hated to see Sonny in this condition. "What did the doctors say?" 

"There is a chance that I will never walk again." 

"And I guess that there is a chance that you will." Jason added. 

Sonny shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "I've got nowhere to go anyway," he whispered. 

"Sonny," Jason started to take a step towards his boss and long time friend before Diane interrupted him. 

"Well, It's good to see that you're back." Diane greeted Jason as she bustled through the doorway. "Look, if this is about Alexis questioning you about Diego...." 

Sonny held up his hand to stop her tirade. "This has nothing to do with Alexis." 

"Really, then why am I here?" she asked. 

Before Sonny could answer, Max, Milo, and Spinelli entered followed by more of Sonny's bodyguards. Within 30 minutes, the room was filled with some of the most intimidating men in the area. Milo closed the door, forcing people to stand shoulder to shoulder in silence. Diane and Spinelli found themselves wedged between Milo and Max and if this had not been such a serious occasion, it would have been comical. 

"As you know," Sonny began, "the doctors say that I will be confined in this wheelchair for a while, maybe forever." 

The room remained silent. 

"I've been told that I will need extensive physical therapy if I want to walk again. I promised my sons that I would get that therapy, however I won't be doing that in Port Charles. I'll be heading off to my island tomorrow." 

"Boss....." Max started to walk towards Sonny. 

"I'm not your boss anymore. Jason will be taking over the business. You will be taking orders from him." 

Diane glanced at Jason, and as usual, his face was unreadable. In all honesty, she was relieved. For someone with a brain injury, Jason had great reasoning skills. If that car accident had never happened, he would have made one hell of a businessman, Diane thought.  

What happened next was like a scene from a movie. Diane could feel the energy in the room shift from Sonny to Jason. All eyes were on Jason as they waited for him to speak.  

"It will be business as usual for now." Jason turned towards Max. "Max will be second in charge." 

The announcement caught Max by surprise but once he realized his new rank, he stood up straighter, with authority. With a nod, Jason dismissed everyone except Max. As the room emptied, Sonny moved the wheelchair back to the window. Jason quietly ushered Max into the hallway.  

"I need to talk to Sonny." He glanced into the room. "And I need to handle some personal business. Can you cover at the coffeehouse until closing? We can meet in the morning and talk." 

"Sure, boss." Max said with a twinkle in his eyes. 

"I'm not..." Jason fell silent as he realized what he was about to say. 

"I'll leave Milo the car. He'll watch over you. I'll find someone to watch over Ms. Weber." 

"I don't need anyone to watch over me." 

"You never took a chance with Sonny's life, and I'm not going to take a chance with yours." Max turned to walk away. He hesitated for a minute before adding, "See you in the morning, boss." He flashed Jason a huge grin and walked away.


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Page updated 8/27/12

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