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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Spring Flowers"
Part 12 ~ Rush
by Kimberly

Mac looked at the photo for the 20th time. There was a new danger in town and her name was English. Mac looked at the photo again. He couldn't be sure, but it seemed as if she was looking directly into the camera. She had empty eyes, the eyes of a killer. Her cold eyes and taunt body made her sexy, dangerously so. Standing next to her in the photo was Max. Clearly, English had joined Jason's organization but why, Mac wondered. He threw the picture back into a thin file. Placing his palm over his eyes, he rubbed them gently. Letting out a deep sigh, he glanced at Georgie's photo. He missed her so much. He needed a drink. Walking to the kitchen, he took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. By the time he took his second swallow of beer, both his shirt and tie lay on the couch. He promised himself that he would not sit there and wish his life were different. Instead, he sat and closed his eyes. A vision of a naked Alexis popped into his head. He had no doubt that she enjoyed their lovemaking and he itched for another night with her. But it just seemed wrong to be enjoying himself while Georgie laid beneath the cold ground.

Mac drained the last of the beer and placed the bottle on the coffee table. A knock on the door startled him and when he went to answer the door, he forgot that he was wearing a T-shirt.

"Hello," Alexis said in a fake cheerful voice. "I thought maybe you'd like to have dinner and maybe talk a little." She held up a bag from the best Chinese food in the area. Seeing him in a T-shirt and slacks unnerved her a little. Memories of their night together started to surface, but she crushed them down like so many times before.

Without saying a word, he stepped aside and let her into the house. She was dressed in a black pant suit. The spring jacket was buttoned but he could still see the pink camisole peeking playfully beneath the top button. Too many clothes, he thought. Maxie had phoned him earlier to let him know that she would be working late, trying to hold the magazine together until Jax found a replacement for Kate. He had the house to himself tonight, and he planned to take advantage of that fact.

"I don't feel like talking."

Of course not, Alexis thought. Maybe this was a bad idea. She told Diane that a public meeting would be better. She should have listened to her first instinct. "Then maybe we should eat first."

"I don't feel like eating," he replied.

"Oh...well.." she stammered as he walked over and took the bag out of her hand. Placing the food next to the empty beer bottle, he took her hand and guided her to the stairs. Her hand fit loosely in his, and she could have stopped anytime. As he ushered her into his bedroom, she realized that she was hoping they would make love again. His room was painted a dark blue, masculine and sparse. He led her to the bed and then stopped to stand behind her. Planting kisses on the back of her neck, he unbuttoned her jacket. He gently placed the jacket on the armchair and when he turned to face her, he noticed that she was trembling. Alexis could feel her body trembling as he kissed her bare shoulder. She grabbed his hair in her fist and gently turned his face to her. She kissed him softly, shyly. He smiled at her and returned the kiss, slowly, intensely. There would be no rushing tonight. He continued to undress her slowly, pausing at times to taste her lips. By the time she was naked, she had stopped trembling and her eager hands found its way underneath his T-shirt. Not yet, he thought. Laying her across the bed, he took his time exploring her body. When he finally got around to undressing himself, Alexis had become fidgety and tense. Mac was not going to waste this time with Alexis. After several hours of slow lovemaking, Mac gathered Alexis in his arms.

"What did you want to talk about?" he whispered in her ear. The question startled her and her planned speech didn't really work in this situation.

"I'm pregnant," she stated plainly.

She wasn't sure that he heard her, but when she started to repeat herself, she could hear his gentle snoring. She relaxed against the pillow and within minutes, she was asleep.

In the morning, Mac cooked Alexis a light breakfast of eggs, toast, and fruit salad. As Alexis sipped on fresh orange juice, Mac spoke "So did you pick a date?"

"A date?"

"Yes, do you know when you want to get married?"

"Married? Who said I wanted to get married?"

Mac paused and stared at Alexis, but didn't say a word. She continued, "I didn't come here looking for a proposal."

"If you think I'm going to let Rick or Sonny around my child in my absence, you should think again," he said slowly. "So you either pick a date for a wedding or pick a date to meet me in family court for a lengthy and painful custody battle." 

Alexis leaped out of bed and rushed to get dressed. "I will not be blackmailed into marriage."

"Too bad," Mac said sarcastically. "I would hate to have to put your parenting ability on trial."

"You pompous ass," Alexis began.

Mac shrugged his shoulders and walked into the bathroom. "You know your way out. Call my office with a date to meet you at court." He paused and looked at Alexis with contempt. "I can meet you for a wedding or a fight. You choose." He slammed the bathroom door in her face.

Alexis let out a loud frustrated scream and rushed out of the house. She was going to need a good lawyer. She wondered if Diane was up for the challenge. 


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Page updated 8/25/12

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