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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Spring Flowers"
Part 10 ~ Surprise
by Kimberly

"Surprise!"  Still in her nurse's uniform, Liz stood in the doorway of Robin's hospital room. In one hand she held a milk shake container and in the other hand, a brown paper bag that had grease stains on the bottom. "I brought you lunch, an extra thick vanilla milk shake and a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of cheesy fries."

"The definition of a true friend," Robin chuckled as she watched Liz place the items on the side table.

"So," Liz said as she sat on the edge of the bed. "I hear that you will be going home soon."

"Yeah, but without Emma. They want to keep her for a while longer."

"You know how cautious Dr. Fenning can be. He just wants to give Emma the best care and send her home healthy."  Liz looked into Robin's pale face. "Your job is to get nice and strong in order to take care of Emma."

"Between Patrick, Maxie and Mac, I think Emma will be just fine."

Liz could hear a little bitterness in Robin's voice. "Every child needs their mom. There is no substitute," Liz reminded Robin.

"Do you know," Robin said as she reached for the milkshake, "I've only fed Emma twice since she's been born. Patrick, Mac, and Maxie have scheduled 24-hour care for her. I just feel..." Robin paused for a moment, "left out."

"Patrick, Mac, and even Maxie are doing this out of love for both you and Emma." Liz patted Robin's leg gently. "You'll have more than enough time to bond with Emma once you are out of this hospital bed."

Robin shrugged but remained silent.

"Plus," Liz continued, "I need you to get healthy in time for you to be my Maid of Honor."

"You picked a date?" This bit of news brought a smile to Robin's lips.

"I picked a season. Fall."

"Fall is good. No ugly dresses, please."

"So you'll do it? You'll be my maid of honor?"

"Of course."

Liz reached over to hug Robin. Before Liz could go into more detail, a booming voice filled the room.

"Nurse Webber, I really hope that you are not shirking you nursing responsibilities and please, please tell me that bag of grease is yours and not food for a patient." Epiphany pointed to the greasy bag on the table.

"Ummm.....I am off duty and....."

"If you're off duty, then you should be on your way home or at least out of your nurse's uniform. People may start to think that our nurses don't take their responsibilities seriously," Epiphany interrupted.

"I wasn't thinking."

"It shows." Epiphany folded her arms as a sign of authority. "May I suggest you take your bag of grease and eat your lunch somewhere else."

"Actually, the lunch is mine." Patrick strolled into the room. His hair was still wet and smelled of soap. Dressed in a pair of black khaki pants and a white long- sleeved polo shirt, Patrick looked well rested. "I asked Nurse Webber to pick up lunch, so I can spend more time with Robin." He winked at Liz and reached for the greasy bag.

Liz stood up quickly and backed out of the door. "Well, I promised to take Cam to the park. Robin, I'll call you tonight." Without waiting for a reply, she made her exit. Just in time too, she thought as she heard Epiphany start to give Patrick a speech about the appropriate use of a nurse's time.

"You're what?" Diane shrieked

"Surprise!" Alexis said weakly.

"I can't believe this...." Diane looked over her shoulder and motioned for the waiter. Once the waiter arrived, she pushed her glass of ice tea across the table. "Can you please exchange this for a dry martini?"

With a short nod, the waiter grabbed the untouched ice tea and headed toward the bar. With the waiter barely out of ear shot, Diane started again.

"Pregnant?! You?! My God, Alexis what were you thinking? You're not some randy high school girl. You are a mature, sophisticated woman. One with which I am glad to be associated. Didn't birth control cross your mind?"

"Would you keep it down...?" Alexis glanced across the Metro Court restaurant. "For your information, we did use birth control."

"I know it has been some time since you've.... you've," Diane lowered her voice "been intimate with a man." Alexis rolled her eyes as Diane continued, "but they have invented birth control that doesn't require prayer."

"I am not going to get into this with you. We took precautions. It didn't work. I'm pregnant. Now get used to it.

"Get used to it? Get used to it?" Diane's voice started to take on the pitch of a squealing pig. "Do you not understand the gravity of the situation? Here you are, the DA with a child by a mobster, a child by a want to be mobster and now the chief of police. And let us not forget that your oldest daughter is a con artist that hangs out with the mob."

Before the waiter could place the martini on the table, Diane snatched it from him and took a generous gulp. Eying the startled waiter, she barked, "Keep them coming every ten minutes. No. Correction, every five minutes." Waving the waiter away, Diane continued "What does Mac say about all of this?"

"He doesn't know."

"Oh, this just gets better and better. Are you going to tell him or should we just send him an invite to the baby shower?"

"I don't know what I was thinking," Alexis mumbled as she tossed her napkin on the table. "I thought we could actually discuss this rationally."

"You came to me because you like my honesty," Diane shrieked.

"I came to you because you're my best friend, and I need your support," Alexis screamed.

"I'm your best friend?" Diane smiled. She has never been considered a best friend.


"Me?"  She asked again.

"Yes, and I really need your support."

"Of course, you'll have my support" Diane beamed. "Now let's think of a strategic way to tell Mac."


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