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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Winter of Resentment
Part 2 ~ Lovers, Friends and Foes
by Kimberly


Liz placed the last of the breakfast dishes into the cupboard. She glanced around the kitchen. She wasn't sure when they would be able to come back to the safe house, and she wanted to make sure that everything was in its place.

Spending the weekend with Jason was wonderful. Friday night's intense lovemaking gave way to a playful Saturday morning. By the afternoon, Liz had convinced Jason to go shopping. Of course, everything he picked out was black or grey. He balked when she tried to get him to buy other colors but in the end, he settled for a few shirts and sweaters in various shades of brown.

Next, it was his turn to comment on her purchases. A royal blue dress with a plunging neckline held Jason's attention. 

"I like it on you." His fingers traced the material that outlined her breast "Sexy, very sexy." 

Liz looked at the price tag and cringed. She didn't have that type of money, and she didn't have anywhere to wear the dress anyway. Placing the dress back on the hanger, she took his hand. 

"Let's look for something a little more affordable."

She watched Jason frown but he didn't comment. 

She decided to distract him by leading him to the lingerie section. There she let him pick out several negligees. He surprised her by picking out several colorful risqué items. Although he didn't say much, Liz could see his smoldering blue eyes as he felt the fabric. She knew he was thinking of their lovemaking the night before.

After all the packages were stored in the car, they headed off to have an intimate dinner at a small Italian restaurant. The mood was light and when Jason asked about Cam and Jake, Liz felt obligated to tell him everything about the boys. Jason had given up so much to keep Jake safe. She wanted to make sure that she shared every detail.

Jason grew silent as they drove back to the safe house. Maybe it was a mistake to spend so much time talking about Jake. As Jason locked the door to the safe house, Liz turned to him. 

"I didn't mean to make you sad. I just wanted you to know everything about Jake." 

"I know." Jason stroked her cheek "I know." 

She kissed him lightly on the lips. They spent the remainder of the evening tangled together. Liz was still blushing as she remembered Jason's response as she assaulted his body with kisses. Her goal was to drive him crazy and give him something to think about until the next time they were together. As she used her hands to stroke the inside of his leg, she heard him bark her name. 

"Liz," his voice was strong and she wasn't sure if it was a warning or a request.  

She laughed lightly "Say please." 

Say please? he thought. If his enemies could see him now his reputation would be in ruins. How did this tiny woman demand that he beg? He rolled her onto her back and entered her slowly.  

"Please," he whispered into her kiss.

"What are you thinking about?" Jason startled her out of her memories.

"You" she turned to see him watching her. As he reached out to place his hand on her waist, she sidestepped him playfully. "Nope," she chuckled "You're going to make me late. Time to get back to the real world, Mr. Morgan." 

She was always surprised by his quickness. Before she knew it, she was in his arms, giggling as he nibbled on her neck. Before things could turn serious, he released her and smacked her bottom softly. "You may leave now, Ms. Webber." 

As she grabbed her coat and purse, she looked back over her shoulder and blew him a kiss. Jason watched her leave and knew that one day he would beg her to stay with him forever.

Sam straightened her coat and made her way to the nurse's station. She wanted Liz to see her at her best. Boy, was she going to enjoy Liz's reaction when she find out that Lucky brought Cam and Jake over to her house for dinner. She knew that Liz didn't want her anywhere near the boys.  

Doesn't matter, Sam thought; right now I'm holding all the cards. Sam knew the secret to Jake's paternity and even though Lucky, Liz and Jason had come to an agreement, she had other plans. She smiled at her own cleverness. All she really wanted was a baby; Jason's baby. Jason made it very clear that he wasn't going to claim Jake as his son, and she couldn't stand by while Liz had everything that she wanted.

She argued with Jason constantly about Jake and there were many nights that Jason would not come home. Not that it mattered. Once Jason had found out about Jake, their sex life had changed. If she didn't initiate sex, he wouldn't have touched her at all. Even when they were intimate, he was distant and quiet. Sam knew that he was reserving all of his emotions for someone else: Liz.

Sam recognized that she had already lost that battle but she was going to make sure she won the war. If Jason didn't want to share Jake, then Sam made sure that Lucky would. It had been easy to lure Lucky into an affair. Sam had been conning men for years, Lucky was no different.

So now, Sam had Lucky and Jake. What did Liz have except an empty bed? Sam wondered if Liz dreamt of Jason. Their one night stand would be the only time Liz laid with Jason. Sam would make sure that they would never be together again.

When she arrived at the nurse's station, Liz was not there. It didn't matter. Sam knew how to hold a grudge. She did need an outlet for all of her pent up energy. She smiled to herself. She knew just where to go.

"Mommy," Cam squealed as Liz opened the door. 

"Hey" Liz scooped him up in her arms "You have a good time?" 

He nodded quickly and squirmed to get down. The smell of brownies beckoned him into the kitchen. 

"Baking Huh?" Lucky handed Jake over to her waiting arms. "You look rested." 

Loved was more like it, Liz thought. 

"Did they give you a hard time?" she changed the subject. 

"Nope, I love being with them. Did you enjoy yourself? What did you do?" 

Liz shrugged. "Shopped. Took some long walks. That sort of stuff." 

"Whatever you did, it worked. You look beautiful" He stepped closer to her and if she took one-step towards him she would be in his arms. Was that what he was waiting for? 

She took a step backwards and turned to place Jake into his playpen. She eyed Lucky wearily.  

"I'm not..." he paused "I just want us to be friends for the boy's sake," he added. 

"I'd like that." 

"Good. We can work on being friends." And the rest will fall into place, he thought. 

"What do you want?" Jason asked as he opened the door to the penthouse. 

"Wow," Sam cooed, "Where are your manners? Aren't you going to invite me in?" 

Jason hesitated and then stepped aside so that she could enter. He kept the door opened. "What is it?" 

"I wanted to tell you something about Jake." She nodded toward the open door. "I'm not sure if you want everyone to hear." 

Jason knew that she was up to something. He closed the door and lend against it. "O.k. just say what you have to say and then leave." 

Sam strolled over to the fireplace and took off her coat. The black knitted dress hugged her form closely. There was a time that Jason would have loved to watch her come out of her clothes. Now he just wanted her out.

She laid her coat on the couch and turned walking towards him. She didn't speak until she was an arm's length away.  

"I saw Jake this weekend. He is such a good boy. I made sure he had everything he needed." She smiled sweetly "I came to see if there was anything I could do for his father." 

She placed her fingers inside the waistband of his jeans. His skin was cool, and Sam wondered if he had just come in from the cold.  

"What are you doing?" he sighed.

"I know it's been a while so let me give you a hint." 

She stepped closer and leaned against him. She wiggled her hips against his but as she tried to kiss him he turned his head and pushed her roughly away. 

"Stop it." He walked away. With his back to her, he stopped at the pool table. 

She walked up behind him, placed her hands around his waist and planted tiny kisses on his back. She could feel his muscles tense underneath his T-shirt. 

"Sam, stop it." His voice grew harsh. He stepped out of her embrace and glared at her. "It's time for you to leave." 

"I can't believe it." Jason recognized the tone. She was in fighting mode now. "Don't tell me you're saving yourself?" 

When Jason didn't respond, she laughed sarcastically. 

"Oh. I see. You're waiting for Elizabeth to invite you to her bed." 

Jason remained silent. 

"You do know that's never going to happen. I can't figure out why you would want such a cold bitch in your bed." Her voice grew shrill "She's probably just as boring in bed as she is out of it." 

Jason walked towards the door, keeping his face averted. When he made love to Liz, it was anything but boring. Even though he had spent the weekend, loving her, his body started to respond to the thought of Liz's body moving beneath his.

"Let me guess" She followed him towards the door "You're waiting for you ten minutes of missionary position." 

He heard himself laugh aloud. The unfamiliar sound startled Sam, and it took her a minute to realize that he was laughing at her not with her. 

"She'll never be able to satisfy you. You can sit here in this empty penthouse and dream all you want." 

"Even in my dreams," Jason opened the door "She's much better in bed than you ever were." His voice took on a threatening tone, "Get out or I'll put you out." 

Sam grabbed her coat and stormed out into the hallway. She nearly choked on her resentment as she heard Jason slam the door.


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Page updated 8/25/12

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