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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

Winter of Resentment
Part 1 ~ Making up for Lost Time
by Kimberly

The long ride home from the airport had taken its toll. As Jason opened the door to the penthouse he dropped his bags next to the stairs. He slid out of his black leather jacket and fell into the couch. Spending three days in South America reassuring Sonny's business partners that Sonny still had control of the Port Charles docks was not the way Jason wanted to spend his New Year.

His jaw tightened as he remembered the disappointment in Liz's voice. He wanted to be there when she saw he canvas and paints. He wanted to see her smile; a smile he never thought would be directed toward him. He wanted to hold her, tell her how much he loved her and forget about mob wars and death. He ran his fingers through his newly cut hair and he relaxed against the coolness of the couch. He wouldn't blame her for wanting more; for wanting to end this secret affair. He wanted to make it up to her but didn't know how. Romance was not a skill needed in his line of work.

The knock on the door was short and forceful. Sonny. Jason eased off the couch and made his way to the door. Before Jason could open the door fully, Sonny was inside. He had a fresh haircut and smelled of new leather. In one glance Jason could tell that Kate had taken command of Sonny's wardrobe. The black wool pants were obviously tailored and the crisp caramel shirt underneath the new leather coat was not Sonny's usual style or color.

"Hey" Sonny spoke in a rushed tone "How'd it go? Are we ok?"

"Yeah" Jason said wearily "It took some time but I assured them that business would continue as usual." Jason made his way over to the mantle and leaned against it.

"How were things here? Did you meet with Johnny? I doubt that this mob war is his idea. I still think Trevor has his hands in this."

"No, I didn't talk to Johnny" Sonny flicked a piece of imaginary lint from his pants "I was in New York with Kate. I just got back today."

As Sonny removed his coat and placed it on the back of the couch, Jason could taste the bitterness at the back of his throat. It wasn't the first time that Sonny became distracted by a woman but it was the first time that this distraction could cost Jason the woman and family that he so desperately wanted.

Sonny sat slowly, his arm resting lightly on the back of the couch. He looked at Jason for the first time since he entered the penthouse. Jason's eyes were like frozen pool water; blue, hard and dangerous. Sonny could make out Jason's taunt muscles underneath his signature black T shirt and Jeans. He had no doubt that Jason was skilled at his job. With the reputation as one of the best enforcer in the business, Sonny never thought to question Jason on his methods of removing enemies but for the first time Sonny wondered if this was what Jason looked like before killing a man.

"What's wrong with you?" Sonny barked. The words fell flat under the weight of the tension that filled the room.

Jason thought of the missed opportunity to be with Liz. And for what? So Sonny could run after Kate? Jason pushed himself away from the mantle and opened the terrace door. The winter air was a refreshing change from the increasing smell of resentment.

"It was a long trip." Jason murmured, keeping his voice low and even.

Sonny was no fool. He worked with Jason long enough to know when Jason was on edge. He watched Jason turn his face into the winter sunset.

Jason didn't have to turn around to know that Sonny was walking up behind him.

"Are you going to tell me about it or let it eat at you?" Jason could hear the concern in Sonny's voice but didn't turn around. He couldn't be sure that Sonny wouldn't notice the annoyance in his eyes.

"I need a vacation. I have some personal things I need to handle."

"O.K." Sonny stepped back. He knew when to stop pushing. Jason would open up to him eventually. "I'll get Max to cover."

"My phone will be off. I'll try to call in every few hours" Jason closed the terrace door softly, locked it, made his way over to his closet and pulled out a fresh black leather jacket.

Jason's tone and actions were dismissive and Sonny knew that the conversation was over.

Sonny picked up his coat and eased it on; laying a hand on Jason's shoulder before Jason could open the door.

"I know you've got a lot going on with Emily's death and all" He removed his hand as Jason turned to face him "I'm here" Sonny shrugged "If you know, if you want to talk. Just don't go blaming yourself for things you can't change."

Jason nodded in acknowledgement and opened the door. As Sonny exited into the hallway, Jason looked back into the empty penthouse. Cold and barren, there was nothing left for him there. He needed a new home. He needed Liz.

The hospital was unusually busy for the last two days. The Pennsylvania winter was particularly icy this year. Black ice formed during the nights, making the roads slick and deadly. There were several car crashes, some fatal, which kept the hospital staff on their toes.

After two days of intense overtime, Epiphany finally put an end to Liz's reckless work pace and insisted that she go home.

"You're no good to me if you're sleeping on your feet." Epiphany placed her frame in between Liz and the nurses station. "Go home, Ms. Weber." It was an order not a request.

Liz was too tired to argue. She nodded politely and made her way to her locker. Before Liz could open the locker room door, Nadine stumbled out; a ball of childlike energy. The crispness of the night air gave Nadine's skin a youthful glow and her new haircut framed her face nicely.

"I hope that's your cell phone beeping in your locker" Nadine rushed pass "Otherwise we may need to call the bomb squad" She gave Liz a quick smile and headed to the nurses station.

Liz absently raised her had to smooth her ponytail. Maybe she should get a new haircut, something that will make her feel younger.

Besides the beeping of her cell phone the locker room was quiet. Too quiet, so she let the cell phone beep while she changed into a pair of comfortable jeans and the pink cashmere sweater that her Grandmother brought her for Christmas. She grabbed her purse and the new red North Face jacket and pulled the phone out of the pocket. She glanced down at the phone.

1 missed call-Text Message waiting.

She clicked to display the message.

I'm free if you're available. I'm here all night.

I'll understand if you don't show. J.

As she left the locker room, she stumbled; too busy trying to read the message again to notice where she was going. A pair of muscular arms caught her before she could fall to her knees. The familiar scent filled her nostrils.

"Are you o.k.?" Lucky whispered in her ear.

"Fine. Thanks." She closed the phone quickly and shoved it into her coat pocket.

"I was looking for you." He released her slowly "They are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow. I was wondering if I could keep the boys until Sunday, That way I won't have to drive through the snow tomorrow night. The streets should be plowed by Sunday."

Liz nodded quickly. She didn't trust herself to speak. Jason's text message was clear in her mind and she was overcome with joy with the possibility that would be able to spend the night, maybe the weekend, with Jason at the safe house. She couldn't let the happiness in her voice peak Lucky's curiosity.

"You look tired. I know you've been doing a lot of overtime. This will give you time to rest." Lucky watched her smile weakly. "I'll pick up the kids from Audrey's once I finish visiting with my father."

"Sure," she glanced at her watch quickly. She could rush home, shower and do something with her hair before heading to the safe house. She walked towards the elevator. "Have fun with the kids and make sure the boys wear their hats when they go out," she said over her shoulder.

The elevator doors opened, and she rushed inside. As she pressed for the lobby, she gave Lucky a bright smile. Lucky's heart skipped a beat. He loved that smile. As the elevator closed, he watched Liz glance at her watch again. If he didn't know better, he would think that she had urgent plans. He chuckled to himself. They may be divorced, but Lucky knew Elizabeth. She was reliable and predictable, spontaneous was not her style. Lucky was so pleased at that thought that he found himself whistling as he entered his father's hospital room.

Carly was borderline frantic as she pushed her way past Max and entered Sonny's office. The fact that Kate was sitting on Sonny's lap didn't stop Carly from speaking.

"I've been trying to call Jason all day. He hasn't returned any of my calls."

Sonny's dimpled smile faded as Kate eased herself from his lap. Straightening her black pencil skirt, she gathered her handbag and green wool coat and headed to the door.

"I'll leave you two. Sonny, I'll see you for dinner? Sevenish?"

"7" Sonny confirmed. "I'll call you when I'm on my way."

If Sonny didn't answer her, Kate would have thought she was invisible. Carly didn't even acknowledge her. It was like Kate wasn't even in the room. Carly's demeanor reminded Kate know that she would always be the outsider. There was a part of Sonny's life reserved just for Carly. As Kate closed the door behind her, Carly began to speak.

"I don't know how you can sit there so calmly." She slapped her purse on the desk. "While you're sitting there getting the latest fashion tips, Jason could be a victim of Trevor or Johnny."

Sonny let out an exhausted sigh. "I talked to Jason, Carly. He's fine he just wanted to take a few days off."

"Off where?" Carly loosened the belt to her black leather coat. "I've been to the penthouse several times, and he's not there. Spinelli says he hasn't seen him since he left for South America. If you know where he is tell me."

"I don't know where he is, but I know that he's all right. He said he'd call just to check in." Sonny shrugged "You know that Jason can take care of himself."

"And he didn't say where he was going?"

Sonny didn't answer; instead he gave Carly a frustrated look. They both knew that Jason is a private person. If Jason didn't want to be found, no one would ever find him.

Sonny shrugged and stood up to walk around to the front of the desk. "He should have taken off after Alan's death. With Emily dying..." his voice trailed off.

Carly ran her fingers through her hair. "I know Jason's grieving but I just wish he would have come to me instead of disappearing. I don't like the fact that he's out there all alone."

Jason woke with a start. It had been years since he had such a vivid dream, a nightmare really. Liz had taken Jake and told him that Lucky was the only man for her. No matter how hard he pleaded she would not change her mind. Jason was glad that dream was over. He sat up in the bed and wiped his brow. He glanced over to the sleeping form next to him. Although her hair covered most of her face, Jason could see that Liz was in a deep sleep. Her lips were parted slightly while she lay on her side with her knees curled towards her chest. The fact that she was there at all was a surprise. His behavior with her last night was anything but romantic.

It seemed like an eternity from the time he had sent the text message to the time when she showed up at the safe house. She was barely out of her coat before Jason pulled her in to a demanding kiss. The red wrap dress she was wearing allowed him to undress her without releasing her lips. Once he removed the belt to the dress, it slid easily to the floor. He deepened the kiss as he carried her into the bedroom. If she was going to leave him, he wasn't going to give her the chance to say it. Not tonight. If she was going to leave him, he was going to make sure that he would spend the night living a lifetime in her arms.

The few times that they had made love, Jason always let Liz set the pace; taking his cues from her touch and whispers. But not tonight. His body had been demanding, relentless and selfish. His body challenged her for hours, and it wasn't until his own muscles were trembling from exhaustion that he would let her sleep.

If she had any complaints during the night, she never voiced them. Her body met his demands and even surprised him with a few demands of her own. He knew he should apologize in the morning, but as he coiled his body around hers, pulling her sleeping form into his arms, he felt her press into him. At that moment he knew that he would get many nights to make it up to her.


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