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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Be Careful What You Wish For"
by Kelly

 Chapter 4: Meeting Again

When they arrived back at the house, Skye found a note from Jax stating that he would return in an hour to visit the baby. Perfect thought Skye. Now we have time to get ready. Skye wanted to show Jax that even though he left her, she was fine. She wanted to show him that she could handle anything, even the loss of the only man she really ever loved.  

“Aurora, sweetie, its time to go get dressed, alright?”

 Skye and the baby headed back up to Aurora’s bedroom and found Alice in there, going through the baby’s wardrobe.

“Good afternoon Ms. Quartermaine. I thought that you may want to dress up the baby in something nice, so she can meet her father.”

“Thank you Alice, but I think I can handle that myself. Can you warm up the baby’s bottle please?”

 Skye placed Aurora in her bouncy chair and headed to the closet.  Skye knew exactly what she wanted the baby to wear, her birthday outfit. It was a cream coloured velvet dress that flared out at the bottom. On top of the dress, a pink overcoat. Her little girl would look like the perfect little angel that she was. On her head she would place a pink beret that matched everything perfectly. A pair of cream coloured velvet slippers were to go on her feet.

“Aurora, look what you’re going to wear today.”

Skye turned to look at the baby and realized that she was no longer in her chair. Starting to panic, she dropped the clothes and was about to call for help from the maids, but then she heard the baby squeal. The noise was coming from down the hall, in the living room. She ran there and saw Jax holding Aurora on his knee, bouncing her up and down.

“What do you think your doing Jax?” Skye ran over to the baby and picked her up.

“Mama” Aurora said when she heard her mommy’s voice.

“I have a right to see her Skye.”

“I know Jax, but I was so worried when she disappeared. You can’t just take her without letting anyone know.”

“She’s beautiful Skye. She looks a lot like you. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten.” Jax completely ignored Skye as he stared lovingly at his daughter.

“Well Jax you haven’t been around for 7 months. What did you expect?”

“Can I take her to the park? I want to spend some time with her. I want to get to know my baby and I want her to know me.”

“No Jax. You can sit and play in here with her for a while but she needs to go down for a nap. Look at her face. She’s rubbing her eyes, which means she’s about ready to settle down.”

Skye wasn’t about to let him take her away from the home, especially on his first visit. He had enough money to take the baby away and just disappear, never to be seen again. She wasn’t about to let that happen.

“I understand. Can I hold her now?”

“Yes, well I suppose you can.”

Skye walked over to Jax and placed Aurora in his arms. The baby didn’t whimper or fuss at all. She just looked at her daddy and then looked at her mommy. It was as if she almost knew what was going on.

“Hello their angel. I’m your daddy.”

Skye took this opportunity to leave the room. She hated leaving Aurora but knew that she needed to. The baby needed time with her father. Skye would give Jax no longer than half an hour and then she would put her down for a nap. Each day she would give Jax more and more time with the baby. Emily was right; this didn’t have to move too fast. Jax would have to accept whatever Skye said because he had no choice in the matter. Skye was going to protect Aurora.

Heading back to her room, Skye thought about how much she loved and missed Jax. He had helped her through a lot of problems, back when they were friends, and he had always trusted and cared for her. Why did he take away her dreams and future for them? Skye wanted Jax back, and she could no longer deny it. He was the man that had stolen her heart and although she had hidden it for so long, she could no longer deny the fact that she wanted him back.

In her bedroom Skye decided to get dressed up, just for him. She wouldn’t wear anything to fancy, just some nice dinner wear. Hopefully, he would accept her invitation to dinner that night. She planned to win him back home, once and for all.

Finally deciding on her silk white suit, Skye headed to the living room to get Aurora for her nap. After that, she hoped that she and Jax could talk.

“Aurora, its time for your nap sweetie.” Skye walked into the living room and found the baby already fast asleep, in her father’s arms.

“I hope you don’t mind Skye, but I put her to sleep for you.”

“That’s alright. I’ll just carry her to the nursery and then we can discuss future plans.” Skye picked up the baby and walked to her to her room. Placing her in the crib, Aurora stirred a bit but didn’t awake. Skye stared at the baby for a minute. Aurora was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. When she was sleeping, her cheeks were rosy and her little mouth was always curled up into a smile.  She couldn’t sleep without her bun-bun, a furry purple rabbit that she held onto tightly every time she fell asleep. Skye loved being a mother, even though she had never bargained on having children. After the birth of Aurora, she changed so much. She learned to love someone more than herself and she learned to take care of someone. Aurora had taught her the true meaning of love, a very important lesson.

Skye headed back to where she had left Jax, ready to discuss their baby girl’s future, and possibly there own.

“I want partial custody, Skye.” Jax always got right to the point.

At first Skye couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t believe that these words were coming out of his mouth. He had been back for no more than 2 hours and already he decided that Aurora should be with him.

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