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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Be Careful What You Wish For"
by Kelly

Chapter 2: Aurora

The past few months had been hard, for her and Aurora. Aurora missed her daddy and Skye missed Jax. She wished that she could forget all her fears in the bottle, but she knew that her baby needed and depended on her. She knew that whatever it would take, she would never sacrifice her baby girl’s life. Aurora was getting really big and even more beautiful than before. She had her daddy’s crystal clear blue eyes and his dimples. But, she also had something that her daddy could never give her, she had her mommy’s love, and that was the one thing keeping Skye around. Skye never had her mother’s love, and she needed it.  Skye had spent countless nights alone as a child while her mother was off with men or friends. In the morning, if and when her mother returned Skye had to tiptoe around the house because her mother would snap at her if she made too much noise. Rae drank a lot and it always made her snappy.

Jax hadn’t even bothered to visit the baby. He never called or wrote. As far as Skye was concerned, he could stay away, forever. She knew that if he ever did return she would make a fool of herself, and she didn’t want to do that. She didn’t want to give him, or his little toy, Brenda the satisfaction of making her cry. So much more in life is important.

Aurora’s cry brought Skye back to reality.

“Mama, Mama!” The baby had awoken from a full night of sleep.

The baby’s first word was Mama, and that made Skye so happy to be alive. Skye hurried to the baby’s room, and found the baby sitting up in her crib. Aurora’s room was perfect for a little princess. The lilac colored walls had a border of ballerinas around them. Aurora’s crib was white, with pink roses etched into the bars. Skye had picked out the colors for the room herself. No designer was going to tell her what her baby needed!

“Good morning my love,” Skye said to the little baby in the crib.

Aurora crawled over to her mama with a huge smile on her face and then smothered Skye with hugs and kisses.

“How about some breakfast?”

Skye picked up the baby and carried her downstairs into the dining room.

Big Alice had set the table for breakfast.  Breakfast was one of Skye’s favorite times of the day. Aurora and her could spend the most amount of time together there because the rest of the Quartermaines wouldn’t be up for at least another hour. Then, it was all chaos. There was always somebody who wanted to play with or hold the baby. She was the only baby any of them knew and they all spoilt her. When Jax left Skye, surprisingly enough, the whole family pitched into help out Skye.

“How is Miss Aurora today?” Big Alice questioned. Even the servants loved to see the baby.

Aurora responded with a giggle.

“She seems to be doing fine today, thank you Alice,” Skye answered.

“Reginald should be around soon with the baby's outfit. Will you be dressing her today, or would you like Reginald to?”

“I will today, thanks, and that will be all.” Skye dismissed the servant.

“Now, Aurora, what would you like today: porridge or toast?”

The baby pointed to the bowl of hot cereal and clapped her hands together, a huge smile forming on her face. She loved to play with the cereal, and usually got it everywhere, except for where it belonged, in her stomach.

‘Okay, my sweet, here you go.”

Skye fed the baby and then they both went upstairs to get dressed for the annual Quartermaine Gala, an outdoor picnic that raised money for Breast Cancer. Skye dressed the baby in a white skirt with a pink tank top and a pair of Mary Janes. She put the baby’s hair in a pink headband. Aurora looked like a perfect little doll.

‘Good morning you two,” Emily was up and the first one asking for the baby.

“Good morning, Em. Look Aurora, Auntie Emily is here!”

Skye put Aurora on the floor and she crawled over to her favorite aunt. Emily scooped up the baby and kissed her all over.

“Is it all right if I take her to the park, Skye?”

“Sure, I have to get ready anyway. Can you bring her to the picnic when you’re done?”

“Sure, I’ll meet you there in an hour.”

“Goodbye my baby. Have fun with Auntie Emily!”

“Bye Bye,” Aurora answered.

Skye went to her bedroom to get ready. What should she wear today? Skye hated to look in her closet; Jax’s clothes still hung there. She didn’t have to courage to throw them away. They were one of the only things left that she had to remind her of him. Every once in a while, when she was feeling down, she would go to the closet and smell his clothes. They smelled of his cologne, a fresh spray from the ocean. Today, she missed him and let herself linger in the memories of him. He had been the only man to treat her right.  He was the only one that had treated her as if she meant something in the world. She had fallen, head over heels for him, and it was the worst thing she could have done. Now that he was gone, it was much harder to move. He had turned into the rest of the men that she dated. He had found someone new. There was always someone new. Every person she dated found someone new and it killed her inside. But, she had to forget about it. Aurora needed her, and she needed Aurora.

She forgot about Jax, for now and got dressed. She put on a jean skirt and a short sleeved white top with a navy blue sweater over her shoulders. Then she combed her hair into a clip and placed black sandals on her feet. She wore a minimum mount of makeup and then looked at herself in the mirror. She realized that she had forgotten something very important, her pink ribbon pin, the symbol for the fight against breast cancer.

No one seemed to be in the house, which meant that she was going to be late. Skye grabbed her purse and ran to the front door. She opened and in front of her she saw something that made her lose her breath. Jax was standing in front of her, a look of guilt on his face.

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