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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Shadows of Adela"
Part 7
By Camille

Marisol opened the door of her hotel suite to find herself face to face with her brother, Sonny. A faint smile curved her lips, but she stood to one side to allow him to come inside.

“Your fiancée beat you here for the party,” Marisol quipped drily.

Sonny was taken aback by the his sister’s battered face, so like Adela’s when Deke has beaten her for some imagined slight or misstep.

“Well, Sonny, it’s your dime we’re talking on, so what did you come to tell me?” Marisol asked pointedly.

There was silence for a several minutes, then Marisol smiled again.

“Let me guess, then. You came here to ask me to bow out of being Kate’s maid of honor at your wedding. Congratulations, brother dear, you are getting your way, as usual. That is just what I was telling Kate when you interrupted us.”

Marisol waited for a reaction from either Sonny or Kate, but when there was none forthcoming, she continued, “Well, now that the matter is settled, if the two of you don’t mind, I need to start packing. I have a plane to catch.”

Kate touched her friend’s arm lightly. “Marisol, I understand you not wanting to be a member of the wedding party, under the circumstances,” she began, glancing quickly at Sonny. “But won’t you please stay and attend the wedding as a guest? Please? For me? There are some people from the old neighborhood in Bensonhurst coming, and I know they would love to see you.”

Marisol was silent, clearly unconvinced that she should stay. Kate added, “Besides, I had some business to discuss with you, relating to some work I’d like done for Crimson. Business hasn’t stopped entirely just because Sonny and I are getting married.”

Sonny cleared his throat and added, “You could stay at the guest house on my estate grounds. It’s safer and more comfortable than a hotel room.”

Marisol shook her head. “Thank you, but no thank you. I am more comfortable here, but I will stay long enough to attend the wedding,” she agreed.

Kate kissed the side of her friend’s face that wasn’t bruised, smiling happily. “Thank you, Marisol. And the hotel bill and any expenses you incur are on me, including something pretty to wear to the wedding.”

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Page updated 9/1/12

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