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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Shadows of Adela"
Part 5
By Camille

Sonny TRIED to focus on his beautiful fiancée and enjoy supper with her at the No Name , but he could not help watching his sister at the bar, and then as the bartender presented her with a cluster of orchids and gardenias and frangipani from an admirer. God, she was the very image of his mother! If possible, she was even more beautiful.

To his horror, Marisol’s admirer turned out to be no other than a member of one of The Five Families that he carved up mob business with in the Port Charles metro area: Paulo Trujillo. Sonny’s scowl became darker, and his face contorted in anger and disgust as he watched his sister and Paulo dance an uninhibited salsa that riveted the eyes of everyone in the club to the sultry couple. Kate’s eyes watched her friend, as well as her fiancé, and she KNEW the evening would not end well--- for any of them. She put a delicate hand over Sonny’s clenched fist, only to have it shaken off.

For her part, Marisol was blissfully unaware of the effect she was having on her brother, for she knew nothing of the dealings of the Corinthos and Trujillo families, nor did she care to, for that matter. Paulo was suave, debonair, and he could dance better than any man she had ever danced with before; she was busy enjoying the dance they were sharing. She sighed softly when it was over, and Paulo kissed her cheek and embraced her, as the other patrons showed their approval by clapping.

But Marisol’s livid brother was hardly approving, and the instant the song ended, he was up out of his chair, and moving across the dance floor towards his sister and Paulo.“You DARE dishonor your family by dancing with my enemy? You SPIT on my mother’s grave!”, Sonny hissed angrily at his sister thru tightly clenched teeth.

“My FAMILY?” Marisol replied coolly. “I don’t HAVE a family! You made that pretty clear earlier,” she added. She then continued, “As for YOUR mother, I would certainly agree with you on that. She was YOUR mother, Sonny. Not Ric’s, and certainly, certainly, never mine.”

Sonny’s temper flared at her words, and before he knew it, he lashed out , and delivered a hard slap to his sister’s left cheek. The force of his blow was strong enough to knock Marisol backwards and into Paulo’s arms.

Marisol’s eyes filled with tears of pain, but she was silent. The years of her father’s abuse had taught her well, and she was resilient. Paulo glared at Sonny, clearly willing to avenge Sonny’s treatment , but Marisol shook her head “no” at him.

“As you wish,” he told her softly. “For now.”

“Just help me up, and maybe you could take me to my hotel....or anywhere.....anywhere that isn’t here?” she asked him quietly. He nodded.

Sonny remained rooted where he was, the enormity of what he had just done consuming him. Kate was beside him, mortified and horrified by his actions.

“Marisol......”, she whispered, looking at her beautiful friend’s face, which was already swelling and turning blue.

“Isn’t your fault, Kate,” Marisol said. “But I need to go. I’ll call you tomorrow sometime, and we’ll talk, all right?”

Kate nodded, and didn’t press Marisol further. She watched Marisol’s retreating form as Paulo escorted her to his limo. Once they were out of sight, and the chatter among the remaining No Name patrons had died down to hushed whispers, she turned to her fiancé and said quietly, “No makeup sex happening for us tonight. And I’d say that the future of our wedding is in serious jeopardy.”

A quick cell phone call to Maxie, and Kate was gone as well, leaving Sonny to find his way to a darkened corner of the club with a bottle of Scotch.

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Page updated 9/1/12

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