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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Shadows of Adela"
Part 4
By Camille

Sonny and Kate entered the No Name with a flourish, Kate’s hand in the crook of Sonny’s elbow. But as they were escorted to Sonny’s secluded table, always on reserve for him, Sonny’s smile was replaced with a dark scowl when he saw Marisol sitting at the bar. God, she looked like his mother! Why did Kate have to bring her to town?! His thoughts racing, the one thing Sonny does not think: that Adela was Marisol’s mother every bit as much as she was his.....

Sonny’s attempt to quickly steer Kate past the bar and towards their table was foiled when Kate glimpsed her friend and rushed over to give her a hug. “Marisol, how beautiful you look!” she told her beautiful friend. “Far more at home in Havana than Port Charles, though, I think.”

Marisol was silent, but her expressive dark brown eyes conveyed her gratitude and appreciation of her friend’s comments. She downed the last of her mojito, and signaled the bartender to bring her another one. She and Sonny behaved as though the other was invisible, and an awkward silence ensued.

“Join us? “ Kate offered, as the scowl on Sonny’s face got darker and angrier. Marisol shook her head sadly, and smiled. She wasn’t ABOUT to do THAT to her best friend in the world; no way, no how.....

“Thank you, but no. I am just going to finish this one, and maybe have a dance or two, if I can scare up a partner,” Marisol replied, trying to put a lightness in her voice that she did not feel. Apparently her ruse worked well enough, for Kate allowed Sonny to escort her to their waiting table. When they were at their table and out of earshot of Marisol, Kate gave Sonny a disapproving glance, as he continued to glower at his sister.

“Well, Sonny Corinthos, are you going to sit there all evening giving me the silent treatment and getting angrier and angrier? Or are you going to just yell at me and be done with it? At least then there’s a chance of makeup sex later...,” Kate finished wryly.

Against his will, Sonny rewarded Kate with a little smile.

“That’s much better, Love. Now pour me some wine, cover your sister’s bar tab for the evening, and give us the chance to enjoy our dinner. By the way, where’s my surprise?” she asked.

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Page updated 9/1/12

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