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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Jason's Return"
Chapter 3
By Camille

Jason and Sam spent the rest of the evening and all that night in bed, celebrating Jason's return. The next morning, Jason went to see Sonny to tell his friend and employer that he was back in service.

"Carly told me last night that you were really back. I didn't want to interrupt your reunion with Sam," explained Sonny, hugging his friend.

"Thanks," grinned Jason.

"You're welcome," grinned back Sonny.

"So...tell me what's been going on? I'm kind of out of the loop," Jason asked.

"Well, Franco's back, for starters...."

"Son of a....," Jason swore. 

"Sam didn't tell you?"

"Yeah, she told me. I just still can't believe it. We have to do something, Sonny."

"Exactly my thoughts," Sonny said. "And this time, it needs to be permanent."

Jason and Sonny made plans for the hit on Franco, then Jason (due to insistence from Sam) went to GH to have Patrick take a look at him.

Patrick examined him and pronounced him healthy but advised him to take it easy for the next little bit.

Sam called Jason and asked him to wait at the hospital for her: she was bringing Danny in: he was sick. 

"What's wrong, Sam?" asked Jason, concerned.

"It's probably nothing, but he has a rash, and he feels warm to me."

"No, I think you're doing the right thing. I'll wait here for you. I was just finishing up with Patrick."

"How are you?" asked Sam.

"Everything's fine. Nothing to worry about," Jason assured her.

"See you soon."

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Page updated 7/19/13

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