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The General Hospital Fan Fiction Page

Fun General Hospital Stories!

"Jason's Return"
Chapter 2
By Camille

Once they were inside the penthouse, Jason folded Sam in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. "First things first," he said, as he grinned. As much as he wanted to sweep her upstairs to their bedroom and make up for all the lovemaking time they had missed, there were things he had to tell her first.

"Sam, to begin with, Duke Lavery shot me. I hit my head on the pier and fell into the water. I was found downstream, unconscious, and taken to a hospital.  I was in a coma until yesterday. I knew I had to find my way back to you and Danny," Jason told her.

"But Jason, it wasn't Duke Lavery," begins Sam.

"Sam, I saw him!" Jason insists.

"Jason, let me explain," she said, touching a finger to his lips.  Sam then explains about Faison masquerading as Duke Lavery. "But he's in prison now, safely locked away. You have nothing to fear from him," Sam shivered. She was glad Faison was locked away, otherwise Jason might be tempted to seek revenge against him.

"How's Sonny? I should call him and let him know I'm back."

"Jason, don't you think that could wait for just a bit, my love?" Sam asked.

"You're right. Chinese food, then me and you in our big bed."

"Jason, you need to rest, and to maybe be checked over at  General Hospital. You just woke up from a coma."

"Sam, I'm fine. A little tired maybe, but nothing that won't pass once I have you in my arms," Jason said, kissing her.

Just then the doorbell rang: it was Carly! Her eyes widened when she saw Jason, then she grabbed him and hugged him fiercely.

"Sam, why didn't you tell me?"

"Carly, I just found out about it an hour ago."

"Does Sonny know?"

"Not yet. Sam and I were having a bit of a homecoming first," explained Jason.

"I'll tell him. I was heading over there anyway," Carly said, as she kissed Jason again. "I'll go now, and let you have your homecoming, but I want to hear the whole story ... soon!"

"It's a date," Jason said with a smile, as Carly disappeared out the door.

"And now, Mrs. Morgan. About that homecoming," Jason said, picking her up in his arms and carrying her up the stairs.

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Page updated 4/28/13

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