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Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine) & Brytni Sarpy (Valerie Spencer)
Saturday, August 27, 2016
Governor's Comedy Club @ The Brokerage in Bellmore, NY
Photos & Narrative by

(In order to lessen loading time, pics are thumbnails. Please click on them to see full images.)

I feel like I just got home from GH Fan Club Weekend and off I go on another adventure. This time to see Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine) and Brytni Sarpy (Valerie Spencer) again. I decided to go to a new "wine and cheese" event at the Governor's Brokerage in Bellmore, New York, about a three-hour drive for me. This event was limited to 20 people which meant you had more than a few minutes to talk to the actors. They came in and hugged everyone. Someone asked Rob about "Dancing With The Stars." He said it was too late for this year but maybe next season. I told Brytni how neat it was that she hung up the pictures of us I had sent her in her dressing room and that they ended up in a soap magazine. I told her I'd send her more after this event.  She was so surprised I already had a Shutterfly book made for GHFCW. I had Brytni sign that book and a picture I bought at the event. I didn't get a photo with her though till later. I told her Friday (September 2) is my birthday and she wished me a happy birthday. Since I wasn't able to get a selfie with Rob at GHFCW, I went to get one with him next. We joked we hadn't seen each other in so long. He said he is glad he does the events and is now starting to recognize and get to know fans. He was also surprised at my Shutterfly book. He actually took the time to look through it. Brytni came over and mentioned how she was surprised it was done already and was looking at it as well. I told them both about my nickname being Kiki. Rob said I should tell Hayley Erin (Kiki Jerome) so she can sign stuff to Kiki, love Kiki, and I said I did and she has. I also had him sign the centerfold of him and Hayley that was recently in a magazine.  All too soon the "wine and cheese" event was over, and it was time for the Q&A portion of the event.

The Q&A started with a raffle for a ticket to the dinner being held later that night. Sadly, I didn't win. Both mentioned how as soon as the new writers came on, everyone had jobs. Rob said it made sense because otherwise people are just wandering around town. Brytni enjoyed working with Anthony "Tony" Geary (Luke Spencer). Rob enjoys working with Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine) and Richard Burgi (Paul Hornsby). Brytni said she wishes she had more scenes with Carly (Laura Wright). Valerie lives with Carly but the two never have scenes together. Brytni also wishes she had more scenes with Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan), since they have kind of gotten past the situation of Valerie sleeping with Dante (Lulu's husband). Brytni would like for them to be shown as being accepting of each other. Brytni also likes working with Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer) who is like a mother figure to Valerie. When she did the scene where Patricia (Spencer, Brytni's mom played by Dee Wallace) died, she had to talk herself down in her dressing room afterwards.

They confirmed the audience would find out who the serial killer is the week of August 29. Rob said he liked Dillon's darker side when he showed the video of Valerie confessing to sleeping with Dante at the Halloween party. Brytni said he didn't at first. Brytni comes from theater as does Tony (Geary), and she said he could tell. She would love to do Broadway. Rob said he would, too.  Rob was nervous over doing "Stitches" at the Nurses' Ball, since the song had been out for so long. Rob said acting gives him time to also do music. He said how Dillon finally had sex, and he ended up with an STI. They talked about the outside scenes. They are filmed on the same lot that GH is taped. However, during the first scene there was a palm tree in the shot so now they disguise it!  At the end of the Q&A there was a trivia game. Each actor had a fan who said they knew a lot about the opposite actor. Each asked the other person five questions either about themselves or their character. The questions ranged from Dillon's siblings to Brytni's birthday.

It was all too soon to go to the meet and greet portion of the event.  Well, the second meet and greet for me.  I got another set of selfies with Rob along with another hug.  I told him my birthday is Friday, and he also wished me a happy birthday.  I also got a real picture with Rob.  I had Brytni join in for a real pic with the three of us. Brytni and I took some funny selfies (all her ideas), and then it was onto a real pic of us.  After all the fans met the actors, Brytni and Rob posed for pictures and thanked everyone for coming.  I really enjoyed this "wine and cheese" event, it was definitely worth the three-hour drive.  I will be doing it again in December to see Ryan Carnes (Lucas) & Parry Shen (Brad)!

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Page updated 9/7/16

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