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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

Second Annual Liason Event (S.A.L.E.) 2009
Palazzo Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
January 24, 2009
by Laurie R.

A really well-organized event. First off, pictures with Steve and Becky and fans individually. That took more than an hour. After a short break, 4 semifinalists for the Liason Mvids contest spanning the 10 years they have been together. Difficult to do in just 3 short minutes. But they were all AWESOME. We have some talented people on the boards. I loved the one that won, it was my favorite. I believe it was to a tune by Smashmouth. It was great.

Next up was questions and answers. Well, errrr some answers. They both feel Liason is over for now. Remember the court scenes where Jason cried? That wasn't scripted, Steve felt like it was the end and really cried. Said the tears actually dripped off him for the first time. Both Steve and Becky are as frustrated as we are about Liason. Steve wished we got our story and had a "middle" and not just a beginning and abrupt end (paraphrasing and apologizing if I got it wrong). He said you never know with a soap, so anything can happen. Liason fan base is loud and well known to 'the powers that be'. He said there isn't any one factor that he knows of that is the reason for the end. Said that they got bad feedback from ABC about the magazine article. He was careful about what he said. They were both told to be careful about what they said. He still would love to have Liason but the actors don't write the show...

About the only spoiler was that Jason does know that Elizabeth is in the hospital and he runs to her. Unfortunately, someone else is already by her side (rhymes with 'Ducky' he said). Someone asked why he doesn't stay with her. He said, I don't write the show and when it says 'Jason exits, he leaves. Tried to mope as he was leaving! Steve is still hysterically funny. Loves working with Bradford and Kirsten Storms. Said it is hard to keep a straight face when working with Spin. Becky said they crack up all the time and Steve said they get in trouble if they break up too much
Remember the straddle scene? Steve said Becky wanted to do it over and over, like 15 times. Steve told Michael (Becky's hubby) to go to the bar when he would say stuff about Becky. (Michael was out in the back hall.) Someone asked who were Steve and Becky's celebrity crushes? Steve said Becky, and Becky said Woody Harrelson! Steve said "WHAT??!" They were both having such a good time. He carried her in after their short 5-minute break and then picked her up again at the end of the show. They are just so pretty together.

We all got raspberry chapstick with Liason and Las Vegas on them. Steve LOVED his. Said he would do a third annual event just for the chapstick, lol. Being the constant campaigning fanbase we are, there were also premade Vegas post cards already addressed to Jill Farren Phelps, Robert Guza, and Brian Frons. We were each asked to write our favorite thing about Jason and Elizabeth on them, and Steve read a few on stage and picked a few to win door prizes, and they were all gathered in a box and sent to the aforementioned GH powers that be.
A couple of girls had these great T-shirts on with great J/E scenes on them and the front said, 'I want to be with you,' and the back said, 'but it is too dangerous.' Steve loved them but said WHATEVER to the danger. He is sick of the "it's too dangerous" stuff.

When asked what kind of wedding they would want J/E to have, both said they should elope. Audience agreed. Becky said Elizabeth has too many wedding dresses in her closet already, lol!

Steve's contract is up in October, and he has to make some decisions. He wants to audition for prime time, but likes the job security at GH during the economic downturn. He is making lots of money with the Mona Vie and could retire, but doesn't know what he is doing yet. Then said he would probably be playing Jason until he is 89! Then, Elizabeth would be the only one who would have him. She said something like, "Why would I want you then?" Steve said Becky was the first actress in daytime to sign a 20-year contract! She says she isn't going anywhere. Steve said that calling and writing lets TPTB know what we want. Steve has no real power over the storylines. He still wants Liason!! Wow, what a surprise -- so do we!

The event was really fun, and I loved seeing so many Liason fans all together in one place again.

(laurieluvsliason and her daughter with Rebecca Herbst & Steve Burton)

Thanks to Judyann1982 of LiasonitesGathering2 for her invaluable help!

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Page updated 5/24/12

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