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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

GH and PC Photos
Fan Club Events 1999

Sunday 7/25/99

General Hospital Luncheon,

and Events for Stephen Nichols and Maurice Benard

You get a choice of pics with Suzanne and without Suzanne :)

Click on the Thumbnail to see the larger pic

Page 3 --Any pictures on this page that are not marked with a * you may use freely!

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These are from the GH Luncheon

amber.jpg (9616 bytes)becky.jpg (9653 bytes)

Amber Tamblyn (Emily) and Becky Herbst (Elizabeth)

beckyamber&me.jpg (25310 bytes)
annjeffries.jpg (16938 bytes)

Anne Jeffries (Amanda)

bradmaule.jpg (17642 bytes)

Brad Maule (Tony)

coltinamber&becky.jpg (26028 bytes)

Coltin Scott (Nikolas), Becky and Amber

constance&me.jpg (23293 bytes)
constance.jpg (15745 bytes)

Constance Towers (Helena)

ghactors.jpg (11965 bytes)

GH actors on stage
(not a great pic)

jonlindstrom.jpg (20134 bytes)jonl3.jpg (12719 bytes)

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin)

me&jonlindstrom.jpg (29753 bytes)
jonlind2.jpg (19913 bytes)

lisavultaggio.jpg (28577 bytes)

Lisa Vultaggio (Hannah)

me&rachel.jpg (23296 bytes)
rachel.jpg (6074 bytes)

Rachel Ames (Audrey)

me&real.jpg (93068 bytes)
real.jpg (8386 bytes)

Real Andrews (Marcus Taggert)

me&tava.jpg (99771 bytes)
tava.jpg (9637 bytes)

Tava Smiley (Chloe)

mewally&nancy.jpg (25267 bytes)
Wally Kurth (Ned) and
Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)nancyleegrahn.jpg (6302 bytes)

wally.jpg (5634 bytes)
vanita.jpg (21828 bytes)

Vanita Harbour (Dara)

wendy&hope.jpg (25013 bytes)Wendy Riche (producer) and Hope ?    

These are from the fan events for Stephen Nichols and Maurice Benard.

stephennichols2.jpg (13240 bytes)
stephennichols1.jpg (8366 bytes)

maurice.jpg (7310 bytes)me&maurice.jpg (28973 bytes)

Maurice Benard

jonathanron&michael.jpg (33793 bytes)

Jackson and Hale
mauriceevent.jpg (16082 bytes)
mauriceevent2.jpg (8915 bytes)

Maurice Benard (Sonny), Jonathan Jackson (Lucky), Ron Hale (Mike), and  Michael Saucedo (Juan) Not great pics...

michael&ron.jpg (11131 bytes)ron.jpg (18626 bytes)

Hale and Saucedo

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Page updated 5/24/12

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