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Sunday, January 22, 2017
Ladies of GH
Laura Wright (Carly), Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), Hayley Erin (Kiki), & Chloe Lanier (Nelle)
Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club, 520 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant, NJ
Exclusive Photos & Narrative by Nikky

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It didn't take long in 2017 till I attended my first soap event.  On Sunday, January 22, I attended "The Ladies of GH" Event with Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer), Hayley Erin (Kiki Jerome), and Chloe Lanier (Nelle Hayes/Young Patricia Spencer) at Uncle Vinnie's in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Nikky & Chloe Lanier (Nelle), Hayley Erin (Kiki), Laura Wright (Carly), & Jackie Zeman (Bobbie)

The event started with a meet and greet.  Each actress started in a corner and made their way around the room.  The first actress to my area was Laura.  I ended up sitting at a small table by myself next to a larger table of friends.  However, when Laura had visited the larger table, she had not stopped by my table.  When she was at another table, she realized she missed me and said she'd be over so we could 'cuddle.'  She said she doesn't remember names but she remembers faces.  She said that she can't remember small stuff.  Her friends don't know how she can memorize all of her lines for GH yet not know where her car keys are.

Next was Chloe.  She remembered me from GHFCW and also noticed I cut my hair.  I told her I had donated 11 inches.  She said she wishes she could do that, but she's afraid her hair would just poof out.

Hayley was next.  She waved at me when she was at the larger table of my friends and gave me a hug when she came over.  She said she sees my tweets.  She also looks at the #GH tweets because she said she liked the calendar I made for GH Fantasy Weekend.  

Jackie was last.  She liked my Shutterfly book (which had pictures from when she and Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) were at Uncle Vinnie's last year).  She also liked the way I spell my name.

Laura Wright (Carly)

It was soon time to start the Q&A portion of the event.  Just a few of the questions and comments follow.

Someone asked what the actresses favorite sets are.  Both Chloe and Laura like Sonny's living room because his couch is comfortable.  Jackie's used to be The Brownstone.  Hayley's is the hospital.

The actresses talked about how they only receive their own scenes.  This seems to be a popular topic as I think this is brought up at every event I attend.

Jackie talked about how there used to be very long hours in the past and some actors and actresses would stay over.  However, it was never quiet, because that would be when sets were being taken down and built.

Someone asked if they are like their characters.  Chloe said no. Hayley said yes.

The actresses talked about the live show.

Hayley asked Chloe how she liked being Brytni Sarpy's (Valerie Spencer) mother.  They then joked how she is also Jackie's sister and Laura's aunt (all from when she played a Young Patricia Spencer).

When Chloe got the role of Young Patricia Spencer she had no idea she'd be coming back.  Frank (Valentini, Executive Producer) wanted her back for the role of Nelle.

There was obviously lots of questions and chatter on Nelle's secret and who she is related too.  (The most popular was that she was Carly's daughter).  Laura said we should soon find out the secrets and things will start happening that week.  They all know the secret.

Hayley said she told them she didn't want to sing at The Nurses' Ball.  Laura said Bryan (Craig, Morgan Corinthos) was funny.  After Kiki and Dillon sang, he stood up clapping and smiling.  They told him, you shouldn't be happy, they are falling in love.  Bryan said yes, but she did a good job.  He said he'd just act confused and clap which is what he did.

Someone asked if they are going to recast Morgan.  They said there are too many storylines going on right now.

They said that the Spinelli recast was just temporary.

They talked about how Luke still owns Kelly's and they should 'remind' the writers of that.

Laura thinks the new people in town should live at Kelly's so they can run into each other and other people.

Kiki has still not seen Finn.  Hayley thinks they are waiting, because there will be a story to tell once she does.

Hayley said there are still 'blood stains' from when Silas was killed in the apartment Kiki shared with Franco and Nina.  She said it was really gross.

Someone asked if Nina is Kiki's mom.  Hayley thinks that's always just been a fan theory.  She loves Ava and Kiki's mother/daughter relationship and also how Nina is there for Kiki.


The writers are in New York so the actors and actresses don't see them much.

In the past, actors and actresses could pitch storylines, not so much now.

If someone wants a script change, they have to give a good reason for it.

They said Kin (Shriner) and Chad (Duell) are funny.

Hayley and Chloe had similar stories of how they got into acting.  Only 1% of union actors work in acting.


All too soon the Q&A was over.  Everyone was able to get a group photo with the ladies before leaving.  Of course, I had to grab one last hug from Hayley before another event came to an end.

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Page updated 7/22/18

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