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Saturday, November 19, 2016, 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
 Port Chuck Acoustic Concert
Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH), Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny, GH), Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R; ex-Jason, GH), & Scott Reeves (ex-Steven, GH; ex-Ryan, Y&R)
Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club, 520 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant, NJ
Exclusive Photos & Narrative by Nikky

(Pics below are thumbnails. Please click on them to see full images.)

On Saturday, November 19, 2016, I attended my first Port Chuck concert at Uncle Vinnie's in Point Pleasant, NJ.  

For those of you who donít know, Port Chuck consists of Scott Reeves (ex-Dr. Steven Webber), Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny Zacchara), Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli), and Steve Burton (ex-Jason Quartermaine; Dylan McAvoy, Y&R).  Normally Port Chuck has a band accompanying them; however, this concert was acoustic.  Having never seen or heard anything from Port Chuck, I had no idea what to expect.  I was blown away, but Iím getting ahead of myself.

Scott was the first to arrive.  He took the stage to warm up and make sure everything was all set up properly.  He played his guitar during the show.

Bradford headed to the stage next.  The event was supposed to be the concert followed by a meet and greet.  Bradford asked if anyone minded if the meet and greet was done first while the fans were eating lunch, so no one had to be rushed at the end.  No one seemed to mind.  All the actors joined Bradford on stage.  Scott joked that he was prank-calling Dino (one of the event organizers) all morning!  Before the concert started, Bradford pulled raffle tickets.  One was to be serenaded by Scott and the other was to get in a group picture.  I decided not to buy any this time. The actors soon took off in different directions to meet all the fans.

Steve headed to my table first.  He asked if everyone would mind selfies to make thinks move a little quicker.  I normally like "real" pictures but figured, why not.  I told him he was in my hometown at a baseball game the same day as another soap event.  In person Steve has beautiful eyes; the TV and pictures do not do them justice.  He was incredibly sweet.  I had him sign my GH 50th Anniversary People book.

Next to my table was Bradford (on left).  I decided to keep the selfie theme going.  I had Bradford sign my Shutterfly book from LA and told him it was nice to see him again.

Brandon was up next (on right).  Another selfie, signing of my Shutterfly book from GH Fantasy earlier in the year and another nice to see you again.

Last was Scott (on left).  He is very sweet!  I told him it was nice to meet him.  I also got my selfie and had him sign the GH People book.  Even though the meet and greet was done first so fans wouldnít be rushed, I felt like I didnít have much time to actually talk to the actors.

Finally it was concert time!  I am completely amazed by these four guys.  Brandon plays harmonica like you wouldnít believe.  Each guy had their moment to shine.  In no particular order, here is just a handful of the songs they sang.  Devil Went Down To Georgia, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Livin' On A Prayer, Hallelujah, In The End, Summer of '69, Wanted Dead or Alive, Take me Home Tonight, Ice Ice Baby, and of course, Jessieís Girl.

I am sitting not so patiently waiting for 2017 Port Chuck tour dates to see if they will be close enough that I can attend again.  I highly recommend attending a Port Chuck concert if you are able to!  You will not be disappointed.

Check Ticketmaster for "Port Chuck" 2017 Tour Dates!

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Page updated 1/4/17

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