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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

GH Fan Club Weekend ~ Summer 2016
Embassy Suites LA, Glendale, CA
By Nikky

Page 2

(In order to lessen loading time, pics are thumbnails. Please click on them to see full images.)

Sunday, July 31 was my busiest day with three events.  The day started at 10 a.m. with the BFF Diva event with Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer-Falconeri).  This event, like others, started with a Q&A.  Some of the questions were "Who was your celebrity crush growing up and which other role would they like to play besides your own."  Someone asked about Cassadine Island.  It is on a sound stage, but Emme said it looks real.  They even found a fake slug.  She said the bones of the dead body looked real.  Usually they look fake and funny but these freaked her out.  She said they will continue with that storyline.  Emme said she'd love to go back to Europe.  When she and Don (Money, her partner) first started dating, they went to Paris, and it was cheaper than when they went to Disney.  A fan asked if one of Emme's kids could play Rocco.  Emme said Jackson would be all into it, going "What's my backstory," but Levi would say "My name is Levi" every time you called him "Rocco."  Emme said Rocco is getting too big for his crib.  A fan asked when Harper (Rose Barash, Georgie Spinelli) would be back.  Kirsten said Harper is at that age where she wouldn't do well at work, because it's hard to keep her attention.  This was evident as Harper was out in the hall, very actively playing.  

After the Q&A, there was a live auction.  All items but one purse were Maxie's.  There was Maxie's leather jacket, purse, tank top, a drawing of Kirsten in a wedding gown for her non-wedding with Spinelli.  Both Kirsten and Emme would use the jacket and purses and just act silly with them.  

After the auction, the actresses started to make their way around the tables.  Emme made it to my table first.  She remembered me and said it was good to see me again.  Unfortunately, we had to leave the room, because there was another event that they needed to set up, so we ended up in the hall to meet the star we hadn't met, in my case Kirsten.  Kirsten took a selfie with everyone.  She literally was just taking people's phones from them!  It was funny and we did end up getting a cute selfie.

My second event of Sunday was Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli). This was held at 6:00 p.m. at the Crab Boil restaurant, which is right next door to the Embassy.  There was a wonderful set up of food for us to eat before Bradford arrived.  Bradford joined us and we chatted about GH.  He asked us what was going on and what we did and didn't like.  He said he sometimes tunes in and didn't realize Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) wasn't on temporarily, and when he saw the character of Nikolas played by Nick Stabile, he was confused!  He thought it should be Nikolas, but it wasn't Tyler.  After the Q&A, there was meet and greet with around 8 people.  Since I was going to an event right after his (Karaoke), I was in the first group.  I sat right next to Bradford.  He said it was nice to meet me (He saw my tweet earlier in the day saying I couldn't wait to meet him) and gave me a hug.  I asked him about being on Veronica Mars.  He actually knows Kristen Bell.  (That just brings his level of coolness to a whole another level for me.) He didn't tell her he was going to be on, he just showed up on set.  He said he might show up to Karaoke.  After chatting and autographs, we got pictures.  I got another hug.  I told him I was thinking about coming to NJ when Port Chuck is in town.  He asked where I'm from and he said Reading sounded familiar.  He said some of his actor friends from New York used to do theater in Pennsylvania.

My last event for not only Sunday but for 2016 GHFCW was Karaoke at 9 p.m.  I almost didn't go this year but decided to, and I'm glad I did.  I think it was more fun and seemed to be put together better this year than last year.  Sonya Eddy (Epiphany Johnson) was back this year along with Ryan Carnes (Dr. Lucas Jones), Parry Shen (Brad Cooper), and Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix DuBois).

The event started with each actor doing a karaoke song.  Parry did "Rainbow Connection," voices and all.  In groups of two, tables were called up to do karaoke with the stars.  (Last year it was only one table at a time which took a long time). My group picked "The Time Warp" from "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Parry saw me during the song and said hi to me.  At the end of the song, Ryan saw me.  He gave me a big long hug and thanked me for coming.  The last song was for anyone so I went up; it was "Love Shack" by "The B-52s."  After karaoke, the actors each did a lip-sync song.  Parry started with "The Fighter" by Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood, puppet included!!  Ryan was next with "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit, including jumping on a table!  After Ryan's lip sync, Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) showed up!  He surprised the crowd, well those of us who weren't at his event, and he sang.  This included Ryan and Bradford howling!  Back to the lip syncing, Sonya was up next with "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar, head banging included.  Last but not least, was Marc with "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" by Barry White.  Or at least we think it was Marc.  Fake mustache and all!!   

After the lip sync, there was a meet and greet with the stars (although karaoke music continued the entire night). Last year there wasn't really time for a meet and greet, and I didn't get around to everyone.  This year I did.  I went to Ryan first.  He gave me another long hug.  He again thanked me for coming.  I told him I was coming to all three East Coast events (with him and Parry in December in NY and NJ).  He first signed the Brucas post card.  Parry had written "luv u" so Ryan wrote "Love u Nikki" then he got my Shutterfly book and realized my name is spelled Nikky.  He seemed so upset he spelled it wrong, and he tried to fix it.  I said you were close.  We did a selfie and I put my arm around his waist!  We then did a real pic. Next I went to find Brad Everett Young, a photographer who did the Dream Loud series and has photographed a lot of actors.  He is the one who took the wedding photo on the Brucas post card, so I had him sign that as well and also got my picture with him.  I saw Parry again for a quick picture also.  Finally, it was Marc and Sonya for pictures and autographs.  I told both of them I'd see them in New Jersey in October.

It was all too quickly time for GHFCW to wrap up for another year.  Lucky for me, I have another event at the end of August!

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Page updated 8/22/16

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