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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

GH Fan Club Weekend ~ August 2014

(In order to lessen loading time, pics are thumbnails. Please click on them to see full image.)

2014 was the second year I was fortunate enough to attend General Hospital's Fan Club weekend. I attended six events in four days and had a blast meeting lots of new actors and friends.

My first event was Friday, August 1, 2014 with Jimmy Deshler (ex-Rafe Jr.) and Ryan Carnes (Lucas). The event was small with somewhere around 15 to 20 people attending. There were only four tables with three to four people each. There were also some people attending who were working raffle, auction, and picture tables. I was at table 2 with two gentlemen, Clarence and Phil. Debby O'Connor, the event planner, also sat at my table during the Q&A. I personally like these smaller events. I feel you have more time to chat with the actors, and sometimes they throw in a little something extra. Since there were so few people there, I also bought some raffle tickets. I even bought two head shots of Jimmy. Jimmy arrived first with Ryan not far behind. We started with a Q&A where no pictures were allowed. Ryan had asked if everyone was at the cocktail the prior night. He kept staring at me, and I said no. He said "Well, where do I know you from, Twitter?" Keep in mind I haven't really tweeted him much, but he remembered my tweeting saying I was attending the event. Both Jimmy and Ryan got started in acting "later" in life. Ryan was in college for pre-law when someone kept bugging him to try out for a play. He did and loved it and decided to pursue acting. Jimmy saw one of those ads for acting and tried out. Later, he and his mom moved out to LA. Everyone was very disappointed that Rafe was killed off. Jimmy said it was hard when they were filming the scene when Rafe was taken off life support because your natural instinct, even if your eyes are closed, is to blink. He also said the operating scene was hard because of the way his head and neck had to be. Jimmy wants to try out for a feature film now. Someone asked if Ryan was going to have a scar from his gunshot wound, and he still had it on despite taking two showers. Ryan came in his bathrobe because it was breakfast. Special guest Brian Gaskill (ex-Rafe Sr., Port Charles) joined the guys for a little Q&A. Brian talked to Ryan about "We Make Movies." Ryan was about to be involved in a project but got the call to do GH. Since the project was going to be a "pay after the fact," and GH is a "pay while you work," he took GH. We were allowed to take pictures of the guys after the Q&A. Jimmy came over to my table first. I asked Jimmy if the earrings were his idea or GH's and he said his. He said he got them done without asking but was lucky that Rafe's character turned into a bad boy, so they fit in the storyline. He also lost one on set. He said he was given only a few days' notice that Rafe was going to die. I had fans of Jimmy sign a ‘group card' (an online card that can be printed out) to send their well wishes. He was very surprised and touched by it. He even recognized some names from Twitter / Facebook. I also told him about the "Bring Rafe Back" Facebook page and Twitter campaign the fans are trying to do. Brian came to my table next. The guys at my table were asking Brian if he gets recognized. He said it depends on where he is in LA. He said when he was working on Guiding Light, he lived in Alabama and someone saw him in the grocery store. By the time Ryan got to our table, he felt warm and took off his robe. Ryan is gluten free (like me) so he brought his own breakfast. We were chatting about how we have eaten just the inside of sandwiches just to eat in some places. He also said he should start posting work-out videos like Wil deVry (Julian) does. I apparently have no filter, because I said "shirtless." I not only got a picture of myself with each guy, but I also was lucky enough to get a picture with Brian and Jimmy. I like to call them "my two favorite guys," and this was a moment I know I may never have again, so it was great to catch it on film. Brian also brought some head shots, so I bought two of his. I won three raffles getting a very nice picture of Jimmy and two magnets of Jimmy and Brian. One was from last year's GHFCW where they dressed alike and didn't even know it, since it was their first time meeting (which Jimmy said) and one of them from this year's Emmy pre-party. Clarence won a T-shirt with a picture of Jimmy on it, and since he knew I loved Jimmy, he gave it to me. Since there were so few people, we also got a group shot. That's one of those nice extras for a small event.

My next event was right after with Wil deVry. This event was actually held offsite of the Sportsmen Lodge at the California Canteen. It was also a small event with maybe 35 people. Wil came in and hugged everyone first. This is apparently how he starts all his events. While I met Wil last year at the Past Cast Event (he was there supporting his girlfriend Rebecca Staab, Elizabeth, Port Charles), I had never actually attended one of his events. We even got champagne! Kelly Sullivan (ex-Connie) stopped by first. Unfortunately, I did not get to get a picture with her. GH was going to set up Derek/Julian and Connie till they killed her off. Even if you have a contract, it doesn't mean anything. For the first year, they can get rid of someone after 13 weeks. And it continues like that for the first year. The time frame changes after the first year. Rebecca, Ryan Carnes, & Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) stopped by. Included in Wil's event were two pictures! Wil auctioned off a few items for charity. He had some scripts. My friend Kim and I tried to get lunch with Wil, but the price went too high. There were three set tours that were offered, and two women I know (and one woman I got to know) asked me if I wanted to go in. I said yes!! However, flash forward to Monday when the tour was canceled. They were taping "sensitive material" which I think was Stavros. We had a bit to eat which was excellent food. I got a picture with Wil, Rebecca, Nancy, & Ryan.

On Saturday, August 2, I was able to attend the GH Main Cast Luncheon. I bought raffle tickets but sadly did not win anything. I was pleasantly surprised that there were still Jimmy Deshler stand ups, so I bought one. I didn't buy one last year and regretted it, so I was thrilled to finally have one. I also picked up a few small pictures: one of Kelly Monaco (Sam) & Michael Easton (Silas), one of Michael Easton, one of Lynn Herring (Lucy) & Jon Lindstrom (Kevin), and one of Lynn Herring. The event started with John J. York (Mac) as the MC.

Main Cast

The event was well attended by stars of GH including: Drew Cheetwood (Milo), Jimmy Deshler (ex-Rafe), Linda Tovar (Rosalie), Jeffrey Parise (Carlos), Bryan Craig (Morgan), Kelly Thiebaud (Britt), Zachary Garred (Levi/Peter Jr.), Vinessa Antoine (Jordan), Sean Blakemore (Shawn), Parry Shen (Brad), Marc Samuel (Felix), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie), Haley Pullos (Molly), Kathleen Gati (Liesl Obrecht), Thaao Penghlis (Victor), Kin Shriner (Scott), Lynn Herring (Lucy), Ryan Carnes (Lucas), Chad Duell (Michael), Kristen Alderson (Kiki), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Executive Producer Frank Valentini,  Donna Mills (Madeline), Michelle Stafford (Nina), Michael Easton (Silas), Emme Rylan (Lulu), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), Brooklyn Silzer (Emma), Jason Thompson (Patrick), Laura Wright (Carly), Maura West (Ava), Jon Lindstrom (Kevin), Hannah Nordberg (Josslyn), Rick Hearst (Ric), Ian Buchanan (Duke), Teresa Castillo (Sabrina), and William DeVry (Julian). Jaxon & Jakob Kring (Danny) were also there for what I can only imagine was a split moment, because I did not see them around for pictures.

Dominic Zamprogna went out in the audience to have us ask our questions. People asked questions about Silas & Nina, Alexis & Julian, Rosalie's father, and even when Jason Thompson was getting married! There were not a lot of fans there which made it easier to see more people. Some people were also grouped together which helped to see more than one person while only standing in one line. I was so happy Jimmy came, so I went to see him again. He was my first stop. I heard someone calling my name on my way to his table and here it was his mom! She liked the group card I had fans sign and also the Facebook / Twitter campaign we've started to #bringrafeback. My next stops were everyone that was on Port Charles!! I went to Lynn Herring first, because I was afraid her line would become long. Kin Shriner was with her. I told her I tweet if I can every time she's on. She asked how long I've watched GH, and I explained I was a PC fan and that I only started watching GH when Rafe Jr. came on. She had positive things to say about Port Charles. I told her I wanted to see Lucy and Kevin together. Next was Jon Lindstrom and his wife Cady McClain, who I remember as Dixie on All My Children. She told me we could be twins with our haircuts. She had copies of her book so I purchased one to have her sign. I also told Jon I tweet when Kevin is on. My next stop was Ian Buchanan (Duke; Joshua, PC). He is such a nice guy! Michael Easton (Caleb, PC) was the only other person left who had been on Port Charles; however, since I planned to go to his event after this one, I decided not to stand in his line and to meet others. So I went to John J. York next. I told him I tweet and he's retweeted me, and he told me his daughter is in charge of his twitter. Next were Kristen Alderson & Chad Duell. I told Kristen I was from Reading, PA (she's from Bucks County, which is a little over an hour away). I also told her my nickname is Kiki. So she signed my book Kiki <3 Kiki. I saw Kirsten Storms and her real-life husband Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) next. While I was in their line, someone told me Emme Rylan is from PA too. So I went to stand in her and Dominic's line. While there Jason Thompson's line was very light, so some nice people saved my spot, and I met him. Back to Emme and Dominic's line. I told Emme where I was from, and she told me she was from Tyrone, which is about 3 hours from me. She told me her boys loved it in PA, because there are no lightning bugs in California. She was so nice it made me a little bummed I wasn't going to her event the next morning. I still had some time, so I went to see Zachary Garred. He already had his hair cut. He actually said "G-day" in his real life Australian accent! My final stop was Kathleen Gati. She is completely different from her character and has no accent at all!

Right after the main cast event was Michael Easton's. He agreed to do it, because Maurice Bernard (Sonny) was not able to do one, since he had a showing of his film the night before. Michael only talked for about 45 minutes. He said it was very hard to get into the mindset of saying good-bye to Rafe when he and Jimmy hadn't worked together in so long. However, he had to think that they spent time together off screen. I was brave and raised my hand. I asked him if he ever got confused on who he was playing during the whole Caleb/Stephen/John storyline. He said it's easy to, but you have to have something to define each character. He said he builds his characters from the shoes up, and he still doesn't know what kind of shoes Silas wears. He said when he left as John McBain (when all the Prospect Park legal issues were going on), he knew that would be the last time he played that character. He said when he auditioned for Port Charles, they wouldn't tell him what the role was until he accepted it. He was told he'd be playing twins, the one a minister, the other a vampire, but they weren't really twins; they were the same person. He then got this look on his face like what?! He was trying to figure out how to make it work. He watched Gary Oldman in Dracula. He wrote down every word Gary said and when he saw it on paper, it didn't look like it'd work, but when you put it together in character, it did. Michael said the vampire storyline on GH was cut short because the GH fans didn't like the vampires. (Boo!!) But it WAS Michael Easton walking out of the morgue! So Caleb IS out there….somewhere!! Michael was extremely nice when I met him. I told him I was a huge PC fan, and he said they were good times. He also gave everyone a St. Christopher prayer coin.

Kiko Ellsworth

Rebecca Staab
& Brian Gaskill

Susan Brown

Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon)

Rick Moses & Steven Macht

On Sunday, August 3, I only had one event, Blast from the Past. I was a bit concerned when I got there as there were only about 20 places for people to sign autographs. However, there were about 40 seats on the stage. This event also had a lot less fans. They had actually shut off half the room and had space in the back for stars to sign autographs. Since there were less fans, I again bought some raffle tickets. This time I won a 50th anniversary mug signed by some of the present cast, a photo book with some "flashback" pictures as well as a "grab bag" of sorts with a GH pen, soda cozy, and a few other odds and ends. I picked up two more pictures of Brian Gaskill (ex-Rafe Sr.). Ronnie Marmo (Ronnie) was the MC as Wally Kurth had other family obligations. I did not watch when Ronnie was on. Some "past" stars who attended last year were there as well as new "old" faces. They included Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos), Christine Carlo (Leticia Juarez), Kiko Ellsworth (Stan Johnson; Jamal Woods, PC), Julian Stone (Jerry Jacks), Lilly Melgar (Lily Rivera Corinthos), Adam Grimes (Kyle Julian), Rib Hillis (Jake Marshak), Maree Cheatham (Charlene Simpson), Rick Moses (Jefferson Smith ‘Hutch' Hutchins), Stephen Macht (Trevor Lansing), Kodi Kitchen (Maggie Wurth), Rebecca Staab (Elizabeth Barrington, PC), Brian Gaskill, Robyn Bernard (Terry Brock), Guy Mack (Patrick O'Connor), Michael Cole (Harlan Barrett),  Crystal Carson (Julia Barrett), Jack Axelrod (Victor Jerome), Gregory Zarian (Julius), Tonja Walker (Olivia Jerome), Scott Clifton (Dillon Quartermaine), Loanne Bishop (Rose Kelly), Susan Pratt (Anne Logan), John Reilly (Sean Donely), Blake Gibbons (Coleman), Michael Sutton (Stone Cates), Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara), Brianna Brown (Lisa Niles), Anne Jeffreys (Amanda Barrington), Susan Brown (Gail Baldwin), & Andrea Bogart (Abby Haver). The mic was passed around and everyone took a few minutes to say a quick word.

On Friday, I had posted quite possibly my first ever selfie on Facebook in the dress I wore to see Jimmy and Brian. Christine Carlo had commented on the photo. While she had her turn at the mic, she mentioned some of her Facebook friends and me in my dress. Soon it was time to meet and greet. My first stop as always was Brian Gaskill. He brought his daughter, Alabama, with him. Since Christine was so nice to me, I made my way to her and Kiko next. They brought their daughter Zen, so Christine was not taking pictures. I did get her to sign my book as well as Kiko and got a picture with him. I bought two scripts that Kiko signed. He didn't have any PC ones left so I got an "NCIS" one and a "Nine Lives of Chloe King" one. Dylan Cash (ex-Michael) was next to Kiko and no one was in his line. While my goal is to meet Port Charles actors, I can't walk away from an actor with no line. Dylan has not done much acting and told me his friends were very surprised when they saw him in the Farmers Insurance commercial. My next stop was Rib Hillis. He is so nice, he was talking to me about a movie he has on SyFy. Next was Maree Cheatham. She is such a sweet woman. She and I were even dressed alike. Maree & Nikky

I thought I was done with Port Charles, so I went to wait for Scott Clifton. I always loved Dillon and enjoy him on Bold & Beautiful as Liam. He was also very kind. I went to wait in Michael Sutton's line, not realizing that Anne Jeffreys was still there! So I jumped out of Michael's line into Anne's. By the time I got to her, she was running out of time and only taking pictures, but it didn't matter. She is 91 and a half, looks, and moves great! I went back in Michael's line. He changed a lot from his days as Stone, and I don't know if I would have recognized him. I still had a little time, so I went to see Rebecca Staab (Elizabeth Barrington, PC). While I was there, she realized they spelled her name wrong on her sign! I got a picture of her, too.

On Monday, August 4, I had my final event with Haley Pullos (Molly) & Rick Hearst (Ric). This was also an event with no pictures during Q&A. Haley talked about being on "Instant Mom" where how they do one show in five days versus GH who does at least one show a day. Haley's real-life father said it would have been neat when Haley was waking up from the car accident to see Ric and not really know if it was him or not. Hopefully, Ric will be back in October or November. Stephen Macht, who played Ric's father, made a special appearance as did Jimmy Deshler. Since I never got to say goodbye to Jimmy on Saturday, I was glad to see him again. Lindsey Morgan also showed up, surprising Haley. I sadly was not able to get her picture. Stephen was making people pay for autographs and/or pictures. So needless to say I did not get a picture with him or his autograph. Jimmy and Haley came to my table first. Haley said how she thought that Molly should start seeing Rafe's ghost, and TJ would get mad. I asked her if I could tweet it and she said yes. It had rained on Saturday night, and I posted that GH fans were crying because Rafe died, and Haley said she really liked my post. She was happy I was trying to get Jimmy back on GH. It was so cute that she kept calling him "James." She said she was closer friends with him than anyone else, because they were closer in age. Since I was supposed to have my GH set tour, I had to quickly say hi to Rick and get my autograph and picture.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend GHFCW two years in a row. Every single person I've met – fans and soap stars alike – were so kind and generous. I made new friends in both. I hope I can continue to attend GHFCW for years to come.

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Page updated 10/18/14

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