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The General Hospital Fan Events Pages

General Hospital Fan Descriptions and Photos!

GH Fan Club Weekend ~ July 2013

[Click on thumbnail for larger picture]

I decided to go to the “GH Past Cast Event” about a month prior to the event itself.  Due to this, I was seated way in the back.  I did luck out a little that my table was in the center of my row, so I had a direct view of the stage.  Direct view past probably five or six other rows of tables!  However, direct view nonetheless.  This year there were stars from General Hospital, GH Night Shift, and Port Charles.  The MC for the event was Wally Kurth (ex-Ned).  He introduced all the guests of honor with a little write-up (he didn't write them, I'm not sure who did) about each person's character on their respective show.  There were a lot of people who were on GH prior to both my watching and my being born, so I honestly did not know them all.  I will list as many as I can remember and were able to verify through other sources:

GH:  Peter Hansen (ex-Lee), Susan Brown (ex-Gail), Rachel Ames (ex-Audrey), Jackie Zeman (ex-Bobbie), Sam Behrens (ex-Jake), Michael Gregory (ex-Rick), Chris Robinson (ex-Rick), Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie), Brianna Brown (ex-Lisa), Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie), Cynthia Preston (ex-Faith), John Reilly (ex-Sean or should we say current Sean?!), Edie Lehmann Boddicker (ex-Katherine), Rick Hearst (ex-Ric), Wally Kurth (ex-Ned), Hugo Napier (ex-Larry aka Lord Lawrence Ashton), Tamara Braun (ex-Carly, pic at right), Rick Moses (ex-Hutch), Angel Boris (ex-Angel),  Cheryl Richardson (ex-Jenny), Gerald Hopkins (ex-AJ), Julian Stone (ex-Jerry), Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily), Christine Carlo (ex-Leticia), Michael Cole (ex-Harlan), Marie Cheatham (ex-Aunt Charlene), Scott Egan (ex-Johnny), Vanita Harbour (ex-Dara), & Josh Duhon (ex-Logan).

Night Shift: Adam Grimes (ex-Julian).

Port Charles: Brian Gaskill (Rafe), Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal), Rebecca Staab (Elizabeth), Will DeVry (Tim – now on GH as Julian / Derek), & Michael Dietz (Joe).

The first people to be introduced, and rightly so, were Peter Hansen, Susan Brown, & Rachel Ames.  For obvious reasons, they were seated on the floor (instead of the stage) which meant I could not see them.  I did get to see them when they entered and it was kind of like GH Royalty.  They did not stay to sign autographs. Just to be in the same room with those three was an honor.

Unfortunately, I do not remember who came out in which order after that.  Wally also gave everyone (and when I say everyone, I mean everyone) a chance to talk about what they have been doing.  Unfortunately, I also don't remember what everyone said; however here are a few highlights.

Wally Kurth had never met Hugo Napier before, who would have been Ned's dad.  Wally is currently on "Days of our Lives" playing Justin.

Brianna Brown (pic at right) is now on Devious Maids as Taylor.

Jen Lilley is also on Days of our Lives as (Jeannie) Theresa Donovan.

Lindze Letherman said she had to get off Twitter when she found out she was coming back, because she couldn't keep it to herself.  She said if we think we were surprised, we should have seen the look on her face.  She is now the manager of  Café Firenze in Moorpark, CA, which is Fabio Viviani's (from “Celebrity Chef” and “Top Chef”) restaurant.

Whoever wrote up the little character bios must have been a Port Charles fan, because they mentioned that Rafe (Brain Gaskill's character) was recently killed by Caleb.  Since there is a little confusion going on among PC fans who know Caleb was the real identity (of Michael Easton's character) and GH fans who believe Stephen Clay was the real identity, it was nice for me being a PC fan that Caleb's name was mentioned.  (Although I don't like the fact that Rafe was killed off and still holding onto hope he's alive somewhere and ghost Alison was wrong.  Or maybe Rafe Jr. hallucinated; I'll take what I can get at this point!!)  Brian said he had everything written down he's working on and left it in his car.  He gave some highlights which include that he has been writing poetry and put it on a CD.

Rebecca Staab has done a great deal of guest-starring lately.  She said pretty much she's been on every show with letters.  NCIS, CSI: NY, CSI as well as just to name a few Las Vegas, The Mentalist, Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, Glee, and most recently Dexter.  Her next project is Master of Sex. She also met her boyfriend, Will DeVry, via her agent.

Cynthia Preston is living in Toronto.

Rick Moses has six sons and is now involved in the music business.

Edie Lehmann Boddicker is a vocal and choral contractor.  Her credits include The Voice, the Ice Age films and Behind the Candelabra.

Lilly had a line of lotions called Scentual.

Wally read notes from Stuart Damon (Alan), A Martinez (Roy), and Dahlia Salem (Claire) who were not able to attend.

I must admit I was very excited to meet all the stars, so that might be why I can't remember what everyone said.  My first stop was, of course, Brian Gaskill.  I have watched Brian on and off since he was on All My Children.  I will admit favoritism that his character, Rafe, was my favorite from Port Charles.  It was the introduction of Rafe Jr. that got me to start watching GH again.  I had to make sure the name was going to a good character  (it is). Brian and I have been Facebook friends for a while, and he's very gracious to keep his Facebook friends up to date in his life.  Meeting Brian has been a dream come true.  I even got my hug I'd been waiting so long for.

Right next to Brian was Kiko and Kiko's wife, Christine.  They are the sweetest couple.  I have also been Facebook friends with Kiko and tweeted with him a few times.  I know Christine mentioned Facebook friends, so I told Kiko my name and his eyes immediately lit up like when you see an old friend, and he grabbed me and hugged me. 

I had never seen Christine on anything, although I knew she was his wife.  She was a very sweet woman.  They have a beautiful little girl.

Next for me, unfortunately across the room, was Rebecca Staab.  Not too long ago one of the soap magazines had run an old Port Charles picture that happened to have Rebecca in it, so I showed it to her.  She thought the picture was neat.  The prior night her boyfriend, Will, posted on Facebook that he would be at the event between 12:30 and 1.  It was well after 1, and he wasn't there yet, so I asked her where he was.  She said that's a good question and she was texting him to see where he was.  She told me to stick around that he'd be there. I said don't worry I'm not going anywhere.  She was very sweet and has since talked to me on Facebook.

I noticed that Michael Dietz left, and I was all out of Port Charles stars at that point, so I went to Lindze Leatherman.  I always liked Georgie and was so disappointed when they killed her off.  When she came back as a ghost recently, I tweeted her about how happy I was to see her.  She retweeted me, so when I met her I told her how happy that made me.  She ended up leaving early to go to work, so I was glad I went to see her early on.

I was confused as to where to go next.  Will still wasn't there.  I saw the line for Josh Duhon wasn't that long, so I waited to meet him.  Of course, Will came at that point; however, I stayed in Josh's line.  He is a very nice guy.  And since he played Scotty Baldwin's son, I can kind of relate that back to Port Charles.

I went over and waiting in Rebecca's line again, so I could get a picture of me, her, and Will.  Will was nice to take a picture with me and provide me an autograph while waiting for Rebecca.  I had mentioned to him that I was the one he told he'd be there between 12:30 and 1.  He apologized and said he had people working on his home, and they weren't done when they were supposed to be done.  Will was just kind of standing around Rebecca's area and only a few people were going up to him.  I was shocked.  I bet a lot of people are mad at themselves now!!  (Keep in mind, he had yet to air on GH).  Will is very nice, but with the exception of Tim on PC, he usually plays these bad characters.  I loved getting to get a pic with the three of them.

I still had time left and was now really confused on where to go.  Jackie Zeman had a line; however, it seemed to be moving so I picked her next.  Of course, when I got there, her line started to go slow.  She ended up to be my last stop of the evening.  I normally don't wait in long lines, but I had to meet her…I mean it's Bobbie Spencer! She was very sweet as well.

By that time, it was ten minutes till the event ended, and I actually had dinner plans, so I needed to leave all my favorite stars behind.  I would definitely go to not only this event, but the entire GH Fan Club Weekend again.  I had the best experience with every single actor I met.  A big thank you to all for taking time out of their busy lives!

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Page updated 8/19/13

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